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Poster board project

Poster board project. Paper details   For this project the topic will be improving nursing communication using SBARR. Develop a PICO questions and find 6 articles for this project. The instructions say use 4 databases but we only need 3, if they could be pubmed, cinhal, and medline. The 3 data bases need to be from EBSCOhost. I sent the poster template as a source of what is needed. If i could have a written form in word, I will insert the rest to make the poster. Please reach out for questions.Poster board project

PM 665 CTU New Restaurant Project Management Plan template

PM 665 CTU New Restaurant Project Management Plan template.

Deliverable Length: 750 wordsYou will decide on a project based on your current or previous work experience. You may also search for project case studies to determine a project, but you should have knowledge of the project’s objective.Using the provided Project Charter/Project Management Plan template, prepare this document’s Introduction section. For this assignment, you are responsible for the following information:Discuss the justification for the project and how it relates to the strategic plan of the organization.Identify all the stakeholders for the project, including the project sponsor, who will sign the project charter.Use the sixth edition of the APA Manual as your standard for all referencing. Because this is to be a usable project management plan, it is suggested that you use parenthetical citations throughout the document.Be sure to properly check your submission for grammar, spelling, and the correct usage of words in context.NOTE: I decided to do a project on opening a restaurant in the attachment you can find the template
PM 665 CTU New Restaurant Project Management Plan template

