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please if u can solve it and bid u will be reported or redrawed

please if u can solve it and bid u will be reported or redrawed.

Consider the following equilibrium at 1000K: 2SO2 (g) + O2 (g) ↔ 2SO3 (g)A study of this system reveals that there are 3.2E-3 moles of sulfur dioxide gas, and 4.4E-3 moles of oxygen gas present in a 13.0L flask at equilibrium. The equilibrium constant for this reaction is 4.5E-3. Calculate the number of moles of SO3(g) in the flask at equilibrium.2,H2O(g) + CO(g)<_>CO2(g) + H2(g)is 3.00×103. What is the equilibrium constant, at the same temperature, for the following reaction?H2g+CO2g<_>COg+H2Og
please if u can solve it and bid u will be reported or redrawed

Everything you need to know is in the attachment. Only do PART 1 of the assignment..

You will need to submit a paper proposal of roughly 250-350 words (approx. 1 page) You will also need to include an annotated bibliography of the resources you plan to use (approx. 2 pages). Each entry in the bibliography should consist of the full reference for the source cited in MLA format, and a paragraph of 4-5 sentences summarizing the source and stating how it will contribute to the essay.Resources can be found by using google scholar or other scholarly research engines.You should try to narrow the topic down a bit more from the general “School to prison pipeline” topic. For example, in the Netflix documentary The 13th, the film charts the current catastrophe of mass incarceration of black peoples in the US from the history of enslavement. If you choose to ground your discussion historically, you talk about the similarities between conditions of the enslaved and those currently incarcerated. In addition, the role of education in facilitating this “pipeline” is crucial. As we read in the Slave Narratives, Douglass believed that education was the key to liberation. Du Bois, Booker T Washington and Malcom X also talk at length about the importance of education and, significantly, the dangers of “miseducation.” Remember that the research assignment asks us to focus on popular culture, so it might be beneficial to think of some tv shows or films that have examined the conditions of enslavement and/or mass incarceration specifically. Alternatively, there have been many recent movies that have endeavored to examine race in America (ex. Get Out, Crash, Django Unchained, etc.) – These can also be valuable sources of analysis and discussion. I think firstly, however, you should draw out some specific concepts that relate to the larger theme of “school to prison pipeline” – So maybe thinking in terms of state-sponsored violence and surveillance of black bodies, the role of stereotypes in criminalizing black men, masculinity and gun violence (the documentary we watched in lecture – The Darker Side of Black)
Everything you need to know is in the attachment. Only do PART 1 of the assignment.

