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Plastic Surgery for Medical Reasons write essay help an annotated bibliography example

There were 14. 6 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures performed in 2012 alone (Minimally). People are getting plastic surgery for psychological needs. Some people may need it because of low self-esteem, depression, society, and more. People may go to the extreme and may commit suicide because of how people make fun of them; this is where plastic surgery can be a solution. There are many benefits to getting plastic surgery and the safety of these procedures has increased.

There are many different types of plastic surgery, why people get it, what choices you should make, an ncrease in how many people get it, and the psychosocial need of getting surgery. Plastic surgery refers to surgical correction or restoration of a form of function to change the appearance of one’s body or characteristics. There are many different types of plastic surgery that surgeons do to make people feel better about themselves. Below I have listed some of the different types of surgeries that people have that are the most common. Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, makes the abdomen area firmer.

Blepharoplasty reshapes the upper or lower eyelid. Breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift to enlarge, reduce and reshape the breasts. Buttock augmentation is to either lift or enlarge the buttocks through inter section of implants. Chemicals are used to improve and smooth the facial skin that is affected by acne, pock, scars, or wrinkles. Face-lift’s to minimize the wrinkles by removal of excess facial skin. Liposuction is to remove the fat from different parts of the body, typically from the abdomen, buttock and thighs.

Rhinoplasty is to reshape he nose and otoplasty is to reshape the ear; mostly to bring them closer to the head. Chin augmentation is to reshape the chin using implants and cheek augmentation to reshape the cheekbones using implants (Types). There are many different types of surgeries you can have done, but it’s not only minimal to surgeries. This decision is personal to make of ones well being for these types of procedures. People become more proud of whom they are after they have fixed their body part that they wanted altered.

People need to be confident in their looks. These procedures are for altering one’s looks; they need to feel better about the way they look. A lot of people tell you that there are so many complications that can go wrong, but really they are Just trying to scare you out of getting surgery. There are complications, but they are very rare because of technology these days. Plastic surgery has been increasing because of the need to fit into society. The result of looking in the media about getting plastic surgery is that we are more image conscious.

We look at models and actresses and elebrities and many people want to look like them; this is a sign of society showing that good and looks are a sign of success. In the earlier years it wasn’t an issue that people needed to look thin and pretty to be liked. The lower cost of surgery gives more options for people who want plastic surgery; they can get it because its price is reduced. One of the biggest reasons people want plastic surgery is because it is available and because they can get it. In the future I can still see plastic surgery increasing in growth over the years.

To get educated on what procedure you want to do, look at books, read articles, and talk to specialists. The surgeon my give you a brief explanation on what these complications are. Decide on a surgeon you want to they have done in the past that is the same procedure you are about to do. Plastic surgery has been so open to society because many celebrities are open to talk about it. If there weren’t consistent, good, predictable results, we wouldn’t be doing the surgery. Plastic surgery is increasing yearly, whether its minor or major types of surgery.

The greater the number of times a plastic surgeon does a procedure, the greater the chance he is more likely to perfect what he will be reconstructing on people. I think technology has improved as well, how it has become safer. The rates from 2011 to 2012 have increase by five percent. In 2012 there were 14. 6 million plastic surgery procedures done, including the minimally invasive procedures. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASAP) has calculated the statistics on the three different types of surgeries.

Cosmetic minimally invasive procedures increased six ercent, with more than 13 million procedures in 2012. The top five procedures were botulinum toxin type A, soft tissue fillers, chemical peel, laser hair removal, and microdermabrasion. The cosmetic surgical procedures had about 1. 6 million procedures in 2012. The top five procedures were breast augmentation, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, liposuction, and face-lift. Reconstructive plastic surgery, which improves function and appearance to abnormal structures, has increased one percent in 2012.

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