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Platelet Rich Plasma-platelet Concentrate (PRP-PC) Analysis

Quality assessment of platelet concentrates prepared at Dr. Pinnameneni Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Foundation Dr. Anusha A.M Background Platelet rich plasma-platelet concentrate (PRP-PC) were prepared and their quality variables were evaluated. Material and methods In this study platelet products were prepared using platelet rich plasma method. After preparation the products were transferred to platelet incubator and agitated. Their quality was assessed after 24 hours of preparation using the following parameters: volume of the platelet concentrate, platelet count, RBC contamination, morphology and pH. Results Volume 90% of the RDP was weighing between 50 to 70 ml, 4% below 50 and 6% above 70 ml. The count correlated well in both the methods and 85% of RDP had a count of above 5.5 x 1010, 15% had below 5 x 1010. Ph: 56% of the RDP had of 6.3 to 6.5, 33% had 6.6 to 7.0 and 6% at 6.2 and 5% above 7.0. Appearance: 86% was light straw colored, 3% light pint, 6% pink and 5% red. Conclusion During the storage of platelet concentrates there is progressive loss in capacity of survival and function of platelets. In order to maximize the preservation of platelet viability it is best to allow PRP to repose at room temperature for 1-2 hours and then transfuse as soon as possible. To maximize the therapeutic values of platelet concentrates quality control is essential and helps to identify trouble shooting in procedures. In conclusion more than 95% of the RDPs prepared meet the standard. Keywords:Platelet rich plasma-platelet concentrate, quality parameters, platelet count Introduction Transfusion medicine has over the years evolved to assume a complex medical discipline that aided or modified patient care. Blood donation culture has not been fully imbibed in our society and homologous blood is usually in short supply in the blood banks with its attendant consequences in patient management1. Platelet transfusion therapy has played an important role in the management of patients 2,3]. Today, platelet concentrates are prepared from whole blood either by differential centrifugation buffy coat-derived platelet concentrates (BC) or by platelet rich plasma- platelet concentrates (PRP-PC) and plateletpheresis (4,5). There are several methods for quality control of platelet components including cell counting, pH, volume and morphology.[6.7.8]. The aim of this study was to evaluate the quality of platelets during the storage of platelet concentrates derived from PRP-PCs and whether patients got adequate therapeutically useful amount of platelets. Materials and Methods The present study was conducted at blood bank, PSIMS
How’s Business ????????.

So………. How’s Business????? Based on the 1st Activity discussed in your Week1 Weekly Assignments, what have you found?  Spend some time gathering your information before you jump into the discussion here….  and let’s start out with some informed shared ideas!*****Just post your comments/ideas under my question for a class “conversation” rather than a series of independent posts.  Of course, if you’d like to comment to a classmate’s ideas, just post under his/her post and we’ll get a discussion going!*******************Next week we’ll vote on what we collectively think about the economy, from a retailing perspective…*********By the way, if you ever see “Anonymous” in the d.b…………. don’t worry!  It’s me, hiding behind the shades !!!here is the 1st discussed:I guess the gross profit per gallon of gas is 2-3 cents in the US. The biggest part of profit that retailers make is from goods sold, like water, fast food and snack. As I know, the profit per ton of gas is around 130 dollars in China, 1t gas=1378L gas, per gallon gas profit will be 35 cents; however, retailers get only like 10% from its total. By the way, gasoline retailers are much less than USA because gas station cannot get much profit from goods sold in China.
How’s Business ????????

Arizona Christian University Amazon Diversification Strategy Questions.

Amazon has grown from a small online book seller to a retailer and service provider that has changed both physical and online retailing. The opening case of Chapter 6 (“Amazon’s Successful Growth Through Its Corporate Diversification Strategy”) describes a series of actions the company has taken as it has grown through diversification. Please feel free to supplement this short case with further research. In answering the questions below, support your reasoning with the concepts and terminology from Chapter 6.What logic supports Amazon’s decision to create its own shipping services (e.g., air and truck transport)?What logic supports Amazon’s decision to purchase Whole Foods?Why has Amazon decided to create its own (e.g., private label) goods that compete with those from its suppliers?AWS (Amazon Web Services) by itself had revenue of over $30 billion in 2019. What is the logic that supports Amazon’s decision to diversify through the offering of cloud storage and computing services?Start your original post with either the number 1, 2, or 3 and a 3-10 word description of your thinking, which correspond to a question from those above. Please, just focus on one question in your original thread. The syllabus provides further details on what is expected in discussions, and the grading criteria.
Arizona Christian University Amazon Diversification Strategy Questions

