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Political Science homework help

Political Science homework help. James Moor begins with the commonplace that computers provide us with new capabilities and, consequently, new choices for action. He proposes that a central task of computer ethics is to determine what we should do in cases where, because of policy vacuums and associated conceptual muddles, no adequate policy exists to guide our actions.,James Moor begins with the commonplace that computers provide,James Moor begins with the commonplace that computers provide us with new capabilities and, consequently, new choices for action. He proposes that a central task of computer ethics is to determine what we should do in cases where, because of policy vacuums and associated conceptual muddles, no adequate policy exists to guide our actions.,He notes, further, that “[e]ven within a coherent conceptual framework, the formulation of a policy for using computer technology can be difficult. As we consider different policies we discover something about what we value and what we don’t. Because computer technology provides us with new possibilities for acting, new values emerge.”,Here is a list of general topic areas with, in each case, a few aspects specific to that area (though some aspects may touch on multiple areas):,Firstly, Privacy – e.g. smart devices/IOT, data brokering, psychometrics, etc.,Secondly,  Surveillance – e.g. government monitoring, illicit private monitoring, etc.,Thirdly, Speech on the Internet – e.g. hate speech, incitement, harassment/bullying, advertising masquerading as content, etc.,Fourthly, Tech and Democracy – e.g. voting machines, political advertising, election interference, etc.,Further, Fairness in systems using ,Artificial Intelligence,/Machine Learning for decision making. E.g. in the justice system, or access to employment, finance, and housing, etc.,The Major Paper Assignment asks that you select, as the focus of your study, an aspect of a topic of current relevance that presents one of Moor’s policy and/or conceptual vacuums. You may choose from the list given or, alternatively, choose another topic in which you are deeply interested and can persuade us falls under Moor’s formulation. There’s a piece of advice from Kurt Vonnegut that seems appropriate here. It’s the first on a short list of strategies he gave for effective writing: “Find a subject you care about.” The list provided and the option of a wild-card choice of your own devising is designed to help you do this. Vonnegut’s advice is a sort of prophylaxis against finding yourself, three weeks or a month from now, bored out of your gourd and struggling hopelessly to complete an assignment that’s become an enormous burden.,Chinese citizen, concern about internet privacy in Asian countries, particularly in China.,Though the assignment is described as a two-part paper, there are actually three deliverables for this assignment.,1        Your topic proposal – a brief document (one or two pages) describing the problem you intend to study with a short explanation of how it meets Moor’s definition, and a preliminary bibliography of at least four sources, no more than two of which appear in our syllabus., 2        The first main part of the paper itself – an exposition of the findings of the research you will have carried out on the current state of affairs regarding the topic, laying out in adequate detail how this situation exposes shortcomings of or tensions with our current legal, conceptual, or policy frameworks.,3        The second main part of the paper asks you to describe and evaluate some possible solutions to the problem. These solutions may be those proposed by others or ideas of your own. The goal here is to identify potential trade-offs involved in the solutions rather than trying to find the optimal policy or intervention. What are the potential benefits or harms that each might reasonably be expected to produce (and for whom)?  What might the adoption of each imply about our values?,Here are the bare requirements for each of these three deliverables.,The topic proposal should be submit ed electronically. It is due two weeks from now – by the end of the day, Thursday, February 6th. Each of the main parts of the paper should be 1200 to 1600 words in length. (The moral equivalent of a five-page paper in each case.) Naturally, if you find that you must write more to explain the situation and your ideas satisfactorily, we will read what you’ve produced with great interest and without prejudice. The first main part will be due March 17th, as given in the syllabus.  Similarly, the syllabus gives April 14th as the due date for the second part.  These dates will also be visible on the assignment submission links on Blackboard.,For your amusement and edification (and to minimize the anticipated woe of the poor wretch who will have to grade your work) here are the remaining items on Vonnegut’s list:,1. Find a subject you care about.,2. Do not ramble, though.,3. Keep it simple.,4. Have the guts to cut.,5. Sound like yourself.,6. Say what you mean to say.,7. Pity the readers.Political Science homework help
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Week 1 Calibrate Volumes Pipets and Syringes Lab Report.

