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The organizations of the police agencies are hierarchical. Police institutions can be analyzed like organizations with several key components. These organizations are designed with rank structure, separate departments and units. These components work together to form a fully functioning law enforcement agency. Some examples of local agencies are city, county, town, and incorporated village police.

These agencies work together in order to ensure safety at a local level. There are many different functions and roles of the local police agencies.Local police are expansible for performing many routine activities. The duties include patrolling the neighborhood community, enforcing the law, providing emergency services, conducting investigations, and upholding community relations. Local police are not responsible for enforcing the law outside their Jurisdiction and assistant is needed at a higher level. The state law enforcement agency is having the “police powers for both traffic regulation and criminal investigations” making sure all laws are carried out and the non-traffic violations are given to the State and is in their Jurisdiction.The State agency is in each state, which is higher than local agencies and also there are bureaus of criminal investigation while under the state’s Jurisdictions.

The State police have many different responsibilities that eve include help from the local police as well. They are the ones who are in charge of the criminal investigation thought such as the criminal lab services (if the case requires it like drugs) They make sure all the laws are enforcement in their state and they tend to work actually very closely with the local police as well to accomplish the laws being followed and keeping us safe.Lastly, there is the highest, most powerful, but the smallest organizational group of the Federal Law Enforcement. They are held reliable and responsible for many different types of responsibilities. The Federal police are full-time officers dedicated to do typical enforcement of the laws and exceed that all laws are followed and to protect the services of the government. Each Role in the Federal police is different by the needs of the United States government and different by each state as well but the Federal Police make sure that all constitutional laws and local laws are followed.

Lab Report For Analog Open Loop Motor Driver

All of the instructions are attached, including a template that should be followed.
ill provide more pictures of data that could be added to the report
When you start this report please be as detailed as possible and have good amount of writing
as for the procedures;
you should be writing descriptive paragraph on the setup and debugging and not rewrite the steps. Assume the reader is familiar with the procedure but needs to be made aware your specific setup, issues, and opportunities.
some debugs include misplacing the the wires on the physical circuit and connections in the wires. Also the use of multimeter where it wasnt reading accuratly was fixed by placing nodes in the connections of wires or misplacing the nodes and with professors help our group was able to figure out where to place the nodes to get reading for current specially and voltage sometimes