Earth Sciences homework help

essay help online Earth Sciences homework help. To prepare for this assignment we will critically examine the rhetoric of the internet and social media as discussed in the article “is google making us stupid?’ While you consider the content of this article, your primary concern for this assignment will be how the author conveys the central message to his/her potential audiences. As we read and discuss this text, we will practice various strategies for summarising and analytically responding to a fellows writer’s claims.,Part !: Summary Essay, Summarise the article in one double spaced page.,– Purpose: Your purpose for writing this part of the assignment will be to summarise, accurately and objectively, the author’s central thesis and claims. You will gain skills in careful reading, concise summary writing skills, and fair presentation of others’ ideas.,– To achieve your purpose with your audience, use the following strategies in your summary essay:,– Introduce the text in the beginning of your summary so your readers know which text you are summarising. Include the author’s name, the article title, the date of publication, and the publication title within the first few sentences.,– Focus on the writer;s arguments by reporting the text’s thesis and reasons. Show that you understand the “big picture” — the writer’s purpose and how he or she achieves or supports it.,Part 2: Analysis, Your analysis should be two double spaced pages, and should provide the following:,– Your interpretation of the author’s purpose in his/her article. What is his thesis? What is he trying to convince the reader, and why?,– An overview of the rhetorical features the author used to appeal to the intended audience. In other words, what evidence does the author use to persuade you?,– An evaluation of whether those rhetorical strategies are effective or ineffective in light of supporting the author’s purpose. In other words, is the author persuasive? Why, or why not? What evidence is the most persuasive? What is the leaser persuasive? Why?,Part 3: What do you think?, Your response should be 3-4 pages, double spaced,Do you think Google (or the internet in generally) making us stupid? How is the author defining stupidity and intelligence? Do you agree with Carr’s definition or would you define it differently? Can you connect this to your attachments to technology, and if so, how? Is there anything you feel it makes you do worse?,You must use two outside sources to support your position.,From the technological perspective, it can be said that Google seem to be making people stupid in various ways. From the article, the author of the article is complaining that with the introduction of technology, his mode of thinking has greatly changed. The reason as to why thinking among people has changed is the presence of computing components that contain various applications. Nowadays, applications that are being developed are soo intelligence, and they assist the human being in solving various forms of problems that they might come across in their daily scenarios. The applications are related to Google since it is the major search engine that people uses to obtain various forms of information across the world., One element of stupidity that is being manifested by Google according to the author is that various accidents have occurred due to lack of concentration from drivers who tend to cause multiple accidents. In our roads, most drivers tend to be busy having some social media conversations with their friends, and they lose concentration that they are driving. When a person losses concentration while driving the possibility of accidents happening is high. When accidents occur due to these behaviors it can be said that Google seems to be making people more stupid. This is because many individuals have lost their lives while trying to have various information from the internet while driving their vehicles. Due to that fact, it is clear that Google tends to occupy peoples mind, make them fail to reason as they used to do before. In addition to that, Google is making people more obsessed with the internet technologies and forgot what they are thinking at any given moment (The Atlantic, 2015)., The main purpose of this article is to try to educate people how they should have an independent mind. The main thesis that can be drawn from this article is the ability of people to have good thinking and decision-making platforms that are theirs and not borrowed from other people. Google search engine is just a collection of various forms of information that various people tend to upload to various servers for the people to have the information. The author of the article tries to offer a great form of advice to the people by arguing that it is important for one person not to be driven by other forces when making any given decision. For instance, when driving a vehicle it is important to drive and not do other things that may lead jeopardize the process of driving the vehicle. Due to this reason, the author further indicates that it is important for any person who want to make any decision .However, the decision be based on his thoughts rather than saying that the one must depend on other peoples mind to perform any given action (The Atlantic, 2015)., When any person tries to drive a vehicle and at the same time he or she is busy doing another work such as using Google to navigate various websites, then a serious threat is poised to arise. The threat arises because the human brain is designed to tackle every job at a time so as to have optimal results. On the other hand, when one tends to involve his or her brains in one or more action at the same time, in most cases one action is deemed to fault. Due to this fact, the thesis statement from the author concentrates more on decision-making and how one should have good strategies in order to achieve optimal results., From the article, the author has tried to persuade me beyond reasonable doubt that Google is indeed making people stupid. From the article, it can be said that various people in the world are abandoning their cultures due as a result of using Google to perform various issues they find from the search engine. For instance, children are subjected to immoral behaviors at tender age since their parents have taught them early enough on how to use the Google search engine to access various forms of information. This is indeed a stupid move since the parents can be viewed as indirectly subjecting their sons and daughters to immoral acts through the use of Google search engine platform. Due to this fact the author concludes that Google is changing how various forms for people thinks when they adopt Google search engine as their next brain. This is evident since when any given person encounters a scenario or a problem he or she does not have the first thought. Instead, he or she tries to access the internet to get the relevant information about what they tend to research about. The evidence that is being outlined by the author is effective since the author has gone ahead and shows that Google platform is indeed making people stupid. Due to adverse effects it has implicated various threats to various people in the society (Carr, 2008)., According to my view, Google may impact various people according to how any given person uses the Google in his or her daily day activities. For instance, Google is important in researches for learning students since it enables students to get information even when the teacher is not near them. On the other hand, Google has also made people stupid since some people tend to do various functions guided by Google without even minding about the consequences that may arise after they perform such actions. In my view, Google have made some section of people stupid and also made some section of people to be smarter. In terms of intelligence, the author illustrates those poor levels of intelligence leader to stupidity in humans. This is illustrated because in that case of drivers it makes them lose concentration and, therefore, cause accidents among the passengers., In terms of author’s sentiments, I can agree with the arguments that are portrayed in the article. This is because Google and other social medial platforms are the major critical issues that affect the levels of decision making in any given instance. When connecting Carr’s sentiments to technology it can be said that with the increase in usage of intelligence technology platforms the mind changed and, as a result, the levels of thinking among human beings have changed. To sum it all, it can be argued out that despite the technology being a significant tool of enlightening people, there should be a good balance of how the levels of technology are used. On the other hand, proper measures should be set out to ensure that all the people in any given society portray good methods of using internet and other forms of technology in their daily lives (Carr, 2008)., , ,References,Carr, n. (2008). Is Google Making Us Stupid?. ,Yearbook Of The National Society For The Study Of Education,, ,107,(2), 89-94. doi:10.1111/j.1744-7984.2008.00172.x,The Atlantic,. (2015). ,Is Google Making Us Stupid?,. Retrieved 25 April 2015, from, , ,Earth Sciences homework help

