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PM598 University of Phoenix Earned Value Analysis

PM598 University of Phoenix Earned Value Analysis.

Resources:Project Management: The Managerial Process, Ch. 13Earned Value Story – Painting Your House – attachedReview my earned value story about painting a house. Analyze what happens when conditions change in a project and how changes affect the project plan. You can also “play with the numbers” to see what happens when the change changes.Prepare a 350 to 700 APA formatted paper (do not use memo format) which describes your observations about the usefulness of Earned Value, how it can be a useful project management tool, and what affect changes have on what the plan was versus what the actuals were at the end of the project.Painting Your House – Earned Vaule.docFormat your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
PM598 University of Phoenix Earned Value Analysis

Rasmussen College the Software Install Discussion.

The next step in this proposal for Initech is to describe the ways in which you will set up the network. In 3-5 pages, address the following:Network TopologiesWhat physical network topology will you be using? Why did you choose this topology?What logical network topology will you be using? Why did you choose this topology?Networking FunctionalityWhat networking functionality will you enable on each of the devices in this SOHO? What steps will you need to take to enable that functionality? Why did you choose to enable this functionality? Support your rationale with examples.What networking functionality will you disable on each of the devices in this SOHO? What steps will you need to take to disable that functionality? Why did you choose to disable this functionality?Network documentationInclude information on the chosen routers and switches as well as their corresponding configurations.How are hosts connected to one another? Is there redundancy?What protocols are being used? Why?How would you check for network vulnerabilities?Networking TroubleshootingProvide 3-5 network troubleshooting tools and their purpose in being able to troubleshoot network issues with this SOHO.Provide detailed instructions on how to install and use these tools when troubleshooting network issues with the SOHO.OSI modelDescribe how the OSI model works in this SOHO. Make sure you use all 7 layers of the OSI model and give specific examples of hardware, software, networking devices, etc. within the SOHO that apply to each of the layers.Use vocabulary and tone appropriate for your target audience–your client, Initech. If you used outside resources to support your content (for example, articles, charts, or images you use that are not your own), be sure to cite those source
Rasmussen College the Software Install Discussion

