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Planning and preparing for writing Essay will be about La siesta del martes by Gabriel Garcia marquez English version

Planning and preparing for writing

Essay will be about La siesta del martes by Gabriel Garcia marquez English version is available and will be attached here:

1. Reacting to a play
o Choose the play you want to write your essay about. What do you think of this play? What do you think its message is? In the space below make a list of sentences or quotes that express the author’s intent.
o Reread the quotes you have written down and answer the following questions.
What is the main theme of the play?

In what way does the author express a message?

2. Examine technique
o Pay attention to the literary or cinematic technique used by the author: irony, repetition, stereotypes, puns, metaphors, etc.
o In this table you can write the technique used in the play, as well as add the quotes you wrote before. 3. Analyze the work
A. Study the work you chose by looking at the following points and writing down your thoughts about it.
o How is it organized (paragraphs, sections, style)?

o What is the overall message of the play?

o What kind of language and tone does the author use in the work (formal, informal, sarcastic, ironic, etc.)? How do you know?

4. Writing: use the information you have gathered to write a literary analytical essay. Follow these steps to write:
o Introduction:
▪ Introduce the title and author(s) of the work. Briefly explain the main theme of the work containing a well-developed thesis. In the introduction you may also incorporate a brief summary of the work in general terms or background information relevant to the topic to be discussed. The introduction should be only a small paragraph of approximately 12 sentences.

o Development: analysis of the work:
▪ Describe in detail your interpretation of the play following the notes and information you gathered. Use details and quotes to illustrate your analysis. Since this essay is of considerable length 6 to 8 quotes is appropriate to include. In direct quotations, please include page from the play and at the end of the essay note the bibliography.
▪ All points of your interpretation should be directed to your thesis.
▪ Analyze the play (your interpretation), do not quote the story or what happened in history.

▪ Briefly summarize and explain what you think the author(s) intention was. To conclude, give your personal opinion and justify it (without using: “in my opinion”, “I think”, use more academic expressions such as “It is clear that the author presents us…and therefore….”.).