The objective of this paper is to understand the concept of social marketing, picking a social issue in India, identifying the target segment and the communication objectives, analysing the social marketing techniques used for that issue and developing a storyboard for television commercial based on the analysis. The social issue that I have taken in this paper is smoking. The reasons for this are At least one-third of the adult population are addicted to smoking. Smoking not only affects smokers but also non smokers because of passive smoking. Around 4.5 million people die because of smoking each year. Social Marketing Social marketing may be defined as the adaptation of commercial marketing and sales concepts to bring certain specific behavioural changes on the target segment. This has become increasingly popular among government as an efficient and effective means of communication to address many serious social issues. The distinguishing feature of social marketing from commercial marketing is its objective of social good whereas commercial marketing concentrates on financials like profit, market share, etc. This technique has been used extensively in international health programs, especially for distribution of contraceptives and oral rehydration therapy (ORT). It is also frequently used for bringing about changes in socially significant attitudes and behaviour in such diverse areas as smoking, the use of seat belts in cars, drug abuse, heart disease, and organ donation. Social marketing is globally recognised as a key strategy for improving access to a wide range of products and services that directly and positively impact the outreach and coverage of health care. Planning of social marketing programme Social marketing applies commercial marketing skills and technologies to the analysis, planning, execution and evaluation of programs designed to influence behaviour change among target audiences in order to bring about socially beneficial health seeking behaviour. Planning a Social Marketing Programme (SMP) requires maintaining a consumer focus by addressing the different elements of the “marketing mix”, which are more commonly known as the “five Ps” : (i) a Product, (ii) its Price, (iii) its Place (or distribution), (iv) its Promotion and (v), the Partnership involved Social Marketing in India India was one of the first countries globally to adopt the social marketing of contraceptives to extend the coverage and outreach of the then family planning programme. By the end of the sixties, commercial marketing of condoms was two decades old. By 1970s, private sector companies with extensive distribution networks for consumer products were invited to assist government in improving the reach of their programmes. Government initiated massive advertising and awareness campaigns for social issues like smoking, family planning, caste discrimination, etc. Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) also began to participate in the social marketing programme, with funding from Government as also from other organisations Social issues in India Some of the social issues that has been addressed by our government are awareness about Health and hygiene among lower income group Family planning Caste discrimination smoking Alcoholism AIDS Child labour Female infanticide Marketing Techniques used by Government Some of the advertisement techniques used by government to reach the target segments are Advertisements in TV The Government prepares advertisements for specific social causes and relays it in televisions, radio, etc. The main drawback of this is around 70% of the people in villages don’t have television or radio. Hence it cannot be exclusively used especially if the target segment is lower income people or villagers. Direct campaign This is the most effective way of creating awareness. The government with help from NGOs will send officers directly to the place to teach and create awareness among the people. The officers will demonstrate how to use a product or what are the ill effects of alcoholism, smoking, etc. Print advertisement The Government give print advertisements in local newspapers, directly issue pamphlets or paste posters in the locality. Smoking Smoking is a practice in which a substance, most commonly tobacco cannabis, is burned and the smoke tasted or inhaled. This is primarily practised as a route of administration for recreational drug use; combustion releases the active substances in drugs such as nicotine and makes them available for absorption through the lungs. It can also be done as a part of rituals, to induce trances and spiritual enlightenment. The most common method of smoking today is through cigarettes, primarily industrially manufactured but also hand-rolled from loose tobacco and rolling paper. Other smoking tools include pipes, cigars, hookahs, vaporizers and bongs. It has been suggested that smoking related disease kills one half of all long term smokers but these diseases may also be contracted by non-smokers. A 2007 report states that about 4.9 million people worldwide each year die as a result of smoking. Some facts about smoking and tobacco industry The Food and Agricultural Organization has forecast an annual growth rate in global tobacco production and consumption at around 1.9%. The world market for tobacco products grew by 32% over the last five years. Global cigarette consumption has grown by 22% since 1980 and was estimated at 5,422 billion sticks in 1995. Cigarettes constitute the principal form of tobacco usage in virtually every market of the world and account for 85% of global tobacco consumption by volume and 93% by value