The importance of teachers in a nation building is indubitable. A discussion cannot be made on the role of education in the development of a country without giving main attention to teachers being themselves centric agent of the development. Academic excellence, professional or personality development are few aspects which teachers are expected to develop among their students however the major work of the teachers is human resource development and no country can develop above her human resources especially countries like Mauritius whereby their human resource development is the sole resource that they have for a better and prosperous country. People trained by those teachers, irrespective of any field, bring their contribution to the national development of the country. In spite of the main role of teachers in national development, teachers are faced with occupational stress. A study carried out by muthuvelayutham and mohanasundaram (2012) identified occupational stress as one of the main factors that affects the teacher’s performance in school, and consequently have an effect on the national development of the country. Unfortunately occupational stress also manifests itself mainly on the teacher’s health (Singh, 2009) and to be able to bring on remedial measures, it is important that the factors causing occupational stress and their manifestations are identified. In this era where occupational stress among teachers and its consequences have been diagnosed, it is important to determine the dimension of this problem in Mauritius for the teachers welfare and most importantly so as not to compromise the national development of the country in the near future. AIM OF STUDY: To assess the extent and causes of occupational stress among teachers of secondary school in Mauritius OBJECTIVES OF STUDY: To identify the factors that causes stress to secondary school teachers. To determine the manifestations of occupational stress on teachers To assess the level of occupational stress of secondary school teachers in Mauritius To make recommendations to reduce the occupational stressors among secondary school teachers. PROBLEM STATEMENT: Since time immemorial, teaching has been qualified to be a noble profession. (Ravinchandran and Rajendran, 2007). “What nobler employment, or more valuable to the state, than that of the man who instructs the rising generation” said Marcus tullius Cicero. Mauritius relies highly on its human resources and the responsibility to make it become a real resource somehow lies on the shoulder of teachers. However stress, do affect them as well, to the extent that teaching is considered as a high stress occupations compared to other professions (Mc Shane, 2005).It is not a secret to anyone that everyone do face occupational stress at sometime of their working life and teachers are not an exception to the latter. Teachers facing occupational stress does not affect only them personally, but, it has many indirect effect as well, namely on their output of work, and also to those students who are under his responsibility. Occupational stressors can vary from teachers to teachers and it can be subjective as well, hence this study tends to analyse the major occupational stressors among the secondary school teachers. The national institute on occupational safety and health (1998) linked stress with psychological and physiological conditions such as stroke, cardiovascular problems, increase in blood pressure, and asthma among others and there can be working days lost due to stress related illnesses. In the United Kingdom, 40 million of working days per year are lost directly from stress-related illnesses (Jordan et al, 2003) and those working days lost undoubtedly have an indirect effect on various people, such as the students, and also on their studies. Those illnesses do start up with a sign and symptoms or any manifestations, as stated by Singh (2009) and cooper (1984), if those manifestations are detected earlier among the teachers, many health effect such as asthma, or cardiovascular disease can be prevented (Benyamini, 2009) or other measures taken such that it don’t develop in a chronic disease later on and this study will analyse all those major manifestations that can arise due stress. Unfortunately there is a scarcity of information in the related study in Mauritius, this is one of the reason why this study has been chosen so that, in the light of this study findings and recommendations, the secondary school teachers in Mauritius can have a better health and healthy environment to work in with a minimum or simply no occupational stressors. CHAPTER 2 LITTERATURE REVIEW 2.1 STRESS Stress is a psycho-physiological process which arises out from the intercommunication of the individual with the environment (Muhammad et al, 2010) and (luthans, 1998) which ends up in disturbances and manifestations depending on the individual characteristics such as health status or psychological process such as attitude (Muhammad et al, 2010).As reported by Ingrid (1997) adapted from Selye (1982), few people would be able to give the definition of stress or even attempt to give a clear cut definition due to the huge number of causes which can contribute to stress. Stress can be defined as a charismatic situation in which a person is affront with an event, constraint or appeal related to what he desires and for which the result is perceived to be both ambiguous and vital (Cenzo, 1998) whereas Hans selye simply said that stress is the expansive response of the body to any appeal made upon it. It is to be noted that stress can be classified into eutress and distress whereby eustress is a positive psychological response to a stressor and distress is the negative response (Geraldine, 2011). An example of eustress is an opportunity or a challenge which will lead to a promotion and for distress if any tension, worry or frustration. This study will be focusing mainly on distress. Stress is experienced by nearly all people in their life; however occupational stress is more present in the daily life of worker. As stated by Smith (2000) occupational stress is widespread and can be a major cause of ill health. 2.2 OCCUPATIONAL STRESS Jobs have always been a little stressful however over the last few years the workplace has become increasingly stressful. As per the report of National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 75% of workers believe that today’s workers experience more work stress than the prior generation. In 1992, the United Nations in its report even qualified job stress as the 20th century disease (Bob, Rollin, and Bruce, 1997). The World Health Organization (WHO) has characterise job-related stress in countries that are developing as a “modern hazard in a traditional working environment” and it is not to be forgotten that Mauritius as well is a developing country. Due to the important metamorphosis in company organization, change in nature of work, and technological advances, stress affect employees of all hierarchical level. Work-related stress can be said to be experienced when the appeals from the work environment exceed the employees ability to cope with (or control) them. It is not a disease, but it can lead to problem of ill health in areas like mental and physical health. Occupational stress is a sign of a problem within the organization, not individual weakness (European Agency 2000a, 2002a). It is to be noted that in this study, the term ‘work related stress’ and the term ‘occupational stress’ has been used interchangeably however they are distinguished from each other(Health and safety executive,2006) work related stress includes cases where work may have aggravated the stress experienced hence work may be a contributory factor but not necessarily the sole cause whereby the term occupational stress refers to cases where work is the sole cause of the stress experienced and associated symptoms of ill health. The Health and safety executive defined work related stress as the unfavorable reaction people have to increasing pressures or any types of request on them at work. Those reactions, people have to cope with a great number of demands, trying to cope with their duties and responsibilities concerned about their job and they have difficulty in doing so. On an individual level, it is often the fact of not being able to cope with the work load and environment with an associated negative manifestation. In comparison with other professions, teaching is considered as a high stress occupation. (Lambros, 2006) and (Mc and Von, 2005). 2.3 MODELS OF OCCUPATIONAL STRESS A stress model helps to better understand the various stages, and therefore can help people to better cope with the stress. The main model of stress is discussed below: 2.3.1 HANS SELYE MODEL OF STRESS Selye (1977) developed the “general adaptation syndrome” model .The general adaptation syndrome can be defined as the sum of whole expansive, systemic reactions, of the body which arise due to continuous and prolonged exposure to stress. When a person emits symptoms of not being in good health, it may surely be due to the fact that he is stressed. He identified that stress gather up in the body and if the relevant stressor is not removed, the person body will go through predictable phases as shown in Figure 1. Hans selye talked of three phases: ALARM STAGE This is the stage whereby the body recognize that there is a danger and prepare to deal or not to deal with the threat which is also known as the stressor, this situation is often called the fight or flight response. The stress hormone, adrenaline, is secreted and give the person the energy to fight or “flight” the stressor. RESISTANCE STAGE In this stage the body tries to return to a situation of psychological tranquility by resisting the alarm due to the fact that the threat still exists. The body remains activated however on a lesser extent than in the alarm stage but sufficient to cause an increase in the metabolic rate and consequently it may enter the third and final stage EXHAUSTION STAGE Exhaustion takes place when one or more target organs shows sign on dysfunction, this happens when the body can no longer meet up with the demand places upon it and start to dysfunction. This is the state whereby a disease is diagnosed which shows that a disease is the consequence of the related stressor. This can result in having serious consequences even death of the organ or the organism as a whole. Diagram 1: graphical evolution of the three stages of general adaptation syndrome. (Source: Carlson et al,(eds) (2007). Psychology: The Science of Behaviour (6th Ed). Boston, USA: Allyn and Bacon-Pearson) The above theory has been a basis for later research work to be carried out, however there are some issues with it, as it has been carried out on rats, and to extend it to humans may not be that clever, considering the emotional content of the stress perceived which may alter the way a human will react to the stress. Also as the name of the theory state, selye claimed it to be ‘general’ irrespective of any nature of stress, however different type of stressors may act differently and hence different responses may be observed. 2.3.2 THE PERSON- ENVIRONMENT FIT MODEL The person-environment fit model is one of the well known among others, whereby it lays emphasis on the interaction between the peculiarity of the individual and that of the situation. One important aspect of this interaction is that occupational stress is the extent to which the individual will fit to his working environment, in other words, according to the person-environment fit model , the extent to which the person will face occupational stress depend on how much can he fit the workplace and the demands of the work thereof. Other factors can be motivation, ability and productivity. If the person-environment fit turn out to be wrong, it can cause serious problems in any work environment. Occupational Stress and lack of productivity are natural conflicts related to the fact of a failure between a person fit into their workplace environment. This model can be highly related to occupational stress as it is important for the person to feel his importance in the work place and to fit the working environment so that later on, the problem of occupational stress don’t arise, this was confirmed by Edwards and Ship (2007) whereby the study he did confirmed that the misfit between the person and the environment can lead to people having stress. As well as not being able to meet up the demands, the person-environment fit can also failed due to different motives of the individual and the work respectively which will surely lead to occupational stress. Person-environment fit theory argues that stress effects may arise when threatening job demands lead to disequilibrium in the interaction between an individual and the work environment. Although influential, the model is considered to have some drawbacks .There remains confusion over the notion of fit and its measurement (Edwards

