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please help me within five munite

please help me within five munite.

 particular temperature, Kp = 0.260 reactionN2O4(g)  2NO2(g)With no change  amount material in flask, the volume container question increased to 5.000 times original. Assuming constant temperature,calculate (new) total pressure, at equilibrium.
please help me within five munite

REFUSED REQUEST ASSIGNMENT The North American Biking Association (NABA) is planning and organizing for the Fourth annual Durango World Mountain Bike Championship to be held over Labor Day weekend. Part of this annual planning process includes the requesting of sponsorship from businesses belonging to the NABA. Sponsorship levels range from silver ($250) to gold ($500) to platinum ($1000 ). This year, Cycle Tech (a company specializing in products for mountain bikers) is one such company that received a request from the NABA to continue its platinum sponsorship, just as it has done the past 3 years. Currently, however, Cycle Tech is investing all its profits into the development of new products, including smooth-gripping brake pads and trigger-action gear-shift levers. In fact, both went to market in the past six months and sales have been excellent for these products. However, many additional products are still in the research and development phases. While you (as the owner of Cycle Tech) realize the importance of continuing your platinum sponsorship of this event, you are only able to fund a gold sponsorship due to very high research and development costs. Your job is to write the refused request, including the counterproposal for the alternate sponsorship. Remember, you must always have additional communication between the reader and writer when your letter contains a counterproposal. In this case, a telephone call to agree to the change in the sponsorship level. For this assignment, please use Block Style with mixed punctuation. Send your letter to Troy M. Karanthanos, President of NABA, 8310 Montague Expressway, San Jose, California 95131. Name this document Refused Request Mountain Bike First and Last Name. Submit.

Is There Anu Cure For Diabetes? Research Paper

When diabetes enters the doors of someone’s life the life of this person changes dramatically. Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism. It is characterized by inappropriately high blood sugar which is the result of either low level of the hormone insulin or of abnormal resistance to insulin’s effects. The percentage of people in the USA suffering from the disease is rather high: 7.0 percent of the population has diabetes, of a serious, lifelong condition. This comprises 20.8 million, among this number 14.6 million have been diagnosed and 6.2 million have not yet been diagnosed. All those people wait for the effective cure from the disease that tortures them. But unfortunately, we may state the fact that there is no such a cure for diabetes. As diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin, it is a diffused opinion that injecting insulin is a cure for diabetes. Indeed, insulin allows a diabetic to survive, but the consequences of the blood sugar level controlled in such a way has may turn to be really devastating ones. The thing is that a diabetic’s insulin injections cannot be appropriately adjusted to maintain safe sugar level unlike the precise matching of blood sugar and insulin levels that occur in the sound body. There are two possible side-effects of injecting insulin. When it drives blood sugar level too low, the diabetic’s reactions include confusion, loss of consciousness, coma, or even death. The second type of the consequences that injecting insulin might have is when the blood levels rise. The diabetic is amendable to eyes, kidneys, nerves and heart diseases. It comes out that insulin is not a cure for diabetes, as it fails to restore the person’s ability to adjust insulin production to match the uncontrollable variations of sugar that come from a normal life. The problem of cure for diabetes should be regarded in terms of different types of the disease. Actually, there are three of them. The two principal forms of diabetes are types 1 and 2. Type 1 diabetes refers to childhood-onset diabetes, juvenile diabetes and insulin-dependent diabetes. Type 2 diabetes embraces adult-onset diabetes, obesity-related diabetes and non-insulin dependent diabetes. The so-called type 3 diabetes is also known as gestational diabetes. It may develop late in pregnancy and either disappear after the birth of the baby or progress into the type 2 diabetes. Considering the first type of the diabetes we should say that there are numerous ongoing researches on various approaches to cure it. But there is no sufficient cure found. The disease is expected to be cured by replacing the pancreas or the beta cells. Transplants do produce insulin but the reaction of the immune system for them leaves much to be desired. Moreover, the transplants generally remain on long-term immunosuppressive drugs and the immune system will work out a host versus graft response against the transplanted organ. Thus, the main objective of the research is to develop the transplant therapy so that it does not harm the human’s body. Most scientists believe that curing type 1 diabetes means causing endogenous ability of the body to react to the level of blood glucose by means of producing insulin and their attempts do not go behind this aim. Whereas other approaches such as closed-loop integrated glucometer or insulin pump products may also turn beneficial. They may sufficiently increase the quality of life of those who suffer from diabetes type 1 and may be regarded as artificial pancreas. We are inclined to believe that research should be conducted in this sphere that seems to be a much promising one. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As for the second type of diabetes, scientists claim that it can be cured by bariatric surgery known as gastric bypass. In the process of this therapy the stomach’s size is reduced and the small intestine changes its direction to minimize calorie intake. Though this surgery has been successfully performed, it cannot be applied to all patients as the weight loss is not healthy for all. Fortunately, the gestational diabetes can be cured by means of a simple diet that a pregnant woman keeps on. The cure for this diabetes type is the best explored. Scientists state that diabetes has reached pandemic levels; therefore immediate measures are to be assumed. The cure for diabetes should be characterized by the following: The source of islets should not depend on human donors, but must be abundant; The use of the suppressing drugs should be reduced to minimum; The islets should not introduce any pathogens; The risk and the complexity of the transplantation procedure should be reduced to minimum. Besides the approaches to the diabetes cure cited above there are also gene therapy approach, stem cells approach, spleen cells approach, nanotechnology approach, aspirin with electrophoresis approach and a lot of others which are aimed at curing the disease. Contributing to the problem, all of them have a rather one-sided nature which does not influence positively its solution. Works Cited “Beta Cell Biology Consortium.” Environmental Health Perspectives 109.2 (2001). “Diabetes.” Ebony. 1999: 111. Aitken, Murray, et al. “A License to Cure.” The McKinsey Quarterly (2000): 80. Chappell, Kevin. “A Surgical “Cure” for Diabetes? Nine out 10 Gastric-Bypass Patients with the Disease Report Dramatic Drops in Blood Sugar Levels, but Some Doctors Warn about Taking Such a Drastic Step.” Ebony. 2007: 84 . Chappell, Kevin. “Diabetes Management Goes High-Tech; New Devices, Personalized Care Help to Control Deadly Disease.” Ebony 2006: 158 . Chappell, Kevin. “Diabetes Treatment, Research