Cigarette Industry in India India is the second largest producer of tobacco in the world after China. It produced 572 million kgs of tobacco in 2002-2003. Cigarettes, with only 14% of the Indian consumption, account for more than 85% of the total revenue from tobacco products. Reasons for smoking The common reasons for starting the habit of smoking are in order to socialise with the crowd to show masculinity influence from people you respect and admire like Friends and relatives Favourite actors and sport stars From movies Portrayals from cigarette advertisement like showing smoking is cool To calm your nerves under pressure To appear sophisticated or cool To assert your independence As a sign of protest, rebellion or to defy authority Harmful effects of Tobacco smoking Cigarette smoking is a leading cause of death in the United States. Cigarette smokers die an average of 10 years sooner than non smokers. Tobacco is responsible for over half of the deaths from cancer. The Surgeon General issued a report in 1964 saying that smoking was harmful. In 1983, cigarette smoking was ranked as the largest preventable cause of coronary heart disease (CHD). Smoking one to five cigarettes a day increases heart attack risk by 40% compared with nonsmokers, and smoking one pack per day quadruples the risk. In 1984, cigarette smoking was found to be the major cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema, for both men and women. A 2004 report stated that cigarette smoking causes diseases in nearly every organ of the body, and that it is conclusively linked to leukemia, cataracts, pneumonia and cancers of the cervix, kidney, pancreas and stomach. Unborn children and non-smokers who breathe smoke exhaled by smokers and burning tobacco (second-hand smoke) can also become sick, and thousands of smoking-related fires occur yearly. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) show that smoking kills over 440,000 people per year in the United States.[1] For comparison, approximately 400,000 Americans died in World War II, 58,000 American soldiers died during the Vietnam war, and 2,800 people died when the World Trade Center towers collapsed after being hit by two hijacked airplanes on September 11, 2001. We mourn this great loss of life. However, every year, the number of deaths caused by smoking is over 157 times greater than the World Trade Center, 7.5 greater than Vietnam, and exceeds those of World War II, but strangely, this does not cause any great outrage because we voluntarily inflict this on ourselves. Analysis of the Anti smoking campaign Government’s anti smoking campaign Our government has taken lot of initiatives to eradicate smoking. They have shown advertisements about the ill effects of smoking in Television, created print ads and also conducted direct campaigning in many villages. Our government has banned tobacco companies to advertise about smoking in television, newspaper or radio channels. Many state governments banned smoking in public places, banned movies or serials showing people smoking. . But in spite of all their efforts, smoking is growing at an alarming rate especially among teenage students because of the exposure about smoking in films, advertisements, etc. The main reason behind this is Government and Ngo’s anti smoking campaign focuses mainly on lung cancer caused because of smoking. The theme of most of their ads is smoking causes cancer. But apart from that they failed to provide any concrete reasons for stopping smoking. Cigarettes have nicotine in them which creates an addiction and cause nervousness, dizziness if a chain smoker stops smoking. Our Government is not providing solutions for these side effects. In western countries, they create awareness about nicotine patches which is available as a bandage and if a person paste that in their skin, the nicotine will reach the brain and thus reducing nervousness, dizziness, etc Another reason for the failure is they are using the same methods or advertisements for different target segments. Since each segment is completely different from others, we need a different communication strategy and methodologies. Especially teenage people don’t care about their health and hence focussing on cancer problems maynot work for them. The only thing that could affect them is embarrassment in front of their friends Target segment More than 25% of the people of India are either smoking or chewing tobacco leaves. This can be broadly classified into three categories 1. Middle age men 2. Teenage people who start smoking and 3. Village people who are used to chewing tobacco. Recently a fourth category i.e working middle age women is emerging. But since it is very small, and also they have the same mentality as middle age men, we can neglect that category. Our marketing strategy should consider all the three segments while developing an advertisement. Since these three segments are completely different from each other in behaviour, attitude, perception, etc, we cannot develop a common advertisement to create awareness about smoking which would work for all three segments. Hence the government should develop different communication objectives and strategies for different target sgment. Communication objectives for each target segment Middle age men This segment has more personal responsibilities than the other 2 segments since they have wife, children, etc. Hence the best strategy is to create awareness about the harmful effects of smoking. These people smoke because they are already addicted to smoking and they could not stop themselves from smoking. The best communication strategies the government could use for them