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Police corruption and citizen complaints relative to ethnicity. To begin, police corruption is a very complicated issue to deal with from all angles. From the perspective of most law enforcement agencies these ordeals are not easy to deal with. Corruption only has one side and that is internal with an external persuasion, meaning that there may be a top notch officer who believes in everything good and has exceptional morals but being around individuals who have the power to erasure you to do wrong doings tends to occurs a lot in law enforcement.Citizens have to remember that these men and women come from all walks of life whether it’s suburban or coming from the ghetto they are all human despite race, social background and gender. In certain areas of law enforcement you have sectors within the organization where peace officers have formed clique’s, or even gangs within the agency.

To most this may be looked at as a conundrum because they have these gangs within an agency where they are sworn to protect against certain entities.Corruption is defined as something immoral or unethical or acting a specific way for personal gain; also officers indulge in activities in which they are supposed to prevent. To put it simply it means abuse of police authority whether it happens once or numerous times it is still unethical. A couple examples of police corruption are: Corruption of authority: when police officers receiving free something that they are not legal.Kickbacks: A kickback is a sum of money that is paid to someone illegally, or example money paid to an agent by a company because the agent can arrange for the company to be chosen to do an important Job. Shakedowns: agree to get bribes for not pursuing a criminal violation. Protection: where officers allow illegal activity to ensure profit and power.

All of the above are definitely unethical and shouldn’t be allowed in any agency whether its local , state , or federal.

Sexual Culture Women’s Magazines

Sexual Culture Women’s Magazines.


– Essay 1250 words (DO NOT EXCEED)

– Cover page only

– Reference ASA style On the following topic Have a look a 3 or more recent issues of heterosexual women’s magazine (for example Cosmopolitan) Describe the sexual culture within the magazine (i.e. acceptable and unacceptable partners, acts, etc.). How are men and women portrayed within the context of sexual culture? How are race and ethnicity portrayed within the context of sexual culture? Which racial and ethnic groups are represented in a sexual way? Which racial and ethnic groups are excluded from representation in a sexual way? How is socioeconomic class represented within the context of sexual culture? Where and what is deviance here? Give examples. How do these magazines present social control? Give examples. Use sociological terminology and concepts.

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