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Plath’s Suicide: Considering Lazarus

Born on October 27, 1932, in Boston, Sylvia Plath mainly wrote confessional poetry. Plath’s life was marked by periods of severe depression and multiple suicide attempts. The death of her father and betrayal of her husband forced her into a state of paranoia and motivated her to write poems about her sufferings. In the poem, Lady Lazarus, Plath employs the character of Lady Lazarus to echo the poet’s self as a way of expressing her mania towards death and suicide. The character of Lady Lazarus attempts to commit suicide every decade. However, each time Herr Doctor revives her and portrays her like the biblical Lazarus and a walking miracle. Through out the poem Lady Lazarus struggles to regain control over her proclaimed art of dying and becomes stronger as the poem progresses. Plath uses figurative language, most specifically allusions to both the bible and to the holocaust, as well as metaphors of her mental illness and instability to illustrate her growing obsession with death and foreshadow her third attempt at suicide. Ever since her first attempt at suicide in 1953, Plath has displayed a “long standing” interest in the biblical story of Lazarus. In this poem, Plath uses allusion to the biblical story of John’s Lazarus of Bethany to juxtapose the character of Lady Lazarus with the biblical Lazarus and character of Herr Doktor with Jesus. In the story of Lazarus of Bethany, Jesus astonishingly raises Lazarus from the dead. Similarly, Lady Lazarus is revived by Herr Doktor from each subsequent suicide attempt. However, when Jesus raised Lazarus from dead, not only was it to advertise God’s power but it was also beneficial to both Lazarus and the spectators who were given hope of immortal life. In contrast, when Herr Doktor revives Lady Lazarus he is interfering with Lady Lazarus’s proclaimed art of dying. Herr Doktor is actually establishing dominance over her which she must fight to regain control over her life. He is creating power struggle between them which leads to Lady Lazarus’s obsession with death and suicide. As Theresa Collins points out, “‘Lady Lazarus’ can be interpreted as a struggle for control [. . .] a dominion prevented by her torturer, Herr Doktor.” In addition, Herr Doktor revives Lady Lazarus in front of a crowd and portrays her as “A sort of walking miracle…” because similar to Jesus he is longing for admiration and acknowledgement from the people whom Plath refers to as “The peanut-crunching crowd.” Plath uses irony throughout the poem but her most obvious irony is in her proclaimed art of dying. Plath mentions, “Dying Is an art, like everything else, I do it exceptionally well.” This quote is ironic because even though Plath brags about being talented at committing suicide she always survives. Every ten years she attempts to commit suicide but each time she is revived by the doctors. Plath is thwarted on each attempt by her torturer, Herr Doktor. It is ironic to see that Plath actually does not want to die on her first time because she states that “I am only thirty. And like the cat I have nine times to die”. On one hand Plath is struggling to regain control over her art and on the other hand she accepts the fact that she will not be able to regain control until her ninth suicide attempt and has actually stopped trying. Plath feels that she is only living to entertain the crowd by miraculously surviving each time. 1 para about the tone of the poem. 3 para’s about holocaust 3 para’s about life mental disorder and reference
Table of Contents Introduction Discussion Conclusion Works Cited Introduction It is imperative to mention that Norse expansion is a fascinating topic that has been actively discussed by scholars. There have been many disagreements between primary causes and reasoning behind some of the attacks, and it is possible to state that a consensus still has not been achieved. However, it is possible to identify particular patterns and relationships between various factors that have led to such processes. It is hard to argue with the fact that Vikings are viewed as strong and vicious warriors, and it would be beneficial to review the literature on this topic to get a better understanding of some of the aspects of this expansion. Discussion The problem that Vikings had to deal with is that their lands were not viewed as suitable for agriculture, and it has led to resource shortages (Kendrick 43). The lifestyle has also played a vital role, and they were outstanding shipbuilders. The role of trade between the countries has increased at that time, and Vikings realized that it is an opportunity for enrichment (Barrett 677). They understood that their ships were much more advanced, and such a technological advantage could be utilized in raiding. A political situation was also not stable, and many families thought that they should move because living conditions at that time were not acceptable. Another possible explanation for such actions is that Vikings wanted to avenge their people that have suffered as a result of invasions of European. For instance, Charlemagne wanted to ensure that Scandinavians convert to Christianity and punished individuals that did not want to obey. Such attacks had led to numerous conflicts in the region, and it could have caused many disagreements. However, the problem with this concept is that Britain was the first country that they attacked, and it is a significant contradiction. However, it is entirely possible that there was a misunderstanding, and they had to engage in a fight because of the circumstances. Traditions of Vikings could also play a crucial role. Young people had to look for lands according to some of the beliefs. Also, it is widely known that they were used to selective procreation, and it had led to numerous problems. They tried to look for wives in other regions because they recognized that a shortage was present. However, the desire for enrichment may be viewed as the most reasonable theory because it was the core reason behind most expansions throughout history. One of the most significant aspects that should not be overlooked is that Vikings took advantage of the fact that people did not expect their attacks most of the time because they were hard to predict. It is imperative to understand that their boats were incredibly efficient, and they could be used to sail to regions that were viewed as not easily accessible. Furthermore, villages that were under attack did not have enough time to react appropriately, and it was nearly impossible to organize a defense. Moreover, their ships could be utilized as an efficient way to escape if they were not able to control the situation and had to deal with enormous resistance. Another factor that should be highlighted is that their attacks have continued to be effective even after information about them has been spread. It was evident that they were ahead of their time, and their strategies were well-developed. They always refined their techniques and utilized new approaches. For instance, they have started using horses to become much more mobile, and their attacks were not as one-dimensional (Howard 26). They have occupied some of the territories and lived there for extended periods. One of the misconceptions about the Vikings is that they hated Christianity. However, this argument is quite questionable. The core reason the attacked churches is because they understood that they can get access to valuable resources, and do not have to be worried about being caught because most churches were poorly defended. Moreover, pieces of evidence that suggest that they have converted to Christianity later (Taylor 27). A new religion was easy to accept for them, and they did not have any hatred towards individuals that were not pagan. Furthermore, they became much more careful in their battles and had to flee in some instances because of their religious beliefs. However, they had to deal with unfair trading practices from the side of Christians. It can be seen that a particular inconsistency is present. It is not likely that people who hated Christianity would consider converting to this religion. It is possible that some of the attacks were caused by religious factors, but it cannot be stated that this argument is reasonable as a whole. Another aspect that supports this perspective is that they did not destroy churches, and wanted to extract ransoms for members of the community that they have captured. They attacked Britain in 793 and have started to assault people in the region (). One of the misconceptions about Vikings is that they rarely lost any battles. However, it is no true, but they did not give up and were determined to conquer the lands. Their beliefs also played a vital role in this case because they thought that individuals that died in combat are going to a place known as Valhalla, and it made them into incredible warriors that rarely had any fear (Schaffer 100). The purpose of attacks has also changed with time. They did not only want to steal the goods and escape but also planned to capture villages. Many towns were forfeited as a result, and it was a significant strategic advantage. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More They have recognized that attacking monasteries is an efficient approach to become wealthy and have utilized the same strategies when invading Scotland and other countries. One of the most significant strengths of Vikings was that they were extremely mobile. However, the level of flexibility of their armies has reduced once they decided to settle on lands that they have already captured (Logan 103). They were close to the enemies, and it was not possible to abandon their homes, and they had to be defended. Many European countries recognized them as a common threat and have united to defend their territories. Moreover, Vikings had to look for other regions where they could expand. Another fact that suggests that they were focused on the monetary gains is that they were willing to participate in discussions, and would leave the territory if they were paid sufficient funds. It is necessary to mention that they were able to establish relationships with some countries. For instance, Hrolf has protected France from other Vikings. They understood that they are at an outstanding position and could explore other territories. Their fights in Southern Europe are worth highlighting. They were defeated on numerous occasions by Muslims because they underestimated their enemies (Logan 110). They had to leave the territories that they have occupied in some cases. Some scholars suggest that they left Greenland because some individuals believed that they should get rid of their religious beliefs. However, no sufficient evidence that would prove this perspective is present. It is paramount to note that the fact that Vikings were not united could be viewed as a significant weakness, and it is one of the primary reasons that their reign was not efficient in the long-term. The support of most attacks was limited, and they were started because groups of people were not satisfied with the actions of the government. Another aspect that needs to be considered is that many Viking ships have followed if they were aware of the fact that an attack was successful. However, the lack of unity was problematic, and it is possible to state that they did not have a common goal most of the time. Conclusion In conclusion, it is evident that Vikings were outstanding warriors and were able to take advantage of advanced technologies that they had. It is possible to argue about the reasons behind the expansion, but numerous pieces of evidence support the theory that they wanted to get rich and gain access to territories. Religion played a crucial role, but the fact that most Vikings have converted to Christianity is fascinating. Overall, it is possible to state that they had numerous strengths, but some weaknesses that they had has led to the demise of their era. Works Cited Barrett, James H. “What Caused the Viking Age?” Antiquity 82.317 (2008): 671-85. Print. Howard, Ian. Swein Forkbeard’s Invasions and the Danish Conquest of England, 991-1017. Suffolk, UK: Boydell Press, 2003. Print. Kendrick, Thomas D. A History of the Vikings. North Chelmsford, MA: Courier Corporation, 2012. Print. We will write a custom Research Paper on Scandinavian Expansion in the Viking Age specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Logan, Francis D. The Vikings in History. 3rd ed. New York, NY: Routledge, 2013. Print. Schaffer, David. Viking Conquest. Sun Diego, CA: Lucent Books, 2001. Print. Taylor, Dereen. Vikings. New York, NY: The Rosen Publishing Group, 2009. Print.
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Research Paper – Outline Instructions
Use the Research Paper – Outline Template to create an outline of your Research Paper. The outline will help to organize your ideas into major and minor topics. You can also collect specific examples and quotes you would like to include in your paper. The working outline is an important document as you develop your final Research Paper. The outline must use current APA headings for each section. In addition, include a current APA formatted title page on this assignment.
Submit the Research Paper – Outline by of Module/Week 5.
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a) Project introduction.
b) Description on driver: job configuration, input format, output format, etc.
c) Description on mapper: input key, value types, output key, value types,
and method manipulation on the input key value pairs.
d) Description on reducer: input key, value types, output key, value types,
and method manipulation on the input key value pairs.
e) Data flow description starting at the input files.
f)Compile procedure description.
g) Program test procedure and the results.
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SPEECH 814 FSSC Effect of Intercultural Education Article Paper

essay help online SPEECH 814 FSSC Effect of Intercultural Education Article Paper.

