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Please answer each task on the command line with the information i provided. (this is virtual lab)

Please answer each task on the command line with the information i provided. (this is virtual lab). I’m working on a Linux question and need guidance to help me study.

Hello please answers each of the tasks that i have attatched with using my virtual lab link: For this lab you will need my login info that i will provide once we have talked.
Each of these tasks are to be performed on the command line,
Please screenshot each of your answers on the command line from the virtual lab
Please answer each task on the command line with the information i provided. (this is virtual lab)

UCLA Speech Assessment Brainstorming Solutions & Decision Making Discussion.

I’m working on a communications question and need an explanation to help me learn.

Description – These are peer evaluations. Students will be assigned random student speeches and provide a peer evaluation of another student’s speech. These are like the professional speech evaluation. Students write a 2-paragraph response about the speech. The first paragraph is a summary of the speech. The second paragraph is their evaluation of it: how good or bad the content was, how well it was delivered, and how good or bad it was overall. Students grades will depend on how thorough they respond, and the length of the response is considered in the grade
UCLA Speech Assessment Brainstorming Solutions & Decision Making Discussion

300 minimum word paper on morals. I need help with a Sociology question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

This week we read about character and making moral choices. One form of moral decision making is utilitarianism, and another is Kant’s ethical imperative. Historical exposés find that many who are held up as role models were in reality as fallible as the rest of us including Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King.
For your assignment, this week, reconcile the reality that often moral leaders were also flawed. Should we set aside their moral failings and focus on the immense positive contributions they made?
Operational Assignment Details:
Each journal entry should be a minimum of 300 words. Your journal entry narrative is subjective and can be written in the first person.
300 minimum word paper on morals

CTU Organization to Conduct the Planning Process Discussion.

I’m working on a business question and need support to help me understand better.

Response GuidelinesRespond to at least one other learner regarding his or her explanation of the strategic plan steps. Your response must be substantive and contribute to the discussion. Compare your analysis to that of your peer and comment on the similarities and differences that you see. If there are aspects that you do not agree with, present an argument to support your position. If you need more information from your peer, be sure to ask questions for clarity.Student post down below:Bryson (2018) discusses seven steps to establishing an agreement in the chosen organization to conduct the planning process in a systematic way. The purpose/purposes and worth of the strategic planning effort. Project organization, including who the sponsors and champions are. The organizations, units, groups, or persons who should be engaged and in what ways. The specific steps to be followed, how information and communication technologies and social media will be used, and the way ongoing feedback and learning will occur. The form and timing of reports. Resource commitments to begin the effort. Key requirement for a successful effort.The person that is doing the strategizing should already have a plan in place, along with the purpose and be prepared to project their strategy by including various stakeholders to help sponsor their project. Many times choices have to be made and at times that is when it is sometimes best to bring others into the organization to help with making those difficult choices. While taking specific steps to plan a person should be able to utilize social media can be a great tool to be able to communicate to others in the community. As a professional one its also good to prepare a spreadsheet as well as focus on a deadline to complete your project. And finally it is essential to listen, communicate and take into account all suggestions from all team plates before finalizing your plan.
CTU Organization to Conduct the Planning Process Discussion