are Increase awareness The most important communication objective for this group is to create awareness about the harmful effects of smoking among people. They should stress the fact that smoking causes lung cancer and other fatal effects. They can also show the struggles of the families without them. Currently, the government is doing this by telecasting advertisements, direct campaigning and print media. Telecasting advertisements are probably the best strategy for this target segment. Induce trial In order to help them in getting over their addiction, the government should also advertise about nicotine patch which will reduce the nervousness and restlessness caused by quitting smoking. They should improve the distribution channel and also should provide discount for nicotine patches. Village people who chew tobacco For these people direct campaigning is the most effective way. The government along with some NGOs can go to villages and create awareness about tobacco chewing. In villages, there would be some leaders for each group. If the NGOs convinced them about the harmful effect, then they could easily make other people in the group to quit tobacco. This technique called diffusion will reduce the cost considerably. Teenage people This target segment doesn’t have any responsibilities and hence they don’t care about their health. They start smoking because they think it is cool and one of the easiest ways to socialise with others. They watch movies, sports and idolises the movie stars and sport stars. Most of the movies show the hero smoking during pressure times or happy times. Heroines would fall in love with the hero after seeing the hero smoking in a stylish way. Also most of the sport stars smoke and it is shown in television. After seeing all these things, the teenage people would come to a conclusion that smoking is really cool and in order to be in a group or to get a girl friend one has to smoke. They would also be influenced by the people they like father, brother, etc. We can explain this using ABC model of Attributes ABC model for teenage people Initially after watching all those movie stars and sport stars, they develop an attitude towards the product, i.e. they feel that it would be cool to smoke. The attitude towards the object is proportional to the exposure they get i.e. number of people they saw smoking and enjoying. After developing an attitude towards cigarettes, they will buy it and start smoking. They learn how to smoke and finally, they form an opinion based on the usage. Then they try to learn more about the different cigarette brands and different way of smoking. If they get addicted to the object, this stage will be lengthy i.e. they try different ways to get high. This will lead to using drugs, alcohol, etc. Ultimately, they will become drug addicts. Actions to be taken The normal government advertisements showing smoking as a cause of lung cancer will not work with the teenagers. Since they are not concerned about their health and try to live in the moment. They will take any risk to get into a group or to socialise with others. They think making friends is more important than their health. In order to change their attitude, the government could take the following actions The first thing the government should do is to ban showing smoking scenes in movies, television or news papers, etc. This will help in altering the perception of young people. Some of the state government already banned smoking in public, showing smoking in movies, etc. For example Tamil Nadu government banned smoking 5 years ago and because of that Tamil super star like Rajnikant stopped smoking in the screen. This will go a long way in changing the perception of the teenagers. Also government can use these stars for their anti smoking campaigns. The second and most important thing is the communication objectives. The communication objectives should be different for teenagers from the traditional campaigning Communication objectives for teenagers Increase awareness Since the teenagers don’t care about their health, the government should try a different angle. The thing that teenagers don’t like is getting embarrassed in front of friends, girlfriends and parents. Hence, the government could create awareness about harmful effect which would embarrass the teenagers. For example, they can communicate that Smoking causes impotency to boys and female infertility among girls. This will have an impact on the teenagers since they don’t want to be embarrassed in front of other. Change Perception Using the above method, the government can change the perception of the teenagers about smoking. This will make them realise that smoking is not that cool. As already mentioned above, if the government ban people from smoking in public or in movies, etc, perceptions can be changed. Induce trial This communication objective is for teenagers who are already addicted to smoking. Here, the government should induce them to use nicotine patch in order to make them quit smoking. Since these people would be unemployed, the government should initiatives like selling them in discount or giving it for free especially for school and college people. Using the above analysis, I have come up with a storyboard for anti smoking campaign for teenage people. This is specifically for boys. For goilrs we can change the issue from impotency to female infertility. Thee crux of the advertisement is that effects like impotency will have a huge impact in people’s life. In fact in many cases it has lead to suicide. If we stress these issues using advertisements, there is a good chance that we could eradicate smoing.

