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Pierce College William Shakespeares The Tempest Discussion Essay

Pierce College William Shakespeares The Tempest Discussion Essay.

The Tempest is in many ways a play about the theater and about theatrical operations and effects.The Tempest is especially dependent on its stagings: the choices a director makes in his or her casting, the style of acting, costume, make-up, music, and special theatrical effects are likely to determine an audience’s understanding of the play.Choose a crucial scene and discuss the how you would direct it in order to achieve your interpretation of the scene. First, explain why you have the chosen this particular scene: what is its significance for your understanding of the play? How does it address the crucial thematic issues (colonial conquest, power & authority, artistry and stagecraft, etc.) that we have explored in this play. Second, describe the effects you want to create with your staging, the interpretation you hope to realize on your imaginary stage. And then give as precise account as possible of your staging of the scene: what would an audience see? How would you direct the actors? What effects would you use? How would you make use of the stage directions? You need not use any technical language of the stage, but be as precise as possible in your account of the theatrical elements you are employing.Be sure to address all relevant aspects of the scene; and justify your choices with close attention to the language of the scene. Two pages, single-spaced.
Pierce College William Shakespeares The Tempest Discussion Essay

NURS 307 WCU Current Theory and Clinical Class With Concepts and Theories Reflection.

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“Please break your paper into 3 paragraphs with headings addressing the 3 parts of the rubric. I understand that this was an unusual term for those of you doing telehealth and swift river. Please address how your telehealth or swift river met course objectives, demonstrated leadership, interprofessionalism, and basically how it helped you grow as a nurse. Swift River actually offers quite a bit of opportunities for for you to think like an RN and prioritize and delegate. If you cannot match the rubric topics to your experience than say that and describe. (Reminder that a paragraph should be no more than 3/4 a page). This paper should be about 1 page in length.”I have attached the rubric as well as 2 sample papers.
NURS 307 WCU Current Theory and Clinical Class With Concepts and Theories Reflection

Grantham Graph Data Structures Console Application Project

Grantham Graph Data Structures Console Application Project.

Graphs are frequently used in social networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook where each member is represented with the vertex.Furthermore, each vertex is a structure with the fields: NameMember IDGenderStatus Create a console application capable of managing members. It should be able to add a new member, delete a member, add a friend, and display a list of all friends for a member. When started, the application will display a welcome message with the current date and the following menu: Add member: Program creates new vertex and adds new member to the graph.Member information consists of Name, Member ID, Gender, and Status saved in the structure.Delete Member: program deletes member from the graphAdd Friend:Program adds the friend to the existing memberList Friends: Program lists all friends for the particular member. Submission Create a Microsoft Word document name IP1_YourName.docx2. Take
screenshots, with timestamps, of each menu item in use to show a successful
compile and successful run. Paste the screenshots into the Word document. NOTE:
Failure to provide screenshots with time stamps will result in a score of 1.
3. Copy
your code into the Word document. For each line of the code provide a
description explaining what it does
Grantham Graph Data Structures Console Application Project

After reading the assigned chapters in Everyday Bible Study (Chapters 1-5), create a learning log that lists 10 quotes

assignment writer After reading the assigned chapters in Everyday Bible Study (Chapters 1-5), create a learning log that lists 10 quotes from the assigned reading that highlight either a concept that resonated with you or a concept that represents new learning for you. Following each of these quotes, you must provide a 3-5 sentence explanation of how the selected quote represents either what resonated with you or this new learning. For an example of this type of thread, please see the provided example.

Sears’ Mission and Vision Paper Report (Assessment)

