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Poetry vs. Fiction Essay

Table of Contents Fiction Defined Poetry Defined The Comparison of Poetry and Fiction The Contrast of Poetry and Fiction Conclusion Works cited Fiction Defined Fiction is best regarded in the world of literature as composed of scripts and tales or a gathering of false or fictitious phenomena as illustrated in articles, movies, or other types of illustrations. Therefore, the most obvious fact is that fiction is a false phenomenon. Nevertheless, its concept had no latter expounded to cover other areas aside from literary contexts or the social events, which include history. It may now include the reviewing of happenings and initiatives outside the narrating mechanism of the book or media. Fiction can possibly include the happenings of everyday life and is reliant on the person that narrates the happenings, the manner of its narration, and its composition. It transforms into a transcribed and a collection of personal events (Scholes, p. 4). Poetry Defined Poetry, on the other hand, is an artistic description of social interactions, communities, leisure, human initiatives, films, and other pertinent topics that happen in everyday life which in their existence connect individuals together, or divert them away. This implies that poetry can absolutely include authentic happenings and situations with individuals as respondents and with the meaning or theme establishing the framework of the poetry. Another significant factor that distinguishes poetry from fiction is the aspect of length and duration between the fictional literature to the authentic and realistic poetical works. While the duration and series of happenings are what distinguishes the framework of fictional literature, poetry would rely on the length and the topic rather than the storyline (Phillips, p. 5). Poetry is still a complicated form in the subject of art. The Comparison of Poetry and Fiction Studies illustrate both poetry and fiction as systematic and alive frameworks that transform all the rumors into written stories. They enable the transformation of the interaction to something logical and it enables itself to be changed and transferred from one reader to an individual listener, and authenticate itself in a series of interactions, topics, and societies. Fiction and poetry manipulate the creative minds and a person’s experience in a manner that is solid and logical (Bethea, p. 7). The force towards fictional literature and poetry is based on the desire to make people fascinate and the happiness established by the idea that the author is able to formulate an impact on a person’s intellect. Both fiction and poetry are highly anticipated by communities, but there are instances that it is totally neglected due to the efforts to connect towards others at the danger of being allowed or denied. Excellent fictional literature and poetry possess the capacity to connect societies. The absolute and the logical are achieved and allowed in a society. Both fiction and poetry change the basic facts which are often viewed as impossible by integrating leads to consequences and proofs to observations. The Contrast of Poetry and Fiction The fiction involves plenty of learning procedures happening in it. The initiative of telling fictional literature involves significant talents and capabilities and also significant review particularly when the themes include the following: social etiquette, perceptions, problems, and objectives that impact and influence human communications. This is tremendously directed by the way of life. The fictional literature and the narrators need to be allowed and loved by the public. For fiction to be totally accepted by people, there must initially be the enthusiastic participation of interaction which will inform people what the information they must have (Cahill 3). Eventually, out of this narration of fictional storylines will evolve something authentic from the people through the choosing of situations and through the knowledge of language and feelings that the public will provide. On the other hand, hearing a poetic masterpiece, like viewing a theatrical performance, is a usually thrifty way of exploring ways of living, cases, and emotional feelings that a person may never feel, or like to feel, in their respective private lives. The emotions, among others, of the desire for learning, happiness, and frustration guarantee that poetry induces those boring impacts of fictional storylines. Poetry touches the intellects of its listeners and readers. This means the impact poetry has involved feeling the ideas of the poet without the need to practically understand its entirety. Poetry is able to confirm, develop and alter beliefs based on the way the poets view this (Turco 2). In this aspect, the poets are in an advantaged setting and in a dominant theme of controlling ideas based on the way they view congruence because they will be considered as realistic and manipulative people. Conclusion Both poetry and fiction are a way towards self-assurance and guarantees the identity of every person. It enables a poet and a writer to portray his or her identity and establish as well as illustrate a persona that will be able to be distinguished from the rest of writers. Poetry and fiction are interactive media for self-preservation that needs to include the participation of the public to make them appealing. They harness various feelings in its storylines and themes and they establish creativity and experiences in the aspect of the people who hear them as narrated by the poets and writers (Muth 4). A poetical and fictional masterpiece won’t be important and victorious until these two sides are participative and alive, the people who hear as well as the poet. In between these two, both the poetical and fictional masterpiece communicates and links the most probable and factual ideas that may be transformed as reality. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Works cited Bethea, Arthur. Technique and Sensibility in the Fiction and Poetry of Raymond Carver. Routledge; 1st edition, 2002 Cahill, Susan. Women Write: A Mosaic Of Women’s Voices in Fiction, Poetry, Memoir and Essay: A Mosaic Of Women’s Voices in Fiction, Poetry, Memoir and Essay. NAL Trade: 2004 Muth, Marcia. Writing and Selling Poetry, Fiction, Articles, Plays, and Local History. Sunstone Press; 1st edition, 1985 Phillips, Robert. Breakdown Lane (Johns Hopkins: Poetry and Fiction). The Johns Hopkins University Press: 1994 Scholes, Robert. Elements of Literature: Essay, Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Film. Oxford University Press, USA; 4th edition, 1991 Turco, Lewis. The Book of Dialogue: How to Write Effective Conversation in Fiction, Screenplays, Drama, and Poetry. University Press of New England; Rev edition, 2004
South Western College The Documentation and Presentation of Evidence Discussion.