Xemba Translations Project Plan Case Study

Table of Contents Project Performance Measurement Metrics Justification of Metrics Project Status Based on Metrics Variance in Activity Time Task Completion Rate Impact of Current Problems Mitigation Measures Executive Summary References Project Performance Measurement Metrics The broad objectives of the work of any project manager are the delivery of a project on time, within budget, and within the quality criteria. These objectives provide the basis for the development of performance measurement metrics for any project. The following five metrics will be applied to the performance measurement of the Xemba Translations Project. The first metric is the measurement of the budgeted cost of labor versus actual cost of labor. While general metric dealing with all costs would still provide some information, the nature of labor in this project calls for proper accounting for its use. The human resource for this project came with a price tag. The hourly pay model gives a clear indication of what it costs the company to motivate human resource commitement to the project. The measurement for this metric will be the number of hours billed versus the number of hours in the project plan. The project will be performing poorly if the budgeted hours are less than the hours actually used in the project for the designated work packages. The second metric is similar to the first one, although it is related to the cost of acquisitions. It measures the budgeted versus the actual cost of acquisitions. This metric needs monitoring because of the expected increase in the cost of acquisitions. This expectation arose from the realization that the company will need twelve more computers to complete the project. The measurement of the metric will be similar to the method used to measure staff performance. This is the calculation of the money actually spent on acquisitions versus the money budgeted. If more money goes to the acquisitions compared to the money in the budget for that purpose, then the project will be off budget. The third metric to be used in the measurement of project performance will be the variance between the scheduled versus the actual time spent on the activities of the project. The deadline for the project is the beginning of the third quota. A failure to keep time will have consequences for the company’s operations. This measure will come from the Gantt charts for the project, which show the amount of time needed to complete the project. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A related metric will be the task completion rate. This metric will combine the Gantt chart values with time indicators to determine whether the project stakeholders are handling their tasks as planned. The task completion rate will help determine whether the pace of the project at any time is commensurate to the targets set to complete these tasks. This metric, calculated weekly, will give a value indicating the pace of the project. The project is currently behind schedule and there is need to monitor the daily progress of the tasks to ensure that everything ends on time. The task completion rate will provide the basis for making conclusions about any discrepancies in the delivery of work packages. It is essential to complete the project on time, which is before the third quarter. The reason why the work packages are important to measure is that they provide critical information for reporting the progress of the project to all stakeholders. The completion of any work package constitutes a project milestone. The calculation for this metric will rely on time. Justification of Metrics The need to deliver the project on time and within budget informed the decisions that guided the choice of metrics for performance measurement for the project. The five metrics deal with time management or financial management. The justification for the using labor expenses as a metric for the project is as follows. First, the company committed some employees and contract workers to work on the project. The company bills the project for the time the employees and contract workers spend working on the project. Secondly, the time that the members of staff spend working on project reduces the overall project time. This means that an observation of how much money goes towards paying for the resource persons is an indirect indicator of the progress of the project. We will write a custom Case Study on Xemba Translations Project Plan specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The decision to have a separate metric measuring the cost of project acquisitions came from the realization that there is need to keep track of the cost of items earmarked for purchase. The main items that the company will need to acquire are new computers that can replace slower ones. There is information that the number of computers the company needs to buy to replace the slow computers is more than the number estimated at the beginning of the project. A second reason to monitor these computers is that the supplier will be late in supplying the computers by two weeks. This is because there was a fire that affected their main supplier. In addition to these two reasons, it is necessary to make a decision regarding the type of computers to buy. The choices that exist now are between laptops and desktop computers. The laptops are more expensive. This means that buying desktop computers may help in managing the budget. However, there are operational factors regarding their use that need consideration. The third metric regarding schedule management arose because of the need to bring the project back on track. All the work packages are behind schedule. There is need to identify the causes of delay and to find ways of ensuring that the project concludes on time. Keeping track of the schedule will benefit the project in two ways. First, it will ensure that there is an objective measure of the use of time at regular intervals. This will help in the identification and elimination of the sources of delay in the project delivery. Failure to uncover the causes of delay may cause further interruptions to the project. Secondly, the project needs to recover time because of the delays already experienced. The only way to measure the