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Physics homework help

Physics homework help. Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 7 from the Harr‚ (2006) e-book as well as the required Maslow (1943), Freud (1910), Bandura (1999), and the United States Office of Personnel Management (n.d.) articles.One approach to understanding personality is using trait theories. The most influential trait approach contends that five traits, or factors called the “Big 5,” lie at the core of personality. The five factors are Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (Emotional Stability).ÿThis week, you will complete two different versions of the Big 5 Personality Test. First, go through theÿQualtrics platformÿto take the complete test online . After you have completed the online test, you will see a link to download the Big Five Personality Short Form document version. Click the link and save the Big Five Personality Short Form document to your computer. Complete and score the short form version within the downloaded document. Once you have completed both the online and document versions attach the completed document short form to your initial post. In the discussion forum analyze and briefly explain the Big 5 Personality Test as a scientific tool. Detail your experience with both the online and document versions and give your opinion as to which of the two provided the better experience. Be sure to cite specific reasons for your statements.Using the PSY600ÿMaking Sense of the Big 5 Personality Short Formÿtool as a guide, analyze the results from your document version. (Note: This is for educational purposes. There is no right or wrong personality type.) Assess how accurate the results are based on your understanding of yourself and the results as analyzed. Refute any areas with which you disagree providing examples which may disprove the assessment results. Evaluate the contemporary applications of personality tests today using the information provided in the United States Office of Personnel Management (n.d.) article on assessment and selection. Assess how knowing one’s personality type can benefit them personally and professionally.Guided Response:ÿReview several of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two of your peers by 11:59 p.m. on Day 7 of the week. You are encouraged to post your required replies earlier in the week to promote more meaningful and interactive discourse in this discussion.ÿCompare and contrast your experience completing and analyzing your results of the Big 5 Personality Test with that of your peer. What insights did you gain from reviewing your peer?s experience with this personality assessment? Did these insights change your mind about your own results? Compare your assessment of the benefits of knowing one?s personality type on personal and professional life to that of your peer. Comment on any differences between your classmate?s statements and your own. Provide suggestions as to how your classmate might view this type of assessment in a different light. Continue to monitor the discussion forum until 5:00 p.m. MST on Day 7 of the week and respond to anyone who replies to your initial post.Carefully review theÿDiscussion Forum Grading Rubricÿfor the criteria that will be used to evaluate this Discussion Thread.Physics homework help
College of Mount Saint Vincent Stages of Decomposition of a Human Body Discussion.

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Discussion #4: During this chapter, we have learned about death investigations, the decomposition of the human body, tools to aid us in developing information on a deceased body, and so on. Time of death is a critical component of a death investigation. Three times of death can be determined-Legal (time of death called by a Coroner or Doctor only), Physiological-the actual moment the human body ceases to function, and Estimated-created from the resulting evidence. Three pieces of evidence that can determine information on the Estimated time of death are what I like to call “the Mortis Brothers”. Discuss these three Mortises from the chapter and answer the following:Define each type of mortisDiscuss what they mean with regards to time of death-when do they appear?Discuss what other pieces of information they can provide?Why do they work together?Finally, discuss how you feel understanding the “mortis brothers” can help in death investigation cases, and why this information is necessary. Use examples from cases in the book or other sources to support your discussion.Remember-READ the instructions for writing a Discussion Board. Your initial post MUST BE AT LEAST 300 WORDS IN LENGTH; if shorter, you will be marked down. There is no limit to the length. YOU MUST RESPOND TO TWO CLASSMATES’ POSTS. Click on the post, then click on Add a Comment to respond. EACH of these two posts must be AT LEAST 200 WORDS IN LENGTH! You must include at least one citation and reference in your post in APA 7 format. If any evidence or data is used in responses to classmates, these must also be cited and referenced in the response. If no citation(s) and reference(s) points will be lost.
College of Mount Saint Vincent Stages of Decomposition of a Human Body Discussion

NUR 210 Cedar Crest College Three Strategies that Would Provide Denzels Condition Case Study.