Polycythemia Vera: Causes and Treatment

Polycythemia Vera: Causes and Treatment. From the ancient times to the modern era of today where everything is said to be changed irrespective the good or bad, not only mankind had undergone an evolution but so as the diseases which is why new medical innovations are highly needed to counteract such dilemma. Diseases do not only invade a person externally but also can spread internally as well such as blood diseases. Blood diseases are diseases that involve the mechanisms, functions, site of production, and most importantly the components of blood. According to Hezy (2010), one of the major blood disease is polycythemia Vera, also known as erythremia, primary polycythemia, and polycythemia rubra Vera. Polycythemia Vera is a myeloproliferative rare blood disease in which the bone marrow produces excessive amount of erythrocytes and may also result in the overproduction of leukocytes or platelets causing the blood to be thicker and travels slower than normal. This is a very serious problem as sooner or later the person would suffer from heart attack or stroke as the possibility of having a stroke or heart failure increase by 80% if a person suffers from polycythemia Vera due to blockage of blood vessels. Although polycythemia Vera is considered a very rare disease, it still happens among us despite its low possibility. Therefore, treatments are highly recommended as it could be fatal or lead to another sort of diseases as well because a subset of patients with polcythemia Vera may progress to acute myelogenous leukemia or myelofibribrosis stated by ClinicalKey (2012). From the research of Ann Intern Med (2013), the statistics shown that polycythemia Vera can occur in any individual irrespective age or gender but it has been proven that is it more common among people with the age group of 50 to 70 years. In overall, polycythemia Vera is more prevalent in men than in women. According to Vanasse G., et al (2008), the data claimed from major commercial insurance payers in Connecticut and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services estimated that the number of patients with polycythemia Vera is 22 per 100,000 respectively for the age-standardized prevalence and it is also estimated that there is a total of approximately 65,200 patients with polycythemia Vera applying the age-specific prevalence to the entire US population in 2003 which is the first assessed prevalence of polycythemia Vera in the large US population. Moreover, Brian J.S., et al (2004) stated that a comprehensive review reported the incidence of polycythemia Vera to be 2.3 per 100,000 each year worldwide. After a thorough diagnosis, the seriousness of polycythemia Vera is underscored by the fact that the median survival for untreated symptomatic patients is about six months to one and a half year but for treating patients, the median survival can be surprisingly prolonged to about seven to fifteen years. Based on DoctorTipster (2011), there are a few factors that may increase the risk of developing polycythemia Vera. Firstly, aging is one of the unavoidable factors as the chances of developing polycythemia Vera grow with age. Normally people around the age of 60 years are more prone to this disease and it is hardly found in people who are under 20 years of age. Secondly, it is a fact that polycythemia Vera effects with predilection men and lesser in women by comparison. Thirdly, families with medical history is also one of the risk factors that can lead to polycythemia Vera. Most cases of polycythemia Vera are not inherited, it is associated with genetic changes that are somatic, means that they acquire during a person’s lifetime and are only present in certain cells and not transmitted or passed down generally from parents to children. However, in rare instances family history of polycythemia Vera especially relatives are said to be the cause for the increase of risk for developing the disease. In these families, the risk of developing polycythemia appears to have an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance. Autosomal dominant inheritance means that one copy of an altered gene in each cell is sufficient to increase the risk of developing polycythemia Vera, although in these cases no causative genes have been identified but these people seem to inherit an increased risk of polycythemia Vera, not the disease itself. Last but not least, the environmental conditions or lifestyles also count as a risk factor as well as polycythemia Vera can occur due to different lifestyles or even different exposures to environmental conditions such as radiation. Exposure to intense radiation may actually increase the risk for the condition or even trigger the disease because the main reason for the development of disease is genetic mutation. Lack of exercise or unhealthy diet will only aggravate the body conditions as most of the people nowadays are already in bad shape because of neglecting health care for work and stress. Pr Jean B. (2010), stated that the main source of determining an individual either with or without polycythemia Vera is based on whether the mutation occurred in the body’s genes which is the major cause of polycythemia Vera. Polycythemia Vera happens because of the presence of abnormal clonal stem cell expansion that suppresses the growth and maturation of normal stem cell which is a somatic mutation known as JAK2-V617F commonly in exon 14 of the JAK2 gene or in exon 12 which is less common. However, exactly what causes the mutation is still a matter of debate. The presence of a V617F or a mutation of the JAK2 gene can be diagnosed because the gene actually functions to make a protein that aids the body in producing blood cells and so there will be an elevation in the amount of white blood cells, platelets, hematocrit, hemoglobin, and most of all the red blood cell mass which is about 125% greater compared with the normal. As a result, the blood will become thicker and harder to pump