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Please fill out the template. I am going to upload an example. Choose one condition from the uploaded files.

Please fill out the template. I am going to upload an example. Choose one condition from the uploaded files.
To Prepare
Review the Skin Conditions document provided in this week’s Learning Resources, and select one condition to closely examine for this Lab Assignment.
Consider the abnormal physical characteristics you observe in the graphic you selected. How would you describe the characteristics using clinical terminologies?
Explore different conditions that could be the cause of the skin abnormalities in the graphics you selected.
Consider which of the conditions is most likely to be the correct diagnosis, and why.
Search the Walden library for one evidence-based practice, peer-reviewed article based on the skin condition you chose for this Lab Assignment.
Review the Comprehensive SOAP Exemplar found in this week’s Learning Resources to guide you as you prepare your SOAP note.
Download the SOAP Template found in this week’s Learning Resources, and use this template to complete this Lab Assignment.
The Lab Assignment
Choose one skin condition graphic (identify by number in your Chief Complaint) to document your assignment in the SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) note format rather than the traditional narrative style. Refer to Chapter 2 of the Sullivan text and the Comprehensive SOAP Template in this week’s Learning Resources for guidance. Remember that not all comprehensive SOAP data are included in every patient case.
Use clinical terminologies to explain the physical characteristics featured in the graphic. Formulate a differential diagnosis of three to five possible conditions for the skin graphic that you chose. Determine which is most likely to be the correct diagnosis and explain your reasoning using at least three different references, one reference from current evidence-based literature from your search and two different references from this week’s Learning Resources.

Mozart’s Don Giovanni

Mozart’s Don Giovanni.

 Your task in this paper will be to watch three video recordings of one of the scenes we’ve studied (a portion of Act 1, Scene 3), and to compare and contrast these performances, keeping in mind the many decisions that singers and directors have to make when staging an opera. Begin by listening to the recording of this scene that comes with your book. Follow along closely with the listening chart, get the music in your ears, and make sure you’re very clear on what’s happening at this point in the opera’s plot. Then, watch the same scene in these three productions, all of which are available on on YouTube or via this link: The scene you need to study takes place at the times specified in parentheses. Zurich Opera, 2001; conducted by Nicholas Harnencourt; directed by Brian Large (33:13-45:34) Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, 1998; conducted by Colin Davis; directed by John Vernon: (28:33-39:06) Vienna, 1990; conducted by Craig Smith; directed by Peter Sellars (35:37-47:04) As you’re watching and listening, you can ask yourself questions like these: Do the singers sound different in each version? If they do, what are the differences? Can you tell if the singers are making different decisions about how to sing the same music? Do they pause in different places, breathe in different places? Do they accent the music differently, or sing louder and softer in different places? Do these differences in singing have different dramatic effects? Can you describe what these effects are? Do you find yourself feeling different emotions when listening to the different singers? Can you say why? What are some differences in the way the characters are portrayed in the different versions? Can you describe the different impressions you get of the different characters, and can you say what gives you these impressions? Is it how the singers stand? How they move or gesture? What about costumes? What about makeup, or hair color, or hair length? Do they seem realistic? Does it matter if they seem realistic? Do the singers seem believable as the characters they’re performing? If so, why? If not, why? What are some differences among the various sets? What do you think the directors were trying to achieve with the different sets, and why did they make the decisions they did? Not all of the sets (or costumes for that matter) will try to be “realistic”—do any of them seem like they’re trying for a different impression, as though they’re portraying a different time or place? If so, why might they do this? Think about these questions in the context of our discussion of Don Giovanni in class. You do not need to address all of them, but you should be addressing these kinds of question in your essay. Also, please be specific in your observations—in particular, please cite at least one specific moment from each of the videos you choose to watch (this three moments in total, one from each video). Please refer to these moments by citing the timings from the videos. If you wish to refer to other portions of the opera in your discussions, this would be fine, but you must discuss Act 1, Scene 3 (the portion covered in your book), as it is dealt with in each of the three performances.

