PLEASE RESPOND TO EACH 6 DISCUSSIONS SEPERATELLY A Peer Response must be substantive by bringing information to the discussion

A Peer Response must be substantive by bringing information to the discussion or further enhance the discussion. Each Peer Response must have a minimum of ONE reference with citations (the best is a peer-reviewed article). Word count is greater than 75 words or at least 5 sentences in length. Statements like “I agree” or “great post” does not count for the words or sentences.
Discussion question/Participation #1
When it comes to my intervention, there is no real financial aspect that will come into play. We are not implementing any new devices or bringing in any new people. We are working with what we have. The only financial possibility is the hopes of reducing HAPI’s that in previous years have cost the hospital 800,000 dollars in fines alone. That does not include the cost in care for these patients, and the cost of the length of stay. This will hopefully save the hospital money and in return, hopefully, hire much needed staff.
In terms of quality, there will be a quality of care for our patients. They will be turned more often with the new schedule and a reduction in HAPI’s provide a better quality of life for them. When they go home they will not have a new wound that was acquired in the hospital that they will have to have someone come in and care for.
The clinical aspect to take into account would be the need for nurses to follow through with what they are charting and to make sure they are charting in the first place. With the EMR system, it is easy to chart and no actually follow through with the task or to just simply ignore it all together. Both are problems that are not needed to move forward. The real helping factor will be charge nursing help. Research has shown that with the help of Nurse managers, there is a greater success in implementing EBP (Kueny et al., 2015).
Discussion question/Participation #2
The only financial aspect of my change proposal is the man hours needed for education throughout the many interdisciplinary teams. The directors of infection prevention, quality control, laboratory, microbiology, physician support, and nurse education all need to have education in order for proper and effective implementation of this project. One quality aspect that will change with this proposal is that the urinary tract will be the last place tested for infection if there are no other presenting sites. This improves our quality of care because it forces us to look for the real causes. In conjunction with quality, the clinical aspect which will change is the utilization of an algorithm to help practitioners identify individuals who should not receive both testing and treatment for asymptomatic bacteriuria. My change proposal directly impacts each of these aspects. Garrett (2018) says that when approaching a clinical change project, the developers must begin with the end in mind. For this project, the end-goal is to decrease the number of antibiotic days in patients with asymptomatic bacteriuria. Additionally, when rallying the support of the interdisciplinary team, Garrett (2018) recommends ensuring all members of the team understand the need for the proposed change.

Discussion question/Participation #3
In today’s quickly evolving healthcare system, an EBP environment helps ensure excellence in outcomes in fall prevention. EBP is a method for improving health care using a systematic approach (Cullen[supanova_question]

Case Study Select a recent example of social policy making from the UK

Case Study Select a recent example of social policy making from the UK.

Assignment 1 comes in two parts, a case study and an article review. These are detailed below as Question 1 and Question 2. Each question has a limit of 1500 words. Question 1: Case Study Select a recent example of social policy making from the UK that falls within the material covered in this module and which interests you (material attached in zipped folder). A list of social policies can be found at Explain the psychology behind the intervention in your choice of social policy and then discuss and evaluate the appropriateness of the intervention with reference to recent psychological research and theory. As a conclusion you should comment on the extent to which government social policy making is appropriately evidence based. (1500 words) Question 2: Article review Select an article directly related to the contents of this module (material attached in zipped folder), published after 2000 in a peer reviewed journal. The article you choose must not cover the same material that you used in your case study in Question 1 of part 1 of the module assessment (the Case Study above). The article review should: • Briefly explain the relevance of the article to the research and theory presented in the module • Provide a detailed critical discussion of its contribution to the area of applied social and developmental psychology. (1500 words)

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PLEASE RESPOND TO EACH 6 DISCUSSIONS SEPERATELLY A Peer Response must be substantive by bringing information to the discussion EDUC 622: ASSESSMENT EVALUATION INSTRUCTIONS.

Overview: The purpose of this assignment is to research, evaluate, and understand valid, reliable, fair, and appropriate assessment tools used in schools to screen, diagnose, and measure student academic achievement. There are 2 Assessment Evaluation assignments in the course, each with a different focus. They are:

1.      LITERACY FOCUS, which all candidates complete (Assessment Evaluation 1 – Reading)

2.      CONTENT FOCUS*, which is specific to your degree program.

*Assessment Evaluation 2 – (Behavioral, Remediation, or Intervention)

·         Reading Specialist candidates will complete a remediation evaluation with a focus on reading, spelling, and/or writing.

·         Special education candidates will complete an intervention evaluation with a focus on reading or behavior.

·         School counselor candidates will complete an intervention evaluation with a focus on behavior.

·         Math Specialist candidates will complete a remediation evaluation with math concepts.

Note: Be sure to complete the correct focus area for Assessment Evaluation 2.

Since education assessment instruments are costly and not listed in the course materials, this assignment consists of researching and evaluating assessment instruments. If your school has any education kit(s) discussed in this assignment, you are permitted to review the testing materials on your own, however, this is not required. A citation would be included on the reference page.


Specific Guidelines for the Assessment Evaluations


Step 1 – Research

1.      Select 4 instruments from the Approved Assessment Instruments List. (See separate document.)

2.      Using Buros Mental Measurements, examine 4 measurement studies or measurement reviews about the existing measures from the Approved Assessment Instruments List. There should be 4 assessments reviewed for both Assessment Evaluation assignments (8 total).

3.      Critically analyze the measures, addressing strengths and weaknesses. There is a data collection template provided to ease the process of collecting information. This template is submitted with the assignment. Each critical analysis should include the following:

·         A Summary of the assessment instrument with clear, specific information unique to the instrument, including the population who could be tested with the instrument.