degree of recovery needed and the impact of new measures geared towards the recovery of time is by using a performance measure that tracks the schedule. The task completion rate as a metric will help monitor the actual output derived from the project resources. The first reason for measuring the task completion rate is that this is the only way that the project management team can know whether the resources assigned to the project are creating value for the project. Secondly, task completion is the basic unit of measurement of the delivery of project goals. It is an accurate means of measuring the progress of the project. Not sure if you can write a paper on Xemba Translations Project Plan by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The final metric chosen to measure project performance is the rate of delivery of work packages. The work package is a larger unit of work which completion amounts to a milestone for the project. The first reason for choosing this metric is that it is very important for reporting progress to the stakeholders such as the management. Secondly, the delivery of a work package is a milestone for the project with a complete set of benefits. It is important to keep track of the completion rate of the work packages in this regard. Project Status Based on Metrics Resource Name Cost per Hour ($) Budgeted Hours Budgeted Cost ($) Work Completed ($) Remaining Hours Projected Hours to Complete Project Time Overrun (hrs) Cost Overrun ($) Elizabeth 70 121.43 8500.1 122 -0.57 0 0.57 39.9 Hugh 70 120 8400 103 17 17 0 0 Kimberly 70 76 5320 72 4 16 12 840 Phoebe 68 98 6664 76 22 20 -2 -136 Ben 68 138 9384 93 45 52 7 476 Zeke 65 384.67 25003.55 153 231.67 245 13.33 866.45 Malinda 75 224 16800 58 166 160 -6 -450 Willis 70 108 7560 160 -52 68 120 8400 Jackson 45 268 12060 177 91 112 21 945 Valene 60 150 9000 116 34 64 30 1800 Kendrick 40 78 3120 86 -8 0 8 320 Marcel 75 432.85 32463.75 268 164.85 200 35.15 2636.25 Clemencia 80 218.05 17444 104 114.05 114 -0.05 -4 Lianne 37.5 204 7650 170 34 110 76 2850 Darius 55 72 3960 30 42 42 0 0 TOTAL 2693 173329.4 1788 905 1220 315 18583.6 Table 2: Analysis table for various costs The Budgeted cost of labor for the project was 173,329.4 dollars. Projected time overrun shows that the money required for the project to go to completion is 18,583.6 dollars. This is an increase of 10.7% from the original budget. This proves that there is a need to monitor the way the resources use project time because of the obvious increase in the budgetary deficit for the project. Willis and Marcel lead in both the time spent on the project above the budgeted time, and the time needed to complete their tasks. Special focus needs to go into monitoring the time these two employees spend on the project. The company budget shows that acquisitions for the project must not exceed 73,670.57 dollars. The report presented, which is related to the need to acquire new computers shows that the company needs to buy twelve extra computers. The initial plan was to buy thirty-five computers. However, after auditing the existing ones, the total number of computers due for replacement went up to forty-seven. This will escalate the cost by between 11,400 dollars and 14,200 dollars, depending on whether the company acquires desktop computers or laptops. Variance in Activity Time Task Name Work (hrs) Baseline (hrs) Variance (hrs) Actual (hrs) Remaining (hrs) % Work Complete Computer inventory and requirements 375.95 340 35.95 375.95 0 100% Technical support 197.33 200 -2.67 160.67 36.67 81% Computing support 258 210 48 192 66 74% Document servers 356 330 26 242 114 68% Shared drives 351.2 310 41.2 228.8 122.4 65% FTP Sites 621.67 609 12.67 230.87 390.8 37% Firewalls 417.6 424 -6.4 97.6 320 23% Web-based meetings 430 270 160 260 170 60% 3007.75 2693 314.75 1787.89 1219.87 Table 3: Activity summary of tasks and work packages Task Completion Rate The activity summary shows that in almost all areas, there will be a need for more time than scheduled. Various factors affected the progress of the project. The important issue to bear in mind at this point is that most work packages will require more time to deliver. Table 2 also shows that work package delivery is still very low, with the completion of only one work package. The high number of hours beyond the planned time that the project requires before completion is of more interest. Impact of Current Problems The analysis of the status of the project revealed the following issues. First, two employees will account for more than fifty percent of all cost overruns related to labor. The two employees carry the highest staff costs for the project. Marcel and Willie will require more than 10,000 dollars out of the total projected cost overrun of about 18,000 dollars. This presents three problems to the project. First, it means that any interruption in the availability of these two employees will lead to further delays in the project. Secondly, the nature of task distribution that led to this situation reveals a fundamental problem with the original organization of the project. The two employees seem to carry an inordinate amount of responsibility in the project. This may lead to lapses or inclusion of errors in their output because of the strain on them. Thirdly the two employees need extra time to complete their tasks because of the exhaustion of their previous time allocation This is an indication that there is need to investigate the actual distribution of work in relation to the two employees. Is there a chance that the two employees are not creating value for the project as initially intended? The second main problem that the analysis revealed is that the project will exceed the budget by more than ten percent. This conclusion comes from two observations. The first observation comes from the projection that the cost of staff will exceed the budget by 10.7 %. These projections came from the estimated time the project staff members require to deliver the project. The causes of the delays that led to the need for more time still exist. For instance, not all information that relates to the operations of the final system is available. It is only wise to anticipate some more delays that may lead to the need for more time, especially in relation to the testing of the new system. The second observation is that the cost of acquisitions will exceed the budget. The reason for this is that there are components whose necessity became apparent only after the inception of the project. For instance, the budget estimates show that the number of new computers the organization will need to buy to replace the slower ones is thirty-five. However, the actual number of computers that the organization needs to replace is forty-seven. This will increase the cost of acquisitions by more than 10,000 dollars. The third main problem the analysis revealed is the risk of catastrophic failure of the system. The two main aspects of the project that will lead to this eventuality are time and technical constraints. The rigid deadline set when the project started, demands the completion of the project before the third quarter. The project is already behind the schedule because of various factors. The only way to ensure that the project ends on time is to increase the work rate of the employees available or to assign more employees to the project. The second problem related to the technical limits is that the team must work within. Many technical risks exist around the project. If any of the associated risk events occurs, the project will be in jeopardy. The relationship between this situation and the analysis above is that the project is under dire time and resource constraints. If there is no injection of new resources to support the delivery of the project on time, then the available resources may not be sufficient to mitigate the risks. All it will take for a catastrophic failure to occur is one mistake. Mitigation Measures The mitigation measures needed to deal with these problems are as follows. First, there is a need to undertake an audit of the work assigned to Marcel and Willis. This will help determine the cause of the huge time requirements that they need to complete their work packages. In the event that the distribution of work was overwhelming for them, then it will be important to assign more resources to handle aspects of their work packages. If the audit shows that they are incompetent, then the best action in the interest of the project will be to replace them. Nothing can bring the project back on budget at this stage. Since the management gave an allowance of going over-budget by up to ten percent, there is need to approve the necessary funds to cover for the impending shortfall. This will ensure that the team meets the quality criteria for the project. The board needs to approve a supplementary budget to cater for the financial shortfalls experienced by the project so far. The risk of catastrophic failure due to time and resource constraints is the most challenging issue to deal with in this project. The risk management matrix revealed that several risks could occur concurrently leading to catastrophic failure. This will require very careful management of the project to keep these risks from taking place. The best way to ensure that the entire project succeeds is to bring the project online in phases. It will also help to carry out more performance tests than earlier planned. It is also possible to increase the resources available to the project to increase the work rate of the employees. This will enable the project team to handle the risks more easily. Executive Summary Xemba Translations is in the middle of an IT project geared towards making it possible for telecommuters to work effectively for Xemba. The new risks identified include the likelihood for resource competition among project priorities, and an increase in labor costs. Other risks are the failure to meet the project deadline and the potential for a catastrophic technical failure due to implementation mistakes arising from pressure to deliver the project on time. The metrics that will help in measuring the performance of the project are as follows. The first metric is a comparison of budgeted cost versus the actual cost of labor. This arises from the realization that labor consumes project funds at an hourly rate. The second metric is a comparison of the budgeted cost of acquisitions versus the actual cost. The third metric is the measurement of the actual time consumed by project activities, compared to the scheduled time. The fourth metric is the task completion rate. The project has fifty-five tasks. This metric will help to measure how well the project is performing based on task completion rate. The fifth metric is the measurement of the delivery of work packages. After applying these metrics, the main problems uncovered during the project are that two resource persons account for more than fifty percent of labor cost overruns. Marcel and Willie need more 10,000 dollars to complete their work. The second problem is that the project will exceed the budget by more than ten percent. The third main problem is that there is a risk of catastrophic failure of the project arising from the time and resource constraints. The measures required to mitigate against these problems include auditing Marcel and Willie’s work to ensure they are competent and that they are capable to deliver on their workpackages within the remaining time. Secondly, the project requires more money for it to be completed on time. It is necessary to approve the required money as soon as possible because it exceeds the 10,000 dollar threshold. Thirdly, from this point, the project manager must observe every process closely to ensure no more time goes to waste. References Arson, E. W.,

Research project assignment

Research project assignment.

Please read the paper requirements first and then help me.The theme of this paper is poverty. I have chosen the direction I want to write (the poverty of China) and completed the large length of the article. But I don’t know how to write other paragraphs and merge them into one article with what I’ve already written. Could you please help me to perfect this article into a complete paper according to the documentation requirements? It’s better for you to revise what I’ve written to make it better. This is a final paper, and I hope to get good grades.Oh, by the way, I hope what you write is coming with quote literature and also put them on the work cited page.
Research project assignment