which is very dangerous as it can relate to heart attack, stroke, and other health diseases. Almost all of the health problems associated with polycythemia Vera are caused by the blood of the individual being unusually thick due to overproduction of red blood cells in the body. The disease is more common in the elderly and can be either symptomatic or asymptomatic. TheFreeDictionary (2013), stated that normally there will be common signs and symptoms such as itching and severe burning pain in the hands or feet accompanied by a reddish and bluish colouration of the skin most likely on the face. Unfortunately, patients with polycythemia Vera are also likely to develop gouty arthritis. As the development of polycythemia Vera is rather slow, signs and symptoms might not show for years. Therefore, the disease is often found out when a blood test is done for other purposes. However, when the signs and symptoms are present due to the thickness of the blood slowing down the flow of oxygenated blood to all parts of the body and this will lead to many parts of the body unable to function properly with insufficient oxygen. As a result, one may experience headaches, dizziness, blurred or double vision, shortness of breath, numbness, itchiness especially after bathing with hot water, fatigue, and more. Besides that, there are actually levels or phases where symptoms or effects are shown at various stages. The symptoms of the early polycythemia Vera may be minimal so it is not unusual for the disease to be discovered easily. Patients often experience symptoms like headaches, confusion or impaired memories, breathing difficulty, giddiness, vomiting, hypertension and much more which people would treat them like a minor or a common issue. In some patients’ early symptoms include unusual heavy bleeding from minor cuts, nosebleeds, pain in the bone, or stomach ulcers but there are a few cases the first symptoms is the development of blood clots in an unusual part of the circulatory system such as the liver. As the disease develops, the patients may have episodes of thrombosis or hemorrhage where the fact that thrombosis is the most frequent cause of death from polycythemia Vera. Other complications include a high concentration of uric acid in the blood which increases the risk of getting other diseases. About 10% of the patients eventually develop gout and the other 10% develop peptic ulcers. Based on MayoClinic (2012), one of the effects of polycyhemia Vera is causing the spleen to be greatly enlarged also known as splenomegaly as the spleen aids the body against infections and filter unwanted materials such as old or damaged blood cells. With the increased number of blood cells caused by polycythemia Vera, the spleen intends to work harder than normal which leads to spleen enlargement and the patient’s spleen may even be able to fill the entire left side of the abdomen as time goes on. Therefore, the patients might have the feeling of fullness or bloated in the upper left part of the abdomen. Where there is a problem, there will always be solutions to overcome it. According to the (1997), polycythemia Vera is treated with procedures, medicines, and some other treatments. A person with polycythemia Vera may need one or more treatments to manage this disease. The actual goals of treating this blood disease are to control the symptoms and reduce the risk of complications especially heart failure and stroke so in order to achieve the target, the treatments for polycythemia Vera reduce the number of erythrocytes and the level of hemoglobin in the blood which will make the thickness of the blood to be much closer to normal, thus reducing the chances of blood clots in the blood vessels. For this disease, the most recommended treatment is phlebotomy. Phlebotomy is a procedure that removes some blood from the body by inserting a needle into one of the veins and channels the blood into a sterile container via an airtight tube which is quite similar to the process of blood donation. Through this treatment, the red blood cell count is reduced and this brings the thickness of the blood closer to normal. Typically, 1 unit of blood which is around 350ml is removed per week until the hematocrit level which is the measure of how much space red blood cells occupied in the blood falls back to normal and this process is normally carried out every few months. The next treatment involves medications, the doctors may prescribe certain medicines for example hydroxyurea and interferon-alpha that prevents the bone marrow from making way too many red blood cells. Hydroxyurea is a medicine generally used in treating cancer, it has the ability to reduce the number of red blood cells and platelets in the blood whereas interferon-alpha is a substance that our bodies usually produces to prompt our immune system to fight against overactive bone marrow cells. Moreover, radiation treatment is also available as it can help to suppress overactive bone marrow cells which prevent them from making red blood cells uncontrollably but this treatment is less recommended by doctors as the radiation treatment can increase the risk of leukaemia or other blood diseases. Another treatment is by taking aspirin as aspirin can relieve bone pain and the burning sensation in the hands and feet due to polycythemia Vera. In addition, aspirin also has the function to dilute blood so besides relieving pains it also thins the blood causing the blood to flow better in the blood vessels. However, taking aspirin can have side effects without the controlling the amount or dosage. For those who cannot resist the itching caused by polycythemia Vera, the doctor may also prescribe ultraviolet light treatment to relieve the itching. As preventions are better than cure, it is always a better choice not to rely too much on medications or drugs when solving problems related to health but try using other methods instead if possible. According to the NasionalHeartLungPolycythemia Vera: Causes and Treatment

