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PHIL 140 SDSU Novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick Review

PHIL 140 SDSU Novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick Review.

Choose one of the following prompts to write on: In the novel, animals are so rare because most are extinct, and they are tended very carefully, but not out of compassion or love–only as status symbols prized for their ability to confer an aura of success on their owners. What does the novel have to say about Western consumerism? About Western values in general? How current are these ideas? Can you apply any theories or ideas found in any of our other texts in this class about consumerism to any of the issues that you see raised in the novel?One important question is “what is it to be human?” What is Dick’s answer to this question? How are androids and humans contrasted in this novel, and to what purpose? Is his view of human nature inherently negative, positive, mixed, or ambiguous? Can you apply any theories or ideas about human nature found in any of our other texts in this class to any of the issues that you see raised in the novel?One of the goals of the novel is to show that so long as humans are anxious about their own tools, those tools will be seen as having some innate power over mankind. In other words, regardless of technology’s fallibility, if humans regard themselves as less smart or less able than their tools, then they will be at the mercy of their tools. Technology will advance, regardless of what the majority of humanity feels about that technology. Any struggle to remain the ruler or owner of new technology will surely fail. Is this a reasonable viewpoint? What does the novel say about the relationship between humans and technology? About inevitable technological progress? Can you apply any theories or ideas about the relationship between humans and technology found in any of our other texts I this class to any of the issues that you see raised in the novel? *Be sure to include at least three quotes total, one of which should be from a different text we’ve read apart from the novel* For citation from the novel, use this format: (Dick, 110)Composition, Spelling, and Grammar: Is your language clear and precise college-level writing? Are you using correct terminology? Did you proofread your essay carefully? Are the ideas in your essay logically ordered? Mechanics: Did you draw upon ideas from at least one other author from the class? Did you use parenthetical citation and cite your sources? Did you employ at least three quotes total? Is your essay in 12 point Times New Roman Font with 1-inch margins?
PHIL 140 SDSU Novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick Review

Appreciative Inquiry paper. I need support with this Management question so I can learn better.

Identify – from your perspective, the greatest advantage of using appreciative inquiry (AI) to implement change. Provide an exemplar.
Discuss an organizational change in which you have been involved or have observed.
Apply the 4 D framework of AI.:

Discovery Phase,
Dreaming Phase,
Designing Phase and
Delivery Phase.

InstructionsInitial post: Reflection, application with exemplar and resources.Peer post: Discussion prompt, resource or idea/example.

Appreciative Inquiry paper

Article Summary The topic of marriage has recently stirred debates amongst the millennial population. Interestingly, the millennial generation seems to be more inclined to the priority of parenting rather than the actual marriage. Most studies have indicated that few millennials prefer and value the essence of marriage. Close to half or average of the surveyed Gen-xers population admitted that they appreciated good parenting. On the other hand, a closer percentage of the same population placed marriage to the similar capacity as parenting. An analytical view and relation of these responses did not depict any significant association. This was, particularly, with their parents. Most parents were married and regarded marriage to be crucial to ones life. However, this was unlike the Gen-xers whose parents highly esteemed marriage, just like their children. Recent studies have also depicted that adult Americans are increasingly regarding marriage to be obsolete. Fascinatingly, the Millennials largely supporting marriage are not keen to tie the knot. Most of the single Millennials long for marriage and love upbringing children in marriage. The increasingly sporadic society seems to be changing marriage patterns, with the presence of several unmarried relationships. Transforming job conditions and social liberalizations have played a great role in making millennials to cherish parenting relative to marriage. The younger adults have lost the economic sense marriage. The fact is, economic crisis has also played a critical role in these patterns. