Please complete a two page word doc; double spaced. I will provide the textbook chapter and powerpoint for reference.

Please complete a two page word doc; double spaced. I will provide the textbook chapter and powerpoint for reference. Here are the assignment details:

A maker of energy drinks is considering abandoning can containers and going exclusively to bottles because the sales manager believes customers prefer drinking from bottles. However, the vice president in charge of marketing is not convinced the sales manager is correct. Investigate this issue using statistical analysis.
1. Explain which data collection method you would use and what procedures you would follow to apply this method to this situation.
2. Propose which level of data measurement applies to the data collected. Justify your answer.
3. Determine whether the data is qualitative or quantitative.
4. Submit your work in a Word document.

Congruence Model of Organizational Behavior

Congruence Model of Organizational Behavior.

The Module 3 SLP requires that you enter the same pricing data into the simulation as you did in SLP2. In SLP3 however, you will face new entrants into the industry (new competition).


Go to the “Settings” page, and change the following:

1) Entry for New Competitors – On

2) Be sure to SAVE your change!

Now, input the SLP3 decisions:

1) Decision 1: For Years 2008-2012

a) Pricing – Manual

b) Module Price – $0.13

c) Revenue to Process Improvement – 5%

d) Years to Advance – 5 years

2) Decision 2: For Years 2013-2017

a) Pricing – Manual

b) Module Price – $0.11

c) Revenue to Process Improvement – 5%

d) Years to Advance – 5 years

3) Decision 3: For Years 2018-2022

a) Pricing – Manual

b) Module Price – $0.09

c) Revenue to Process Improvement – 5%

d) Years to Advance – 5 years

4) Decision 4: For Years 2023-2025

a) Pricing – Manual

b) Module Price – $0.08

c) Revenue to Process Improvement – 5%

d) Years to Advance – To end

Leave the process improvement percentage at 5%. Note that you will now need to monitor the market share and financial performance of new entrants entering the Solar Power industry (see the “Settings” page for definition of this concept).

Run the simulation once, keeping track of your pricing decisions and the outcome of each decision made (note market share of new entrants, profitability, etc).

Keys to the Assignment

The key aspects of this assignment that should be covered and taken into account in preparing your 5-6 page paper include:

Include discussion and analysis of key metrics at the end of each decision point (e.g., among other data, be sure to include total market share, revenue, cumulative profit, consumer net price, modular price, unit cost, etc.). As an MBA, it is your job to identify cause and effect!

For each decision point, be sure to include comparative tables that include what you believe to be the most important data. Don’t merely recite the data, however – instead, analyze it! As an MBA, what does it tell you?
Using Excel, provide a comparative analysis of key data to demonstrate the differences between SLP2 and SLP3 results. It is your responsibility to determine which data (and which comparisons) are most salient.
Explain the significance of new entrants into the PV industry. What is the impact that new competitors have on your company’s market share? Cumulative profitability? Cost to the consumer?
Make recommendations. What would you have done differently as it relates to pricing, process improvement, or other?

**** NOTE: The 5-6 page requirement includes written analysis and all supporting tables, figures, and graphics. However, it does not include Cover or Reference page. Be sure to adhere to the TUI Writing Guide for formatting of all papers. If you are unsure how to complete a financial analysis, please review the following sample report:

Gilbert O’Neil Mushure. (2014). Financial analysis report: Malaysia airlines 2007 – 2011. International Journal of Sciences : Basic and Applied Research, 14 (2), 148-153.

Also refer to the following source on business writing:

O’Hara, C. (2014, November 20). How to improve your business writing. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from

SLP Assignment Expectations

Your paper will be evaluated based on the Rubric.

Please note the following tips and suggestions:

Include a cover page and reference page, in addition to the 5-6 pages of analysis described above.

Include headings for all papers greater than two pages (basically all papers), but do not use headings as “space fillers.”
Cite and reference all sources that you use in your work, including those that you paraphrase. This means include citations and quotation marks for direct quotes of more than five words, and citations for that information which you have “borrowed” or paraphrased from other sources.

Hints for success!

