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Second, he made the penalty death to usurp any magistracy without the people’s consent; Thirdly, he encouraged the labors of the poor citizens to aid in their relief by taxing them less. These laws were welcomed by the people of Rome and did bring the liberty pursued by Poplicola. Plutarch ends his commentary on Poplicola by stating that he, “so far as human life may be, had been full of all that is good and honorable. “6 Poplicola was the opposite of most Roman leaders, according to Plutarch, but not as great as Brutus, according to the people of Rome. Solon was a wise and honorable man who used his poetry to inform the people of Athens of political and moral matters.

In the case of the war with the Megarians from Salamis, Plutarch praises Solon for his use of prose to change the mind of the Athenians and to go on and lead them to victory against the Megarians. This victory leads to Solon taking part in many more battles and being able to introduce new laws to better the lives of the Athenians. These laws were the beginning of the path towards democracy. The first step that Solon takes is his repeal of Draco’s laws, with the exception of the law concerning homicide.

Next, Solon, separated the citizens into ranks, the first being the Pentacosiomedimni, second the Hippada Teluntes, third the Zeugitae, and everyone else Thetes. The first three ranks had prominence within society but Solon gave the Thetes the right to be Jurors in the assembly. This right urned out to be a greater source of power than had be originally thought, this gave the people the right to make Judgments on all, creating equality.

Plutarch reveals the unjustness of Athenian society before Solon’s laws by showing how strong an effect those that are not injured try and punish the unjust as much as those that are. “7 Solon sought equality for the citizens of Athens. After Solon created these laws he left the Athenians so they could become accustomed to the new laws without harassing him everyday. During his leave he went and saw Croesus, the richest king of the know world. Plutarch uses Solon’s visitation with Croesus to highlight the wisdom of Solon; Solon being an exceptional Greek leader and man who should be imitated.

Discussion Board 1 Fundamentals

In the age of social media, accusations made against a particular person can be life-altering. Publicly-made accusations are often assumed to be true even in the absence of evidence. In the social media world, there is an expectation that the accused must prove their innocence. In other words, the accused must prove they didn’t commit the crime for which they are accused. With today’s modern cell phones, video imaging has never been easier. Many apps allow the editing of recorded cell phone video. Due to this manipulation of possible evidence, public opinion can easily be swayed and inflamed.
This discussion board consists of answering three of the five following questions.
What concept, guaranteed by the constitution, proves social media’s concept of having to prove your innocence is wrong?
In our criminal justice system, why is the accuser not allowed to remain anonymous?
What amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows the accused to confront their accuser? What does the amendment specifically say?
Why is the right to confront your accuser a fundamental right?
How is today’s social media similar to Salem Witch Trials?