IntroductionAccording to our textbook, globalization is the increasing economic, political and cultural integration of diverse cultures. Diversity is the recognition and valuing of difference in factors such as race, education, religion and income. Are we able to adapt to cultural differences on our own? Would education aimed specifically at cultural awareness make us more tolerant of others? The study in the article below explores the concepts of intercultural education and ethnocentrism.The purpose of this assignment is for you to explore your own feelings about these sensitive issues.InstructionsFor this assignment read the following article from the FSW database titled, “The Effect of Intercultural Education on the Ethnocentrism Levels of Prospective Teachers (Links to an external site.),” written by Selma Aslantas and published in March 2019.NOTE: You will need to sign in with your student ID (user name) and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number (password) to access the article.Write a 500-600 word reaction essay in APA paragraph format (12 font, double spacing and indented paragraphs) that answers the following questions:How does the author define intercultural education?How does she define ethnocentrism?What was the purpose of this study?What were the results of the study?Have you had any type of diversity training or intercultural education prior to this course? Explain briefly.Did you know FSW offers an Intercultural Communication course (COM 2460)? If you have not had any training, describe what could be gained from taking COM 2460.To Complete the Assignment:For examples of APA style papers and Reference lists, click on the Library link inside the Student Resources icon to the left of this page.When you get to the Library Home Page, click the Citation Guides link on the left side of that page.Look for APA format.You do not need to include a title page for this short essay.You can center a title at the top of the first essay page and center the word count under the title.Submit two files: One for the essay and one for the Reference list.The EssayYou need to add one scholarly source to your essay.The outside source can be a book, ebook, journal article or streaming video.These items can be accessed through our FSW online library.Here is a link to another example of a scholarly FSW database source (Links to an external site.).Follow the rubric at the bottom of the page for additional guidelines.The Reference PageAdd an APA Reference list that includes the book and the outside article.The reference list does not count in the word count.RubricSPC 1017 Reaction Essay (1)SPC 1017 Reaction Essay (1)CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWord Count10 ptsMeets requirement500 to 600 words0 ptsDoes not meet requirementLess than 500 or Over 60010 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeScholarly SourceSource is accessed from FSW databases–journal article, book, e-book, film.10 ptsMeets requirement0 ptsDoes not meet requirement10 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSupport of PositionStudent clearly supports his or her position on the topic and demonstrates that the article was read in entirety. Includes a short summary of the entire source. Argument is logical and supported by an outside scholarly source.10 ptsMeets Requirement0 ptsDoes not meet requirementEither of the following will result in a 0 score. Outside article is missing. Does not include short summary of article.10 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAPA FormatOutside article is added as a citation in APA format at bottom of the reaction and follows the sample provided. Reaction portion of the assignment follows APA format in terms of indented paragraphs, double spacing, 12 font and 1 inch margins.10 ptsMeets requirement0 ptsDoes not meet requirement10 ptsTotal Points: 40PreviousNext
SPEECH 814 FSSC Effect of Intercultural Education Article Paper

Relationship between Human Behaviour and Global Warming

Global Warming has been a large issue for many years and is linked to human behavior. Some of the problems we face are, an increase in temperature and the number of natural disasters. For the past thousands of years the earth’s temperature has been rising, but for the past one hundred years, it has been rising at an extremely fast rate. The earth is not made to last forever, human carbon emissions must be reduced substantially in the next decade if we want to avoid a global warming disaster. Since the times of the Industrial Revolution, people of the United States and around the world have been steadily increasing the number of machines in the world but most importantly it is the amount of carbon in the air. With the world population rapidly growing the amount of machinery and carbon skyrocketed this carbon is being trapped within the earth’s atmosphere and creating the effects of a greenhouse, also known as global warming. The rising in temperature and greenhouse gases has been around for many years, but there has been a sudden change and in recent years showing that it is linked to human behavior. “Humans emissions and activities have caused around 100% of the warming observed since 1950” (Hausfather 1). With all of the data pointing to humans as the problem to all of this, why have we not made a change yet? The answer is the world is built to be powered off of fossil fuels and we are not going to change our ways until we run out. The earth’s temperature is rising and with this it brings numerous problems throughout the entire world. One of the biggest problems we deal with on our everyday basis is extreme weather events. Over the past year of 2018, there have been more hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean than ever recorded. Next is the increase of temperature on the planet, “Two-thirds of the warming has occurred since 1975, at a rate of roughly 0.15-0.20°C per decade.” (World Of Change 1). At this rate, if something does not change there will be a catastrophic event within the next 25 years. What people don’t understand is that the amount that is changing is very small but, “A five-degree drop was enough to bury a large part of North America under a towering mass of ice 20,000 years ago.” (World Of Change 1). With the temperature rising it is bringing with it some pretty serious side effects, “the oceans temperature has risen .4 degrees since 1969” (Climate Change Evidence 1). As the ocean temperature rises there is even more that is coming with that, ice shelves are melting and the water level is rising eroding more and more away from coastal state beaches. When the ice melts it also affects the amount of sunlight being absorbed by the earth, the ice and snow is white and reflects the heat back to outer space and without the snow and ice more of it is absorbed. In total, “From 1993 to 2016, Greenland has lost 281 billion tons of ice and Antarctica lost 119 billion tons” (Climate Change Evidence 1). Across the globe in Australia is the Great Barrier Reef, it has officially been pronounced as dead and one of the reasons people believe is the rising carbon levels in the water. What the carbon in the water does is it increases the acidity and is bleaching the coral killing it. The problem in the Great Barrier Reef is the amount of acidity in the water; it is killing lots of the coral and fish, not letting the area flourish. If they don’t start doing more to save the reef it will be gone forever. The continuous emissions of a large amount of carbon means that there is only going to be more weather events and they are going to get even bigger and even worse. Not only does global warming increase the hurricanes but also it increases all weather events. The weather is going to become more and more difficult to predict as time goes by, which can affect many people eventually leading to people losing their lives to knowing what is about to happen. “The Northeast has seen a 74 percent increase in the amount of rain or snow falling in the heaviest storms” (Are Severe Rain Storms 1). More problems coming from the increase of weather events is the destruction of the earth. Earth makes its products in a specialized manner, meaning that many different parts come from all around the earth and country to build one item. If something were to happen to that area of the earth and supplies could not go in or out this could affect many different people around the world. Changing the climate also affects a lot of the animals that roam the earth today, many different animals have instincts inside them to do certain things like fly south for the winter or eat an excess of calories to stay warm in the winter. When the climate changes so fast or there are large temperature changes this can throw animals of tremendously and even cause them to die because they do not know what is going on. The amount of damage we have already done to the earth has even caused many animals already to go extinct or be endangered with few of the species alive today. Not only is it affecting animals but also it is even killing off plants because they are unable to grow in the new environment that they are in. One big problem in 2018 that we had was the amount of rain and flooding from the hurricanes in the southern states. “Global warming also increased the odds of extreme wet and dry spells. Dry extremes — such as California’s 2012-2016 drought — were influenced by global warming 57 percent of the time” (Krieger 1). Krieger explains that in these events of droughts that over 50 percent of the time it is linked to global warming. There is major evidence pointing out that climate change is directly linked to humans, the main problem that almost everybody has been a part of is, carbon. Carbon is being polluted in the air and being trapped in causing the earth to heat up-bringing many more problems with that. The biggest way humans pollute the earth almost every day that most don’t even think about is, our cars, we burn through gallons and gallons of fossil fuels and all of the smoke goes straight into the air we breathe. There is a growing population and this is only going to get worse. Humans have made their number one resource being fossil fuels and the most ironic part about it is fossil fuels make fossil fuels. Meaning that we are burning gas and many other different fuels, to harvest and gather these other fossil fuels. This is one big cycle of carbon going straight into the air and polluting. The power many of us use in our homes every day is also coming straight from fossil fuels being burnt, “28 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from generating electricity” (Climate Change ProCon 1) This is a major statistic because as days go on, the people of the world are going to demand more and more energy increasing this statistic and carbon emissions. In order to start a large change in the United States for this issue, could be to start at the politicians. If we want to make real change we must get as much help as possible, our leaders of this country would have to be in favor to pass laws and acts to change what is going into the air. There have already been rules and regulations for the amount of carbon they put into the air sometimes making cars, factories, and businesses illegal. If we elected leaders being pro-environmental change, we could start to convert the economy over into a clean eco-friendly economy. Starting this change, we could start building renewable energy sources that are