Currently, vision and mission statements have been diluted in the business world to the extent that they have become less significant (Whiteley, 2007). As such, visions and missions have been mainly identified with unenthusiastic connotations. Nonetheless, when utilized appropriately vision and mission statements have proved to be very helpful. Poorly structured vision and mission statements are misplaced opportunities for drawing and enhancing organizational culture, enhancing productivity, and drawing and preserving new talent. Researchers have shown that corporations that have distinct vision and mission statements that are supported with tactical strategies do better than those who do not (Whiteley, 2007). Therefore, vision and mission statements offer organizations with bearing. Through this, corporations can be able to implement actions that guide their businesses forward and keep away from allocating capital to actions that do not (Whiteley, 2007). In their absence, the organizations will find it very difficult to come up with a unified plan. In this article, mission and vision statement of Sears Holdings is analyzed. Sears Holdings’ mission statement assert that the corporation is focused on expanding their businesses by means of offering excellent goods and services at a huge value when and where their clients require them, and by creating optimistic, permanent relations with their clients (Shop internationally at Sears, 2014). On the other hand, the corporation’s vision is to be the favored and be the most reliant store for goods and services that improve home and family lives. Based on the above mission and vision statements, the organization aims are augmenting their clients’ trust, acting with honesty in all they do, treating all persons fairly, being answerable for their acts, and winning as a group. Currently, there are over 4000 Sears’s stores in North America. Despite its growth, the company is currently fighting to gain profits. At the present, the company’s production is worsening on all levels amid a cutthroat environment. In the recent past, the company recorded murky Q1 incomes resulting in a huge net loss of $2.62 per share (Shop internationally at Sears, 2014). The precipitous slide was way below what the analysts had anticipated at a loss of $0.60 per share. In the same report, the company’s revenues had decreased by nine percent to $8.74 billion. The slide was below what financial forecasters had predicted at $8.74 billion. The company’s management team blamed the adverse weather for the losses. However, their claims fail to validate for the deterioration in the struggling Kmart sections. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The company’s financial records indicate that the corporation sales have been declining for the past six years. The only optimistic performance was that the company recorded a growth of 20% in its online sales (Shop internationally at Sears, 2014). Nonetheless, an increase in online sales does not imply that the company is in a turnaround process. Without immediate interventions, the company is expected to perform poorly through to the year 2016. To reduce on the losses and to stage a comeback, the corporation has put in place measure that will ensure that it gets lean, focus on men’s clothing, and concentrate more on their core services. Notably, for the last few years the organization has been able to operate majorly owing to trades of its real estate section. The shutdown of a number of its Kmart stores has helped the corporation reduce its operation costs. However, the shutdown of a number of its store is not enough for the company to get lean. The company should invest hugely in the remaining stores. Equally, strict inventory management has helped the company from increasing its losses. Despite this, it is apparent that Sears is short of the one vital thing that will enable it to turnaround. As such, the company should come up with an appropriate plan that will enable it to reverse the declining losses and return to their prestigious position in the market. Through this, the corporations can be able to implement actions that guide their businesses forward and keep away from allocating capital to actions that do not. A good vision statement should indicate what the business is all about, where the business wants to be in the future, the clients the organizations wants to engage relate to, and connect with the mission and be different from it (Carpenter, Bauer,