Throughout this SLP, you will be asked to make business decisions under conditions of incomplete information and uncertainty. To do so, you will need to make assumptions based on what you have learned throughout the MBA program about how markets operate. Thus, your strategies in approaching this decision need to rely on models, financial analysis, and theories from such classes as Economics, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Strategy, and Quantitative Analysis. In addition, the simulation will give you some additional market information as you progress.

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Characteristics of the classic Mythological Hero

Please complete a two page word doc; double spaced. I will provide the textbook chapter and powerpoint for reference. Characteristics of the classic Mythological Hero.

 1. The hero has special parents (king and queen, god and goddess) 2. The hero has an unusual birth (omens and prophesies may announce his birth) 3. The hero almost dies in infancy. 4. The hero is raised in obscurity often by foster parents. Often the hero does not know his own destiny. 5. The hero has one or more special guides who instruct him about his destiny. 6. The hero uses weakness as a disguise. 7. The hero has special powers and often special armor. 8. The hero achieves great victories. He wins battles and rescues people. 9. The hero may marry a princess. 10. The hero however is often attracted to other, inappropriate, women. 11. The hero suffers a major tragedy for which he is responsible. 12. The hero has a unique area of vulnerability – Achilles’ heel 13. The hero dies an unjust death by means of intrigue or deceit. 14. At death the hero is reconciled with the gods. 15. The hero may be taken up to heaven (Mount Olympus) with the gods. Need to pick a mythology character that fits some of these categories. Any sources used need to be credited.

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Deforestation, cattle,development

Deforestation, cattle,development.

In order to be successful with your research paper, please be sure to follow these steps: 1. Read the Research Paper document which highlights all the information you need to include in your paper. 2. Print or save the Checklist, and as you complete each step, check it off. 3. Be sure to print the paper rubric. Write your name on the top of the rubric, and staple it to your paper. 4. Watch the video on “How to access peer-reviewed journals.” 5. Look at the sample APA papers provided for you before you begin to write your paper. Remember, do not write an abstract. 6. Follow the suggested benchmarks, or dates you should be working on your paper. 7. Be sure to ask questions about the paper in class-others may be asking themselves the same questions. 8. Remember to upload your document to—papers not uploaded there will receive a “0” grade. 9. When doing your paper, it is suggested you choose the topic you are working for the video group presentation. 10. Remember, the individual research paper is your component only–no collaboration on this part–you can use your research paper as the part you record for the video. Remember, you will be researching two articles for your video assignment. For your research paper, research one more article, and use your textbook. I highly suggest you stick to your video assignment so you don’t have to do multiple research of the literature. Your research paper is actually a review of what the literature says. For our class, you will be responsible to write an APA-style paper. You will need to complete the following in order to have an exemplary paper:

1. Follow APA-style format 2. Five pages total: Page one is the title page, pages 2 to 4 is your double-spaced review of what the literature says, and page 5 is the APA Reference page in which you must include the three peer-reviewed articles and one source is your textbook. 3. Be sure to follow the APA guidelines when writing your paper (see sample papers below). 4. Do not include an Abstract, this is for actual research papers which include many pages and documentation. 5. Although every APA sample paper has an abstract, do not write one. 6. You will use a 12 font throughout your entire paper. 7. Do not write lists. 8. Be sure you are writing double-spaced….that is, go to paragraph on the top toolbar of your document, and click on the small icon about an inch from the word “paragraph”. Next, you will see a box with the word “Spacing”. Be sure that the two numbers on spacing equal “0”, and where it says “Line Spacing” that is says “Double” and not “Multiple”. 9. Insert a header with the short title of your paper and insert the page number. To do this, click on “Insert” on the top toolbar. Next, look for “Header” and write the short title to the right of the top document. Now insert the “Page Number” next to the title of the page. Next, click on “Save and Close.” 10. Remember to cite your information in the content of the paper. 11. Anything older than five years is considered old information in the field of psychology, unless, of course, you are citing the author of a theory or concept. How to Access Database for Research Paper Go to Click on “Libraries” (left-hand side toolbar) Click on “Library Database” Click on “Log in” (right-hand side toolbar) It will ask you for your ID and password Use your MDC Id number and the password or pin is the last four digits of your ID Click on the Databases A-Z icon that is located on the top toolbar Go to “Psycharticles” or other sites you think will help you find your articles, such as wellness, health, Green studies, and others. Make a more-detailed search by: 1. Locating year search (last five only) 2. Look for full text only 3. Click on “peer-reviewed” 4. Keep narrowing research until you have about 15 articles to choose from 5. Select the ones that are more relevant to your topic