Instructions for completing NUR210 Case Study #1:Read the case study and construct a genogram that accurately reflects the information in the case study. You may work in pairs, but EACH student will need to submit a completed genogram at the end of lab as well as the completed discussion questions. Please use the Therapeutic Communication tool to complete the discussion questions. This is the tool you used at the beginning of the semester when you completed the Health History. NUR 210 Health Assessment: Denzel KinsaleCase Study Denzel, age 12, has been experiencing shortness of breath playing soccer. He is being seen today for evaluation of his symptoms. As part of a complete health history, the following was revealed. His father, Larry Kinsale, age 43, is lactose intolerant, has smoked 2 packs a day for 20 years, and is hypertensive. His mother, Janelle Kinsale, age 41, is obese with a body mass index of 35. His sister, Lorel Kinsale, age 16 has no prior medical problems. His brother, Greg Kinsale, age 13, is struggling with issues surrounding his sexual orientation. The maternal grandmother, Mrs. Rose Franklin, age 81, has diabetes and the maternal grandfather, Mr. Leo Franklin, age 83, is forgetful. The paternal grandmother, Mrs. Luanne Kinsale, age 71, is in good health. The paternal grandfather, Mr. Carl Kinsale, age 70, was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. The paternal uncle, David Kinsale, age 38, has a long history of alcohol and drug abuse.The paternal uncle, Robert Kinsale, age 40, is in good health.DirectionsThe best way to compile the client’s family history is to have them complete a pedigree or genogram. A genogram is a graphic family tree that uses symbols to depict the gender, relationships, and age of immediate blood relatives in at least three generations, for example, parents, grandparents, and siblings.Complete a genogram on the family. Each relative’s medical and psychiatric condition should be recorded as well as other significant health data, such as age, cause of death, psychosocial history and tobacco, alcohol and drug use. Specify the relationship to the client.Discussion: Work together in pairs.You are performing a health assessment on Denzel. What would your approach be to learn more about his shortness of breath? Identify at least 3 strategies that would provide additional information regarding Denzel’s condition.Identify at least 3 specific person-centered communication techniques that would foster disclosure. Include verbal and nonverbal behaviors. (Use the person-centered communication that was used when completing the Health History in Lab 1). Identify at least 3 specific techniques that would interfere with disclosure.
NUR 210 Cedar Crest College Three Strategies that Would Provide Denzels Condition Case Study

Health Sciences homework help

Health Sciences homework help. The Vietnam War convinced many Americans that the government could not be trusted to tell the truth. Students who protested against the war at Kent State were targeted and shot by the National Guard. Nixon promise d that he was “not a crook,” but then White House tapes reveal ed his involvement in the cover-up and force d his resignation.,Vietnam War convinced many Americans that the government,The Vietnam War convince d many Americans that the government could not be trust ed to tell the truth. Students who protested against the war at Kent State were targeted and shot by the National Guard. Nixon promise d that he was “not a crook,” but then White House tapes reveal ed his involvement in the cover-up and force d his resignation. These, along with other incidents, shook the confidence in their government of many Americans. Still, Nixon had some positive gains when it came to foreign affairs, such as warming the United State’s relationship with China. Ford and Carter after him battled with a recession that changed the face of American economy and politics.,Against this backdrop:,ANSWER QUESTIONS with a total minimum of 200 words:, FIRSTLY, What were the long-range effects of Nixon’s foreign policy? ,How could we apply the lessons of Vietnam today?,ALSO, Nixon lied about his knowledge of the Watergate break-in and then tried to cover it up. Do you think all presidents lie?,FURTHER, What makes you think so?,ADDITIONALLY, Why do you think neither Jimmy Carter nor Gerald Ford was able to win a second term in office?,ALSO, Do you think it was the same reason for both? Explain.,LASTLY, Why did the Vietnam war start?,The causes of the Vietnam War revolve around the simple belief held by America that communism was threatening to expand all over south-east Asia. Neither the Soviet Union nor the United States could risk an all-out war against each other, such was the nuclear military might of both.Health Sciences homework help

