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please develop 2/3 pages with apa format, tables and elaborated content with references

please develop 2/3 pages with apa format, tables and elaborated content with references. I need support with this Economics question so I can learn better.

I. Search Yahoo Finance, or any other credible source to retrieve
the most recent income statement and balance sheet for a major leveraged corporation.
II. Provide these statements in proper format.
III. Also, retrieve the data on the company’s stock annual rate of return for the past 10 years.
IV. In addition, retrieve annual rate of return of a major financial index. Present this data as well.
V. Using the data on company’s stock rate of return and the index’s rate of return estimate beta
of the corporation. Make sure to adjust this value to obtain leveraged beta. Compare this
value with the value stated by the source. Retrieve the risk-free rate of return as the annual
interest rate of US treasuries. Based on these values estimate the expected annual rate of
return of the corporation’s security. Using the financial statements mentioned above estimate
the annual rate of interest paid by the corporation (cost of debt). Also, find the tax rate and
capitalization ratio (proportions among equity and debt). Using these values that you have
found estimate the annual weighted cost of capital (WACC) of the corporation.
VI. Suppose that the corporation is offered an investment which has the following cash flows.

● Based on WACC, Is this investment viable?
● For each part above state the problem before answering the questions, provide clear justifications, explain your work in detail, and cite all references used for development of the content.
Provide your explanations and definitions in detail and be precise. Comment on your findings. Provide references for content when necessary. Provide your work in detail and explain in your own words. Support your statements with peer-reviewed in-text citation(s) and reference(s).
*Please refer to the Grading Criteria for Professional Assignments on page 10 of the syllabus for specific guidelines and expectations.
please develop 2/3 pages with apa format, tables and elaborated content with references

Please in outline format answer the following questions: Thoroughly explain Contractual Capacity, include the elements of Minors, Intoxicated Persons and Mentally Incompetent Persons. Thoroughly explain Legality, include the categories of Contracts Contrary to Statute, Contracts Contrary to Public Policy, and Effects of Illegality. Briefly explain Voluntary Consent and explain what happens to a contract when voluntary consent (assent) may be lacking. Briefly Explain Assignments and Delegations.
primary Concern and Treating the Symptoms of Obstetrics Case Study.

Karen 30 y/o G1 P0 is 32 weeks gestation. She developed preeclampsia at 28 weeks and has been home on modified bed rest. A home health nurse visits her twice a week and calls her daily.The home health nurse makes a home visit. Karen tells her “I have a terrible headache and hardly slept last night. I took Tylenol and got no relief.” The nurse asks about other symptoms, Karen replies, ” My vision is blurry, I’m seeing spots and my stomach hurts.” Karen’s BP 154/100, she has pitting edema in her legs, and her first void tested 3+ for protein. The nurse calls the physician who decides to admit her to L&D immediately. At the hospital Karen continues to c/o severe headache with seeing spots. Physical assessment: BP 160/110, 4+ DTRs, 3 beats of ankle clonus. The electronic monitor reveals fetal heart rate 145 with minimal variability and periodic late decelerations, irritable uterine contractions.What is the primary concern or client need in this situation? Support answer with the data in the case. (10 points)List other client needs/problems in the case. (10 points)Identify any additional information or assessment data that is needed by the nurse in planning care for this client? (10 points)What nursing actions are appropriate? What is the priority nursing action? Describe other nursing interventions that are important to providing optimal care. (10 points)Describe the roles/responsibilities of the interprofessional health care team members who may be involved in providing care. (10 Points)
primary Concern and Treating the Symptoms of Obstetrics Case Study

New Technology is Detrimental to the Organization Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Arguments against New Technology Conclusion References Introduction The 21st century has been characterized by major technological advances that have helped humanity achieve great progress. New technologies have changed the manner in which business is conducted and organizations have had to adapt themselves to the prevailing technologies in order to remain competitive. Employees have been forced to keep adapting themselves to new technologies in order for the organization to benefit. Lommerud, Meland, and Rune (2006) declare that new technology has enabled organizations to increase productivity and gain a competitive edge on the global market. In spite of these benefits, there have been concerns that using new technology does not always assist employees and employers in the organization. These concerns have been raised following the realization that new technology might lead to the disruption of customary work practices or negatively affect the productivity of employees. This paper will argue that while new technology has benefits in the workplace, it is mostly a negative occurrence since it has substantial negative impacts on employees and employers. To reinforce this assertion, the paper will analyse a number of prominent disadvantages that arise because of using new technology in the workplace. Arguments against New Technology New Technology facilitates teleworking, which exposes employers to social isolation and mental health problems. Technological advances in communication have made possible the concept of teleworking, which is defined as work far away from the office using technology (Mann

