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Post University training and The Human Dimension in An Organization Discussion

Post University training and The Human Dimension in An Organization Discussion.

Responding to Classmates.

A danger a person might be exposed to in the workplace or is air contaminates. There are several different forms of air contaminates which can cause harm to a person’s health one of those forms is vapors or gases. When the temperature rises or when air pressure changes some materials can change into vapors instead of the solid or liquid form when environment is not at its usual level (Goetch, 2015).One of the best known example of vapors is evaporation which is when a liquid becomes a vapor or gas (Goetsch, 2015).A liquid that can become a vapor which can be harmful and cause health problems when inhaled is Hydrocarbon which is fuel found in liquid and gaseous form in fuels like gasoline (Hilpert et al, 2015).
A person is most likely to be exposed to Hydrocarbon at a gas station in which the people who would have the most exposure would be the gas station attendants as well as those who refill gas tanks other people at risk are the people who are putting fuel in their vehicles or any person is using fuel (Hilpert et al, 2015). Hydrocarbon is a carcinogen when a person inhales the toxic vapors it can cause blood cancers, as well as cancers in nasal, kidney, pharyngeal, laryngeal and lung cancer as well as death to those that had repeated or prolong exposure to Hydrocarbon vapors (Hilpert et al, 2015). It is interesting bit of information that while being a known carcinogen causing cancer in both sexes it does cause different cancers or severity of cancers between men and women. Men are more likely to have esophageal cancer as well as myeloid leukemia while woman had lymphocytic leukemia but both had an increase for brain cancer (Hilpert et al, 2015). The people who work in providing fuel such as gasoline are the people most susceptible to inhaling the harmful vapors that are produce.

For this post, my last name falls in the category of smoke. When we think about airborne contaminants many times the first thing that comes to mind is that of cigarette smoke which is still prevalent in many areas both work and home. According to an article I found related to this tobacco smoking has become one of the greatest sources of indoor inhalable particles. Tobacco smoke changes chemically and physically after it is released into indoor air; these changes can increase secondhand smoke (SHS) toxicity. The SHS as assessed by indoor particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of less than 2.5 mm (PM) was investigated experimentally and computationally. A test house experiment was performed to study the PM concentration under controlled conditions coupled with a mathematical model of the continuity equation. PM was measured using a DustTrak personal sampler. Two-dimensional flow and dispersion of cigarette smoke were modeled using a computational fluids dynamics model which was solved using Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations. The effect of air purifiers in reducing SHS and thirdhand smoke (THS) was analyzed and evaluated. The results demonstrated that the air purifier cannot control indoor PM levels. Furthermore, the amount of smoke from the mainstream SHS is more compared to the side stream and THS can be evaluated by calculating the adsorption term of the continuity equation (Al-Sarraf, Yassin, & Bouhamra; 2015). Smoke is the result of the incomplete combustion of carbonaceous materials. Because combustion is incomplete, tiny soot or carbon particles remain in the air and can be inhaled. What I found interesting is that it isn’t just this kind of smoke though common and dangerous that is always present. A key concept relating to indoor air quality is what has come to be called “sick-building syndrome.” In reality, a “sick” building is one that makes people sick because it has become infested with mold, mildew, spores, and other airborne microorganisms. Although much is still unknown about the sick-building syndrome, the EPA estimates that as many as 30 percent of the buildings in the United States have air quality problems. Indoor air quality has been an issue of focused concern for safety and health professionals since the 1990s. Several sets of guidelines have been adopted to help organizations investigate and analyze indoor air quality problems in the workplace. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can cause a variety of health problems ranging from temporary to long-term. Health problems commonly associated with poor indoor air quality include allergic reactions, respiratory problems, eye irritation, sinusitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Often, the cause of poor indoor air quality can be slipshod maintenance such as failure to keep fans, ductwork, and filters clean. Other contributors are the particles and gases that can be released by office equipment, carpets, paints, cleaning solvents, and office supplies (Goetsch; n.d.). I don’t know about you all but I found some of the sources of air pollution and toxins to be concerning since I have not thought about some of them or aware of them. Wearing proper PPE such as respirators, masks, good ventilation, and other things can prevent hazards and health effects from occurring.

