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php&mysql website

php&mysql website.

Your customer is the owner of a sandwich shop. They wish to have a website developed in PHP with MySQL, which will allow customers to review a menu and order sandwiches from the shop. Use the web development skills acquired in this and other classes to ensure the site is professional looking with use of colors, fonts, formatting, etc.The website will make use of a common header and footer (stored in separate ‘include’ files) for each webpage within the site. The header will contain the name and logo of the sandwich shop. The footer will contain the address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and hours of operation.The web page will provide a link to a page that displays the zip codes within the delivery area.The menu will display an alphabetical listing of sandwiches by name with a short description, a price and an option to add the item to the order.  Clicking on the menu item will open a webpage displaying the name of the menu item selected, its picture, a 10-25 word description, the price, and an option to add the item to the order ( a single PHP file should be used to display each/all menu items individually).Customers must register prior to being able to order from the menu. Customers must provide a name, address, zip code, email, and phone. The webpage will provide a form using sticky values that self-validates the registration information:· All fields are required.· The phone must contain a 3 digit area code, 3 digit exchange, and 4 digit number.· The email must be properly formatted.Returning customers will be identified by use of a cookie.Customers can select as many items from the menu as they wish. The items selected will be preserved/persistent until the order is confirmed or canceled. The customer may cancel the order at any time.When the order is confirmed, the system will display an order confirmation containing the customer’s information (name, address, phone, email, and zip code), a listing of the items ordered (item name, quantity, and price), sales tax (pick a percentage), a delivery charge if they are in the delivery area or a “order for pickup” notice if they are not, and the total.The order information will also be stored in a text file (presumably to be printed for the driver). Each order should be stored in a separate file.You must create a separate form allowing the customer to add items to the menu. Each item added will be validated to ensure all information has been provided. Once the item has been added, it should be properly displayed when a customer opens the menu page and the item details page.submit a zip file containing:· Your properly annotated PHP files,· Any images or supporting files, and· A MySQL dump file containing your database (
php&mysql website

Setting effect/Contribution to the Plot. I’m studying for my English class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

attached is the story and rubric for this assignment.
Requirements: Length and format: 2-3 pages. The title page and reference page are also required, but they should not be factored into the2-3 page length of the essay. It should also be double spaced, written in Times New Roman, in 12 point font and with 1 inchmargins. Essay should conform to APA formatting and citation style. Use the third-person, objective voice, avoiding personal pronouns such as “I,” “you,” “we,” etc. Please use the above sources and any outside sources you need to create a properly formattedAPA reference page. Use APA format for in-text citations and references when using outside sources and textualevidence. Skills to be assessed with this assignment: creating effective thesis statements, incorporatingtext, responding to literature. Please be cautious about plagiarism. Make sure to use in-text citations for direct quotes,paraphrases, and new information.
Setting effect/Contribution to the Plot

which type of personality disorder describes people with a tendency to think very highly of themselves and usually exaggerate their achievements and talents

which type of personality disorder describes people with a tendency to think very highly of themselves and usually exaggerate their achievements and talents.

According to our text, which type of personality disorder describes people with a tendency to think very highly of themselves and usually exaggerate their achievements and talents? Thoroughly define this personality disorder and explain strategies EMS leaders should use when dealing with employees with this disorder.Your response must be at least 200 words in length.Please
ensure that the APA format is used, with the in-text citation not included in
the 200-word essay. Ensure that following text book is included in the answer:
Fallon, L.F.,
& Zgodzinski, E.J. (2012). Essentials of public health management (3rd
ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.
which type of personality disorder describes people with a tendency to think very highly of themselves and usually exaggerate their achievements and talents

