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POLI330 CO Assessments. week 4

POLI330 CO Assessments. week 4.

Use a search engine to find the website of a U.S. interest group.Spend a few minutes exploring and reading about what this group
believes, what it wants to happen in Washington, and how it seeks to
influence politicians.Make a note of the group’s name and website information.Distinguish three beliefs of the group and a specific policy or action that the group desires.Analyze which U.S. party or Congressperson that this group should have or has lobbied most effectively.Now visit (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..Find a current piece of legislation that relates to a cause of your selected interest group.Make note of the title of the legislation (include its origination
or appropriate numbers), its key sponsors and their party affiliations,
and its current status within Congress.Complete the assessment.
POLI330 CO Assessments. week 4

WGU How to Evaluate the Patient Abilities to Comprehend Instructions Discussion.

How I would evaluate a patient’s ability to comprehend my instruction and their current knowledge of the problem I should put into practice the Teach-Back method/ steps to evaluate or assess my patient’s ways of understanding by cross-examining them to explain the opinion in their own words. In case they cannot explain or have difficulties, I will make it clear and afterwards reassess their comprehension of the set of instructions. I will keep repeating the instructions until the patient can clarify that he/she understands the instruction given. The steps to evaluate and assess allow me to give directions to my patient’s unsureness about the idea and make the instruction clear before discharge. Evaluate the health knowledge, language barriers and cultural ways of understanding. Poor health education causes the patient to have insufficient basic understanding of the illness processes and self-management ideas. In case there is the presence of language and cultural differences, a translator should be available at the patient’s first appointment (Ratna, 2019). Apatient who engages in communication effectively, willing to learn and is receptive is very beneficial.How I would be sure that the patient understands the medication set of instructions After giving the medication instructions, I would use open-ended questions to ask the patient to explain to me what he/she understands. I will ascertain that the patient understands the instructions if he/she clearly explains the side effects of medication, mode of action, reasons the prescriber prescribed the drugs, the risk factors, and when the medication should be taken (Abdolrahimi et al., 2017). Therapeutic communication that would be important in advanced practice To help formulate the right diagnosis test and treatment, paying attention, and active listening is significant. Besides, focusing on the patient and avoiding distractions will help the patient concentrate. This is crucial when you educate or give instructions on disease process and medications to the patient (Conceição et al., 2019). Using questions when communicating with the patient is also useful because the patient will open up and express feelings on the illness and anything giving them trouble. Clarification is also a helpful therapeutic communication because it validates what the patient understands.
WGU How to Evaluate the Patient Abilities to Comprehend Instructions Discussion

Introduction In this assignment we will discuss the business, its environment, factors affecting the environment, current market conditions and the affect of the current market on the the business. Identify the stakeholders of the company, strategy, policies used by the business that helps them to gain competitive edge over its customers. Strategic Review Strategic review helps to analyse and review the strategies used by the business for survival and sustainability. It helps us to understand the decisions taken by the management to increase the sales, market share and hence maximising profit. The Company I have chosen for this assignment is McDonald’s which market leader in fast food industry is. In this assignment we will discuss McDonald’s stakeholder and their current market position of McDonald’s. We will also discuss the environment, strengths and the weaknesses along with the strategies used by McDonald’s which affected the position of McDonald’s either to increase market share or maximising profit. Task 1.1 Identify the importance of environmental factors affecting the organization or sector. We will discuss the factors affecting McDonald’s. I have chosen Mcdonald’s as a company having worked for McDonald’s for about Four years make me understand the culture, structure and the environmental factors that affect the organisation directly and indirectly.Mcdonlad’s follow the “plan to Win ” and being the Market Leader in the fast food industry with having restaurant in more than 119 countries with more than 31,000 restaurants in operation. The factors that affect the organisation are the political, social, economic, technological and legal .Apart from those Factors like Globalisation, Diversity and Ethics affect the organisation. Globalisation: Globalisation helps in developing a closer contact between different parts of the world, and have increased the possibility of personal exchange, mutual understanding and friendship among world citizens. Corporations are expanding their businesses to world market. Corporations go global for the Survival and sustainabilty.Mcdonald’s are operating in more than 119 countries with over 31,000 restaurants in operation. Diversity : McDonalds’ s follow diversity by employing local people and having local suppliers for the restaurants. It also have the different menu for different countries and follow the culture of the countries. Like not serving beef products in India and having different Entries for ladies in Arab Countries respecting the cultural and religious beliefs of people. Global marketing decisions are no different than those made domestically but the decisions are unique to each country (Sister

