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Post Card from the Future

What would the practice environment look like at that time in terms of information and communication technologies? Which of the information and communication technologies that you have explored in this course would you like to see in practice at that time and why?In this short paper you should:    Identify an information and communication technology that you envision being used in the future. What is the technology and how will it be used?    Describe the impact to client care associated with the technology? How will it improve quality of care? Strengthen patient safety?    Discuss actions required for the successful integration of this technology into nursing practice. What education or training is required to use the technology correctly?Evaluation Criteria for Assignment 1    Provide a clear description of the technology (4 marks)    Articulate the anticipated impact of the technology on nursing care (4 marks)    Include a detailed plan for integration of the technology (3 marks)    Provide evidence of application of course concepts from Units 1, 2, and 3 and references to sources (e.g., journal articles, web-based materials) beyond those offered in the course materials (3 marks)    Demonstrate scholarly format including:        3-4 pages in length excluding title page and Reference list (1 mark)        Scholarly language and professional tone (1 mark)        Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation (1 mark)        Effective introduction and conclusion (1 mark)    Include accurate APA (7th edition) formatting including:        Title page, headings, and subheadings (1 mark)        Reference citations and reference list (1 mark)***Please incorporate some of these references below in assignment***1. Canadian Nurses Association. (2018). Position statement: Evidence-informed decision-making and nursing practice.2. While, A.,

Membranes, diffusion and osmosis

A membrane containing a 10% salt solution is placed in a beaker of deionized water.The membrane is permeable to salt. The ______ (salt or water) will diffuse out of the _____ (membrane or beaker) into the ______ (membrane or beaker). This process is called _______ (diffusion or osmosis).