Prime Insurance Company Limited Strategic Plan Commerce Essay

It is with great excitement that we present our corporate Strategic growth Plan for Prime insurance Company Ltd. In accordance with the directives of the National Insurance Commission, Prime Insurance Company Ltd. is an implementing forward-thinking initiatives as a way of growing the insurance industry in our great nation. These initiatives complement and build upon the strategies and commitments we made in our previous strategic plan, which is helping us grow the income of our shareholders, create and retain a strong company image and expand productivity through innovation. This new insurance growth plan is designed to fulfil these goals – and many more – creating a vibrant, expanding insurance industry in Ghana. Not only does the insurance industry protect millions of Ghanaians from financial loss, but it also represents an important economic engine for our country. Insurance companies employ about 1,000 Ghanaians, whose wages total nearly GHS 500,000. More than 25 insurance companies and Insurance brokers as well as agents operate in and around the country. All told, Ghana is among the countries in the West African sub -region. We want to let our young people know about these career opportunities in the industry. This is an industry-driven strategic growth plan. Key individuals with expertise in all insurance fields provided direction and guidance in developing these initiatives. We are grateful for their input, knowledge and experience during this process. As we look to our future, we are confident that there are opportunities to grow Ghana’s insurance sector even further, expanding insurance jobs throughout the country. Ghana’s insurance industry has a rich history and with the help of our new growth initiatives, we will build upon this foundation to bring a bright economic future for all Ghanaians. We are truly excited about the opportunities and partnerships that lie ahead as we grow one of Ghana’s most prominent and promising industries. The operationalization of the Mission and Vision of Prime Insurance Company Ltd. is embodied in its Strategic Development Plan. The company has embarked a five-year strategic plan for the years 2012-2017 with the first 2 (two) years (2012-2014) being presented as a first medium-term plan. The First Medium Term Plan is the roadmap showing where, what, and how the company is going to be steered in the next two years. The plan consolidates the projects and activities of the different units in the company towards a synergistic, coherent and financially viable program with specified timelines. This Strategic Plan is expected to promote efficiency, allocate resources effectively, enhance transparency, and identify accountabilities. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Studies have shown that the insurance industry is considered as a business affected by public interest (Crawford, 1998). This is due to the fact that in the event of any mishaps, businesses and society at large are brought to their feet. Jobs which would have been closed down because of such unfortunate disasters like fire, burglary, or general accident would be indemnified and brought back to its former pecuniary position. Insurance can be classified as part of the service industry since is sells products which are not tangible, it is therefore necessary that the client is not only satisfied with the product or service offered but must also be satisfied with the whole service encounter. For this rich customer experience to be possible , companies must institute a strategic approach to providing the best services through a process of continuous improvement of every aspect of the company’s operations with the involvement of staff at all levels. In recent times when the markets are so saturated and sophisticated, with competition among insurance companies very keen, it is highly imperative that 21st century insurance companies such as Prime Insurance review their operations to suite current standards in order to achieve competitive advantage and one of the ways in which this can be achieved is by deploying the full components, philosophies, tools, techniques and systems associated with total quality management. INTRODUCTION Developed countries have seen significant improvement in their economies because the insurance industry contributes immensely to economic growth by converting savings made by individuals into assets. Since the funds raised by the industry are long term in nature. Clearly, the insurance sector undoubtedly remains crucial in the development of every economy by providing jobs and contributing significantly to a country’s GDP (Mensah, 2008; lovelock and writs 2007). It is in this regard that the United Nations conference on trade and development (UNCTAD) in 1994, gave an indication that a sound national insurance market is an essential characteristic for economic growth. In Ghana, the insurance industry is about 76 year old; however, the production linkage of insurance and national development is relatively low in Ghana (Mensahopcit). In Ghana most insurance companies were composite; underwriting both life and non-life policies. However in 2008, the enactment of an insurance law empowered the national insurance commission to ensure that all insurance companies split into life companies, and General business companies. (NIC Report 2006) This policy coupled with the trade liberalization policies in Ghana led to the incessant influx of Nigerian insurance companies into Ghana. Currently, there are about 36 insurance companies in Ghana. (NIC, 2006) Prime Insurance Company Limited is a product of the determination of professional lay members of Assemblies of God Professionals Network. Prime was registered as a limited liability company in September 2004 under the Companies Code of 1963 ACT to provide insurance services. Services/products offerred: liability insurances bonds insurance motor insurance pecuniary loss construction and engineering aviation insurance goods-in transit marine insurance Slowly but steadily the company has been able to increase its market share. This milestone achievement has been made possible by the offering of quality insurance products at parity prices. The company has been able to build a good image and has consequently earned the trust of its clients because of the quality products and services offered through adherence to best practices and continuous improvement, which is made possible by involving all staff at different levels