Answer 4 Questions Regarding My TOPIC CHOICE for ENGLISH COURSE (MCLEAN)

Answer 4 Questions Regarding My TOPIC CHOICE for ENGLISH COURSE (MCLEAN). Can you help me understand this English question?

Topic 1: Cellphones in School
I think that this is an important topic to talk about when it comes to middle school and high school students being able to have cellphones while in class. Granite, I do not think that they should be allowed to have them at the desk no, because it would be distracting. however with all of the school shootings that have been going on in the country I think that if more students had immediate access to their cell phones and the classrooms some lives may have been saved and first responders may have been called sooner.
Just like any writing project, completing these essays will involve a series of steps. Your first steps will include, specifically:

Choosing one current and compelling issue that can serve as a topic for both research essays.
Researching multiple viewpoints on the issue.
Compiling your research.
Articulating research questions that will guide you in your process: an open-ended question for the Rogerian and a yes/no question for the Classical.

In last week’s group discussion you identified three initial topic ideas. Through the week, you’ve probably gotten a better idea of what you’d actually like to pursue, and perhaps even had new ideas in the meantime.
For this assignment, I’d like you to narrow your options down to ONE. For this ONE potential research topic, draft a paragraph of exploration including the following:

what the topic is, and why it appeals to you
questions you have about the topic you didn’t already know the answers to
an overview of some initial quick research you’ve done on the topic (Google & Wikipedia are fine for our purposes here), including at least one new discovery for you about the issue
what you’d hope to be able to prove to your reader about this issue in a research essay about it

This is an informal assignment, though matters of proofreading and grammar are always helpful to check over before submitting.
This ONE TOPIC can come straight from your list of 3 that you submitted to the last week’s discussion, OR you can come up with a new idea.
Answer 4 Questions Regarding My TOPIC CHOICE for ENGLISH COURSE (MCLEAN)

LOG205 – Transport Management GBA

essay writer free LOG205 – Transport Management GBA. I’m stuck on a Business question and need an explanation.

Hi there, this assignment that is based on Singapore based industry.
This is the assignment. Attached file: LOG205 Transport Management GBA
The requirements for this assignment are:
1. Tutor is only required to answer Question 2. Total word count should preferably not exceed 1000 words for each question (excluding figures, tables, and references if any).
2. Question 2’s answer to be submitted before the due date which is on the 12th Feb 2019, Wednesday, Singapore Time. Not your time zone but mine. Due to the many experience with other tutors who do not meet this requirement I had to put this clause in.
3. It is required that the assignment has a lot of research to be done.
4. Citation are APA Style.
5. The English language is British English.
6. Please use the course material provided as much as possible. (Study Guide)
7. Quick response from the tutor is much needed.
Please bid this assignment if you are up to the task of Singapore Standard, as I have a few disappointed experience of only getting a 60 marks. I am looking for a 75-80 marks work.
The datelines are to be met and if failure to do so, will be requested to cancel. Datelines are in Singapore timeline.
Thank you for your kind understanding. I hope to work well with you.
LOG205 – Transport Management GBA

An Academic Statement of Purpose is required for your application. Be sure to check your academic program of interest

An Academic Statement of Purpose is required for your application. Be sure to check your academic program of interest for any specific requirements regarding the statement. If there are no specific program requirements, your statement of approximately 500 words should address your intellectual interests, academic and professional objectives, and proposed topic(s) of graduate study. Some points to include, as appropriate, are: your preparation and motivation for graduate study, including your academic, research and work experience; how the Georgetown program of interest aligns with your preparation and experience; for Ph.D. candidates, how particular faculty interests in your desired program align with your educational goals. A secondary optional statement may be completed to address personal background. As Georgetown is a diverse, global community, we encourage you to upload a brief statement of approximately 500 words to help the Admissions Committee understand the contribution your personal background would make to our community. As appropriate, you may wish to address any obstacles or challenges you have overcome; any educational, familial, cultural, economic, and social experiences that have helped to shape your educational and professional goals; or how your background (e.g., first generation student, resident outside the U.S.) or activities (e.g., community service and leadership) will contribute to the Georgetown community.

HU Description and Analysis of 2010 Prostitute with Douche Research Paper

HU Description and Analysis of 2010 Prostitute with Douche Research Paper.

(Great English is a must!! No grammar errors!) (Paper with grammar errors or incoherent sentences won’t be accepted) (Min 2 Pages, Double Spaced,Apa Format) ——————————– Subject of the paper: The selected artist is Mary Reid Kelley Requirement: Write a 2 pages research essay. Once you have chosen your artist, research their work in more depth. An artist’s website is the best place to start. Many of these artists are also featured on Art 21 or The Art Assignment. After you have a broad understanding of the artist’s practice, pick a SINGLE drawing by that artist and analyze it in your paper. Other information: No plagiarism, No grammar errors Format: APA FormatNo plagiarism is acceptedOnly academic resources should be used, no older than 5 years oldAdhere to the requested number of words/pagesNo Grammar errors ( refunds will be asked for incoherent/ full of grammar errors papers) *** The work will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin by the professor. It is essential for everything to be free of plagiarism otherwise sanctions will be imposed*** ——– Thank you for your support
HU Description and Analysis of 2010 Prostitute with Douche Research Paper

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