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Physics homework help

Physics homework help. This is an assignment that discusses the income statement calculation for Smith and Jones. The paper also discusses the amount the equity for every day in the first month.,The income statement calculation for Smith and Jones,Worth 20 points, so think, don’t just fling numbers around,Smith and Jones start a business to build custom bicycles. Smith invests personal funds of $80,000 and Jones invests $70,000. Grandma Smith loans the company $12,000 with the provision it is to pay back in 12 equal monthly payments plus 1.5% monthly interest. Smith and Jones agree that ownership would be proportional to their equity investments. In addition, they borrow $38,000 from the bank at interest of 1.5% per month payable monthly. (They do not have to pay back the principal for five years, so ignore it.) They buy $90,000 worth of parts. Use $60,000 of those parts in the first month. Additionally, they pay factory workers a total of $10,000 for the first month. Also, they pay rent of $3,000 for the month for a factory. They each (not Grandma) draw salaries of $4,000 per month. They sell the resulting bicycles for $120,000.,a. Prepare a balance sheet for day zero, that is, store is ready, people hired, parts on hand, money collected from bank, Grandma, Smith, and Jones.,b. Prepare an income statement for the first month.,c. Prepare a balance sheet for the last day of the first month.,d.  What is the percent ownership by Smith, Jones, and Grandma on the first day of the month.,e. How much equity is owned by each on last day of the first month.,Hints: The interest calculations can be done in your head. I am not looking at some kind of sophisticated ,loan amortization, calculations. That means grandma gets 1/12 of her money back each month and also gets her interest calculated on the initial amount.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Physics homework help
Informal proposal assignment.

Scenario You are the manager of (company of your choice).Roughly one-third of your staff members now telecommute, working from home five days a week since the beginning of COVID-19.Many other employees wish to do the same thing, but they are not set up with the necessary equipment to do their jobs at home.It is clear that this model is working, but requires a plan for moving forward in order to ensure that all of your staff are equipped to their jobs.Investigate options and make a case to the vice president of operations in an informal internal proposal. Please feel free to make up details and use the template below as well as Meyer’s text, specifically pp. 434-438.Please use the E-Learn resources as well. Please make sure: Proposal is no more than 2 pages longFont is 11 point
Informal proposal assignment

answer the following questions from the chapters

answer the following questions from the chapters.

I attached four files in the following two parts and each part has two files:First part is full chapter 6 and 7.The second part is the questions over chapter 6 and 7. I need the questions in the files (Chap 6 without answers and Chap 7 without answers) to be answered from the files ( CHAPTER 6 and CHAPTER 7 ).Important Note: When you answer the questions, please highlight the answer from the chapter. So, for example, when you answer the question, write in red color next to part that you found the answer by writing the number of the question and whether is multiple choice or true and false. For example, you could highlight the part in the paragraph and write next to it the number of the question that this part is answered that question.Before you begin, if you have any question, let me know.
answer the following questions from the chapters

Based upon your reading of the 55 Soft Skills book, describe in 250 words.

custom essay Based upon your reading of the 55 Soft Skills book, describe in 250 words.. I’m studying for my Management class and need an explanation.

Learning Objective: Practice and summarize your personal awareness, leadership traits and behaviors in group situations.
Directions: Based upon your reading of the 55 Soft Skills book, describe in 250 words what you think your strongest soft skills are and why they are your strongest softs skills.
Based upon your reading of the 55 Soft Skills book, describe in 250 words.

The Organization that this project is based on is AMAZON

The Organization that this project is based on is AMAZON. I need support with this Computer Science question so I can learn better.

For this project assignment, you are required to complete an Incident Response Plan. This is an introductory concept of a basic incident response plan.
Within this assignment you will be introduced to a basic Incident Response Plan template to acclimate yourself on how these are developed. Within your organization, you may have different variations depending on the incident. Again not all incidents have to relate to technology, but some incidents could affect technology within your organization.
The Organization that this project is based on is AMAZON

The University of Texas at Arlington CInvestigation of a Cyber Crime Question

The University of Texas at Arlington CInvestigation of a Cyber Crime Question.

ScenarioYou are an employee at D&B Investigations, a firm that contracts with individuals, companies, and government agencies to conduct computer forensics investigations. D&B employees are expected to observe the following tenets, which the company views as the foundation for its success:Give concerted attention to clients’ needs and concerns.Follow proper procedures and stay informed about legal issues.Maintain the necessary skill set to apply effective investigative techniques using the latest technologies.Your manager has just scheduled a meeting with an important prospective client, and she has asked you to be part of the team that is preparing for the meeting. The prospective client is Brendan Oliver, a well-known celebrity. Last night, Mr. Oliver’s public relations team discovered that someone obtained three photos that were shot on his smartphone, and tried to sell the photos to the media. Due to the sensitive nature of the photos, Mr. Oliver and his team have not yet contacted law enforcement. They would like to know if D&B can provide any guidance or support related to the investigation—or, at the very least, if D&B can help them prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. At this time, they do not know how the photos were acquired. The public relations team is wondering if a friend, family member, or employee could have gained direct access to Mr. Oliver’s phone and obtained the photos that way, although the phone is usually locked with a passcode when Mr. Oliver is not using it. In addition, Mr. Oliver emailed the photos to one other person several months ago. He has not spoken with that person in the last few weeks, but he does not believe that person would have shared the photos with anyone else.Your manager plans to use this initial meeting with Mr. Oliver and his public relations team to establish rapport, learn more about the case, and demonstrate the firm’s expertise. The company sees this as an opportunity to build the future business, regardless of whether they are retained to help with the investigation of this case.TasksTo help the team prepare for the meeting, your manager asks you (and your colleagues) to consider and record your responses to the following questions:What is the nature of the alleged crime, and how does the nature of the crime influence a prospective investigation?Based on the limited information provided in the scenario, what is the rationale for launching an investigation that uses computer forensic activities? Would D&B and/or law enforcement needadditional information in order to determine if they should proceed with an investigation? Why or why not?What would you share with the client about how investigators prepare for and conduct a computer forensics investigation? Identify three to five key points that are most relevant to this case.What sources of evidence would investigators likely examine in this case? Provide concrete examples and explain your rationale.What should the client, investigators, and others do—or not do—to ensure that evidence could be used in a court of law? Using layman’s terms explains laws and legal concepts that should be taken into account during the collection, analysis, and presentation of evidence.What questions and concerns do you think the client will have?What questions should the team ask the client to learn more about the case and determine the next steps?Required ResourcesCourse textbookInternet accessSubmission RequirementsFormat: Microsoft Word (or compatible)Font: Arial, 12-point, double-spaceCitation Style: Follow your school’s preferred style guideLength: 7 pagesSelf-Assessment ChecklistI effectively documented the causes for investigation.I effectively documented key points related to the collection, analysis, and presentation of computer forensic evidence.I successfully identified potential sources of evidence.I summarized laws and legal concepts that apply to this case.I created a professional, well-developed report with proper documentation, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.Grading Rubric for the Assignment #1:Delivery: Delivered the assignments on time, and correct format: 25 percentCompletion: Providing a thoroughly developed document including descriptions of all questions: 25 percentUnderstanding: Demonstrating a clear understanding of the purpose and writing a central idea with the most relevant facts, details, and/or explanation: 25 percentOrganization: Paper is well organized based on the APA format, makes good use of transition statements, and in most instances follows a logical progression including good use of symbols, spacing in output: 25 percent
The University of Texas at Arlington CInvestigation of a Cyber Crime Question

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