much cleaner and don’t rely so heavily on fossil fuels such as, wind turbines, water turbines, and solar panels. “Despite growing renewable generation, fossil fuels still account for about two-thirds of U.S. electricity” (Regulating Power 1). We have started to make some change but yet fossil fuels are still used for over half of the electricity made in the United States. Another major contributor to this problem is the amount of deforestation, this would likely have to change tremendously also, with the overcutting of trees and not enough being replanted, it makes it harder for the trees that are still living to process all of the carbon dioxide making the air quality worse. Changing our society into a clean and renewable resource society will benefit us substantially in the long run and could even help our economy; bringing in jobs to America and saving Americans money. “What we need is a set of smart, practical policies to jump-start this transition without delay and maximize the benefits to our environment and economy.” (Global Warming Solutions 1). There is no easy way to end global warming but there are many things we can do in our everyday lives to help make a change. Even with the amount of evidence linking global warming and climate change to human activity, there is still counter evidence saying that it is not from humans. Global Warming is a large issue across the world and many scientists agree with it being caused by human-related activities but there are many that disagree. One of the arguments against global warming is that the earth has been changing since its existence heating, cooling, and conforming to whatever it has to deal with. This means that even though humans emit very large amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, it is not our fault that the earth’s temperature rising and changing like it always has and that we have no effects over it. There are even studies with statistics showing that “many records reveal that the 20th century is probably not the warmest nor a uniquely extreme climatic period of the last millennium” (Climate Change ProCon 1). Using these statistics that there have been large increases of temperature in the past without these large amounts of carbon being released in the air; this can prove that carbon emissions could not be linked to humans. Another argument is that the earth is capable of absorbing the carbon in the air negating any possible claims of global warming. “About 50% of the CO2 released by the burning of fossil fuels and other human activities has already been re-absorbed by the earth’s carbon sinks” (Climate Change ProCon 1). A carbon sink is a reservoir that is able to absorb and store carbon for periods of time. If the earth is able to absorb almost 50 percent of the human carbon emissions, it is possible that humans are not causing global warming but the earth is going through another change and is just increasing in temperature. With the earth’s atmosphere already being saturated with carbon, there is the argument that human emissions would have little to no impact on the earth because it is already here. A final argument against global warming has nothing to do with the earth itself, but the sun. Not only does the earth change over the years but so does the sun. The sun goes through solar-cycles which can increase the amount of heat shed down onto the earth’s surface, there have been studies proving that “up to 70% of the observed post-1850 climate change and warming could be associated to multiple solar cycles” (Climate Change ProCon 1). Overall, the earth’s temperature has been rising rapidly for years and can be linked to both human and natural causes. In conclusion, for the past thousands of years the earth’s temperature has been rising, but for the past one hundred years, it has been rising at an extremely fast rate. Humans have been emitting more and more carbon into the earth’s atmosphere, with temperatures and weather events rising we must take action and help reduce the emissions if we want to avoid a catastrophic event. Works Cited “Are Severe Rain Storms, Snow Storms, Drought, and Tornadoes Linked to Global Warming?” Union of Concerned Scientists, Accessed 1 May. 2019. “Climate Change Evidence: How Do We Know?” NASA, NASA, 21 Sept. 2018, Accessed 10 Nov. 2018. “Climate Change ProCon” Is Human Activity a Substantial Cause of Global Climate Change?, Accessed 1 May. 2019. “Global Warming Solutions: Reduce Emissions.” Union of Concerned Scientists, Accessed 2 May. 2019. Hausfather, Zeke. “Analysis: Why Scientists Think 100% of Global Warming Is Due to Humans.” Carbon Brief, Carbon Brief, 31 May 2018, Accessed 1 May. 2019. Krieger, Lisa M. “Extreme Weather Linked to Greenhouse Gases, Global Warming, Stanford Study Says.” The Mercury News, The Mercury News, 29 Apr. 2017, Accessed 2 May. 2019. “Regulating Power Sector Carbon Emissions.” Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, 30 Oct. 2018, Accessed 2 May. 2019. “World of Change: Global Temperatures.” NASA, NASA, Accessed 1 May. 2019.

Biological Basis of Parental Behavior

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Locate and read a recent, full-text article from the Capella library about the biological basis of parental behavior. Compare and contrast the neural structures and chemicals involved with maternal behavior with those involved with paternal behavior. How might these neural underpinnings relate to how men and women are socialized to care for their children? Reference your source in standard APA format.

Carlson, N. R. (2014). Foundations of behavioral neuroscience (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

Please add three additional resources with boo
Biological Basis of Parental Behavior