International Development homework help

International Development homework help. This is a paper that is requires the students to analyse Duolingo’s efforts to appeal to its customers. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:,Analyse Duolingo’s efforts to appeal to its customers,Question Using your understanding of consumer motivation:,i) Analyse Duolingo’s efforts to appeal to its customers.   650 words,ii) Explain why consumers might choose Duolingo instead of Rosetta Stone.  350 words,Please consider the following aspects of Consumer Behavior,Consumer Motivation,Perception,Personality and the self,Market Segmentation,Duolingo Case Study,Duolingo is an award-winning free online language-learning platform that has grown to over 300 million users. It promotes fun, personalised and accessible education. According to the website, ‘Our free, bite-size lessons feel more like a game than a textbook.’ Learners lose a life when they get something wrong, and earn points when they complete a lesson. Rewards include virtual coins, new levels and fluency scores. The idea is that learning is easier when it is enjoyable. Various learning experiences are offered, including face-to-face local meetings, interactive stories and podcasts. Duolingo adapts to individual learning styles and tailors exercises accordingly.,Lessons focus on ‘real-life goals’, in other words, what users want to do with a language, such as be able to order from a restaurant. And because lessons are bite-sized, learners can take part any time on the go, for example on a commute or while waiting in line. Duolingo claims, ‘There are over 1.2 billion people learning a language and the majority are doing so to gain access to better opportunities. Unfortunately, learning a language is expensive and inaccessible to most. We created Duolingo so that everyone could have a chance.’ In a recent magazine review of the best language-learning software, Duolingo enjoyed first place, followed by Rosetta Stone, a relatively expensive subscription-based package. A pioneer in language-learning packages, Rosetta Stone has been used by well-known companies for over 25 years; one calls it ‘the gold standard of computer-based language learning’., ,Attachments,Click Here To Download,International Development homework help

Purdue University Groundwater Scarce Resource Research Paper

essay writer Purdue University Groundwater Scarce Resource Research Paper.

write a minimum 1800 words scientific paper about groundwateri will not accept a paper that doesn’t bring an in-depth analysis of the topicuse information from the attached course notes “groundwater”cite the book and other scholarly articles, and include an appendix at the end of your paper with charts and figuresHere are the instructions for the paper:The term project will consist of a concise but in-depth term paper of minimum 1800 words, double-spaced text (not including title page, abstract, figures, tables, and references) based on a project of the student’s choice. Students will pick a topic of their interest from the subjects that we will cover in the Watershed Engineering and Management course. Then students have to choose three related documents (e.g., water plans documents, your book, scientific journals) to the topic of their interest, cite them properly, and if at all possible, submit the PDF of the documents along with the term paper.
Purdue University Groundwater Scarce Resource Research Paper

Purdue University Mighty Ape Business Continuity Plan and Covid 19 Essay

Purdue University Mighty Ape Business Continuity Plan and Covid 19 Essay.

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Business continuity plan to combat COVID19 pandemic from the network and system administration perspectivesBased on the current COVID-19 situation, assuming you are in the roles of ICT department who are looking after the network and system administration of your organization/business. Your team needs to design a business continuity plan for your company/organization to reduce as much as possible the COVID-19 negative effects on your business/organization.Define environmental controlsDescribe the components of redundancy planningList disaster recovery proceduresDescribe incident response proceduresRequirements:User case: New Zealand based organization/businessMini-research project with length of report 4000-5000 words with APA reference.Other requirement: Formatting (1.5 spacing, 11 Times New Roman) and one extra page of outline (ie the content page, the structure/subsections of the report).Marking Rubric (more detail in the attached file)+ 40% for content (need to include at least Porter’s value based analysis of organization structure/chart, users, their ICT needs for normal situation vs covid-19 pandemic based new needs)+ 50% for COVID19 based BCP+ 10% for writing style/communication/presentationthe assignment is about an user case: New Zealand based organization/business: an e-commerce company MightyApe
Purdue University Mighty Ape Business Continuity Plan and Covid 19 Essay

Application of the Pearson Correlation Coefficient and the Chi-Square Test

Application of the Pearson Correlation Coefficient and the Chi-Square Test.

The purpose of this assignment is to practice calculating and interpreting the Pearson correlation coefficient and a chi-square test of independence.For this assignment, complete Problems 13.132 and 15.88 in the textbook. Include your process for conducting the calculations. You can complete the calculations by hand or using Excel or SPSS. If you use Excel or SPSS, copy and paste your output results into a Word document.When addressing each textbook problem, provide a response for each of the six steps of hypothesis testing listed below.Pick a test.Check the assumptions.List the hypotheses.Set the decision rule.Calculate the test statistic.Interpret the results. (What was done? What was found? What does it mean? What suggestions exist for future research?)Submit a Word document with your problem answers to each of the six steps. If Excel or SPSS was used to complete the assignment, submit the second Word document containing the screenshots to the instructor.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
Application of the Pearson Correlation Coefficient and the Chi-Square Test