Attached is the lab and document with the pre-lab questions.For each laboratory experiment you will need to complete a PreLab document which will ensure that you are familiar with the experiment and the science that underlies it. Here are the common required elements: 1) The scientific purpose (objective) of the experiment (0.3 points). This represents a short (usually 25 words or less) description of what you are trying to accomplish in the experiment, i.e. what are you trying to determine or measure – for example, “We will determine the concentration of calcium ions in an unknown aqueous sample” 2) The underlying scientific theory that will allow you to achieve the scientific purpose of the experiment (0.3 points). This section could be lengthy if necessary – for example “We will measure the concentration of calcium ions in our unknown aqueous sample using an EDTA titration. EDTA titration of metal ions is based on …..”; 3) The actual steps in the procedure that you will perform to complete the experiment (0.2 points). These steps are best captured as a flow chart or outline if possible;4) Answers to a series of questions designed to test your knowledge of the reading that you have done for this experiment. In this section, some of the questions may involve the chemical profiles of reagents that you will be using in the experiment. It may be necessary to do library or on-line research to get this information
Week 1 Calibrate Volumes Pipets and Syringes Lab Report

CSU Anti Smoking Communication Campaign Target Audience Discussion.

Imagine you are in charge of putting an anti-smoking communication campaign together (geared towards young adults) in your local community. Correctly identifying your target audience would be an important step. Who would be your target audience or audiences in this example? Are there any groups or sub-groups? Also, would you need to segment your audience in any way? Please address each of these questions and explain the overall importance of correctly identifying your target audience as part of your intended communication campaign. Your response should be at least 200 words in length. APA format
CSU Anti Smoking Communication Campaign Target Audience Discussion

Hotel Sims, Its Threats and Opportunities Essay

Hotel Sims is a four star hotel established with the aim of providing quality services to customers. The hotel management has divided its market into various segments to ensure that they cater for customers from all social classes. For instance, there are facilities aimed at attracting leisure customers. These are customers who are out on vacations hence they are ready to spend a lot of cash in leisure activities (Martin and Fellenw 2010, p. 73). The hotel is under new management that is working extremely hard to improve service delivery. A SWOT analysis was conducted on the hotel to find out its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Some strengths of the Hotel Sims are availability of funds. For instance, managers are able to install facilities that are required immediately without problems. This means that the organisation is financially healthy. A second strength of Hotel Sims is that it is able to lower prices during low seasons without incurring loses. This gives the hotel an advantage over its competitors who may face challenges in adjusting prices during low seasons. There are various weaknesses in the hotel which are slowing down their intended development. For instance, the management does not have money to do everything at the same time. Instead, they have just enough money to install what is necessary. If they had a lot of money, they could refurbish the entire Hotel at once and start all its principal operations (Ireland, Hoskisson and Hitt 2009, p. 54). There are a lot of opportunities for the company. For instance, there is a potential market for casinos and spas. Since the Hotel Sims is targeting leisure customers, a casino and spar can be particularly ideal. In fact, their main target can spend a lot of money gambling hence bringing a lot of revenue to the business. There are also abundant opportunities due to the presence of tourists’ attraction sites in its environs. This means that the company can tap opportunities by creating facilities that are ideal for tourists. There are several threats in the market posing a danger to the hotel. For instance, there is stiff competition from other players in the hospitality industry. This forces the company to work hard in order to retain its customers and maintain its sales (De Wit and Meyer 2010, p. 87). Customer trends keep on depreciating with seasons hence making it hard for the mangers to plan their expenditures. For instance, there are times when customers are many calling for urgent measures to be taken to cater for the large numbers. The hotel managers have come up with a strategy of installing facilities slowly depending on their urgency. This is important since the organisation will be able to utilize resources that are available and achieve its goals (Romer and Wolfers 2009, p. 65). In addition, they have decided to spend quite a lot of money in marketing communication. This is critical because customers need to be informed about the hotel and its services. Customer feedback system is used in the hotel to help managers understand customers’ reaction to their services. This helps the management to come up with products and services that meet customer requirements. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The company has to invest in proper advertisements to caution its customers from competitors. Managers should come up with various ways of promoting their services in order to build customer loyalty (Wheelen and Hunger 2006, p. 64). For instance, they may develop free gifts to give to their customers. Managers should also device ways of giving discounts to customers as a way of enticing them. The company should come up with perfect pricing strategy to ensure that they set up prices that are appealing to their customers. References De Wit, B

WS 108Z Business Communication Etiquette Presentation

essay help online WS 108Z Business Communication Etiquette Presentation.