Saint Leo University Methods of Violence Paper

Saint Leo University Methods of Violence Paper.

Directions: Read Chapters 1 and 2 of Human Aggression and Violence: Causes, Manifestations and Consequences. Your assignment is to choose one of the theoretical constructs, the General Aggression Model or the I-3 (I cubed) Theory. Define and analyze your choice of the construct as it relates to a real case situation involving aggression and violence that you are familiar with through your profession, media, or personal research. You can base a portion of your response upon your own personal and professional experience. Provide a logical comprehensive analysis of the reasons why you would consider continuing or changing the current technique or tactic. Your response should go beyond the obvious and be written at a graduate level. Your answer must be no less than 1,600 words, and you must use three resources to support your position. Any resources including, but not limited to, journals, magazine, and/or books must be properly cited using the APA style.
Saint Leo University Methods of Violence Paper

Miami Dade College What Wollstonecraft means in her Statement Essay

online dissertation writing Miami Dade College What Wollstonecraft means in her Statement Essay.

he first act (called ACT FIRST, pages 1-18) of A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen, written in 1879 (so around the same period as Kate Chopin’s work). Ibsen is Norway’s most well-known author. He was a playwright, and his plays, which are set in his native Norway, are still regularly performed around the world today. A Doll’s House is one of his most famous works and has had a lasting impact. Because it’s a play, what you’ll be reading is dialog and stage directions. It’s similar to reading a movie script. After completing Act 1 of the play, watch the short video below for some useful background info and then read the introduction (pages 4-7) of Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman.Respond to the following questions.
In her introduction, Wollstonecraft (2017) states, “I dismiss those pretty feminine phrases that the men condescendingly use to make our slavish dependence easier for us” (p. 5). What does Wollstonecraft mean by this, and how does it relate to A Doll’s House? Find and quote at least three examples of Torvald Helmer “condescendingly” using “feminine phrases” when talking about his wife, Nora.
How do you feel about Nora and Torvald’s relationship? What about Nora and Christina’s relationship?
What is the significance of the forbidden macaroons that Nora likes to eat?
What does Krogstad threaten Nora with and why? What do you think will ultimately happen to Nora in this story?
Miami Dade College What Wollstonecraft means in her Statement Essay

