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Plattsburgh Impact of Leadership Styles on Performance Fitness Management Essay

Plattsburgh Impact of Leadership Styles on Performance Fitness Management Essay.

I’m working on a fitness report and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Fitness ManagementMinimum 8 page essay written assignment with three sources of reference that discusses use of the course content in formulating your organization or business entity. What you need to answer for your organization/business entity pertaining to Human Resources and human resource development:1. What kind of leader are you? What is your leadership style? What kind of manager will you be? What job title/function do you aspire to achieve? 2. Who do you need in your organization to be successful? What will their roles be? In what type of organization (community, commercial, private, health) setting do aspire to work?3. How are you going to recruit the staff you need to fill these positions? How will you conduct the search process and how will you distinguish successful candidates from others?4. What will your onboarding process look like? How will you conduct new staff training? What will the duties and responsibilities of your new staff be pertaining to the position(s) for which they were hired?5. How will you manage staff performance. How will you evaluate your staff? How will you incentivize productivity? What will you do with poor performers?6. How are you going to pay your staff? What are the various forms of compensation generally seen in our industry?You will need three quality sources in order to compliment and otherwise update your programmer initiatives based on your findings. For all references used, site the reference at the en of the sentence by placing the author and date in parenthesis correlating to the order in which you listed your references.
Plattsburgh Impact of Leadership Styles on Performance Fitness Management Essay

Florida National University Integrity Word Definition Essay.

Write a 500 word definition essayon one of the terms or concepts from the list provided below. Use other modes of writing, such as description,exploratory, and persuasion (argumentation) to produce a well-developed definition for your term or concept. Choose your terminology carefully; you want to select a term/concept that is rich in personal meaning. When defining complex and abstract concepts, your ultimate goal is to provide a specific and concrete meaning for your reader. Extended definitions, such as the one I am asking you to produce as your final essay,depend on examples, illustrations, and narratives. Personal observation and opinion should also serve as the basis for your definition. Select one of the following terms or concepts to produce your Final Definition Essay Exam : 1 – Integrity 2 – Honor 3 – Pride 4 – Joy Choose your essay structure carefully. Avoid including details that do not serve to advance or complete your definition. As always, I expect your essay to contain a strong introduction that includes your essay’s thesis, a coherent and focused body that effectively transitions from paragraph to paragraph, and a rich conclusion that provides closure for your definition. Use all the resources you have available to complete this exam. Refer to your Course Documents folder and your textbook for strategies and tips on student writing. I strongly recommend that you reread chapter six’s introduction and conclusion to refresh your knowledge of the definition mode. Be sure to reference the revisions I have provided you for prior assignments, as these revisions specifically speak to your writing style.
Florida National University Integrity Word Definition Essay

Choose one term from the list below. In a one page essay, define the term as it would be used by Psychoanalysts (Freud, Jung or neo-Freudians).

Choose one term from the list below. In a one page essay, define the term as it would be used by Psychoanalysts (Freud, Jung or neo-Freudians).. I’m stuck on a Psychology question and need an explanation.

Choose one term from the list below. In a one page essay, define the term as it would be used by Psychoanalysts (Freud, Jung or neo-Freudians).
After defining the term, argue whether you think the term is relevant today and what it’s application is for modern people.
Use APA format.

Repression, Regression, Reality Principle, Pleasure Principle, Inferiority Complex
Projection, Oedipal Complex, Neurosis, Libido, Narcissism, Id, Free Association, Eros
Thanatos, Projection, Displacement, Counter-transference, Pre-conscious, Fixation, Anima
Animus, Synchronicity, Archetype, Defense mechanism, Anal retentive, Anal Expulsive

Choose one term from the list below. In a one page essay, define the term as it would be used by Psychoanalysts (Freud, Jung or neo-Freudians).

Midwestern Trump Urges Unity vs Racism & Media Influence Social Work Essay

essay help online Midwestern Trump Urges Unity vs Racism & Media Influence Social Work Essay.

Throughout the semester we have discussed the influence that media plays in shaping our opinions and perspectives of current events, social issues, and politics. Through the media we are exposed (albeit sometimes in covert ways) to biases that can have an important and widespread impact on how and what we think about those issues and society.This extra credit opportunity has three components. After watching this brief video on rewriting racist headlines (, 1) Find and share an article in the news that you feel was published in a racist way (either the title or the picture did not really reflect the news in a balanced, unbiased way). Post the link to the article and attach it to your post.2) Propose alternative language that would balance the viewpoints of the headline or the issue that is being presented, or make it non-racist.
Midwestern Trump Urges Unity vs Racism & Media Influence Social Work Essay