Plz ignore “Write 10 Observations, Comments and/or take-aways fromChapter 12 word” I will do it by my selfI need outline and presentation Read Chapter 12 Business Presentations• Complete Presentation• Complete Outline that Supports Presentation word.doc10 Slides• One slide at the end with references –APA format• Outline in word.doc of your presentationü Social Media in Business Todayü Business Communication Etiquetteü Importance of Presentation Skillsü Best Practices for Giving Professional Presentationsü How Technology Has Changed Communication in the Workplaceü Verbal & Nonverbal Communicationü Listening Skills in Communicationü Resumes and Interviewing Skillsand this email from the professor as well I just received a great question concerning your presentation assignment. As you are developing your material, please include 4-6 key points. 6 bullet points would be the maximum per page. Your outline will provide more specific details. Since you aren’t presenting this in class, I’ll be looking for your outline to provide the majority of your information.Your outline will include the main information for your presentation as if you were presenting to the class. Please refer back to the lecture for your topics concerning this assignment.Hint: The title page of your presentation should be one of those topics. — – SELECT ONE OF THESE TOPICS Good afternoon, Thank you!please review the attachment before start I attached the book
WS 108Z Business Communication Etiquette Presentation

Alan Mulally’s Leadership Style in Business and Engineering Report

Introduction Alan Mulally joined Ford in September 2006 having worked at Boeing for 37 years. In his work as an engineer as well as a businessman, Mulally has often always employed a kind of leadership that is relentless in his quest to achieve results. Despite the fact that Mulally had no prior experience in sales, he joined Ford with the sole purpose of turning around its misfortunes. His leadership style is very unique and it’s ‘result-oriented’ encompassing a management protocol that is authoritative and candid (Kiley, 2009). Discuss the role of leadership and how it can impact the performance of an organization Leadership can be defined as the art of creating ideas, living by values that enhance such ideas, influencing other people to incorporate them in their own behavior as well as making tough decisions about both human and non human resources (Bates, 2011). It is therefore the responsibility of every leader to use power in order to help an organization accomplish its goals. In addition, for a leadership strategy to be successful, the leader should be able to use a wide pool of sources of power for the purpose of influencing those he leads as well as making the organization successful (Schermerhorn, 2004). Just like other forms of art, perfection in leadership is rarely achieved, and therefore it is of paramount importance that the techniques used by a leader change according to how times change. The leadership in any organization influences its success or failure depending on the effects of what its leader does. The actions taken in any leadership strategy must be developed to fit individual and group personalities so as to bring the intended results upon use in a particular manner. The role of leadership in any organization is to provide a framework of order on how things should be done. The incorporation of discipline, self-expression, and good techniques results in the betterment of an organization’s performance (Kiley, 2009). Discuss the leadership style of Mulally at Ford Motor Company and examples of how his actions fit this style Mulally’s leadership style is entirely goal-oriented. When he joined Ford in 2006, many executives were shocked by his confidence that the company could make more profits from the sale of smaller cars as opposed to light trucks (Kiley, 2009). Moreover; he employs the policy of openness and communication among all the employees of the company. He clearly states that everybody should work as a team and if anyone is not comfortable with that, he or she should see him (Dubrin, 2011). This greatly promoted the company’s performance. As opposed to competing companies like GM and Chrysler, Ford has its market share of retail sales go up in the past seven months and even promises to compete with Toyota. Alan’s leadership style has seen the share price of Ford increase by almost five times after its lowest point in November last year. (Kiley, 2009). Discuss how goal-setting helped Ford improve its performance When he joined Ford in September 2006, Mulally set forward goals that were aimed at turning the company into a profit maker from its state of going down. He hadn’t designed or built any cars before but he was set on improving the company no matter what problems he faced. His first task was creating a plan that identified specific goals for the company and consequently coming up with a procedure that would help in the achievement of those goals. His main goal was to reap maximum benefits from the sale of small cars contrary to the majority of the executives who were working in the company (Kiley, 2009). Through goal setting, Mulally was able to make very positive moves that enabled Ford to reject government loans last year when sales went down. The growth of sales has seen an expansion into the European continent. The achievement of goals in the company has been enhanced by proper communication among workers as well as continuous reporting to the C.E.O on a weekly basis (Kiley, 2009). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More According to Mulally, Ford should record a profit by the end of the year since it will have recovered from its previous misfortunes. He clearly says that it had better turn profitable because it can’t keep losing money indefinitely (Osborn et al, 2004). Make an assessment of Mulally on the elements of communication openness According to Mulally, every individual involved in the running of an organization’s activities should be having knowledge of its strategic plan as well as areas in its operations that require special attention. At Ford, this has been achieved as a result of the weekly updates that are carried out every Thursday morning. When he joined the company, he emphasized the importance of communication among the employees. Over time, his communication openness has won him exemplary support throughout the organization. His communication involves passing messages to the entire organization through the simplest language possible for everyone to understand (Ritson, 2009). He has enhanced openness in the communication of the agendas and goals of the organization by creating one team of people working together having the sole aim of aggressively restructuring in order to operate profitably at the current demand and the changing trends. The people are able to discuss various issues affecting the organization and together come up with viable solutions. All in all, communication openness is the key to an organization’s better performance (Ritson, 2009). Evaluate the effectiveness of Mulally’s style of leadership and recommend whether he should continue using this style or use a different one Mulally’s style of leadership has borne considerable positive results so far. He surprised many when he joined Ford back in 2006 when he was asked whether Ford would be able to remain in business. His answer was, ‘I don’t know, but we have a plan, and the plan says we are going to make it!’(Dubrin, 2011). This shows that he had faith in the style of leadership from the beginning. Through his effort, ford has been able to restyle the Taurus that would have been discarded into a more stylish car that went on sale in June 2010. He has also planned a new generation of fuel-efficient cars, the Fiesta and the Focus that will make their way from Europe to the U.S very soon. Once these small cars hit the market, Ford will be able to make more profits as he had anticipated when he joined it. People see Mulally’s leadership as a success since there are questions already arising about how long he will stay at Ford with Bill Ford hoping that he will never leave the organization (Ritson, 2009). In conclusion, it is my recommendation that Alan Mulally continues using the same approach of leadership since it has so far revived a company that could have gone down over five years ago due to financial problems. References Bates, S. (2011). Discover Your CEO Brand: Secrets to Embracing and Maximizing Your Unique Value as a Leader. New York: McGraw-Hill Professional. We will write a custom Report on Alan Mulally’s Leadership Style in Business and Engineering specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Dubrin, A.J. (2011). Essentials of Management. 9th Ed. New York: Cengage Learning. Hitt, M. A, Ireland, R. D.

ASALLC Red Flag Provisions Spotting & Contract Termination Loop Discussion

ASALLC Red Flag Provisions Spotting & Contract Termination Loop Discussion.

For this discussion we will focus on important contractual clauses that you should be able to easily spot and consider.RED Flag Provisions for construction. RED FLAG PROVISIONS (RFP) What are these? RFPs are provisions in a contract that should alert a party to a contract of a provision that is important enough to take note of before you sign (execute) a contract. They are provisions that should be negotiated to be fair to both parties. These provisions contain language that may affect you later on. It is mostly the consequences of entering into a contract that contains RFP that make you realize later on you should not have executed the contract, or you should have negotiated the RFP beforehand. We will learn about some of them by name and you should write down what they are, with a simple definition. If a provision contains language that cannot be negotiated or modified due to the refusal by the other party, this is a red flag that perhaps you do not want to enter into the contract. There are more than 7, but this should get you started and organized.The book is attached Red Flag Provision should be on Chapter 22 For this assignment For this discussion please write three paragraphs on how you spot these red flag provisions and how you believe that they will influence you in the future, given your major in Construction.
ASALLC Red Flag Provisions Spotting & Contract Termination Loop Discussion