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Please answer this question following the instructions bellow: 1- Defining public administration-its boundaries, scope, and purpose-has perhaps been the

Please answer this question following the instructions bellow:
1- Defining public administration-its boundaries, scope, and purpose-has perhaps been the difficulty confronting administrative theorists over the years. Within the last three decades, the field’s “identity crisis,” as Dwight Waldo once called it, has become especially acute because a plethora of models, approaches, and theories now purport to define what public administration is all about. Using one of the evolutionary perspectives in the literature, please discuss how the discipline of public administration has evolved over time. In your discussion, be sure to (a) discuss shifts in thinking, (b) linkages, and (c) scholars’ seminal works. In addition, (d) provide an analysis of the significance of these works to the field of public administration, (e) offer a scholarly assessment of present-day public administration and (f) provide a projection of the future of the discipline.

1- Identified the selected framework to describe the evolution of public administration to become a profession.
2- describe three major theorists, organizations, and events that selected a framework for each stage describing the evolution of public administration to become a profession.
3- describe shifts in thinking at each stage of the framework in the evolution of public administration to become a profession.
4- provide an analysis of the significance of each relevant theorist, organization or event described in the evolution of public administration to a profession.
5- offered a scholarly assessment of present-day public administration.
6- offered a rational projection of the future of public administration.
Please find the attached file to support your answer.

Literature Question

His Sanjuro speaks very little, preferring to let his mind and sword do the talking. Having once proven his worth, people listen anxiously whenever he does open his mouth. For those who have seen Sergio Leone’s A Fistful of Dollars, an extraordinary remake of Yojimbo, Mifune’s performance will have viewers recall Clint Eastwood’s work in the aforementioned western. Sanjuro is a man of action, not of words. He may not act immediately, preferring to size up the situation at hand, but when he sets his plan in motion, he is as ruthless as he looks.
Despite his rough-looking exterior and the swiftness with which he cuts down his foes, the film does make sure to reveal that beneath his grim mug is a conscious, demonstrated in the sequence when he risks his life to reunite a kidnapped woman with her young son and meek husband despite that emotional men ‘disgust’ him.
The say a successful character is memorable – what makes Sanjuro memorable, describe him. Then select two scenes that you believe reveals his true nature.
Finally, what is the scratching all about?
Successfully describes the main character Sanjuro and discusses what made him memorable. Selects two scenes that that reveal his nature. Addresses what is the scratching all about.

Cultural diversity maturity Assessment

Please answer this question following the instructions bellow: 1- Defining public administration-its boundaries, scope, and purpose-has perhaps been the Cultural diversity maturity Assessment.

The purpose of this assignment is assess your cultural diversity maturity level both prior to the course and again, after six sessions in this course using the “Pre-Assessment and Post – Test found in the Building a House for Diversity text.

You will also make recommendations for the future using insight from all elements of the course. After completing each assessment instrument and online activity, incorporate your results and reflections into a 4-5 page paper (not including title or references). Provide your thoughts on the following: • How your cultural diversity maturity as defined by Building a House for Diversity has (or has not) changed throughout the course, and how it may be different from your anticipations. • How your perceptions of diversity in general may or may not have changed in the past 5 sessions. Also provide at least five citations from course readings and/or outside sources to support your observations. As such, this will be a chance to incorporate scholarly material on diversity with your own course reflections and assessments. Also incorporate your journal responses within the last 5 week into your paper.

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Management 301: unearned privilege

Management 301: unearned privilege.

First read the article by MacIntosh posted in the Cases and Readings tab on the course menu. Here is a summary of the instructions: Identify one dimension of diversity where you believe you are the beneficiary of unearned privilege (where your privilege may put others at a disadvantage). On one page describe the dimension where you believe you have unearned privilege and list 5 examples (similar to McIntosh’s) but specific to you. The dimensions of diversity may include, but are not limited to; race, gender, religion, sexual preference, ethnic background, nationality, disability, adoption, physical or mental illness, marital status, parental status, and many others. Identify one dimension of diversity where you believe yourself to be at a disadvantage with limited access to the invisible knapsack. Once again, list on a second page, 5 examples similar to MacIntosh but specific to your experience. Conclude the assignment by describing what you have learned from the article and from your application of these ideas to your awareness of privilege in your work and in your life. Length: 600 words maximum.

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Health education in reducing binge drinking among teenagers

Health education in reducing binge drinking among teenagers.

What is the role of health education in reducing binge drinking among teenagers?