For this unit, there is a discussion on THE DOCUMENTATION AND PRESENTATION OF EVIDENCE. CORRESPONDS TO CHAPTER 15 OF YOUR TEXTBOOK.Each unit, you will submit a QTIP (Quote, Thought, Interesting Point). The assignment is designed to assist you learn concepts in the class. Your post should have factual information and YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS and OPINIONS on the topicDISCUSSION SPECIFICSDiscuss and explain your responses:What is the role of the investigators when working with the prosecutor?If an investigator admits to the prosecutor that evidence was planted that led to the arrest, what, if anything, should the prosecutor do?Imagine a defendant on trial for a murder where evidence collection was done perfectly and the defense attorney can not find anything to disprove their client’s guilt. At this point, what is the role of the defense attorney in the criminal court process? Do you think investigators ever withhold evidence in cases to further a successful prosecution? Is this ever justified? What, if any consequences, should there be if an investigator withholds evidence?Instructions:REMEMBER: You are not sending out a text message or tweet, so when writing your post, use proper English, grammar and writing mechanics. Make sure you include what you think about the respective section you are discussing.Initial Post – First, you will post to the forum by providing some background information followed up by your thoughts and opinions on the respective topic. It must be substantive and thoughtful dialogue. Use outside sources such as the news, Internet, popular media, your textbook, journal articles, etc…to assist you here. Make sure to cite your work.This section must be at least 300 words minimum. Include a word count in parenthesis at the end. Make sure to use proper APA Formatting to cite your work.
South Western College The Documentation and Presentation of Evidence Discussion

GCCCD Advanced Corporate Finance Loan Amount Paid Calculations Excel Worksheet

GCCCD Advanced Corporate Finance Loan Amount Paid Calculations Excel Worksheet.

