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It has been more than a decade since the US Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Committee. That decision allowed monetary political contributions by corporations and other special interest groups to continue since the Court ruled the donations were protected as free speech by the First Amendment. Your manager thought it would be interesting to review some of the implications of that decision. He has asked a legal analyst at the website, Jennifer, to interview you to help the public better understand the significance of the case. Jennifer has provided you with a list of questions she will ask you during the interview.

case analysis

Case Study I
The case is selected from the HBP case packet: The Arts Property and Hotel by Arthur I. Segal

Key Concepts

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In this case study, we are focused JUST on the principles that we discussed in week 1 of the class–beneficience, nonmaleficience, justice, autonomy, fidelity, and veracity. Write a brief reponse to each of these terms describing how they influence the helper’s behavior in this scenario. Then, write a brief personal reflection on the scenario–how would you behave in this situation? What do you think you would do, and why? How do you feel in this situation? How does it intersect with your morals, values, and sense of right vs. wrong?

Your client, Mr. Euthan Asia, has come to you for support while his wife, Mrs. Asia, is in hospice care. She is 73 years old and is living with advanced Alzheimer’s disease. Mr. Asia has been her primary caregiver for the past two years, and is responsible for helping her with all of her activities of daily living. Mrs. Asia is unaware of her surroundings most of the time, and sometimes doesn’t recognize her husband.
Mr. Asia is distraught by his wife’s condition, and has started to talk about assisted suicide for his wife. He wondered out loud in his last session if she would suffer less if he gave her sleeping pills while she rests in the bathtub. You believe that he might be contemplating this as an end to Mrs. Asia’s life.
These are the key concepts and terms
advanced directives: Decisions people make about end-of-life care that is designed to protect their self-determination when they reach a point in their lives when they are no longer able to make decisions of their own about their care.
aid-in-dying: Providing the lethal means to cause a person’s death, with the person performing the act that ends his or her own life (also referred to as assisted suicide).
California End-of-Life Option Act: A physician-assisted suicide law modeled on the Oregon law.
death competence: Specialized skill in tolerating and managing clients’ problems related to dying, death, and bereavement.
Death With Dignity Act: Oregon’s physician-assisted suicide law.
ethical bracketing: Involves developing the ability to manage personal values so that they do not unduly influence the counseling process.
euthanasia: A “good death,” which refers to the process of minimizing pain associated with death of people with terminal or incurable illness.
hastened death: Speeding up the dying process, which can entail withholding or withdrawing life support.
living will: A formal, written statement that specifies a person’s preferences for end-of-life care.
rational suicide: A person deciding—after going through a decision-making process and without coercion from others—to end his or her life because of extreme suffering involved with a terminal illness.
religion: A binding of people to a higher power, usually by means of a formal organization that is based on established beliefs and teachings.
spirituality: A personal inclination or desire for a relationship with a transcendent or God.
suicide: The taking of one’s own life.
value imposition: Refers to counselors attempting to influence a client to adopt their own values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.
values statement: To inform prospective students about the competencies they will be expected to develop during their training program.

Psychotherapy with children With ADHD

Psychotherapy with children With ADHD.

Psychotherapy with children With ADHD 

As you were working with the proposal and you did a great job I trust to you the Project. Basically applied the Propose the treatment strategy for a specific client problemThe project will consist of two parts, for now, we just to need work in part onePart One – Theoretical perspectives you intend to use as a treatment strategy. Provide citations of the research articles you intend to utilize. As we discussed the Idea of the treatment has to be with Children at school with ADHDHere some ideas and paper:

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Real-world applications of cognitive psychology

Real-world applications of cognitive psychology.


Diifferent summaries Only a page and half long each on each topic You are required to produce a Patchwork Text which consists of a number of ‘patches’ (pieces of work) related to various tasks that you be will set during the unit. You will then be required to write a Reflective Commentary in which the ‘patches’ are discussed to illustrate the development of your learning and understanding. You will be expected to use appropriate research to support your reflections. This assessment will enable you to demonstrate your understanding of the real-world applications of cognitive psychology to each topic covered. Additional guidelines for Patchwork Text & Reflective Commentary The following points are ideas to get you started with your Reflective Commentary: • Your perceptions of the unit and the content. • Experiences, ideas and observations you have had, and how they relate to the unit or topic.

• What you found confusing, inspiring, difficult, interesting and why. • Questions you have and conclusions you have drawn. • How you solved a problem, reached a conclusion, found an answer or reached a point of understanding. 3/10/2019 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing 4/6 • Alternative interpretations or different perspectives on what you have read or done in your unit. • Comparisons and connections between what you are learning and: o your prior knowledge and experience; o your prior assumptions and preconceptions; o what you know from other units Remember to refer to your patches! These should illustrate your learning and/or support the points you make in your reflections. Summarise this article aper summary: Holmes, J., Gathercole, S. E., & Dunning, D. L. (2009). Adaptive training leads to sustained enhancement of poor working memory in children. Developmental science, 12(4). 3 Workshop activity summary. How might children’s working memory capacity be improved and what effect is any improvement likely to have on academic achievement? Summerise this article too So what you have to start with is do patchwork on these 2 articles and screenshotted lecture notes Then finally summarise the cbt paper After writing All these summerise I need a reflective commentary on all these topics using the reflective model

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English Question

Compare and contrast two theories or modalities tied to mindfulness and the relationship to wellness across the lifespan. Cover the following:
Identify the two theories/modalities and what makes them unique to lifespan wellness.
Articulate how these unique approaches could impact your own personal wellness plan.
Identify whether or not these would be something you could integrate into your own life and how you would do it.
(Example: As these both relate to wellness across the lifespan, compare and contrast the benefit of animal therapy to teenagers and the impact of a positive living environment for a teenager. If you had teenagers living with you, would you and how would you integrate either for the benefit of these teenagers and for what benefit

Breast Cancer 1

Breast Cancer 1.


This activity is going to push you to think like a practicing medical professional. You should take into account what you learned in the Discuss and Debate assignment, but you will also conduct your own research for this assignment. Choose a cancer that most interests you (e.g., breast cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, etc.). Investigate the type of cancer, and identify one root cause for this type of cancer at the cellular organelle level. You will trace the path to describe how an organelle dysfunction could lead to this type of cancer. You should spend approximately 3.5 hours on this assignment. 

Instructions Choose a cancer about which you are passionate or in which you are interested. Prepare a written paper to the American Cancer Society of at least 500 words that includes the following: Examine what went wrong with the normal cellular function to cause that neoplasm. Explain how the cell reproduction rate and differentiation are kept within the normal range to avoid the formation of neoplasms. Regarding this cancer, choose either the perspective of Jake or Jennifer, and tell us whether you think this cancer may some day be cured. Your paper should be formatted as a proper research paper with an introduction and conclusion. Do not simply follow the bullet points above, but really think about what you have learned and how that relates to other material we have covered, and knowledge you have from other courses you may have taken

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