The need for a performance appraisal

java assignment help Talking about Indian scenario, the problem of employee attrition continues to surge ahead, employee morale is falling, and problem of hiring is giving sleepless nights to the HR people.HR is no longer a non-core function and in the ongoing talent war, it will play a critical role in employee engagement and retention. Taking example from Infosys, T.V. Mohandas Pai traded his CFO Job for the position of HR head, something virtually in conceivable a few years ago. Progressive companies are now walking up to the importance of HR function. India Inc continues to see a double-digit attrition rate, this time of 13.8 per cent — the highest in Asia Pacific region – despite economic uncertainty, says a survey. As per global HR consultancy Hewitt Associates’ annual Asia Pacific Salary Increase survey for 2009-10, most Asian companies have continued to experience double-digit voluntary employee turnover rate amid the economic downturn. “The top four markets reporting the highest turnover rate are India (13.8 per cent), Australia (11 per cent), New Zealand and China (10.3 per cent),” the report stated. Turnover rate refers to the ratio of the number of workers that had to be replaced in a given time period to the average number of workers. “While many would believe the economic uncertainty should help ease pain on high employee voluntary turnover, the Hewitt 2009/2010 Annual Asia Pacific Salary Increase Survey does not reveal the same. The comparatively high turnover rate…raises an alarm to the world,” Hewitt Associates Regional Leader Broad-Based Compensation practice Stella Hou said (Economic Times 25 Oct 2009). The survey stated that ‘better external opportunity’ was consistently cited as the top reason for employees voluntarily leaving their organizations across all markets. “This means companies continue to search for talented people even under a tough economic situation… organizations will continue to face a tight talent market,” it added. Other economies in the Asia-Pacific market, including Singapore, Korea and Thailand, are on high single digits in terms of employee turnover rates in the range of 8.8 per cent to 9.3 per cent (Economic Times 25 Oct 2009). In short, what is required is effective and timely performance appraisal of human capital. In India there is an increasing demand and supply gap for professionals. It is sometimes difficult for HR managers to maintain consistency in performance and keep the motivation levels high especially when the work is monotonous. To ensure that attrition rates are kept to a minimum, businesses need to redesign their reward and recognition packages to help the industry hold onto staff and to find the right kind of people who can keep pace with the unique work patterns. According to Oscar De Mello, country head of Hay Group’s Reward Information Services in India, adjusting pay might not automatically lead to higher operating costs for BPO companies. By creatively designing their total reward package towards more short-term incentives and benefits, and linking the package to performance, companies can ensure that they get higher productivity without hefty increases in salary costs and minimize attrition costs and issues at the same time.Hay’s Group recommends providing a better balance of short- and long-term benefits such as performance bonuses, employee stock option plans and retention bonuses; effectively communicating details of compensation plans to encourage employee buy-in; and promoting non-financial benefits such as career development, job rotation and transparent performance management systems (Mike 2009). OBJECTIVES: A) Primary Objectives To study the performance appraisal system in different organization. To study the transformation of performance appraisal form traditional to modern. To get an insight into the relative importance of performance appraisal in organization. To study the effectiveness of performance appraisal system in different organization. To study the practical application of performance appraisal. To compare appraisal system of different organization and find out the most common parameters for appraisal. How can companies use performance appraisal as an effective tool to achieve organizational effectiveness and efficiency. B) Secondary Objectives. To observe the work environment in organization. To get experience and expertise in making projects. To enhance my communication skills. To increase my confidence. DELIVERABLES The key outcomes of the study will be The report will theoretically reveal what India Inc wants. It will give an insight into what Indian executives are looking for in their career. It will ascertain the demands of high flying executives in corporate India. The study will be helpful to HR people as to how to keep employee morale high and motivation level when the work is monotonous. The study will reveal key causes of increasing employee attrition and how to manage the surge in attrition rate. The study also gives an insight into the performance appraisal system of some of the Indian companies. In short, the study is helpful for the companies to modify their appraisal systems as per changing scenario. PROJECT INTEREST Who will be benefited

Pressure Ulcers

Pressure Ulcers. Paper details Hello, I need help with putting couple of slides together based on the Pressure Ulcers – my focus is on the nursing implication and the main topic summary. The articles being used for this research would only be recent 5 years. I have attached the instructions and more information on the presentation. Please also provide APA citations for the articles being used.Pressure Ulcers

I want a post to the topic in 450 words using apa format and include at least 3 reference from journal articles

I want a post to the topic in 450 words using apa format and include at least 3 reference from journal articles. I’m working on a Article Writing question and need guidance to help me study.

Elon-Musk donated $10 million to a foundation called the Future of Life Institute. The institute published an open letter from an impressive array of AI experts who call for careful research into how humanity can reap the benefits of AI “while avoiding its pitfalls.” Go online and find out about the institute’s initiatives. What are its primary goals? How can humans establish and maintain careful oversight of the work carried out by robots? How valid are Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawking’s concerns? What other concerns should the public bear in mind as the technological revolution advances?
Sources: Future of Life Institute.

From Chapter 12, page 379 WEB-BASED CASE STUDY, THE FUTURE OF LIFE INSTITUTE. Read the case and answer all questions
Text book: Reynolds, George W. Information Technology for Managers, 2nd edition. (2016). Cengage Learning.ISBN: 978-1-305-38983-0.
I want a post to the topic in 450 words using apa format and include at least 3 reference from journal articles