Dust is an airborne contaminant that can come from many different things. “Floor dust, concrete/cement dust (which could be generated from cutting/grinding/crushing/drilling, etc.) and silica from stone cutting” (WorkSafe, 2020). “Airborne dusts are of particular concern because they are well known to be associated with classical widespread occupational lung diseases such as the pneumoconiosis, as well as with systemic intoxications such as lead poisoning, especially at higher levels of exposure. But, in the modern era, there is also increasing interest in other dust-related diseases, such as cancer, asthma, allergic alveolitis, and irritation, as well as a whole range of non-respiratory illnesses, which may occur at much lower exposure levels” (WHO, 1999).

To be perfectly honest, everyone is at risk to the effects of airborne dusts. Now the more you are around certain dusts, the more at risk you would be. A housewife is not hugely affected by concrete dust, but a construction worker would be and as such would need to wear the proper PPE to ensure that they were not inhaling the dusts in contaminated air.

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Human Dimension around the work plae and help with conflict and ways to avoid or even help with this is training. The article I have found states that when a company is ready for a change they need to make sure that they are also helping others or the whole company with the change. The big thing when doing human dimension safety work is communication. But to be honest when working in a company or any kind of place what is the main thing you should be doing with any employee communication. (The Human Dimensions of Organization Change in the safety, Health and environmnetal movement) To make sure that human factor is being safe and not preventing bad behaivor you must as the company be providing training and that training must be up to OSHA standards.

Employee safety should be at the forefront for an employer. Making employee safety an easy topic for discussion for everyone from an employee to a supervisor. An interesting technique that the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Center for Work, Health, and Wellbeing designed to help with ensuring workplace health and safety was called “Indicators of Integration” (Sorenson et al, 2018). The Indicators of Integration design uses four sections to help employers and employees can communicate and implement workplace health and safety measures (Sorenson et al, 2018). The design uses organizational leadership and commitment, collaboration between health protection and worksite health promotion, supportive organizational policies and practices as well as comprehensive program content (Sorenson et al, 2018).
This design starts with organizational leadership and commitment. Employers, managers, and supervisors assess what can affect an employee’s wellbeing such as workplace injuries, safety structures in place, and the health of an employee (Sorenson et al, 2018). The leaders do this by gathering the information needed to ensure health and safety for employees at work then implement it into a usable policy and practice with is communicated through all levels at the workplace (Sorenson et al, 2018). The leaders of the workplace then collaborate with employees about the health protection and how to ensure all employees know about the protection.
This is when everyone involved in at the workplace participates often creating worker- management committees that evaluate information to organize and create polices and programs for workplace safety and health (Sorensen et al, 2018). This also includes employees being allowed to make decisions that help ensure safety also ensuring that employees are can express or report concerns without fear that the employee’s concerns will be heard (Sorensen et al, 2018)After gathering the information needed to ensure health and safety from the input and research from both employees and the leaders it is then implement it into an usable policy and practice with is communicated through all levels at the workplace (Sorensen et al, 2018). Ensuring the safety and health to everyone at the workplace and that all employees will be able to have a say in how health and safety is conducted as well.