SWOT Analysis on Chicago Healthcare Center Research Paper

SWOT Analysis on Chicago Healthcare Center Research Paper. Introduction The Chicago Healthcare Center has been in existence for the last ten years. It has continued to offer quality health care services to people around this place at subsidized prices. Although the government has established other healthcare facilities within this city, this hospital has been considered as the most successful healthcare center in Chicago in the last five years. One of the reasons why this hospital has been successful is because of its application of the emerging technologies in its operations. The management has been keen on using the emerging technologies in its operations as a way of improving its efficiency. It has been keen on installing some of the modern life-supporting machines to help ensure that patients who visit the facility get the best medical attention they need. The most recent move was the decision to install electronic medical record to help reduce the time patience take before they can finally be admitted in the facility. This electronic medical record helps in making the process of data storage, modification or retrieval easy for the management of this hospital (Coulter, 2009). In order to bring clarity to the benefits that the management stands to gain by using this technology, a SWOT analysis will be appropriate. SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS Reduced labor expenses Speed in managing data Ease in data modification Ease in data retrieval WEAKNESSES Cost of installation Skilled labor needed Lack of goodwill from employees OPPORTUNITIES Quality healthcare to patients Fewer errors in data management Increased capacity of the hospital due the use of machines Possible expansion if the system is a success THREATS The threat of hackers who may try to get classified information of the hospital Possible failure of the system that can lead to loss of important data. Strengths Implementation of this system brings with it a number of strengths to the hospital. When this hospital implements this proposal, it will cut the cost of labor because fewer individuals would need to be employed for the purpose of data management. The process of data management will also be efficient and effective. This includes such activities as data entry process, data modification and its retrieval whenever it might be needed (Kratschmer, 2011). This means that the hospital will be able to serve more people at a lesser cost and within a shorter period when this technology is implemented. The hospital will have a higher capacity to meet the demands of its clients in a more effective and efficient manner, making it emerge as a stronger healthcare provider within this city. Weaknesses It is true that any change within an organization will always bring with it some elements of weaknesses despite the possible advantages it may have. This system has a number of weaknesses that the management has to find a way to deal with. One of the main weaknesses of this new system is the initial cost. The firm will have to incur the initial cost of installing this system within the firm. Besides this cost, the management will have to look for skilled labor to take care of the new machines that will be installed within the firm. This may force the management to hire new employees for this task, or take their current employees to higher learning institutions to advance their skills. Finally, there is need to develop goodwill among the employees (Spulber, 2007). There might be lack of goodwill from employees who feel that their jobs are threatened. Opportunities Implementation of this technology brings a number of opportunities to the hospital. One such opportunity is that it enables the hospital opportunity to improve its healthcare services to patients. This technology also offers the hospital an opportunity to expand its operations. With the errors reduced, this firm will be able to increase its patient intake on a daily basis. Threats Although this system comes to improve the functionality of the hospitals, it also comes with some threats both to the management and to the patients. To the management, there is the threat of a competitor hacking into the system and getting classified information about the firm. There is also the risk of data of the patients being accessed by unauthorized persons. This is because of the increased cyber crime that is common in this country. There is also another threat of a possible failure of the system. This can paralyze the operations of the firm. Conclusion It is clear that installing electronic medical record will be of great benefit to the hospital. The time taken to record data, modify them and their retrieval is shortened. The process becomes more efficient. This system also reduces the cost of labor because only a few individuals would be needed to manage the machine. However, it is important to appreciate that this comes with threats and weaknesses to the firm. Issues such as cybercrime and skilled labor to manage the system must be addressed. References Coulter, M. (2009). Strategic Management in Action. New York: Pearson Higher Education. Kratschmer, P. (2011). Organizational Culture is Highly Resistant to Change. New York: GRIN Verlag. Spulber, D. (2007). Global Competitive Strategy, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. SWOT Analysis on Chicago Healthcare Center Research Paper

identify a new information system you would recommend

identify a new information system you would recommend.

DirectionsFor this Assignment, identify a new information system you would recommend for implementation and testing in your organization. This can be a new EHR, BCMA, CPOE, or CDSS system, or a database to aggregate patient data, etc. Provide a rationale for its implementation, including literature support for this new system, along with the process you would recommend to test this system, using at least seven of the tests noted in Table 12.2. Provide the name of the test, what the test is used for, along with a brief explanation of how you would conduct this test. This entire testing process (the examples of how the tests would be conducted) should involve all organizational stakeholders in some way so as to help build relationships between stakeholders. Note how you would evaluate the outcome of these tests and how you would determine if the system should be recommended for continued use in the organization. Include at least 10 references. Your final work should include: Title and reference pages (10 references minimum) An introduction New system recommendation and rationale A literature review Use of at least seven tests Evaluation and recommendations A conclusionSee the grading rubric under Course Resources for details on how this Assignment will be evaluated.Assignment RequirementsThe finished Assignment should be approximately seven (7) pages, excluding the title and reference pages. The viewpoint and purpose of this Assignment should be clearly established and sustained.Before finalizing your work, you should:● be sure to read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above)● consult the Grading Rubric (under the Course Resources) to make sure you haveincluded everything necessary;● utilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors; and● review APA formatting and citation information found in the Writing Center, online, or elsewhere in the course. Your writing Assignment should:● follow the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;● display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; and● use APA 6th edition format for organization, style, and crediting sources including:○ properly formatted header○ 12-point, double-spaced, Times New Roman font○ use of in-text citations○ title page and reference page○ use of headings (if applicable
identify a new information system you would recommend

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