I) What did Plimsol pay for the Note ? Your can use QUARTERLY data and Dates are furnished..On March 10, 2006, HDP Development, LLC purchased a 30-unit apartment property located in the vibrant neighborhood of North Hollywood (Los Angeles, California), for a total consideration of $4,525,045 or $150,834 per unit. The subject property was originally built in 1985 and consists of a three-story building totaling approximately 27,950 square feet of gross building area (GBA). The units range from 755 to 927 square feet rising over a ground floor parking garage providing 60 parking spaces. The property was purchased with the intent of converting into a for-sale condominium project which required an estimated $1,300,000 in hard costs, $300,000 in soft costs and $500,000 in carrying costs. The transaction was financed with a Note provided by First Commercial Bank of Hollywood, HDP was forecasting sale prices to average $330,000 per unit.The Borrower ran into some issues obtaining a final condo map from the City of Los Angeles and sales did not start until November 2007. By then, the real estate market had already turned sour: as of March 2008, only six units sold at prices varying between $250,000 and $315,000, depending on the size of the units. A declining economy with tighter underwriting standards and the oversupply of for-sale properties were main reasons for the housing market’s softening. Prospective homebuyers were unable to obtain credit, which had a significant impact in the volume of buying activity in the market. According to, the median price for a single-family residence as of December 2008 in Los Angeles was $334,500, down 39.2% from the previous year.As sales activity slowed dramatically, the loan interest reserve depleted and HDP ran out of money. The bank elected to restructure the loan rather than classify it as a non-performing asset on its balance sheet, in part to avoid regulatory oversight. On September 15, 2008, the Borrower and the Bank executed a loan modification which reset the unpaid principal balance, and called for the principal balance plus accruing interest to be paid by April 5, 2009. By April 5, 2009, no new sales closed and the loan matured. The bank elected to immediately file a Notice of Default and commenced the foreclosure process. Starting on the date of the NOD, the loan balance started accruing at the prescribed default rate. The bank short of liquidities due to the real estate downturn chose to market the note for sale.On April 30, 2009, PLIMSOL Real Estate Fund, LLC purchased the promissory note and obligations therewith. PLIMSOL, an experienced private equity fund focusing on the purchase and restructuring of non-performing real estate assets, immediately negotiated a forbearance agreement which essentially forced the Borrower to sell the units at reduced prices to payoff its loan obligation in lieu of foreclosure. The forbearance, which was executed on May 12, 2009, called for the foreclosure to be postponed as long as the Borrower sells a minimum average rate of 1 unit per month, over the next 22 months; with minimum net proceeds of $185,000 per unit. The 22 remaining units were sold before the two years and are accounted on a quarterly cash flow basis. A forbearance is not a loan modification, therefore the Borrower is still in default and interest accrues at the default rate. The DEFAULT rate is 10% annual interest on the unpaid balance. The borrower sold units prior to the sale of the note, thus the original loan was paid down to $3,500,000. (unpaid balance due).Please use the following quarterly dates with XNPV to solve for the Loan Amount actually paid.6/30/20099/30/200912/30/20093/30/2010HDP reduced its asking prices to an average of $225,000 per unit and sold off the units in the prescribed time frame. On November 15, 2009 HDP paid off its loan obligation in full at the sale of the 22nd unit. (SEE SCHEDULE BELOW, after the essay question, BY ESCROW CLOSING PERIOD) PLIMSOL successfully restructured the loan and the booked a pre-tax annual internal rate of return on its investment of 125 % calculated using quarterly cash flows.The CFO of PLIMSOL tells you that $150,000 at closing of the loan purchase brought taxes current, which amount was added to the loan balance. Taxes then accrued unpaid until close of escrow at an average of $2250 per unit per year. Other operating costs are covered 80% by the HOA fees, paid monthly at a rate of $280 per unit per month, paid at the end of each quarterly period. Both taxes and HOA fees are prorated at closing. Sale commissions and closing costs averaged 6% of gross sale prices.PLIMSOL’s CFO is looking for a new financial analyst and determines that one who can determine the actual purchase price of the promissory note . Assume money for each sale is distributed back into the Fund at the close of each quarterly period. Further assume all other costs also are paid quarterly as well. Please simply use quarterly data with all cash flows occurring at the end of the period. For computational purposes, assume all cash flows (including the interest on the loan work out and amortization) occur at the end of each quarter.No.Unit #Purchase PriceClosing CostsNet Proceeds2Quarter1101$219,000 (13,140) 205,86016106$195,000 (11,700) 183,300111112$195,000 (11,700) 183,300114115$219,000 (13,140) 205,860113114$200,000 (12,000) 188,000123213$220,000 (13,200) 206,800Q 1 ends4104$225,000 (13,500) 211,500 215202$225,000 (13,500) 211,500216204$225,000 (13,500) 211,500222212$225,000 (13,500) 211,500224215$230,000 (13,800) 216,200221211$220,000 (13,200) 206,800Q 2 ends7108$220,000 (13,200) 206,800318208$233,000 (13,980) 219,02035105$225,000 (13,500) 211,500320210$225,000 (13,500) 211,500319209$230,000 (13,800) 216,200317205$225,000 (13,500) 211,500Q 3 ends2102$225,000 (13,500) 211,500410111$225,000 (13,500) 211,500412113$233,000 (13,980) 219,02049110$226,000 (13,560) 212,440Quarter 4 ends
GCCCD Advanced Corporate Finance Loan Amount Paid Calculations Excel Worksheet

University of Northern Iowa Inventions and Innovations for Mankind Discussion

essay writer free University of Northern Iowa Inventions and Innovations for Mankind Discussion.

lease read the article Creativity can last well into old age, as long as creators stay open to new ideas from the Washington Post online, available here: on any ideas in the article you found surprising or different from the views you already held about creativity in later life.Based on the information in the article and the other readings completed in this class so far, summarize what you believe to be the three most important keys to keeping creativity alive throughout the lifespan. Include at least one example of someone you know personally or someone you’re familiar with who illustrates either adapting creatively to physical or other challenges, or actively engaging in active learning/creating in later adulthood.6 praghraphs (8-9) sentences in each.
University of Northern Iowa Inventions and Innovations for Mankind Discussion

week 5 Quantitative Analysis & Decision Making

week 5 Quantitative Analysis & Decision Making. I need support with this Management question so I can learn better.