Using everything you learned throughout the class, read the closing portions of chapter 14 beginning on page 437 in

Using everything you learned throughout the class, read the closing portions of chapter 14 beginning on page 437 in your textbook (will link in the file). Review the section on IT trends, and choose two (2) to discuss in a 200-250-word response with properly identified, cited, and referenced supporting information. Post your detailed analysis answering the questions below in the discussion board of this week. Which trends did you choose, and why did you choose those? Are those trends still pertinent today? Why or why not?? Why is it important for organizations to take a people-first approach to IT?

essay about music in the modern era

essay about music in the modern era.

Technical instructions for writing assignments:Your papers will be 1500 words minimum to 2000 words maximum, DOUBLE-SPACED. Papers that fall more than 50 words below the minimum word count will receive a 0 score (quotation of lyrics and/or other text does not count toward your total word count, nor does works cited/bibliography). Your ideas need to be presented in clear, correct language with proper punctuation, sentence structure, etc. Use proper citation when necessary and proper formatting when referring to a song title, album title or artist/group (tip: use the text as a model). Communicating clearly and effectively via the written word is an important part of this course. Your writing should reflect a thoughtful approach to the question(s) and a technical proficiency befitting college-level prose. Grading will be based upon content, original ideas, presentation, and technical accuracy.As far as citations go, if you feel you need a works cited page or bibliography, you probably do. Use whatever style manual you’re most comfortable with (and do not count the bibliography toward your word count either).Papers must be submitted by electronic upload to the appropriate drop box IN EITHER WORD OR PDF FORMAT (NO GOOGLE DRIVE DOCS!!) on the due date specified in the course syllabus. No late papers will be accepted. PLEASE DO NOT EVEN ASK! If you are experiencing difficulties uploading your paper, try another browser. Technology is not perfect.Writing Assignment 2 Prompt:The concept of social justice has become a central feature in many academic disciplines in recent years. Political philosophy, social science, psychology, education and many other fields have made social justice an imperative. A quick web search for the definition of social justice nets results such as “Social justice is a concept of fair and just relations between the individual and society,” “Social justice is the equal access to wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society” and “Social justice is the fair and proper administration of laws conforming to the natural law that all persons, irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, possessions, race, religion, etc., are to be treated equally and without prejudice.”Music of all kinds has long been a source of discourse relating to concepts of social justice. Take the following list by way of example:Acceptance of All People: “Every Kinda People” Robert Palmer Homophobia: “The Killing of Georgie” Rod StewartPolitical Activism: “Power to the People” John LennonPoverty: “In the Ghetto” Elvis PresleyRacism: “Ebony and Ivory” Paul McCartney and Stevie WonderSexism: “9 to 5” Dolly PartonWar and Peace: “Disposable Heroes” MetallicaWorkers’ Rights/Plights: “Working for a Living” Huey Lewis & The NewsFor your papers I’d like you to find a song from 2010 or later (e.g. 2011, 2012, etc.) that deals with some facet of social justice (you may choose one of the facets from above or some other relevant aspect). The song may be of any musical style or genre and from any geographical region or culture (if the lyrics are in a language other than English, please provide a translation).In the opening of your paper, provide some general information about the song and then deal critically with each of the following questions:Do you interpret the lyrics of your chosen song to be connected to a specific modern struggle or could they be considered “timeless?”How does knowing about the context in which the song was written influence your thoughts about the song’s meaning?In thinking about the lyrics of your chosen song, how would our society function differently if goals/aspirations set forth in the lyrics were realized? Go into some detail.Is the song simply a plea to imagine a better world or is it a call to action?What steps or actions can we take in order to work toward the goals/ideals put forth in the song? Be specific.You may not choose a song that you used in a previous paper, although a different song by the same artist is fine. If the song’s official video is relevant you may refer to it in your discussion. Be sure not to count quotations of any kind toward your total word count. As far as citations go, if you feel you need a works cited page or bibliography, you probably do. Use whatever style manual you’re most comfortable with (and do not count the bibliography toward your word count either).
essay about music in the modern era

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