KINESICS: the study of body motion or body behavior. Emblems: gestures that have a direct verbal translation and can

nursing essay writing service KINESICS: the study of body motion or body behavior. Emblems: gestures that have a direct verbal translation and can stand alone such as the “ok” sign. Illustrators: gestures that complement our words such as pointing when giving directions. Regulators: gestures that may prolong or terminate the conversation such as looking at your watch, walking away, or nodding and leaning forward. Adaptors: gestures that make you feel more comfortable in a communication situation such as twirling your hair or tapping your fingers. Affect Displays: facial expressions motivated by emotion such as a smile or frown. In this lesson, you will venture out and observe the people around you. Tune out what they are saying and then sit back and watch. Take notes on what type of gestures (emblems, regulators, illustrators, adaptors and affect displays) are they using? How often do they use each one? Are they aware of these gestures? You will then use your notes to write a typed two-page essay describing what you witnessed. Please let us know where you were, the mall, Starbucks, work, etc.. and who was involved, two men sitting at a table… Describe at least ten separate gestures. What type? What are they conveying? How many repetitions? What are the circumstances? Include the following: Double spaced Paragraphs, not bullets Include nonverbal terminology Specific examples

SWOT Analysis for Amazon Company Essay Inc, commonly denoted as (AMZN) is a leading global electronic commercial company and the most visited internet retail shopping destination internationally. The main headquarters of the company is in Seattle, Washington. Commercial icon, Jeff Bezos founded the company in the early 90s as Cadabra and later renamed it as Amazon sells a variety of products, such as books, video, consumer electronics, music, household products and clothing (Mennen, 2010). The following is a detailed SWOT analysis of the company. Strengths, the U.S. largest internet retailer, commands three times the revenue of its close rival, the Staples Inc. It sells educating and entertaining media products. Amazon has had enormous acquisitions that resulted in the growth and faster delivery of purchased products. In the recent past, boasts on its strategy of rebuilding and investing in Research and Development, establishment of technology and innovative research centers. Seven years ago, it invested $700 million to establish offices for customer services, fulfillment and software development centers majorly in America, Europe and Asia. Moreover, the viewers’ assessments and comments provide feedback for any adjustment aimed at increasing revenue (Bangs, 2002). Weaknesses For the past four years since 2006, Amazon’s profits were negative implying that they are not able to cover operational costs. Outsource delivery firms contribute to low earnings and Amazon Associates, their marketers, receives 40% of revenue for marketing efforts. There have been reports of price bias within the Amazon marketing strategies. For example, DVD prices are different on some buyers. This posed as a competitive and a divisive barrier in on-line trading. In 2008, it received a lot of critics for inhibiting publishers from directly selling at a compromise from their websites. The reason behind was that Amazon does not prioritize on those customers with heavy purchasing power. It has also reduced most of its services to major customers. Recently, it attracted negative publicity due frequent tax avoidance in Britain and U.S. Amazon is also under criticism for poor warehouse environment for staff, price discrimination and anti-competitive actions. Amazon sells products at zero margins to reap the market and do away with the competition. Though it is a tactical strategy in the short term, it reduces the profits in the long run (Madura, 2007). Competitors, on the other hand, will adapt by undertaking a differentiation strategy, thus losing customers. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Opportunities There are plenty of opportunities for Amazon to invest and uphold customer beliefs that endorse the customer’s allegiance towards the company. Investing into technology is desirable for all their phases of interaction with buyers and suppliers which will augment the company’s reliability (Stubbs, 2011). Ventures in carrying out will present an enlarged level of sincere customer services, therefore, meeting consumer prospects. Moreover, partnerships in the private and community division such as with the famous British Library, will offer the surrounding community with the essential services of being competent to search for historical books. Amazon must initiate joint ventures, acquisitions and partnerships in order to increase the delivery time and efficiency. Amazon should consider partnering with other firms especially for the on-line retailing to promote seasonal stuff and attract new customers. Amazon can pursue niche clients by providing goods and services in diverse cultures and religions. They can also open more online retail stores in those countries experiencing growing economies such as Asia and Europe so as to maintain growth levels. The company can consider releasing their own products and services and brands in its markets. Threats Amazon customers have to wait longer to take their delivery as compared with the time they can get from nearby retail stores. The enormous internet trade has attracted a lot of competitors making it difficult for Amazon to differentiate their services. Increasing delivery costs impacts negatively on the end user giving rise to poor reputation of the company. New alliances, networks and partnerships, shaped by the rival firms have strengthened battle for the market, thus increasing the marketing cost (Weber, 2010). High delivery period and charge have a tendency to divert the present and potential customers to regional bookstores. This gives rise to loss of revenues on those customers opting for local retail stores other than shopping at the Amazon website. When a customer makes a transaction, personal bank details leak to unauthorized persons, therefore, posing a security threat leaving customers with an option to make their purchases on local bookstores. Concerns, over how these global companies avoid the payment of taxes to various countries is on the rise. Therefore, the governments will have no other option other than make it mandatory the payment of taxes based on their incomes. In this instance, Amazon’s earnings would be drastically reduced (Weber, 2010). We will write a custom Essay on SWOT Analysis for Amazon Company specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Given its global size, Amazon will not evade the growing competition from its competitors. For example, alliance between e-books providers and Apple Inc posed a challenge to them on internal pricing strategies. Without such a strategic alliance, most content providers were powerless to compete versus Amazon’s bargaining power (Mennen, 2010). In conclusion, there are mixed perception on whether Amazon will remain leading in internet retail or not. From above, it is clear that Amazon is in a strong position because of more strengths and opportunities than the weaknesses and threats respectively. Reference Bangs, D. H. (2002). The market planning guide: Creating a plan to successfully market your business, product, or service. Chicago: Dearborn Trade Pub. Madura, J. (2007). Introduction to business. Mason, OH: Thompson/South-Western. Mennen, M. (2010). Global Corporate Strategy – A Critical Analysis and Evaluation of München: GRIN Verlag GmbH. Stubbs, E. (2011). The value of business analytics: Identifying the path to profitability. Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley. Weber, P. (2010). Abercrombie