The human factors within the work-place safety issue can be attributed to “1. Errors and unintentional mistakes 2. Poor judgement and bad decision making 3. Disregard for procedures” (WHO, 2009). The human factor needs to be an ongoing consideration to help ensure that risks are being prevented before the accident occurs. This is where training comes in. Just reading about the rules in a handbook when an employee is first hired is not enough. Employees need to be periodically brought in for safety meetings or webinars to ensure that all employees are seeing any safety updates or changes. This also allows for feedback from those employees which can be further discussed. Having employees who are actively participating and engaged in the safety meetings means they are more apt to follow the safety precautions since they would have helped initiate them.
At my own job, the employees are mainly all auto technicians/mechanics. They would stay after hours to work both alone and in groups. It got to the point when they were more often working alone rather than in groups and safety-wise that is a big issue. When I brought this up that they were not allowed to work after hours due to safety reasons, the techs asked if they were not alone, was it okay? I agreed that yes, if they were not alone after hours, then they could be working. That, to me, is one example of the employees collaborating to create guidelines that they do not have any issues following since they helped set them. Since then, no one has worked alone, and they are all very aware and understand why they cannot work in the shop alone.
Now it could be that this safety regulation came after a tech was injured on a weekend after hours. Luckily, he was not in fact alone, but if he had been he would have easily died. “After an incident has occurred, it is with hindsight, easy to identify many factors that contributed to the situation and how it could have been better or worse” (Dunroman House, 2019). Seeing firsthand, that a fellow employee was hurt and could have been much worse off had he been alone, pushed everyone else to finally understand the importance of not working alone. 
Post University training and The Human Dimension in An Organization Discussion

Watch this video ( and identify an “American Icon” that represent a public value. Specify what the “American Essay

Watch this video ( and identify an “American Icon” that represent a public value. Specify what the “American Icon” and the public value of your choice are. Explain your understanding of what a public value is based on the YouTube video. (10 points) You should choose a public value that you believe is important or, sarcastically, ignored by the current society. Explain why it is important for a group of people, a professional field, OR our society (just choose one perspective). (20 points) Insert a good-quality image of the “American Icon” of your choice at the beginning of your Word file. The “American Icon” can be anything, such as Mickey Mouse, the Statue of Liberty, etc. (10 points) Please be creative and critical to explain how the “American Icon” of your choice symbolizes the public value. (10 points) Requirements (10 points): Your essay should be double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman with standard one-inch margins. The essay should have 500 – 800 words (word count does not include references). It should be saved as a .doc or .docx file and uploaded to Canvas. Turnitin (an anti-plagiarism function) is enabled so do not plagiarize. Instead, cite the textbook and other references when you are using someone else’s arguments. At least cite 1 (one) source to support your argument. The source does not have to be a paper in this course. Please do NOT use Wikipedia, blogs, online encyclopedia, etc. Your citations should follow the American Psychology Association (APA) style (7th edition) in the author-date format with a separate reference section located at the end of your essay. A citation guide has been provided in the syllabus (page 2 blue link). A late essay will be accepted for up to 3 calendar days after its original due date. A penalty of 5 points will be deducted from your total score for each day after the assignment is due within a 3-calendar-day-window. No late submission will be accepted after then.

