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please help me with my ENG assignemts

please help me with my ENG assignemts.

Please give me quality work. thanks you so much for your help!Some ideas for organizing your introduction:The first paragraph should recount a story or give an example. It needs to “hook” your readers and get them interested in the problem at hand.The next one to three paragraphs should give an overview of the problem and address some of the following questions:What is the background or history of the problem?What makes this problem important or urgent?How does the problem affect your audience?What will happen if the problem is not addressed?What steps must we take to get there? Specifically, how and why will your proposal work? What are the best reasons to support your proposal? How will the people in your audience benefit from accepting your proposal?At the end of your introduction, you should have a thesis statement. Your thesis statement needs to clearly express the problem and your solution for fixing (or addressing) it. Demonstrate the Problem Exists: Demonstrate the problem exists by giving examples, statistics, and information from expert outside sources. You will need at least three separate examples of the problem.This section should be between 2 and 4 pages in length Proposal for Fixing the Problem: What is the solution to the problem? (1 to 3 paragraphs in length)Conclusion: Your conclusion should appeal to your audience to do something—either take action or come around to your way of thinking on the issue. (1 paragraph)Research: All topics will require research. You should be looking for expert outside sources that provide a history of the problem, demonstrate the problem exists, and offer a solution to the problem. The most credible sources are ones that have gone through a review process—you can find those sources through the library’s database—look specifically for chapters from books and scholarly journal articles. In addition, you can also search for magazine articles, newspaper articles, and other published sources. As a last resort, you may go to the internet to conduct your research. The following lists what you will need in your paper:●Credible outside sources (minimum of 4 sources). Choose from the following list:Scholarly journal articlesChapters from booksMagazine or newspaper articlesGovernment documentsAn interview with an expert in the subjectSurvey resultsCredible web sourcesBUT I RECOMMEND SCHOOL LIBRARY DATA AS A SOURCE TO DISCUSS YOUR TOPICTOPIC: OBESITY Only one of your sources can be from an encyclopediaNo more than 15% of your paper should be directly quoted from outside sources, so make sure to use summary and paraphrasing techniques. Work on integrating outside sources smoothly into your own sentences by providing a signal-phrase and author tags to introduce the quote. Do not drop quotes into your paper. Remember that whenever you use any information from an outside source, whether it is word for word or it is paraphrased by you, you must give credit to the original source. Giving credit to the original source: Use a signal phrase (author tag) to introduce the quote or paraphrase (As Susan Smith suggests…).Use quotations marks around any borrowed words (three or more consecutive words from the original source).3. If you quote, quote exactly.4. If you paraphrase or summarize, make sure you change the wording significantly. Remember, you still have to cite paraphrased and summarized information.5. Write a Works Cited Entry for all the sources used in the paper (only cite sources you actually use in your paper).Audience: People who are receptive to your proposal, but they have not made-up their minds on the issue. You need to ignore those who are for your proposal and those who are against it. Argue to the people in the middle.Purpose: To identify a problem, demonstrate it exists, propose a solution, and gain your audience’s support.Evaluation: You will be evaluated on the following points:● Whether or not your proposal is convincing● Full development of all the points outlined in this assignment●make sure to meet the minimum word requirement● Well-developed paragraphs with smooth transitions between paragraphs● Ample and solid evidence from credible outside sources● Relevant field research, if applicable● Clear and solid focus and organization● Effective and appropriate use of persuasion (Ethos, Pathos, & Logos)● Adherence to MLA guidelines for style and citations, include Works Cited Page● A final draft that is free from grammatical, stylistic, and mechanical problems●No plagiarism, either intentional or unintentional● If you conduct a survey, attach a copy to your final draft Use complete work cited entries to identify your sources in checking your work. All work cited entries should come from the main work, please used school Library data to discuss your topic.TOPIC OBESI4TY
please help me with my ENG assignemts

MAT 108 Clemson University Finite Probability and Statistics Discussion.