University of Nebraska Omaha Children Physical Abuse Personal Essay

University of Nebraska Omaha Children Physical Abuse Personal Essay.

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Your paper should be no longer than 1 double-spaced page.No need for cover or any thing just 1 double-spaced page..———————-What i want you to do is look at your own life…What’s going on your life as a student, See if you can tell me something happened to you in the childhood that discourage you, something that you really wanted to do but somehow you learned that you couldn’t done it.———————-PLEASE “FOCUS” ON THE QUESTION ABOVE
University of Nebraska Omaha Children Physical Abuse Personal Essay

MAT 240 Southern New Hampshire MOD2 Median Housing Price Prediction Model Paper

nursing essay writing service MAT 240 Southern New Hampshire MOD2 Median Housing Price Prediction Model Paper.

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3-3 Assignment: Real Estate Analysis Part II
OverviewRecall that samples are used to generate a statistic, which
businesses use to estimate the population parameter. You have learned
how to take samples from populations and use them to produce statistics.
For two quantitative variables, businesses can use scatterplots and the
correlation coefficient to explore a potential linear relationship.
Furthermore, they can quantify the relationship in a regression
equation.PromptThis assignment picks up where the Module Two assignment left off and will use components of that assignment as a foundation.You have submitted your initial analysis to the sales team at D.M.
Pan Real Estate Company. You will continue your analysis of the provided
Real Estate County Data
spreadsheet using your selected region to complete your analysis. You
may refer back to the initial report you developed in the Module Two
Assignment Template to continue the work. This document and the National Statistics and Graphs spreadsheet will support your work on the assignment.Note: In the report you prepare for the sales team,
the dependent, or response, variable (y) should be the median listing
price and the independent, or predictor, variable (x) should be the
median square feet.Using the Module Three Assignment Template, specifically address the following:Regression Equation: Provide the regression equation for the line of best fit using the scatterplot from the Module Two assignment.Determine r: Determine r and what it means. (What is the relationship between the variables?)
Determine the strength of the correlation (weak, moderate, or strong).Discuss how you determine the direction of the association between the two variables.
Is there a positive or negative association?What do you see as the direction of the correlation?

Examine the Slope and Intercepts: Examine the slopeb1undefinedb0.
Draw conclusions from the slope and intercept in the context of this problem.
Does the intercept make sense based on your observation of the line of best fit?
Determine the value of the land only.Note: You can assume, when the square footage of the house is zero, that the price is the value of just the land. This happens when x=0, which is the y-intercept.
Determine the R-squared Coefficient: Determine the R-squared value.
Discuss what R-squared means in the context of this analysis.
Conclusions: Reflect on the Relationship: Reflect
on the relationship between square feet and sales price by answering the
following questions:
Is the square footage for homes in your selected region different than for homes overall in the United States?For every 100 square feet, how much does the price go up (i.e., can you use slope to help identify price changes)?Use the regression equation to estimate how much you would list your house for if it was 1,200 square feet.What square footage range would the graph be best used for?
Guidelines for SubmissionSubmit your completed Module Three Assignment Template as a Word
document that includes your response and supporting charts/graphs. The
following resources support your work on this assignment:
MAT 240 Southern New Hampshire MOD2 Median Housing Price Prediction Model Paper

Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help. Health care management requires leadership skills which will test your ability to make vital decisions. “Like a rapidly mutating cancer cell, poor leadership within healthcare systems can cause toxic symptoms that adversely impact organizational work cultures and staff satisfaction and lead to burnout” (Werberg, 2010, para. 1).,Health care management requires leadership skills,Health care management requires leadership skills which will test your ability to make vital decisions. “Like a rapidly mutating cancer cell, poor leadership within healthcare systems can cause toxic symptoms that adversely impact organizational work cultures and staff satisfaction and lead to burnout” (Werberg, 2010, para. 1). Assessments made by leadership have a direct relation to many areas, including but not limited to the following: The quality of care provided, ,staff morale,, and organizational reputation. As a trailblazer of your organization, you will use effective leadership skills to manage/avoid conflict, make effective recommendations, manage staff, and protect the overall quality/efficiency of the organization. To make effective decisions as a leader you should identify the major facts, indicate if or what problems exist, and finally, recommend a solution.,This assignment requires you to review a practical case study and analyze the elements of poor leadership. The case study also explores characteristics of a health care leader while introducing safety culture. Your assessment and responses to the realistic scenario should be based off leadership attributes.,Werberg, D. (2010). Transformational leadership and staff retention: An evidence review with implications for healthcare systems. Nursing Administration Quarterly. 34(3), 246-258. doi: 10.1097/NAQ.0b013e3181e70298,Case Assignment,Read the following case study published by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement:,Griner, P. (2017). Case study: On being transparent. Retrieved from, After reading the case study, you should complete a 2- to 3-page case analysis that includes three distinct sections (in addition to your introduction and conclusion):, Major Facts – Firstly, Summarize the facts in the case. This includes the most important incidents in the case. Also, Avoid simply restating the case., Problem(s) – From the facts it should reveal the problems that need attention. Specify those problems and explain their significance., Solution and Expected Outcome – Recommend a solution, and for each recommendation provide an action on how it would be implemented. For each solution provide your expected outcome.,Assignment Expectations,Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to justify/support your recommendations and outcomes. You should have at least two solutions and two outcomes respectively., Limit your response to a maximum of 3 pages., Support your case with peer-reviewed articles, with at least 2 references. Use the following source for additional information on how to recognize peer-reviewed journals:, You may use the following source to assist in formatting your assignment:,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Psychology homework help

PHIL 2306 HCC Human Existence Product of Natural Processes Discussion

PHIL 2306 HCC Human Existence Product of Natural Processes Discussion.

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For a while, I have been studying the a priori human — the pure human, the Dasein: the human without the social trappings and ego-driven aspects of the being who fits into the world of human beasts on this planet. This core human is probably best explored by Martin Heigger:”Heidegger uses the expression Dasein to refer to the experience of being that is peculiar to human beings. Thus it is a form of being that is aware of and must confront such issues as personhood, mortality and the dilemma or paradox of living in relationship with other humans while being ultimately alone with oneself.” (Wikipedia)Yeah — heavy stuff.Our look, our approach, into the Dasein will be THE JUSTIFICATION OF THE SELF.The are three major parts of this essay:1) We exist as two selves – the inner and the outer selves;2) The actions of the outer self “justify” the inner self;3) As we age, we surrender the inner self to the outer self.Now, in the common MLA format, please consider the question: “WHAT JUSTIFIES MY EXISTENCE?” I find it rather tiresome that most people feel no need to justify their own existence – they take it as a “given.” And religion does not work: to say “God wants me here, and so I have reason to be,” begs the question of the existence and nature of God — do not use this approach. And people even feel entitled. But, such is not the case. For many folks, life is cheap; but it is not — life, and the time we have, is the most precious thing on (at least) this planet.Ethics is the study of how we should behave: prescriptive, and the good and bad/right and wrong. This assignments is an effort to tie up all the elements we have looked at over the past few weeks… kind of an effort in purityDo some research, give me some proof, with all the usual MLA trappings, with at least:1) TWO QUOTES FROM BORGES2) At least two examples from other qualified sources
PHIL 2306 HCC Human Existence Product of Natural Processes Discussion