Analysis of Purgatorio and Paradiso from The Divine Comedy by Dante

essay writer free Dante Alighieri is one of the greatest poets of Medieval Italy. All his works are marked with the unique style and progressive ideas of his time. Dante is famous for writing his The Divine Comedy in which he described his journey through Hell and Purgatory to Paradiso. This poem is recognized as the most precise description of the netherworld. A high number of academic works have been written in verse. However, it is still not analyzed thoroughly, and some issues are still undiscovered. Scientists and philosophers focused their attention on the chapter Hell (Inferno) while Purgatory (Purgatorio) and Paradise (Paradiso) are worth great attention as well. In this paper, the analysis of Purgatorio and Paradiso shall be provided. The meaning of those poem’s two chapters is significant for understanding the author’s intention and the aim of his writing. The section “Inferno” is focused on the depiction of human sins and weaknesses. The objective of Purgatory and Paradise cantos is to show people the way to salvation. Purgatorio is a “bridge” that separates Hell and Heaven. It is an inseparable part of Dante’s journey. Moreover, it is essential in terms of the redemption and preparation of the protagonist to enter Heaven. For many centuries, theologies denied the existence of Purgatory. Moreover, in some religions, Orthodox, for example, it is still not recognized. But again, as is evident from The Divine Comedy analysis, Dante emphasizes the importance of Purgatory that aims at the cleansing of sin. It is a place for people who did not commit one of the seven deadly sins but were not with God in the moment of their death. The souls of these people are preserved in Purgatory to be forgiven and enter Heaven. The meaning of Purgatory is symbolic. Introducing it into the text, the author depicts the Christian life on the earth. In addition, from the analysis of Purgatorio it is clear that he leaves people a hope that salvation will happen through prayers and believing in God’s mercy. The ending of Purgatorio shows Dante receiving his reward, the permission to ascend to Heaven. Heaven (Paradiso) is the final destination of every “pure” soul, “the journey of a lost traveler back to his ultimate homeland, Heaven.” (Clinton 1207). Heaven is the symbol of clearness and sanctity. Dante assumes that Heaven is the condition of soul to which everyone should aspire. The theological principles of four cardinal virtues are taken as the basis for Paradiso. Here Dante meets his beloved Beatrice, the character who is a symbol of purity and love, and several major saints of the Church. Beatrice takes over as Dante’s guide. At the end of his journey, Dante sees the Triune God, and he understands the essence of God’s love and mercy. Dante shows that one should pass through sufferings to be worthy of God’s blessing. In addition, Dante finally understands the essence of existence. Therefore, only love, prudence, fairness, and kindness can save one’s soul. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Thus, The Divine Comedy is “one of the indisputably great works of world literature” (Clinton 1205). It is the most detailed presentation of the idea of the afterlife. Having analyzed the two last chapters of the Divine Comedy, we come to an understanding of the meaning of Purgatorio and Paradiso. These chapters have great significance for the understanding of the author’s intention to show the way to salvation. In these chapters, he gives people an explanation of how to “live with God.” As has already been mentioned, in these chapters, through the allegories, the author provides readers with a guide to God’s love and blessing. He gives humanity a chance to save their souls and improve their life on the earth by obeying the Testaments of the Bible and leading a pious life. Works Cited Clinton, Jerome W., F. Abiola Irele, Heather James. The Norton Anthology of World Literature. W.W. Norton

homelessness awareness

homelessness awareness. I need support with this Engineering question so I can learn better.

1- Think Dignity Fresh Start Showers
Write (0.5 page): What did you do/see? What did you learn about the issue of homelessness and the work of Think Dignity? Was anything surprising to you?
2- interactive exhibits
Write (0.5 page): What did you do/see? What did you learn about the issue of homelessness? Was anything surprising to you?

3- Write(0.5 page): Pack lunches for individuals who experience homelessness (to be donated to Father Joe’s Villages), listen to music, and learn about other upcoming events

4- Write (0.5 page): How do the experiences of individuals that experience homelessness that you learned about during awareness week compare/contrast with your own life experiences? How or in what ways did Awareness Week help demystify some of your own preconceptions about homelessness?
homelessness awareness

Harvard University Strategic Marketing Presentation

Harvard University Strategic Marketing Presentation.

Subject: Department Store Marketing ( your presentation MUST focus on department store)Notes: I know there are various versions of this work available online. In case you use any of them, please paraphrase them adequately and make sure it is based on department store marketing (can not accept works which are not relevant to department stores or if they focus on another industry)Request: Using PowerPoint,develop a presentation of 10 slides of content that covers all aspects of the marketing strategy. Slides should be bulleted, with notes that detail the information on each slide (each speaker note should be a minimum of 150 words). Slides should be professional quality and free of grammatical and spelling errors (the content needs to score at least 90 points out of 100 on Grammarly)Your presentation should address each of the following:Characteristics of the market-driven strategy the company will take.Marketing segmentation strategy.Customer relationship management strategy.Strategy for collecting information on prospects.Strategic partnerships the company could develop to promote both companies.Strategy for managing a top-selling product or service.Pricing strategy for one of the top-selling products or services.At least two new ideas for advertising and sales promotion strategies.Digital strategy.A plan to measure marketing performance.
Harvard University Strategic Marketing Presentation

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