CAAS 101 Bowie State We All Have Experienced What It Is to Be an Adolescent Essay

research paper help CAAS 101 Bowie State We All Have Experienced What It Is to Be an Adolescent Essay.

There are six major learning objectives in this chapter. After reading each carefully, write a succinct, well integrated three page, double spaced (12″ font, Times Roman) short story applying the knowledge in the chapter, using the terms to show evidence of reading and comprehension, to describe your adolescent life. Some experiences may not apply to you specifically, but recall the impact of the matter on you when experienced by a peer or friend. Be creative and make it exciting as you give the reader a glimpse into your adolescent life!- double spaced, typed in Times Roman or Arial, 12″ font). Please Google and obtain the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, the sixth edition online. book:
CAAS 101 Bowie State We All Have Experienced What It Is to Be an Adolescent Essay

ECOM 201 Saudi Electronic University E Management Discussion

ECOM 201 Saudi Electronic University E Management Discussion.

During the Covid-19 pandemic and based on its natural a great deal of businesses has been impacted by it. Also, due to its rapid outbreak working from home and the limitation of travel become vital and critical to limit the spread of Covid-19 as well as the safety of the people. Thus, digital transformation and E-management show its importance and great value in this kind of situation. This pandemic has forced companies and corporations to highly depends on digital technology and E-management practices as millions of people are working remotely from homes. Requirements Therefore, as student and based on your understanding you are required to provides three factors that are the most advantageous and beneficent factors that company should have taken during the pandemic and its procedures in order to keep its business alive. Useful links: reference system plagiarism plagiarism Guidelines for the assignment: This is an individual project, which is part from your course score. It requires effort and critical thinking.Your assignment must be supported by evidence and resources. Otherwise, your answer will not be valid.Ensure that you follow the APA style in your project.Your project report length should be between 400 to 500 words.Up to 20% of the total grade will be deducted for providing a poor structure of assignment. Structure includes these elements paper style, free of spelling and grammar mistakes, referencing and word count.
ECOM 201 Saudi Electronic University E Management Discussion

This assignment is for the Speech-Language Pathology major. Based on the book reading “Overcoming Apraxia” by Laura Baskall Smith

This assignment is for the Speech-Language Pathology major. Based on the book reading “Overcoming Apraxia” by Laura Baskall Smith ,chapters 15-20 Answer the following questions: 1. When a child receives a diagnosis of apraxia, why are they typically referred to a group of different specialists that become a part of the medical team? 2. Why was it important for Laura to advocate for her daughter? What did you learn about parent advocacy based on the book? 3. Discuss one thing that you learned or found surprising in chapters 15 to 20 of the book. above is the attached link for the pages of the chapters. Also, I will attach reflection questions and answers from the previous chapters.

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