Earth Sciences homework help

python assignment help Earth Sciences homework help. Define pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Compare pharmacokinetics VS pharmacodynamics. Describe why the focus is on in vivo preclinical pharmacokinetic screening in support of drug discovery.,Define pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics,Answer the following questions:, 1.      Define pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics., 2.      Compare pharmacokinetics VS pharmacodynamics., 3.      Describe why the focus is on in vivo preclinical pharmacokinetic screening in support of drug discovery., 4.      List the multiple barriers which can affect oral bioavailability,, 5.      List the barriers that can reduce drug exposure at the therapeutic target.,More details;,Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics,Pharmacokinetics versus Pharmacodynamics,Pharmacology is the study of the interactions between drugs and the body. The two broad divisions of pharmacology are pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Pharmacokinetics (PK) refers to the movement of drugs through the body, whereas pharmacodynamics (PD) refers to the body’s biological response to drugs.,PK describes a drug’s exposure by characterizing absorption, distribution, bioavailability, metabolism, and excretion as a function of time. PD describes drug response in terms of biochemical or molecular interactions.,Understanding the exposure-response relationship (PK/PD) is key to the development and approval of every drug. PK and PD data contribute to much of what is on a drug package insert. ,Strategic planning of the overall program, for a drug and intelligent pharmacokinetic study design can speed the development process.,PK and PD Analyses are used to:,Characterize drug exposure,: With the exception of drugs delivered intravenously, only a fraction of a drug’s dose is absorbed and pharmacologically active. Quantifying the rate and magnitude of exposure to a drug is critical for determining how best to guide its use in the clinic.,Predict dosage requirements,: PK/PD modeling can help predict dosing requirements early in the development process, making the first dose-range finding studies more informative and consequential.,Assess changes in dosage requirements,: Predicting the biological effect of small dosing changes is important early in the development process, when alterations and formulation changes are common.,Estimate rate of elimination and rate of absorption,: Knowing how quickly a drug is absorbed and eliminated can help make decisions regarding formulation design and dosing regimens.,Assess relative bioavailability / bioequivalence,: Comparing the extent of a new formulation’s absorption to an existing formulation can often help demonstrate therapeutic advantages.,Characterize intra- and inter-subject variability,: High variability can quickly derail clinical development programs. Understanding how a drug’s PK and PD change within and between individuals can help design clinical trials in ways that reduce variability and make the results more robust.,Understand concentration-effect relationships,: The concentration-effect relationship is the cornerstone of pharmacodynamics. Identifying the variables that affect the relationship is critical for a successful development program.,Establish safety margins and efficacy characteristics,: Successful drugs have clearly defined therapeutic windows. PK/PD modeling can help determine dosing thresholds. ,Sola dosis facit venenum,… “The dose makes the poison.”,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Earth Sciences homework help

