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PLEASE HIGHLIGHT UPDATES IN BLUE review Capital Budgeting and “Firm Performance and degree of sophistication of capital budgeting practices”.


review Capital Budgeting and “Firm Performance and degree of sophistication of capital budgeting practices”. It is an interesting study. We are using the same numbers that we used for the previous problems. Please use the same file you used for the earlier problems and add a tab marked IRR. This time you will compare the projects using the IRR technique.
To get full credit please do the following:
Define the technique in detail.
Point out 3 things that you learned from the paper “Firm Performance and degree of sophistication of capital budgeting practices”.
Discuss the difference between this method and the others we have used so far.
Analyze the numbers in the problem using an excel spreadsheet.
You must use Excel formulas which are on the ribbon in Excel marked Fx to make your calculations whenever possible. Do not write your own formulas unless absolutely necessary.
All information must be in Excel (Word documents will not be read and you will not get credit).
Remember to carry out your answers in at least two decimal places.
Add a new tab on your original excel file and submit this project.

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Security Policy Content and Risk

Security Policy Content and Risk.

 Continue development of the Comprehensive Security Management Plan by adding a section reviewing the security policy. Create a list of each section in the security policy. Some sections in the list are business security requirements that can be decomposed first to more refined requirements and later to detailed security policies in the Security Policy document. This decomposition should be included in the list. These detailed policies do not need to be written, but referenced or indicated as a policy that needs to be written. List each section of the security policy. Include decompositions of business security requirements into policies in this list. For example, a business security requirement for authenticated access might map to policies for log-in access and policies for file access.

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Art Question

PLEASE HIGHLIGHT UPDATES IN BLUE review Capital Budgeting and “Firm Performance and degree of sophistication of capital budgeting practices”. This assignment is part of your In-Class Assignment grade.
Teaching is not an easy profession and it take lots of training to become quality. You must have many skills to teach young children. As you have had last week to read chapter 6 about relationships and guidance you also got the chance to reflect back on yourself and how you would introduce yourself to a new group of people. You decided what you would say, how you would say it and who you connected with during your discussion exchange. Teachers need certain traits to be a quality teacher.
For this assignment you are to write a two-page analysis of your teaching aptitude. I want you to analyze what traits you possess that will lend its hand to your teaching career. What traits do you have that could hinder your ability to be a good teacher? Discuss your decision to become a teacher or other professional in the field and what natural abilities you have to do this job and what traits do you possess that are suitable for being in this profession. Reflect on your experiences and what made them successful or not successful. This exercise is for you to determine what your teaching aptitude is and how it will benefit you in this field.
For full credit consideration you must submit a reflective paper that contains complete content and details about your thoughts. It must be a minimum of two pages of college level writing. This is not an English class, and I am not an English teacher, but I do expect a high level of writing that is well thought out and has fluidity. If you need any help with editing, please utilize campus tutoring.

Constitutional Law Assignment

Constitutional Law Assignment.


LENGTH: 2000 words. Please note that you must not exceed 2000 words.

The case below is the case to be used.

Commonwealth v Tasmania (1983) 158 CLR 1

You are required to write a case study of the case. The case study should be written in essay format. For the purposes of the case study, you need to:

1) Set out succinctly and clearly the facts and legal issues of the case.

2) Explain the High Court reasoning in the case. You should cover the reasoning of both the majority and minority judges. Please provide an opinion on whether the reasoning in the judgments was appropriate or persuasive and why.
3) Explain the significance of the case for the development of constitutional law.
4) Explain the political and/or social significance of the case. Here you could also consider whether the High Court judges took the political and/or social significance of their decision into consideration in their judgment/s.


Firstly read the section/s of the textbook and study guide in which the case is discussed. This will help you put the case in context, in terms of where it sits in constitutional law. You can also read extracts on the case from other constitutional law textbooks.

Then find the case online and read it. Note that the AGLC recommends that you use CLR references where available in citing cases. You can download the CLR reports from the Westlaw AU database, which you can access via the library website.

Constitutional law cases are complex and long and you may find it difficult to work out what the judges are saying. Over the years the High Court judges have developed more accessible and structured judgment writing styles but the reasoning in these cases can still be very difficult to understand, particularly when you are encountering it for the first time. Keep in mind that you are writing a 2000 word essay and that explaining the reasoning is only one part of what you have to do. You need to be able to work out what is important and significant about the case and look for the paragraphs in each judgment in which this is covered. Then you should summarise this reasoning and think about whether the reasoning is appropriate. Do you agree with the decision? Why or why not? Do you think that the judges should have taken other factors into account? You may conclude that the reasoning of the minority judges is more persuasive or appropriate and if so you should explain this.

There is a lot of academic commentary on constitutional law cases and this will help you with this task. Make sure that you reference as required if you are using this commentary in your case study.

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Medical ethics on human cloning

Medical ethics on human cloning.

Medical ethics on clonin

Paper details

In “Introduction,” (there are no page numbers in your manuscript) you write that “human cloning is increasingly being used for therapeutic uses and basic medical research.” This is not true. In “Method,” you do not explain your method, i.e., how you go about to solve the problem at hand. You repeatedly state claims such as, e.g., “cloning is to use a person as a means to an end” (or similar) without proper explanation. Such claims need to be explained in detail—this particular example might need one or two pages of elaboration!—and applied to the case at hand with care. I am not sure whether you have tried to take a top-down or a bottom-up approach to the problem. If it is a top-down approach, the discussion of the theories and principles applied must be much more detailed. If it is a bottom-up, you need to explain in detail how the various theories and principles discussed interplay to support your conclusion. In short: Be more clear about how you intend to treat the problem. Then, connect your discussion to moral theory by detailed elaboration. And, finally, make sure that your essay is free from false empirical claims such as the example from “Introduction.” Finally, in this course we do not talk about “laws” in principlism or bioethics, but “principles,” “concepts,” and “theories.”

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