please answer this question. Select one (1) of the following events that influenced nursing research, state the year it

please answer this question. Select one (1) of the following events that influenced nursing research, state the year it occurred and discuss the ways the event changed nursing as a profession:

Crimean War
Sigma Theta Tau honor society
National Nursing Council for War Service
Discovery of DNA
Health Research Extension Act
The first doctoral program for nurses
The first bone marrow transplant used for cancer treatment
The first nurses licensed in the United States
World War I
World War II
The creation of the National Institutes of Health
The internet
The establishment of the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR)
The journal Nursing Research’s first publication[supanova_question]

Olmec head people and Olmec stone head.

Olmec head people and Olmec stone head..

 Write an essay discussing its STYLISTIC significance by the following picture. (I will upload the picture soon) Be sure to cover the following points in your analysis: • Identify the artist, title, period style, and medium. • Analyze the stylistic characteristics (light, line, color, scale, medium & subject matter) • Why is the artwork stylistically significant? How does it represent its regional, religious or cultural style? • What stylistic influences can you identify? • Be sure to apply specific art historical terms (vocabulary) in your answer. • Use complete sentences and paragraphs including an introduction and conclusion. You can include the research by the following information that the school provides: You don’t need to site if you use it. Olmec Civilization and Mesoamerica We will now head south to explore some of the ancient earthworks created in the Mesoamerican region. Latin for “Middle America,” Mesoamerica is a term used to describe the cultures and geographic areas encompassing Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador. Examples of the most prominent civilizations in this region were the Olmecs, Zaptotecs, Teotihuacános, Mayas, and Aztecs. The Olmecs are considered to be the earliest Mesoamerican civilization (c. 1400 – 400 BCE). The term Olmec is loosely translated as “the people from the land of rubber,” adopted from the Aztec Nahuatl word “ollin,” meaning “Land of rubber”.1 The Olmec people made their home along the Gulf Coast region of southern Mexico, in the areas now known as Veracruz and Tabasco. Often referred to as the “mother culture of Mexico,” the Olmec culture, traditions, and customs were subsequently adopted by neighboring and succeeding peoples such as the Mayas and Aztecs. Olmec artwork is inextricably linked to daily life and the spiritual world. From monolithic stone sculptures to delicate jadeite celts (tools), the objects they created spoke volumes about the Olmec perspective of the natural and supernatural realms. One of their most recognized artistic achievements was the construction of massive stone heads. This image shows one example of the seventeen colossal stone sculptures discovered along the perimeter of the Olmec capital city San Lorenzo. It is difficult to imagine how these people were able to transport these twenty- to fifty-ton rocks, quarried from the volcanic basalt rock of the Tuxtla Mountains, over thirty-five miles to San Lorenzo. The naturalistic faces and heads were carved without metal tools or modern technology — metalwork had not yet been developed in this region. It is theorized that the artisans employed hard stone and bone tools to carve and chisel the full round compositions, and bamboo to polish the smooth surfaces. The purposes of these monolithic stone heads are still in question. Once thought to be ballplayers, the sculptures are now generally accepted to be colossal portraits of their rulers. The heads were placed in a parallel line and positioned facing outward, almost to suggest protection or warding off of evil. Each stone head is unique, with distinctive facial features and expressions. Some have puffy cheeks and flattened noses, while others have snarling open mouths and almond-shaped eyes. Another distinguishing feature may be observed in the insignia adorning the helmets. For instance, in the example here, one can see what could be bird talons or jaguar claws. The utilization of animals was not only to characterize the ruler, but more importantly to connect the supernatural powers of respective animals to humans. Such animals are called nahuales — and in Olmec art, the most popular of these is the jaguar. Images of the jaguar are often combined with human form to create a composite or a zoomorphic image.

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estimating and project schedule/gant chart

please answer this question. Select one (1) of the following events that influenced nursing research, state the year it For your mock project for this class, create a Gantt Chart using Figure 10.11 in the Verzuh text as an example. (Notes: 1. you will want to go back and review chapter 10 of the Verzuh text, particularly pages 201 – 208; 2. you will not be required to perform “Step 5: Assign and level resources.”

Crime and crime causes

Crime and crime causes.

You are an investigative reporter for a large news network. You are working on a news piece identifying how theories of crime explain specific crimes including the demographics of perpetrators and victims. You are required to make a thirty-minute presentation to your producers to convince them to run your story.

Choose a specific crime from the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program at the following:

  • US Department of Justice, The Federal Bureau of Investigation. (2009). 2008 Crime in the United States: About crime in the U.S. Retrieved from

Research this crime using your textbook, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet. Be sure to include the UCR and other crime reports in your research

Based on your research, develop a presentation that addresses the following:

  • Define the crime. Include both the legal definition and others as necessary.
  • Summarize demographics of the crime for both the perpetrators and the victim. Be sure to cover the following:
    • Gender
    • Ethnicity
    • Socioeconomic characteristics
    • Other relevant diversity issues
  • Choose two theories of the causes of crime that have been discussed and analyzed so far in the course; apply those theories to the selected crime. Be sure to cover the following:
    • Explain the type of each theory in detail.
    • Discuss the development of each theory and the main theorists associated with them.
    • Compare and contrast the two theories of crime selected. Discuss the ways in which they fit with the crime and the specific demographics associated with the crime.
  • Based on your research, develop your own hypothesis of the cause of this crime. Using the theories that you have chosen, you can develop your own “combination” theory.
  • Give valid reasons and scholarly, peer-reviewed sources in support of your theory.