Populations.. TEENAGERS


C.. N/A


Introduction (200 words).

•            Write briefly what the assignment is about, the key issues to be developed and how as well as and summarising in your own words what is stated in the assessment brief.

•            Discuss how the outline is going to be structured.

Background/justification/rationale (600 words) CHAPTER 1

•            Summarise the importance of the topic to your field of study.

•            Briefly discuss your preliminary background reading on your research question i.e., primary and secondary sources.

•            Briefly start to identify some of the key areas you might want to discuss in your dissertation.

Selection of topic and formulation of a research question (200 words).

•            Discuss the framework used to formulate the question (PICO).

•            Identify the key elements of the question.

Methodology (800 words) CHAPTER 2

 Literature search strategies

Discuss in detail the literature search process

Selection of key words.

Discuss the inclusion/exclusion criteria in detail.

Boolean operators.


•            Discuss how you will identify and select literature and the range of literature you will search for- (Research papers, reviews, books, reports, policies, guidelines, frameworks).

•            Analysis of evidence – How are you going to analyse the literature?  

As you read the identified literature you will focus on:

•            Understanding the empirical findings from data collected.

•            Identifying major trends or patterns in studies.

•            Explaining the conflicting results.

•            Making a generalisation based on the majority of articles.

•            Identifying gaps in literature and discussing them.

•            Identifying relationships between studies.


Results and Discussion: (500 words) CHAPTER 3

•            Discuss how you plan to present your literature review results – How are you going to present and discuss the key evidence that you will identify from your literature review and link it with your research question?

It is important to discuss:

•            How you will identify key evidence.

•            How you will identify how the research relates to other studies.

•            How you will identify what other studies have been done.

•            How it relates to your area of nursing or healthcare.

•            Critical appraisal – How are you going to appraise the literature? 200 word e.g., you will be (CHAPTER 4):

•            Discussing the critical appraisal framework that you will use for critiquing research articles.

•            Discussing the limitations i.e., internal and/or external validity.

•            Describing what needs to be done differently to improve on the body of knowledge i.e., better instruments, more representative sampling, use of alternative explanations or existing practice.

Chapter 5.

Emerging themes (200).

Chapter 6.

Recommendations: (100 words)

•            How you will present the recommendations in the dissertation.

Conclusion: (200 words)

•            Highlight the main points discussed in the main text.

•            Summarise the key learning points that have emerged from writing this outline of your dissertation. How has developing this outline enabled you to write your dissertation (literature review)?

References (Use literature published within the last 10 years)

•            Use appropriate referencing of academic writing.

•            Use the most up-to-date UWL referencing guide available from the library. Please note that the referencing guide is regularly updated.

10. Appendices

        Identify a summary grid table template that you will use to present your identified literature. Demonstrate how you would use this table by extracting appropriate information from at least two articles. Make sure you have mentioned the table in the main essay.

        The table must be referenced.


              Include a Gantt chart for your final project (Double Dissertation).

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How social media impacted the 2016 U.S Presidential election and caused mass awareness

How social media impacted the 2016 U.S Presidential election and caused mass awareness.


 [ – Students will select a societal issue that they feel will eventually grow into a major problem. – Students will create a thesis stating the reasoning behind their choice of topic and why they feel this particular issue will end up being harmful to society if left unchecked. – Through research, students will find empirical evidence defending their point of view and adding credibility to their thesis. – Students will write a proper 3-page research paper based on their findings including proper parenthetical documentation and work cited page.

The Final Copy: typed, with 3 body pages (750-1000 words not including the work cited page). There is no mention of how many sources are required, but a minimum of 4 is recommended. The topic I agreed with him is how social media impacted the 2016 U.S Presidential election and caused mass awareness of how influential social media is. The reason I put this under Sociology is that this has to deal a lot with interactions between people and how we now judge each other through social media. Since elections rely on people interacting, social media is a huge target that was put under the microscope in the 2016 U.S Presidential election. The job of this is to compile all that info together into one essay, going with the argument that social media is a good thing (helps exchange ideas and opinions, technically impossible to get rid of or limit without stepping on toes, etc) If anything needs to be clarified, let me know!]

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Critical Perspectives of Global Political Economy.

Critical Perspectives of Global Political Economy..

Apply what they learned from the week’s reading to how they currently view international economics explain what they learned, how their view changed, what they disagree with (for appropriate topics), or any topics confusing or opaque referencing main points of the reading

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