to provide the best value for clients. It is imperative to note that, for a company to serve its intended purpose and also contribute positively to the growth of an economy largely depends on its ability to provide quality products and services that will meet the client’s expectations. PROCESS DOCUMENTATION Overview In preparing this strategic plan the company reviewed its previous strategic plans and evaluated its success in achieving the goals set forth therein. Two department-wide goals that flow down to program level have developed. We believe that the goals, objectives and indicators presented in this strategic plan reflect what we expect to achieve and provide good measures of our progress toward those achievements. Our concentrated efforts increase the number of quality insurers doing business in the country, and to stabilize the property insurance market in Ghana. On-going efforts to serve the consumers whose interests we protect and the producers are tied closely to our ability to keep pace with technological advances. On-line producer licensing and premium tax filings are two areas where we have made great strides. Changes in the role of the Insurance Rating Commission have changed certain functions within the industry. Our on-going efforts as consumer advocate have been increased in the aftermath of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. There have been relatively few changes to performance indicators. Some former Key and Supporting indicators have been moved to General indicator status; some General indicators have been eliminated because we believe that they are no longer relevant to the plan and/or provide little or no useful information to the department and to others who review this plan. Hence, a few new indicators have been created to better reflect the activities of those divisions. THE VISION, MISSION, AND GOALS OF PRIME INSURANCE Like all other modern organisations, Prime Insurance is guided by a set of fundamental statements. These are its Vision, Mission and Goals (VMGs). They state how the company seeks to eventually be, as an agency in society; what it aims to achieve, as a player in the insurance industry and how it seeks to measure its success. These are the basic policy statements of the company, in that they clearly define what the company intends to be. Secondly, they state the fundamental principles on which the company stands on and from which it derives its raison d’etre and purpose. Thus, they are the “givens” insofar as how Prime shall seek to do things. OUR VISION Prime Insurance Company Ltd. is The State of Perfect Balance® – a place where every individual can achieve a balance between growing economic prosperity and a fulfilling quality of life. OUR CORPORATE MISSION Prime Insurance Company Ltd. is dedicated to providing insurance products that provide quality protection with value pricing. We wish to establish a successful partnership with our clients, our staff members, and our insurance companies, that respect the interests and goals of each party. Success will be measured by our clients choosing us because of their belief in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations of price, service, and expertise. Thus, we hope to enhance the business climate for Ghana’s insurance industry and develop innovative ways to retain and create quality insurance products for Ghanaians. OUR VISION We will be the model provider of total insurance products through innovative and responsive partnerships with our customers and each other. OUR PHILOSOPHY The philosophy of the Prime Insurance Company Ltd. is that its responsibilities as the player of the insurance industry in the country impacts the quality of life of citizens because the availability and affordability of insurance through financially sound insurers is essential to economic development, maintaining existing business and industry and the protection of the lives and property of citizens. OUR GOALS By focusing on its strengths, its present client base, and new value priced products in the next year, Prime Insurance plans to increase gross sales by 10% and profit by 15%. Our Keys to Success and critical factors for the next five (5) years are, in order of importance: Identify “Target Markets.” Institute our Property inspection program. Begin our “Insurance Partners” program. Develop a profitable property program. Provide small businesses with an affordable basic business package. Prime Insurance Company Ltd. has been profitable since its establishment. However, recently the company has had declining market share and this must be addressed. Our goals therefore are: To share the Prime story: Market Prime Insurance’s strengths to both domestic and foreign clients. Strengthen our strengths: Enhance the attractiveness of our business climate. Cultivate top talent: Attract and retain insurance industry talent while promoting employment opportunities in the industry. Invest in our assets: Invigorate our presence nationwide Focus on our customers A long-term financial viability. Provide a holistic and responsive service to clients To re-establish Prime Insurance Company Ltd. as the market leader in quality and value-priced insurance products in Ghana. Establish good working relationships with our present insurance markets by meeting with their decision makers and plotting a mutual plan for success. Get commitments for support and products that we can market in our trading area. Investigate new markets that meet our marketing criteria by committing to small rural brokerage, providing products suitable to our economic and social climate, and plan for the upload and download of insurance policies. Provide sales incentives to staff to meet sales goals of 10%. Complete inspection of all Pilot homeowners within one month before renewal date. Formulate plans to acquire a brokerage Prime Insurance Company Ltd. is dedicated to providing insurance products that provide quality protection with value pricing. We wish to establish a successful partnership with our clients, our staff members, and our insurance companies, that respect the interests and goals of each party. Success will be measured by our clients choosing us because of their belief in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations of price, service, and expertise. In order to implement our strategic goals, we will focus on developing the following tools. Knowledgeable, friendly staff that can empathize with our consumers’ needs and circumstances, especially in handling a loss. Policies