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Answer the prompts and make sure you use evidence from the reading and sources (cite), then respond to one classmate

Please fill out the template. I am going to upload an example. Choose one condition from the uploaded files. Answer the prompts and make sure you use evidence from the reading and sources (cite), then respond to one classmate regarding their answer. Jeffersonian Era Review the PPT (Links to an external site.) watch the short video- (Links to an external site.) Complete the following and answer the questions: Think about the election of 1800 and you just read a newspaper following Jefferson’s election, now find two newspaper front pages or magazine covers from President Obama’s or Trump´s first election victory. Share how these elections are similar. Include the images with the post. Do you think Alexander Hamilton was justified in writing letters attacking Aaron Burr and encouraging people to vote for Jefferson? Why or why not? How do individuals or groups try to influence voters today? Search entries or author Search entries or author Filter replies by unread ReplyReply to Jeffersonian Era Collapse SubdiscussionRobin Johnson Robin Johnson TuesdayMar 1 at 12:49pm Think about the election of 1800 and you just read a newspaper following Jefferson’s election, now find two newspaper front pages or magazine covers from President Obama’s or Trump´s first election victory. Share how these elections are similar. Include the images with the post. Thomas Jefferson was a democratic-republican who defeated John Adams, a Federalist by a good margin, in the presidential election of the year 1800. The votes for the office of the president were not distinguished from those of the vice on the ballots by the electors. These election results brought a peaceful change in the U.S. It was a revolution since it also confirmed the electorate’s roles in choosing the president of America. Both President Obama and Jefferson studied law and were democratic leaders. Their inaugural ceremonies echoed each other, especially Obama’s second election victory. The two-valued public education, science, training, and enlightenment. They did not cut back them because they were believed to be unnecessary, expensive, or elitist. They warned the nation about global climate change declaring the potential threats. They called upon people to reserve wars in response to global tensions as the last melancholy. Encouraging them to engage in their best energies, diplomatic arts, and campaigning for peace amongst the citizens. Their passion for bringing voters after elections together, seeking harmony and reconciliation, was in their hearts. However, they differed in some of their priorities in that president Obama was more committed to the state of welfare than Jefferson was. He focused more on racial equality, justice, and women’s opportunity. On the other hand, Jefferson valued his time, and he never addressed the rights of people, whether women or African-Americans, except when he talked about American Indians who were displaced by the white frontier communities’ encroachment. Images of the two presidents. President Jefferson Picture1.png President Obama Picture2.png Do you think Alexander Hamilton was justified in writing letters attacking Aaron Burr and encouraging people to vote for Jefferson? Why or why not? Alexander Hamilton was a great public speaker who was known for his rhetorical abilities. During the revolutionary war, he participated in drafting the American constitution as he was the secretary of the treasury. In his powers, he founded the American financial system. In his letter, he was both rational and logical, creating an emotional argument that demeaned the character of John Adam and encouraged people to vote for Jefferson (Robertson, 2020). He further stated that Burr was a dangerous man and was not fit for the public office. These two men, Hamilton and Burr, were once great friends as they practiced law in New York together. Hamilton was fully justified to write letters attacking Aaron Burr because he knew him well as a furious man. He wanted people to vote for Jefferson since he was a great icon who loved democracy. He understood the people’s power hence creating a very strong government. How do individuals or groups try to influence voters today? Individuals and groups influence voters by providing them with information that alters their decisions. A group might back up a candidate, and due to the sympathetic views, they gain access to their office. They have grading systems to help them in evaluating candidates based on their performances and according to the support records related to the organization. These ratings from a certain group plus other groupings are used by the public to decide the contestant to support or oppose. The incumbents usually take advantage of experiences, name recognition, and functions like fundraisings to receive the support of interest groups or individuals. The clusters only want access to a contender who is more likely to win the election. An individual may also collect funds from a donor and give them to candidates who prop up their issues. The contestants use the same power to influence their voting decisions (Cunningham

Tundras and alpine vegetation

Tundras and alpine vegetation.

You have been assigned a biome to research. The first paragraph of your paper must have a definition of a biome. The second paragraph will have a description of your biome. You are to include where it is located in the world. It will probably be in many areas and you are to mention all the places it can be found if there are numerous areas in the world where it is found. Describe the importance of your biome and the significance to the Earth. Describe the plants and animals that are native to your biome. You must talk about the climate of your biome, rainfall and temperature. Be as thorough as possible. Add any interesting facts you find about your biome. On a separate page you are to write where you looked up your information.