You are allowed to present your theory in first person; however, be careful not to abuse this privilege.

Your presentation should include the following:

  • A title slide and a reference slide (these will not count towards the total number of slides).
  • At least five sentences of speaker notes for each section to clarify anything not included in the slides. (As this is a presentation the slides should cover the main points and the details should be covered in the speaker’s notes.) The speaker notes should be properly referenced.

Develop a 10–15-slide presentation in PowerPoint format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources

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Shakespeare’s sonnets Research Question: Why are ideas of love, friendship, and marriage the subject of many Shakespearean sonnets, such as 30, 55, and 116? Research the sonnets and explain their origins and some of theories about their topic or content.

Shakespeare’s sonnets Research Question: Why are ideas of love, friendship, and marriage the subject of many Shakespearean sonnets, such as 30, 55, and 116? Research the sonnets and explain their origins and some of theories about their topic or content..

please have citations and a page for them too please Shakespeare’s sonnets Research Question: Why are ideas of love, friendship, and marriage the subject of many Shakespearean sonnets, such as 30, 55, and 116? Research the sonnets and explain their origins and some of theories about their topic or content. Grading/Point Values Research Paper Planning Assignment: 100 Research Paper First Draft: 200 Research Paper Final Draft: 200 Required Final Draft Length Pages: 5–7 pages Word Count: 1,500–2,100 words Grading Criteria – First Draft Your first draft will be evaluated against this checklist. Each checked item is worth 20 points. □ The purpose of informing the reader about a literary topic is evident. □ The Research Paper has an introduction with a thesis statement. □ The body paragraphs contain facts and quotations from research. □ The Research Paper ends with a conclusion. □ The organization of ideas in the Research Paper is easy to follow, and it includes formatting, graphics, and multimedia. □ The Research Paper includes both internal citations and a Works Cited page. □ The language of the Research Paper is appropriate and clear and includes domain-specific vocabulary and literary techniques or devices that help convey complex ideas. □ The tone of the Research Paper is consistently serious. □ The paper uses a variety of sentence structures and sentence beginnings. □ The paper is at least 1,500 words. Total possible points for the first draft is 200 points. i would like to be able to see a rough draft please and thank you!!!!

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Standards regarding special purpose entity reporting

Standards regarding special purpose entity reporting.

Review the Governmental Accounting Standards Board website. GASB has issued standards regarding special purpose entity reporting. To explore this idea, go to the Governmental Accounting Standards Board website, key in the search field, and hit enter. Then review GASBS 6 (not the Summary), and summarize this information in your own words. While no specific number of words is required, ensure you adequately cover the material for the class. Assume several paragraphs will likely be needed to summarize this material properly. References Copley, P. A. (2017). Essentials of accounting for governmental and not-for-profit organizations (13th ed.). Retrieved from

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How to determine project scope that reflects stakeholder perspectives and project requirements.

How to determine project scope that reflects stakeholder perspectives and project requirements..

Based on your experiences, the textbook and other literature such as the article below, discuss how to determine project scope that reflects stakeholder perspectives and project requirements. You may use your own source(s). This is for a discussion so format is not important. Omachonu, V. K., & Einspruch, N. G. (2010). Innovation in healthcare delivery systems: A conceptual framework. The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal, 15(1), 1-20.

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Technology Needs Assessment

Technology Needs Assessment.

Professional Context Nurse leaders play a key role in the decision-making processes associated with the purchase of a health information technology and any subsequent technology upgrades and improvements. A thorough and accurate needs assessment establishes a foundation for evaluating the overall value to an organization of the various technologies that can be used to support nursing and improve patient care. The needs assessment you will conduct in this unit enables you to take a systematic approach to developing knowledge about a new or upgraded telehealth technology that would impact nursing practice. The needs assessment also identifies assessment work that may already have been completed and any gaps that still exist and must be addressed. The goals of completing the needs assessment are to: Identify gaps in practice that must be addressed to improve patient care. Understand the nature and scope of needed changes and identify associated opportunities and challenges. Enable a thoughtful and systematic approach to change implementation and management. This assignment provides an opportunity for you to work through the needs assessment process and present your findings in a way that will help you gain the support of executive leaders. By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assignment criteria: Competency 1: Evaluate technologies used to gather patient data; inform diagnoses; and enhance care quality, safety, and outcomes. Explain the relevance and importance of a needs assessment. Identify the safety requirements and regulatory considerations when using a new or upgraded telehealth technology. Competency 2: Develop a collaborative technology integration strategy. Describe the potential impact of internal and external stakeholders and end users on the acquisition of a new or upgraded telehealth technology. Competency 3: Develop a strategy for managing technology use that enhances patient care and organizational effectiveness. Identify the key issues in nursing care affecting patient outcomes that a new or upgraded telehealth technology will address. Competency 4: Promote effective technology use policies that protect patient confidentiality and privacy. Identify the patient confidentiality and privacy protections that a new or upgraded telehealth technology must address. Competency 5: Communicate effectively with diverse audiences, in an appropriate form and style, consistent with applicable organizational, professional, and scholarly standards. Support assertions, arguments, conclusions, and recommendations with relevant and credible evidence. Write clearly and concisely in a logically coherent and appropriate form and style. Scenario Telehealth technology can be representative of many different scenarios. For example, the technology could be designed to assist nurses with providing care, such as chronic disease management, to rural patients. It could also be designed to enable physicians to access enhanced care strategies from other providers in another part of the U.S. or internationally. Such care strategies might include radiology readings or assistance in an operating room with a new procedure.

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