Part I: Discuss, in your own words, the main difference between a sample and a population. There are four different levels of measurement (see attached Word document on Canvas). Name them; define each of them in your own words; and give at least two real world examples of each of the different levels of measurement. Make sure to respond to at least two posts from other students for full credit.Part II: Descriptive Statistics involves collecting data, organizing data, summarizing data, and presenting data. Frequency distributions fall under Organizing Data. How important do you think this aspect, Frequency Distributions, of descriptive statistics is? Give a few scenarios to justify your response.
MAT 108 Clemson University Finite Probability and Statistics Discussion

Directions: Please read the following continuing case presentation. Answers are to be typed, double-spaced and references must be in

Directions: Please read the following continuing case presentation. Answers are to be typed, double-spaced and references must be in APA format. References must include the DSM-5 and at least 2 current scholarly references (Note that scholarly references are generally peer reviewed articles – not quotes from a website.) The first section is a reprint of the case study from summer semester. A 60 year old caucasian male presents to the assessment office of your psychiatric facility. You are asked to evaluate him. He has a chief complaint of “I just can’t take this anymore! I’m gonna END her and then ME!!! I’m Fred of this!” PaFent reports over the past few several weeks feeling more irritable and frustrated with the pending divorce with his wife of 20 years. The paFent admits to frequent crying spells, geOng easily distracted, having poor sleep iniFaFon with frequent awakening throughout the night, and having difficulty making work decisions. He says that in the past couple of days he just “flies off the handle” at work and got sent home yesterday. He does not report any history of auditory or visual hallucinaFons. He also tells you that since the separaFon from his wife he can drink only diet sodas or beer. So he says that he drinks a six pack of beer alone between Friday evening and Sunday evening. He denies any illicit drug use. He hasn’t smoked cigareUes in over ten years. He is staying at a family cabin 30 miles from town due to the pending divorce. The couple’s only son lives three states away. The paFent told your assessment coordinator that he keeps a loaded gun “under his pillow” because there are “bad people in this world.” PaFent has never had any psychiatric treatment and is on medicaFon for diabetes, COPD, and hypertension. He has no surgical history and no allergies. He has no history of legal problems, military service, or trauma. He has no history of violence. He is from Mississippi and has been married 20 years. He reports no other significant relaFonships. Both parents are deceased, and he was an only child. By the end of the assessment, the paFent has calmed considerably. He denies any thoughts of harming himself or anyone else (including his wife). “Oh…I was just pissed off…” He reports he just wanted to vent his frustraFon and insists he does not need hospitalizaFon. The patient was involuntarily admitted to your inpatient psychiatric unit and placed on suicide precautions. On his second day of inpatient stay, the patient admits to you that he had been drinking most every night instead of just the weekends like he originally reported. He also tells you “I did something else but you’re just gonna have to figure that out!” and stormed out of the room. He refused to provide a urine drug screen, but the remainder of his admission lab work was unremarkable. Questions – separate your answers by question number 1. Now that he has admiUed to addiFonal alcohol and another substance that he won’t tell you about, you have to include risk for withdrawal symptoms in your treatment plan. From the DSM-5 pick one other substance he might be talking about and prepare a table that idenFfies what withdrawal symptoms you are looking for from alcohol and whichever other substance that you pick (40 points). 2. Create a treatment plan for withdrawal symptoms from both substances that he is using (alcohol plus the one you pick.) Include his medical comorbidity (diabetes, HTN, and COPD) if you think it will impact your treatment plan (40 points). 3. The case manager is asking you for some idea of what his discharge plan may be. Document what your idea of a preliminary discharge plan this paFent might be (10 points). 4. Correct APA format (10 points)

Suppose that currency in circulation is $800 billion, the amount of checkable deposits is $1200 billion, the required reserve

essay writer free Suppose that currency in circulation is $800 billion, the amount of checkable deposits is $1200 billion, the required reserve ratio is 10% and excess reserves are $12 billion. a. Calculate the money supply, the currency-to-deposit ratio, the excess reserve ratio, and the money multiplier. b. Suppose the central bank conducts an unusually large open market purchase of bonds held by banks of $2000 billion due to a sharp contraction in the economy. Assuming the ratios you calculated in part (a) remain the same, predict the effect on the money supply. c. Suppose the central bank conducts the same open market purchase as in part (b), except that banks choose to hold all of these proceeds as excess reserves rather than loan them out, due to fear of a financial crisis and bank run. Assuming that currency and deposits remain the same, what happens to the amount of excess reserves, the excess reserve ratio, the money supply, and the money multiplier? d. Go to the FRED web site and graph the Fed’s M1 multiplier from January 1995 to December 2016. How does the scenario in part c relate to the graph you created? Include your graph in your submission.