A Streetcar Named Desire Analytical Essay

The play A Streetcar Named Desire written by Tennessee Williams raises several questions about gender roles and identity which are relevant even nowadays. The main character of this literary work Blanche DuBois cannot see herself as an independent and self-sufficient person. In her opinion, the life of a woman is impossible without men’s company support. She is not willing or able to change her perceptions about gender roles. This paper will compare Tennessee Williams’ play with a work of contemporary cinematography, namely the film, The Devil Wears Prada. It is necessary to show how these two works explore gender roles. This comparison can show how social norms and values have evolved since the time Tennessee Williams was writing this play. First of all, Tennessee Williams describes Blanche as a person who is extremely sensitive about her age. She avoids any conversations about it and becomes very suspicious when someone asks her how old she is. She is extremely concerned about the fading of her beauty, and even tries to console herself by saying that “Physical beauty is passing. A transitory possession. But beauty of the mind and richness of the spirit aren’t taken away, but grow!” (Williams, 108). Still, Blanche focuses only on men’s opinion about her. For example, when Mitch asks her how old she is, Blanche immediately becomes anxious and tries to find out what he thinks about her (Williams, 74). In Blanche’s opinion, beauty is the true value of a woman since it enables her to win recognition of men. In his play Tennessee Williams was able to show how men of that time viewed women and how some women regarded themselves. At this point, we need to compare Blanch with Miranda Priestly the protagonist of the film The Devil Wears Prada. This character deliberately tries to distance herself from the opposite sex. She attempts to show that she is a self-sufficient person who does not require men’s support. More importantly, she even tries to conceal the moments when she feels weak and vulnerable. Blanche DuBois would not have understood or accepted such behavior. So, to some extent, this example shows that gender roles and perceptions have been transformed. Conventional belief in female vulnerability and dependence is no longer acceptable for modern women. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Yet, this movie also indicates that some common gender stereotypes are still prevalent in the modern society. For example, one can surely mention Andrea Sachs. Her friends and relatives accuse her of paying too much attention to her career and overlooking their needs. Their discontent with her reaches the highest point when she misses the birthday of her boyfriend. In their opinion, this careerism is not suitable for a woman. Such an opinion was particular popular when Tennessee Williams was writing his play, and we cannot say that it has completely disappeared nowadays. In comparison with Blanche, Miranda and Andrea are much more empowered, they still have to struggle with sexual stereotypes. The main difference between Blanche DuBois and these characters lies in their attitude toward the opposite sex. Blanche believes that a woman can hardly exist for men unless she is not the object of their sexual desires. She says, “Men don’t even admit your existence unless their making love to you. And you’ve got to have your existence admitted by someone, if you’re going to have someone’s protection” (Williams 60). This statement is the main principle to which she adheres to. She fully acknowledges her dependence on the opposite sex, and such situation is quite acceptable for her. In part, her worldview can be explained by her background; Blanche comes from an Old South family. She was raised to believe that the duty of a woman is to obey or at least accompany man (Fox-Genovese, 29). The main tragedy of Blanche DuBois is that she was conditioned to act and behave in such a way. Yet, without men’s adoration and support life means very little to her. This is why she desperately wants Mitch to fall in love with her. This is the only chance her to achieve a social status. In their turn, Miranda Priestly and Andrea Sachs oppose or even reject such worldview. For them career is of much greater importance than success with the opposite sex. Nonetheless, one should not forget that this idea of female independence is not readily accepted by the society. According to conventional perceptions of gender roles, the main task of a woman is to stay at home and look after the family, and this opinion is reflected in numerous sociological surveys (Scott, 214). Thus, one can argue that some of the opinions and stereotypes described by Tennessee Williams have survived in the twenty-first century. We will write a custom Essay on A Streetcar Named Desire specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Overall, in his play Tennessee Williams attempted to show how social norms and values can change. Blanche DuBois is a person who cannot get used to these changes. She was raised in an entirely different culture. This is the reason why she cannot change her gender identity. In contrast, such characters as Andrea Sachs and Miranda Priestly live in a culture in which women try to become self-sufficient and achieve the positions of power. However, such attempts are not always respected or understood by other people Works Cited Fox-Genovese, Elizabeth. Within the plantation household: Black and White women of the Old South. Chapel Hill: UNC Press Books, 1988. Print. Scott, Jacqueline. Women and employment: changing lives and new challenges. NY: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2008. Print. The Devil Wears Prada. Dir. David Frankel. Perf. Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway. 20th Century Fox. 2006. Film. Williams, Tennessee. A streetcar named desire. NY: Heinemann, 1995. Print.

Does God Exist? Essay

The problem whether God exists or not remains unsolved and many philosophers of ancient times and modern period offer their arguments which either support or contradict an issue. It is possible to support any of the ideas as well as it is possible to contradict any argument. I believe in God and I absolutely agree with the explanation offered by Aquinas based on the possible and necessary issues. Therefore, God exists because he is the beginning of everything and there are no other things which may be possibly or necessarily exist as the reason for God existence. Considering the Aquinas’s theory, it is possible to state that God exists due to his necessity without any particular reason. The main idea of his theory is that God exists as there are things which may exist and may not exist, and there are things which are necessary and cannot be ignored and there are things which are unnecessary and therefore they may possible be and may possible not be present. However, those things which are necessary may be based on the internal necessity or on the necessity for other issues. There are things which are necessary without any possible reasons and this provides the arguments for the necessity of other things. This thing is called God (Aquinas 337). God exists as it is the beginning of everything, as God is necessary just for the personal existence and this is the beginning of other issues which may be possibly exist or not as well as they may be necessarily exist for other things and not necessary exist. This directs at their possible and non possible existence as well as necessary and unnecessary nature. Many objections may arose which are aimed at contradicting the idea of God existence. How can God necessarily exist if the presence of God is not necessary for other issues? Aquinas states that God exists because of the entire necessity without being based on any reasons. Thus, appears an adequate reason for the necessity of such existence. Thus, it appears that he God existence proved by Aquinas questions God’s existence. Why should things exist if they are not necessarily need in the world? The necessity of the thing on its own account makes no sense. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, reading Aquinas’s work, it is possible to consider the arguments which state that the things with the necessity only for their personal needs are not necessary in the world, however, such creations is necessary and according to the arguments based on the possibility and non possibility the creations which are reasons only by the own account must exist. God is exactly such creature whose existence is based on the own account. Thus, there are things which may possibly be and may possibly not be. There are things which are necessary for other issues and which are not necessary for others and here comes the question of their necessity in general. However, the presence of the thing which is necessary just for own account cannot be questioned. The absence of such thing in the material works pushes on the idea that this thing is God. Therefore, it may be concluded that the existence of God is based on the reason that it is impossible for God not to exist. The reasoning offered by Aquinas and based on the possible and necessary issues which may and may not be. God is exactly the creation which is based on the idea of necessity of the own account as such things must be but their presence in the material world remain doubtful. Works Cited Aquinas, St. Thomas. “ Does God Exist?” Medieval philosophy; from St. Augustine to Nicholas of Cusa. Eds. John F. Wippel and Allan B. Wolter. New York: Free Press, 1969. Print.