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The Quadruple Aim provides broad categories of goals to pursue to maintain and improve healthcare. Within each goal are many issues that, if addressed successfully, may have a positive impact on outcomes. For example, healthcare leaders are being tasked to shift from an emphasis on disease management often provided in an acute care setting to health promotion and disease prevention delivered in primary care settings. Efforts in this area can have significant positive impacts by reducing the need for primary healthcare and by reducing the stress on the healthcare system. Changes in the industry only serve to stress what has always been true; namely, that the healthcare field has always faced significant challenges, and that goals to improve healthcare will always involve multiple stakeholders. This should not seem surprising given the circumstances. Indeed, when a growing population needs care, there are factors involved such as the demands of providing that care and the rising costs associated with healthcare. Generally, it is not surprising that the field of healthcare is an industry facing multifaceted issues that evolve over time. In this module’s Discussion, you reviewed some healthcare issues/stressors and selected one for further review. For this Assignment, you will consider in more detail the healthcare issue/stressor you selected. You will also review research that addresses the issue/stressor and write a white paper to your organization’s leadership that addresses the issue/stressor you selected. To Prepare: Review the national healthcare issues/stressors presented in the Resources and reflect on the national healthcare issue/stressor you selected for study. Reflect on the feedback you received from your colleagues on your Discussion post for the national healthcare issue/stressor you selected. Identify and review two additional scholarly resources (not included in the Resources for this module) that focus on change strategies implemented by healthcare organizations to address your selected national healthcare issue/stressor. The Assignment (3-4 Pages): Analysis of a Pertinent Healthcare Issue Develop a 3- to 4-page paper, written to your organization’s leadership team, addressing your selected national healthcare issue/stressor and how it is impacting your work setting. Be sure to address the following: Describe the national healthcare issue/stressor you selected and its impact on your organization. Use organizational data to quantify the impact (if necessary, seek assistance from leadership or appropriate stakeholders in your organization). Provide a brief summary of the two articles you reviewed from outside resources on the national healthcare issue/stressor. Explain how the healthcare issue/stressor is being addressed in other organizations. Summarize the strategies used to address the organizational impact of national healthcare issues/stressors presented in the scholarly resources you selected. Explain how they may impact your organization both positively and negatively. Be specific and provide examples.

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Financial Management: Select a publicly traded company

Financial Management: Select a publicly traded company.

Select a publicly traded company (US Exchange-Listed is preferred) and examine a total of five risks (no fewer than four pure risks) that are the most important to the selected company and how you would manage each one. Your answer should be in depth and contained in no more than four double-spaced pages.

Some material must be from news or SEC filings after Sep 30, 2018. To your four pages, you should add a source page. NO insurance or financial companies (Allstate, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, etc.) NO software companies (Microsoft, etc.) NO largely marketing or intellectual property companies (such as Nike or Alphabet)

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Can the Police Set Up Roadblocks for Any Reason?

Can the Police Set Up Roadblocks for Any Reason?.

Paper details Review the articles in the links below to answer the questions for this assignment.

Can the Police Set Up Roadblocks for Any Reason?

ILLINOIS v. LIDSTER Court approves ‘informational’ police stop 1. Based on information provided can police use roadblocks for any reason, any time? 2. In Illinois v. Lidster, what was the purpose of the police roadblock? 3. Can police use roadblocks for sobriety checkpoints? 4. Can police use a roadblock to check for narcotics by allowing a narcotics dog to sniff around the outside of a car? 5. Based on decisions by the Supreme Court on roadblocks, could police use a roadblock or a checkpoint near a prison to search for escaped convicts? 6. Do you believe police should have more or less flexibility in setting up and conducting vehicle checkpoints?

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Music in American History

Music in American History.

Find a moment, event or era in American history and write about its history and significance in relationship to MUSIC. Or in reverse; focus in on a single piece of music and write about its relationship to history. This includes but not limited to; major historical events, cultural changes, musical revolutions.

Paper details Music in American History

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Impact on/relationship with the natural sciences or environment

Impact on/relationship with the natural sciences or environment.

Pinpoint one aspect of our impact on/relationship with the natural sciences or environment, and make a clear-cut, specific argument about how to fix it. This can range from the use of hemp in automobiles, to putting cities in biometric domes. The most important things are that a) your argument is clear, b) it can be sustained over five pages, and c) you source and engage your material in order to vet your claim.I’d like you to use no fewer than five (5) popular sources to make your argument, though you may use up to seven (7).Acceptable sources: The New York Times, Wired, Business Insider, The Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, New York, Vanity Fair, GQ, Esquire, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Vox, Slate, VICE, BBC, The Daily Mail, Oxford American, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Harper’s, The Guardian, Grantland, The Atavist, Rolling Stone, National Geographic, and OutsideAttribution in essay: You can give credit in two different ways when writing. You can introduce the full source in-sentence, like this: In her New Yorker article, “The Case Against Open-Sourcing,” Jane Laristakamudichi states, “rttlggmwrmlrg4l;w.” She goes on to explain that…ORYou can simply credit at the end in parenthesis, as in: The internet needs to find a balance between attribution and the power afforded to those at the top (Malcolm).

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