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Post-Holocaust and Imprisonment Literary Works Essay

Table of Contents Borowski and Lispector Celan and Amichai Literary Blog Entry References Borowski and Lispector The stories of Borowski and Lispector explore the stories that are different in many aspects. While the work of Boworski is directly connected to his life as it shows the Holocaust victims during their imprisonment, Lispector’s writing portrays the life of a woman, who is unhappy in her marriage. However, both authors use some similar themes in their works. The feelings of rage, for instance, are defined by characters from both works. Borowski’s protagonists are angry at each other. Their emotions are influenced by their situation as they are pitted against each other by people that control them. The fear of these people turns to rage because of their shared powerlessness. One of the prisoners says to another “Ah, you bloody Jewess! So you’re running from your own child! I’ll show you, you whore!” as he tries to prove his position of power to Germans (Puchner et al., 2017, p. 704). Lispector’s portrayal of rage, on the other hand, shows it being partly directed towards the main protagonist herself. The woman hates not only her husband, her children, and her way of living but also her decisions that led to this life. She often curses and degrades herself with such harsh words as “what a slovenly, lazy bitch you’ve become” (Puchner et al., 2017, p. 814). It is safe to assume that the protagonist blames herself for her current situation. Celan and Amichai It is possible that Celan uses repetition to express the feelings of repetitiveness that he and the other people felt during the imprisonment. His use of metaphors shows the tragedy of the situation, while the constant reoccurrence of the same phrase only strengthens its force (Pritchett, 2014). Through these devices, Celan tries to show readers the everyday routine that he remembers to be both monotonous and hopeless. Boase-Beier (2014) states that such language also shows obsessive thoughts of the author connected to particular memories. Amichai uses metaphors without mentioning the Holocaust in many poems. Moreover, he rarely repeats them and usually uses metaphors as a way to talk about general situations. Celan, on the other hand, utilizes multiple metaphors for one event. Literary Blog Entry The themes of identity and relation of self to the other can be emphasized in these readings. All authors try to show their emotions connected to their past lives. While they all had similar experiences, their feelings find different ways of expression. For example, Borowski speculates about self, writing that some people found solace in rejecting such aspects as humanity and empathy to continue living. The author asks questions that make readers think about the necessity of distancing oneself from the troubles of others as a way to survive. Lispector talks about the problems of self-identification and self-hate. The author’s protagonist is unsure of herself first and foremost. She does not question other people as much as herself. While describing the character’s thoughts, Lispector writes “her open dressing gown revealed in the mirrors the intersected breasts of several women” highlighting that the woman may not recognize herself as one person (Puchner et al., 2017, p. 809). The contrast of these two themes shows that understanding of self and identity is a complex concept that can be looked at from different sides. Post-war writings often explore internal conflicts of characters as some of them try to return to the processes and activities of normal life. It allows writers to reflect upon the actions and emotions that were perceived as normal during the years of the war and see whether the same aspects of their lives would change or stay the same. Some internal conflicts may be resolved because the problems are no longer present, while others do not go away with time. Thus, the post-war society lives with the changed perception of self. Popular culture often centers on the internal conflict of the main hero if he or she goes through some changes. Superheroes, for example, often battle their human side and heroic side and struggle with the concept of self. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More References Boase-Beier, J. (2014). Bringing home the Holocaust: Paul Celan’s Heimkehr in German and English. Translation and Literature, 23(2), 222-234. Pritchett, P. (2014). How to write poetry after Auschwitz: The burnt book of Michael Palmer. Journal of Modern Literature, 37(3), 127-145. Puchner, M., Akbari, S. C., Denecke, W., Dharwadker, V., Fuchs, B., Levine, C., … Wilson, E. (Eds.). (2015). The Norton anthology of world literature (3rd ed.) (Vol. 2). New York, NY: W.W. Norton
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NUR 509 STU 41yo Male Patient Severe Elbow Pain Radiating to Forearm Case Study

NUR 509 STU 41yo Male Patient Severe Elbow Pain Radiating to Forearm Case Study.

I’m working on a nursing case study and need guidance to help me understand better.

A 41-year-old male patient presents at the community walk-in clinic  with complaints of severe elbow pain radiating into the forearm. His  13-year-old daughter is serving as a translator because her father is  unable to speak English and understands only a few words in English. The  daughter explains that he has been taking Tylenol to manage pain, but  the pain is getting worse and is keeping him from working. You ask the  daughter to describe the type of work her father does, and you notice  she is hesitant to respond, first checking with her father. He responds,  and she translates that he works in construction. Based on the response  and the apparent concern, you suspect that the patient may be an  undocumented worker. Further conversation reveals that several members  of the family are working with the same local construction company.