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Astrobiology Lander Project Site for Life on Enceladus

Astrobiology Lander Project Site for Life on Enceladus.

Objectives of the assignment

After this assignment you will have:

• Learnt how to search for and download scientific papers,

• Gained specific knowledge on the moon Enceladus, methods for reaching it using a lander and methods for analysing

samples on it to look for life,

• Gained insights into aspects of the scientific method,

• Developed your evaluation techniques and critical reviewing strategies,

• Developed your writing and referencing skills.


To propose a search site for life on Enceladus, one of the moons of Saturn, and plan an unmanned landing mission. Extra marks will

be awarded for the originality of your proposal, including the design for the lander. Write a report IN YOUR OWN WORDS on your

chosen site and include your suggestion for the nature of the mission and the type of scientific experiments to be conducted on the

mission. The mission will not be a “sample return mission”, ie the analyses you plan will have to be done on the surface of the moon.

The report should include the following four main topics:

1. Science aims and strategy

2. Geology

3. Logistics

4. Sampling and analysis techniques

Include a discussion and evaluation of:

1. Science aims and strategy – Basically, a proposal justification.

• What is the aim of this proposal?

• What previous exploration has been carried out?

• What information suggests that Enceladus is a possible place to harbour / have harboured life?

• What is the probability of occurrence of ancient or extant life?

2. Geology – You may use information and images from recent space missions to help you with this section. You need to select an

approximate position on Enceladus for your landing mission. Include discussion of:

• The overall geology of Enceladus,

• The general geology of the chosen site,

• The type of site and evidence for its interpretation as such (e.g. lake bed, palaeo-sea, palaeo-hydrothermal deposit, etc…),

• Nature of expected evidence for life (chemical, morphological, etc…).

3. Logistics – You may look at past or planned landing missions on other planets or moons to get ideas, but your concept for the

lander should be your own design. Do not copy and paste images or data from existing web sites – this would be plagiarism and will

score zero for the assignment. You may include hand-drawn sketches or your own computer-generated sketches. Include discussion


• Topography of the selected region,

• Engineering requirements/landing access, including how to land the lander and the nature of the access once on the surface

(e.g. lander & rover, just lander, or other),

• If using a rover, discuss the travel capabilities of the rover.

• Note, you do NOT need to cover the logistics of the space flight from Earth to Enceladus, just start this section with the

descent from orbit around Enceladus.

4. Sampling and Detection Techniques – You may utilise some existing small, lightweight instrumentation used on existing

missions. However, you must explain why this is suitable for your mission and explain how it will be integrated into and operate with

YOUR lander.

Include discussion of:

• Instrumentation,

• Nature of experiments to be carried out (this is not a sample return mission, so all experiments will have to be carried out as

part of this mission).

• How will present or past life on Enceladus be detected?

Use these topics as the structure of your report, ie the main headings and sub-headings. Also include a short conclusion section at the

end, and of course include references. The report on the project will be 1,500 words minimum, maximum 3,000.

Include relevant maps, diagrams and figures. You may also include data in any other format suited to your proposal. All sources must

be fully referenced. See the unit handout, especially for advice on how to properly reference web sites. The report must be typed,

but can include hand-drawn sketches. 

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Stress management

Stress management.

Plan a group: name the type of group, (type of group is Stress management) population, format, research, guidelines, analyzing process and content, proposal, potential out comes, purpose. required reading for this assignment ,text book Group Counseling strategies and skills by ED E JACOBS, ROBERT L MASSON, RILEY L HAVILL, CHRISTINE J SCHIMMEL.

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