that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients, and that are affordable, available, and understandable. Policies and endorsements delivered on time with minimal errors. A commitment to an annual insurance review for all of our clients. A phone call is more than any direct mass marketer offers. We believe personal contact and service is the cornerstone of our success. Prime Insurance primarily markets and services Personal Lines Insurance. Its customers are mostly rural, lower income families or long-time resident senior citizens who demand value priced insurance premiums in keeping with their lower and fixed incomes. We also provide insurance to small business, mostly family-run seasonal operations primarily focused on the tourist trade. We have stressed to our insured the importance of good communication between the broker and client to insure proper coverage is in place. We have noticed as our clients become better informed about insurance that there has been a tremendous increase in clients wishing in-depth discussions about their policy coverage and how they can get the most value for their insurance premium. Our company’s strength lies in the quality and depth of our products and staff. Because of our larger staff, we are able to service our clients even when a client’s broker is busy or out of the office on inspections. OUR STRATEGIES Sales Strategy We want to emphasize the benefit of dealing with professionals who live and work in our catchment area. We know their needs and their problems and we have a local reputation to protect, unlike an out-of-town market. If the out-of-town broker fails to provide proper cover or advice, they lose one client. We could stand to lose many if the public perceives a professional failure on our part. Competitive prices for our identified target markets. We will offer discounts of up to 50% as No Claim Discounts (NCD)for claims-free clients who renew their home insurance with us. Pricing Strategy Our customers are especially sensitive to value. We must ensure that our price and service are perceived to be good value to our client. Our markets must offer several payment options to our clients that are convenient to the client, not just to the company. Example – payment on insured’s preferred day of month, not on the company’s, and accepting payment in instalments. Many insured are on a fixed income and receive their income on a set day of each month or a paycheck on a particular day. We encourage staff to concentrate on our “Target Market.” Many of our companies are now focusing on what they have perceived to be profitable niche markets, where they can offer a competitive product with little, if any, competition. We are seeing our commercial markets now moving toward basic coverage and limiting the “bells and whistles,” all-risk products available to only those clients who have modern, well-managed, profitable, low-risk operations. This should help stabilize pricing and, even more important, ensure that there is an insurance market available for most risks. Continued insistence by the industry on better protection, i.e. fire and burglar alarms, upgrading of buildings, etc., have started to lower loss ratios. Marketing Strategy Emphasize service and support. Build a partnership business based on account selling. Focus on senior, claims-free personal lines business and the profitable, well-run, small family business. Target small, non-franchise business that does not have access to group insurance plans. Investigate acquiring other brokerages in our area. OUR VALUES We approach every aspect of our work with the highest standards of integrity. We value our customers. We use our resources effectively. We approach our work as a professional team. We treat each other as we wish to be treated ourselves. Loyalty and absolute honesty. We encourage initiative and change in a dynamic business environment. We put employee safety first. OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES Be the change maker, instead of simply reacting to change. Work in a seamless collaboration with the public, non-profit, and private sector partners; locally and regionally. Invest in what matters most. Innovate with new, more effective solutions and create a positive customer experience. Execute, organize, and align to achieve our goals. A CONSIDERATION OF PRIME INSURANCE COMPANY’S STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES, AND THREATS (SWOT ANALYSIS) The company considered perceptions of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) within our existing and unfolding macro, external, and internal environments. These are seen as pertinent to our Vision, Mission, and Goals. Each operating facet of the company undertook the exercise. Below is a consolidation of what were identified at these operating levels, and summarized for the whole company as an organisation. Strengths: The company gets most of its businesses from the Assemblies of God church, which has a very large membership nationwide. Prime Insurance has strong sales team. The company has excellent risk analysts. Premium rates are increasing and so are commissions. Our variety of products is increasing. Prospects expect more services from our brokers. Weaknesses The company is not able to meet shareholders at regular Annual General Meetings (AGMs) to brief them on the progress or challenges of the company. Prime Insurance is often slow to respond to changing needs in the industry. There is an increasing trend of financial weakness in the company. There are more competitors for agencies to compete with banks and Internet players. The company has a poor portfolio of insurance policies. Prime has a small size relative to competitors and other players in the industry. Opportunities The company has potential new insurance clients. The ability to cross sell financial services is barely being tapped. The company’s technology is improving to the point that paperless transactions are available. The company’s client’s increasing need for an “insurance consultant” can open new ways to service them and generate income. Threats The increasing cost and need for insurance might hit a point where a backlash will occur. Government regulations on issues like health care, mold and terrorism can quickly change the direction of insurance. Increasing expenses and lower profit margins will hit hard on the smaller agencies and insurance companies. Increasing expenses and lower profit margins will hit hard on the smaller agencies and insurance companies.