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A look at the concept of philosophy and how it interacts with psychology in the understanding of human behavior.

This paper discusses various schools of psychological theory and how they relate to a person?s philosophical outlook.
“Modern psychology has developed theories significantly and successfully supporting the way a person knows the world outside themselves, their minds and their own sphere; using appropriate psychological theories with similar philosophical reasoning can lead to not only a better understanding of how an individual knows and comes to know the world, but to understanding that level of perception and why they may or may not act in accordance with philosophical consistency in a way that will be of their benefit and society (the world) as a whole.”

Formal and Iconographic Analysis of Philip Guston’s “Night Children”

Formal and Iconographic Analysis of Philip Guston’s “Night Children”.

 Philip Guston’s Night Children (1946) is a piece of work available at the Neuberger Museum of Art at SUNY Purchase College, gifted by Roy R. Neuberger. In this Proseminar Art History class assignment, we choose a painting to make a Formal Analysis [1], followed by an Iconographic Analysis, in order to produce a final paper. Philip Guston is well known by his later career cartoonish paints, although he has a long trajectory before this period. Due to the lack of references and available sources on the work to be analyzed, parallels with the work “This Be Not I”, completed a year earlier, and featuring similar theme and style, will be explored. In Night Children, one of the children wears a shirt containing some barely identifiable letters. My thesis is that this is the word “deal” stylized in Coca-Cola brand mode. The purpose of this article, besides addressing the formal analysis of this particular Guston’s work, is to list the iconographic elements and relate them to the artist’s context and visions, especially his possible criticism of Roosevelt’s “New Deal”. [1]

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