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Effects of over population in Mexico City There are parts of the world that have an alarming overpopulation rate, one of these locations is Mexico city which is located in the Federal District, Capital of the Country of Mexico. Mexico City’s enormous population continues to rapidly increase every day. With approximately 20 million residents; up from 9 million only 20 years ago, Mexico City is considered the most populous urban center on earth. There are many people in the country of Mexico who move to Mexico city because they feel that there are better life and employment pportunities there, however there are also hundreds of people that are born there every year and these factors contribute even more to its overcrowding and overpopulation. Mexico City has a poor living habitat because it is located in the Valley of Mexico, which is highly vulnerable to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. These natural disasters have caused much destruction making these grounds to be weak and dry, never the less the city is rapidly diminishing water supply which adds a danger problem to the overcrowding of it’s population.

Once its water supply is gone, the only way to receive water will be to transport it from across the mountains. Not only does the city have to pipe water in, but it also has to pipe the sewage out of waste-filled areas. This would be a very expensive undertaking and could cost Mexico City a large amount of money. In addition Mexico City contains a extremely high rate of bad air pollution which is one of the most dangerous problem and health hazard presently facing the city. The air in the city is so polluted that at times the air quality exceeds 100 times the cceptable level. There are currently thousands of factories and millions of vehicles are the main causes of the air pollution in Mexico City. Mexico City has many problems at the present time, and it does not look as if it is going to get much better in the future. Important negatives caused by such over population in Mexico city is the decreased amount of space people have. The less space people have to live in, the harder it is for them to get along. People find themselves competing for space as well as food, water and air!

This makes people’s behavior more hostile in their environment. Mexico city has a high crime rate and these city civilians are stereotyped as being people with a high lack of respect for others. Since personal space is reduced, violence is more prevalent in the most highly populated areas. This behavior is probably due to aggression and anxiety brought on by a lack of personal space. Overpopulation also leads to poverty, disease and famine as people desperately compete for jobs, food and shelter. As the earth’s population continues to grow, it will be harder to feed people.

Furthermore, Mexico as a whole country contains a majority of catholic religious believers which means that there is very little use of birth control. This causes for couples to have large number of children which only adds to the overpopulation dilemma in this city. Consequently overcrowding also adds to the rate of poverty which essentially contributes to a lack of education. Global warming seems to be linked to pollution of the air, and the seas are being polluted by oil spills and waste dumping. Fewer people would mean less pollution from cars, factories, planes and trains.

Mankind has a responsibility to the planet, our own species and to other life forms to limit reproduction. Much more emphasis needs to be placed on planning family size. More education needs to be made available about the consequences of unchecked population growth. Free birth control and family counseling ought to be made available to everyone in Mexico not just Mexico city. The Mexican Government should take an active role in alleviating the population crisis. As a monetary incentive to remain childless, tax rebates should be given to people who don’t have children.

The population bomb threatening the earth can still be defused. If the population problem were addressed, the rest of the world’s woes would be much easier to remedy. Overpopulation underlies most problems facing many places all over the world, and one of them being greatly affected is Mexico city today. People can all help by limiting their own family size and encouraging young people to do the same and voting for laws to encourage zero population growth. A brighter future will be their reward.


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