Analysis of Financial Proposal

help writing (1) analyse financial data; evaluate the results and formulate conclusions (2) prepare a budget and explain how it would be negotiated and monitored. (3) produce a financial proposal and present a sound business case to secure the required financial resources. The figures can be fictitious. Part 1) Technique used: Ratio Analysis Refer to the Appendix Profitability Ratios These ratios help us to judge how good the firm’s profit performance is. The two key ratios to show profitability are: Return on Capital Employed This measures the level of profit of the business compared to the amount of capital that has been invested in it. It is effectively the return the business has made, and investors will want this to be higher than the rate of interest they could have got elsewhere. The budget is showing a healthy 68% return on capital which includes proposed bank borrowings. Profit Margin This measures the level of profit compared to the turnover, it therefore shows the percentage profit on the sales. It can be measured as either a gross or net profit margin. The Gross Profit margin is 66.5% but the Net Profit margin is only 11.3% due to high wages and purchases costs. These could be reduced by bulk buying and negotiating special terms. Liquidity Ratios These are ratios that measure the liquidity of the business. Business has to ensure that they are able to meet their commitments as when they fall due by converting sufficient assets into cash. A business should avoid a situation where a lot of cash or capital is tied up in high levels of stock. Current asset and Acid Test ratio shows that the business has more than enough assets to cover its liabilities and it is very liquid as the stock and debtors can be turned into cash quickly. Current Ratios This ratio compares the current assets and current liabilities. Clearly a business needs to have more current assets than liabilities, and so at a minimum the figure should be more than 1. Here it is 1.54 which is slightly higher and thus ensures sufficient liquidity. Acid Test Ratios This ratio takes a closer look at the business’s liquidity. One of the current assets is stock, and this clearly not always easy to turn into cash. In fact the firm may have high stock levels because they can’t sell all of it. So the acid test ratio takes the current assets and subtracts the stock. This is a test of immediate solvency. If the value of this ratio is much less than 1 the business may have a liquidity problem, as it may have insufficient assets to meet all its liabilities. Debtors and Creditors Payment period The debtors payment period shows how many days it takes on average for the debtors to pay back the owed money. The creditor payment period shows how many days it takes on average for the business to pay its creditors. Ideally the debtor period should be shorter than the creditor period for better efficiency. Here this is not the case and steps should be taken to chase the debtors to pay quickly. Gearing Ratio This concerns the business’ long-term financial stability. It measures how much of the business is financed by debt. The higher the gearing percentage, the less secure it will be. Normal figure is 50%. Part 2) It is imperative that for any business to trade effectively and be able to grow, it needs to build up enough cash reserves. Therefore it is important to ensure cash movements, that is the timing of cash inflow and cash outflow, are managed in such a way that it results in an overall positive cashflow position. The budget would be negotiated on the basis of forecasted sales revenue, expected expenditure and any planned capital expenditure. The Bank manager needs to be pursuaded that the cash forecast is realistic and not over optimistic. The budget would be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis and any material changes would be acted on. The negotiations would be based upon the fact such as reliability of the customer and suppliers, location of the pub. Also the fact that being a public house, the business is all year round and not seasonal and there are going to be peak seasons such as Christmas and other public holdiays. In addition, the pub would increase its takings by having special events and offers. The budget should build a contingency fund for worst case scenario such as cost over-runs or loss of loyalty of its customers. It needs to show clearly that the owner has invested his/her money as a capital in the business and prepared to risk it, and has a strong track record in this field and that the business plan is credible. A bank always demands a copy of current management accounts with a cash flow forecast in order to assess a business’s liquidity and then decides whether to grant the overdraft facility or not. Therefore, they are of utmost importance when negotiating a loan from a bank. Cash budget gives an advance warning of any liquidity problems. It is often a lack of cash that causes most businesses to fail. It will give you an opportunity to decide when and how to increase or decrease your overdraft with the bank. Part 3) The total amount required is £50,000 but the business does not need to draw down all of the money at once. It should be stressed to the bank manager that you have number of years’ experience in the same business and you know the trade well. Also you have good interpersonal skills and the ability to get on with all types of people This is important for running a successful pub. You also have to stress that you have done your home work, prepared a business plan and have ideas to boost the business by holding special events throughout the year. You need to do some research about the market for a pub in that area. If there are only one or two pubs in the local area and nothing within, say 15 mile radius, then an additional pub in that area is going to stand a very good chance of success. Appendix The following table shows the ratios for the year 2005: Ratio Profitability ROCE68% Gross Profit Margin66.5% Net Profit 11.3% Direct Wages20% Debtor payment days28 days Current Ratio1.54:1 Acid Test1.1:1 Gearing52% Bibliography 1. 2. Cox, 0 and Farndon, M (1997) Management of Finance (2nd Edition) Worcester: Osborne Books. 3. Dyson, J (1998) Accounting for Non-Accounting Students London: Pitman 4. Http://www/ – Learning resources contain summary notes on main topics. 5. Management and Cost Accounting, 4th Edition, by Colin Drury, Thomson Business Press. 6. Active Accounting by Brammer, Cox, Fardon, Penning. Osborne books.

BU Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City Essay

BU Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City Essay.

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1B. Virtually: You will write down the title and artist of the work selected – make sure that copying an image or taking a screenshot is allowed – if the museum has restrictions on sharing some works, then describe them in detail.Then…2. Write down the titles, artists and time period/year(s).3. Write a minimum two page report/essay where you will include your 3 pictures and answer the following questions: a) What do you think is the symbolism of food represented in the work? b) How does the work make you feel? Why? What do you see in the work that makes you say that? c) Comment on issues of representation — who is and is not represented and/or underrepresented?, what cultural groups, notions or styles are displayed in the artwork? * Tip: You might want to do research from the “inside out;” in other words, starting with values and aesthetics that are important to you and then finding art works that resonate with you. For example,Does art (or an art work) need to be ‘beautiful’ in order to be considered ‘fine art’?Does a piece of art need to convey a message? If yes, what type of message?Do you prefer abstract art? etc.How to start…Do a web search to virtually visit other museums in the US, think of the MoMA or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York city or any other city/state in the country.Go to the websites of places such as Museo Nacional del Prado (Spain) or any art gallery in the world. You do not have to limit yourself to paintings, you can observe sculptures, mix media works and performance art.
BU Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City Essay

CJ 350 Monroe College Shopping While Black Discussion

CJ 350 Monroe College Shopping While Black Discussion.

Take a look at the video posted below – “Shopping While Black”. It is a depiction of a social experiment conducted by ABC News to discuss race relations in America. Consider the errors in human inquiry discussed in chapter 1 and paradigms discussed in chapter 2.Discuss with your peers the following; (this is a social experiment only)What errors of traditional human inquiry might be involved in an experiment of this type? (Please specifically identify the error of human inquiry and how it might apply)How might our own thought paradigms effect us if we were to interpret the results or design the research for a topic such as this?
CJ 350 Monroe College Shopping While Black Discussion

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