·         An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the measure. There must be a minimum of 2 reasons to support each one.

·         Justification for why the measurement would be an appropriate measure for different populations.

4.      Repeat #3 for each of the 4 instruments.

5.      Use a separate data collection template for each instrument. Save each as a Microsoft Word document labeled: instrumentname.doc

NOTE: When submitting the evaluation, these separate templates must be compiled, along with all other items, into 1 Word document.

6.      Other resources for research are listed in the syllabus and may be used in addition to Buros. If using the testing instrument manual, list it in the references. Buros is directly accessible through the JLF library database for your convenience.

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How has Settler Colonialism impacted a particular Indigenous Community

How has Settler Colonialism impacted a particular Indigenous Community.

• Identifies one Indigenous people who have been affected by Settler Colonialism (in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia or another setting). • Describes the ways in which Settler Colonialism has historically impacted each of the four elements of Peoplehood. • Demonstrates the manner in which Settler Colonialism continues to reverberate within the community today. All assignments must include in-text citations accompanied by a Works Cited page.

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Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing.


Search engine marketing



Structure of the report:


▪ Introduction to the topic ▪ Survey of current practice using industry examples and your own experience of the Simbound game to illustrate your answer.


▪ Conclusion and set of recommendations for effective implementation of the digital marketing element you chose. s a 3,000-word report on a digital marketing element covered in the game (specific topics listed below): o Choose one of the topics below:


▪ Search engine marketing 


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Fresh of the Boat Struggles of Asian Americans: Annotated Bibliography

Fresh of the Boat Struggles of Asian Americans: Annotated Bibliography.

Needs 3 Scholar Annotated B An annotated bibliography includes a full and properly constructed citation for a book, a book chapter, or article and a short (100-150word) paragraph in which you summarize and assess the item being examined. -Anotationsfor this assignment need to include not only a complete summary for the source but also an evaluation of its credibility in terms of author backgrounds, publisher, timeliness (aka currency), types of evidence used, etc. This needs to be done for each source, along with an assessment of how you intend to use the source in your project Annotated Bibliography Cheat Sheet/Checklist Before you turn in your annotated bibliography, make sure it has ALL of the following: 1. The correct number of sources. 2. All of the sources are scholarly: a. The author is considered an expert in their field. b. The article has been reviewed by other experts in that field. c. The article has been published via academic journal (preferably peer-reviewed), university press (if a book) or mainstream publisher if the first two conditions have been met (anthology). 3. The correct amount and type of information for each source: a. A paragraph of summary that 1. IS OBJECTIVE (does not use any loaded phrases or the “I” voice) 2. USES PAGE NUMBERS (avoid plagiarism!) 3. uses your own words (little to no direct quoting) 4. uses attributions that show which ideas come from where: “Johnson explains that” 5. brings up ALL of the main points from the reading 6. is condensed as much as possible. b. A paragraph of evaluation for credibility that examines (at least) 1. The background of the author(s) 2. With whom the article was published 3. How long ago the article was written 4. What specific types of evidence were used to prove the article’s points c. A brief statement about how you intend to use the article (or not!) for your project 4. A complete citation in MLA format: a. Author names b. “Title of the Essay or Book Chapter” and Journal Title or Book Title c. Other publication information (varies by the source, check your reference text) d. Date of publication e. Stable URL or DOI number 5. Correct standard MLA format throughout the document (again, check your reference text). Annotated Bibliography Rubric Annotated Bibliography Rubric This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome (15 pts) Complete and accurate citations for three (3) scholarly sources. Source will receive no points if it is not scholarly, even if the citation is complete and accurate. The bibliographic citation for each source must be complete, including database and URL/DOI for any source found online. Links need to be complete/correct so that your source can be verified! This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome (55 pts) Summary paragraph + evaluative paragraph + project assessment. Summary paragraph should be based on the entire source, not simply its online abstract. Provide summary for ALL main points. Use objective language. Use your own words instead of direct quotes, but still provide page numbers! Evaluative paragraph should include discussion of author background, publication info, timeliness of the source, types of evidence used, or any other information to show the source’s level of credibility. Include at least one sentence stating how you plan (or not) to use the source for your project. Summary = 25 pts. Evaluation = 25 pts. Assessment = 5 pts. This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome (15 pts) Uses complete, standard MLA or APA format for presentation and citations This includes not only the citations themselves but the entire document. Double-spaced, 12pt. Times New Roman font (including in the header where your last name and page numbers go), 1-inch margins, etc. This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome (15 pts) Sentence Skills Assignment has been edited and proofread for sentence clarity. Follow all standard rules for capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, citations, etc. Total Points: 100.0 Helpful websites: First reference: 2nd reference

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The American Dream

The American Dream.

Using the given material, write an argumentative essay in which you discuss the American Dream. You decide what angle you want to take on. Give your essay a headline related to the angle you took. Source material (you must use ALL sources): – Laura Silver, “How Americans and Western Europeans compare on 4 key social and political issues”, Pew Research Center, August 17, 2018. Link: – Samantha Smith, “Most think the American Dream is within reach for them”, Pew Research Center, October 31, 2017. Link: – Kashana Cauley,“Trump is killing the American Dream”, New York Times, January 22, 2018. Link: – Steve Hilton, “Why I believe we need a positive populist revolution”, Fox News, September 4, 2018. Link: Your essay must include references to the source material. All sources must be documented. When you refer to anything, use a footnote. Example: X has a different opinion; he believes that … and so on.[1] [1] “Why I believe we need a positive populist revolution” by Steve Hilton, Fox News, September 4, 2018, line 2-4

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