You suspect the pain reported as coming from the elbow and radiating  down the forearm is caused by repetitive motions, perhaps indicating  lateral epicondylitis. What can you do to confirm this diagnosis?
While performing the physical examination, you ask the patient,  through his daughter, if he has reported this injury to his employer,  because the injury is most likely work-related. The daughter responded  without consulting her father that this is an old injury that happened  before he started working at his current place of employment. You could  tell that she was becoming more distressed. What is the most likely  explanation for her concern?
Visual inspection reveals erythema around the affected area with no  evidence of overlying skin lesions, scars, or deformities. What other  assessments should you perform?
How is lateral epicondylitis treated?
When discussing possible treatment approaches, you notice that the  patient is very worried and seems to suggest to his daughter that they  should leave. The daughter begins trying to explain why they have to  leave right away. What would you tell the patient and his daughter to  help them feel comfortable staying for treatment?

NUR 509 STU 41yo Male Patient Severe Elbow Pain Radiating to Forearm Case Study

Elementary statistics Hwmk/Quiz Help

essay help online free Elementary statistics Hwmk/Quiz Help.

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Elementary statistics Hwmk/Quiz Help

Signature Assignment: Developing a Balanced Assessment

Signature Assignment: Developing a Balanced Assessment.

Assignment ContentRead the Signature Assignment: Designing a Balanced Assessment* and Signature Assignment Guidelines.Complete the Signature Assignment: Designing a Balanced Assessment.Cite all sources according to APA format.Submit your original work.Additional Information: Did you know?Designing a Balanced Assessment Instructions:
READ all of the provided information. Complete the Signature Assignment: Designing a Balanced Assessment.Click the Grading tab to view the Designing a Balanced Assessment rubric.Read the posted information and documents in the Did You Know section.Cite all sources according to APA format.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your original workRefer to information posted in Week 2 regarding this assignment.Please note that in Week 6 of this course, the college has placed a “Signature Assignment.” The title of this assignment is Designing a Balanced Assessment. This means I will be grading your work on this assignment toward the course as well as scoring it for attainment of essential skills that lead to our program’s learning outcomes. The University will collect this data across many assignments in many courses, which helps provide us a better sense of the learning that occurs in our classrooms. Please note that this must be your original work,Thank you!_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The easiest way to look at this assignment is by looking at the rubric. It’s broken down into 7 sections. The 8th is overall APA formatting.It would be wise to set up your Signature Assignment in the order below. Again, for your sake, please clearly label each section of your assignment using the headings below. If you have separate attachments, please label each attachment. For example, Formative Interim Assessment or Pre-assessment. If you have one attachment, please clearly label each assessment within the attachment. In short, please label everything! Please clearly label all sections of your assessment using the headings below:StandardsObjectives/ Learning TargetsPre-assessmentFormative interim assessmentSummative AssessmentSummative Evaluation PlanReflectionAPA formatting*Please understand that Signature Assignments are required and cannot be changed or deleted.This assignment is independent. You are expected to work independently and transfer the knowledge and skills acquired over the course of the semester to a new context. All scaffolds are removed with this assignment. Make sure you access and read all information posted that is related to this assignment. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email, so I can use questioning and prompts to direct you to the proper information. Thanks.
Signature Assignment: Developing a Balanced Assessment

CAP 265 Bryant and Stratton Professional Development & Career Connect Discussion

CAP 265 Bryant and Stratton Professional Development & Career Connect Discussion.

At the very least, professional development will allow you to gain skills, improve as an employee, and possibly even progress towards a promotion.  You don’t know what the future will bring, so it is best to be as prepared as possible.  Completing professional development will allow you to do just that.
Using what you have learned from the lecture, address the following prompts in your initial discussion post:

Identify and describe a soft skill or quality that you wish you had or would like to improve on.

Remember, soft skills are not job specific.  They are behaviors and traits you portray across a variety of situations, such as communication, emotional intelligence, and dependability.

Then, find and share a professional development opportunity that would help you to improve in your identified soft skill.

You might look for online training courses, self-help books, webinars, etc.

Explain how professional development in your identified soft skill will help to make you a better employee.
Finally, outline your plan for remaining knowledgeable and current in your chosen field.

For instance, if you are pursuing a degree in early childhood education, how will you make sure you stay up to date about best practices in working with children?  If you are earning a degree in human and social services, how will you keep yourself educated on treatment methodologies and techniques for interacting with clients?  If you want to work in the field of law or criminal justice, how will you know when important laws or statutes have changed?  

Tell us about       yourself and what you think sets you apart from other applicants.
Briefly describe your biggest       professional weakness.
Tell us about a time where you       showed grit in the workplace. 
Summarize where you see yourself       in your career in the next 5, 10, and 20 years.
Imagine you were promoted within       the workplace.  Describe how you       would deal with your colleagues who may have been passed over for the       promotion or your coworkers who had been your peers but are now your       subordinates.
Identify what kind of person you       have difficulty working with. 
Explain how you handle conflict       in the workplace, with coworkers or with clients, patients, or customers.
Detail what motivates and       inspires you in the workplace.
Summarize what you like best       about your current or most recent job and why you are leaving that       position.

CAP 265 Bryant and Stratton Professional Development & Career Connect Discussion