MDC Wk 7 Community Nursing Family System Theory in Annie Family Case Study

MDC Wk 7 Community Nursing Family System Theory in Annie Family Case Study.

WEEK 7 LECTURE AND DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Family AssessmentRead chapters 13 of the class textbook and review the PowerPoint presentations located in the PowerPoint folder. Once done work on the following case studies;Case study Number 1 1.Annie was widowed when her son was 4 years old. She later remarried a man with a child 2 years younger than her own. The children now being 17 and 19 years old, respectively, Annie is preparing for her oldest son to leave for college in the fall. Suddenly, Annie’s father dies, and her mother has expressed the desire to move in with Annie. She explains that her income will be limited to her husband’s social security, and now that Annie will have additional room in her home, this will be a good situation for the whole family. a. Using family systems theory, how would you define this family?b. What would be the purpose of using a family mapping (ecomap) technique to descry this family?c. How would you describe the structure of this family?Case Study Number 2A community health nurse is visiting a family with a newborn child. This is the fourth baby for the family. All four children in the family are below the age of 5. Both sets of grandparents live in the same home. The community health nurse has to complete a family assessment, and recognizes that the significant event of the newborn can place the overall family health at risk. (Learning Objectives: 2, 3, 5)a. The nurse has 15 minutes to complete a family assessment. What are ways that the nurse can acknowledge the family’s strengths?b. What is the purpose of an ecogram of the family?c. The community health nurse recognizes that four children below the age of 5 and two sets of grandparents residing in the same home can create alterations in routines. What is the aim of assessing rituals and routines for the family?d. What is the nurse’s goal for family assessment when utilizing the Roy Adaptation Model?As stated in the syllabus present your assignment in an APA format word document, APA required font attach to the forum in the discussion tab/folder of the blackboard ultra and in the SafeAssign exercise located in the assignment folder of the blackboard ultra. A minimum of 3 evidence-based references no older than 5 years must be used. You must post two replies on different dates to any of your peers sustained with the proper references no older than 5 years as well and make sure the references are properly quoted in your assignment. The replies cannot be posted on the same day, I must see different dates in the replies. A minimum of 800 words not to exceed 1,000 are required without counting the first and last page. Please make sure to follow the instructions as given and use either spell-check or Grammarly before you post your assignment. Please check your assignment after is posted because I have either made comments or ask for clarification about the assignment or the replies that will require your response.
MDC Wk 7 Community Nursing Family System Theory in Annie Family Case Study

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