Select any one of the following starter bullet point sections. Review the important themes within the sub questions of each bullet point. The sub questions are designed to get you thinking about some of the important issues. Your response should provide a succinct synthesis of the key themes in a way that articulates a clear point, position, or conclusion supported by research. Select a different bullet point section than what your classmates have already posted so that we can engage several discussions on relevant topics. If all of the bullet points have been addressed, then you may begin to re-use the bullet points with the expectation that varied responses continue.

As a marketing analyst, you are responsible for estimating the level of sales associated with different marketing mix allocation scenarios. You have historical sales data, as well as promotional response data, for each of the elements of the marketing mix.

Describe the differences between the forecasting methods that can be used.
Evaluate the forecasting methods in relation to the given scenario.
Choose a forecasting method and justify your choice. If you make any assumptions, state them explicitly. Support your discussion with relevant examples, research, and rationale.

In general, short-term forecasts are more accurate than long-term forecasts. The same is true for forecasts where cyclical or seasonal factors are fairly well defined and repeatable.

Describe the factors that influence the reliability of time-series forecasts.
Evaluate the circumstances that would cause a time-series model to offer a fairly reliable forecast.
Locate information about a company that uses one of the types of time-series models to forecast demand and describe both the organization and the type of product(s) that they use time-series models to forecast.
Explain why the time-series model that is currently being used is the most reasonable model for the company to use or describe an alternate time-series model that would be more appropriate for the company to use.
If you suggest a change in the time-series model being used by the company, predict how the company you have chosen will improve because of that specific time-series model. Support your discussion with relevant examples, research, and rationale.

Experience teaches us that the bulk of the technical material covered in this course will, unfortunately, be forgotten shortly thereafter. If you were to commit just three concepts you have learned in this course to your long-term memory, which concepts would you select and why?

Evaluate the applicability of each of the concepts that you’ve selected to a business environment in which you have worked in the past (or with which you might be familiar).
Describe how you would apply each of the concepts. Be specific.
Explain your goal in applying each concept to the environment that you have described.

The final paragraph (three or four sentences) of your initial post should summarize the one or two key points that you are making in your initial response.
Submission Detail:

Your posting should be the equivalent of 1 to 2 single-spaced pages (500–1000 words) in length.

week 5 Quantitative Analysis & Decision Making

Seton Hall University irrevocable trust Essay

Seton Hall University irrevocable trust Essay.

I’m working on a business law question and need an explanation to help me study.

Donald established an irrevocable trust on May 10, 2017. The trust named his wife, Melinda, as trustee and named his daughter, Daisy, as backup trustee.The trust instrument contained the following key provisions:This trust is irrevocable. To the extent allowed by law, the assets in this trust shall not be subject to the beneficiaries’ liabilities or creditors and shall not be subject to assignment or anticipation by any beneficiary. During the lifetime of the grantor, the trustee may, in her sole discretion, distribute assets to or for the benefit of the spouse and/or children of the grantor to the extent that she deems appropriate for their health, education, maintenance and support. However, no distribution shall be made for the benefit of Melinda under this Paragraph without the express consent of at least one child or grandchild of the grantor.During the first five years of the trust’s existence, the trustee may, in her discretion, also use trust income (but not principal) for the benefit of Donald, the grantor. After five years shall have elapsed from the execution of this trust, this power shall cease to exist and shall be null and void.After the death of the last to die of the grantor and his wife, the remaining trust assets, if any, shall be distributed to and among the children of the grantor, in equal shares, per stirpes.You may assume that the remaining provisions of the trust are fairly standard boilerplate provisions and are not relevant to this question.On June 1, 2018, Donald transferred $2,000,000 to this trust.Please answer the following questions regarding this trust:1) 1. How much (if any) of the transfer is eligible for the gift tax marital deduction? Explain.2) 2. Are the trust assets part of Donald’s taxable estate? What does this depend on? Explain.3) 3. Why are gifts to this trust not eligible for the gift tax annual exclusion? What could be done to change that? Please describe.4) 4. Are the trust assets part of Melinda’s taxable estate? Explain.5) 5. For income tax purposes, is this trust considered a “grantor trust”? Explain.In answering each question, please make sure to cite applicable authority. For this assignment, that means citing appropriate statutes in the Internal Revenue Code. The answer to each question on this assignment appears in the Internal Revenue Code itself. There is no need to cite regulations or case law. It is expected that all of your answers will cite appropriate sections of the Internal Revenue Code. Be sure to fully explain your answers.You do not need to use IRAC-style essays to answer these questions.
Seton Hall University irrevocable trust Essay