Religious Studies homework help

Religious Studies homework help. Research the topics of conflict between genders and conflict resolution by gender. Write a one-paragraph summary of your research, focusing on the question, how does gender impact conflict resolution styles?,Topics of conflict between genders and conflict resolution by gender,Step 1:,Hunt for definitions.,Firstly, Research the ,topics, of conflict between genders and conflict resolution by gender.,Secondly, Write a one-paragraph summary of your research, focusing on the question, how does gender impact conflict resolution styles?,Step 2:,Answer the following questions, giving examples of conflict, conflict resolution, and the role of gender in both conflict and conflict resolution from your own experiences in your personal life and professional life.,Firstly, In the movie clip, which conflict resolution style does Brooke exhibit? Which style does Gary exhibit?,Secondly, What role does gender play, if any, in the different ways Gary and Brooke handle conflict?,Also, How could each character change their communication to resolve the conflict?,Furthermore, Put yourself in each character’s shoes. How would you react to your partner’s method of dealing with the conflict?, ,More details:,Gender and Conflict Resolution,Gender also affected dispute handling mechanisms. The processes used to resolve disputes for women were less effective than for men. For example, women were more often transferred laterally instead of resolving the dispute. The outcomes of the processes were also different for men than for women.,How does gender cause conflict?,Gendered causes of conflict are interlinked with others such as unemployment, access to land or education, generational differences, internal displacement and the requirements of marriage customs.,What is the gender conflict approach?,The Gender-Conflict Approach is a point of view that focuses on inequality and conflict between men and women. It is closely linked to feminism which supports the social equality for women and men.,How do men resolve conflict?,8 Tips for Solving Relationship Conflicts,Firstly, Be direct.,Secondly, Talk about how you feel without blaming your partner.,Thirdly, Never say never (or “always”).,Fourthly, Pick your battles.,Further, Really listen to your partner.,Moreover, Don’t automatically object to your partner’s complaints.,Also, Take a different perspective.,Lastly, Do not show contempt for your partner., ,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Religious Studies homework help

MGT 400 University of Arizona The Harley Davidson Company Discussion

MGT 400 University of Arizona The Harley Davidson Company Discussion.

Prior to working on this discussion, read Chapter 8 in your textbook and all of this week’s assigned articles.Chapter 8 introduces lean philosophies that focus on elimination of waste and the increase of logistics speed and flow, and the assigned articles (Beard & Butler, 2000; and Wiese, Luke, Heyns & Pisa, 2015) examine adaptation of the JIT inventory management system by different manufacturers and the relationship among green, lean, and global supply chain strategies. One noteworthy example is Apple Inc., which utilizes a JIT approach locally while still sourcing globally, saving millions in inventory expense.In your initial post, provide a specific example of a company that implemented the JIT approach as one of their lean inventory practices. You can select a company from your own research (using credible resources) or choose one from the assigned readings.Select from the following list two specific ways the JIT approach helped your chosen company improve their global competitiveness and supply chain efficiency:Reduced inventory levelsShortened production runs or lead timesMinimized waiting linesImproved quality of inbound materialsImproved supplier relationshipsAny other consequences of JIT adaptationExplain your two selections by analyzing the changes the company implemented and how (or how not) the lean philosophy was beneficial for the company in those specific areas. As indicated, you can use an example of a company where the lean philosophy did not work for them and analyze what went wrong, which assumptions they made that were faulty, and what they can do to correct the situation. Your initial post must be a minimum of 200 to 250 words.
MGT 400 University of Arizona The Harley Davidson Company Discussion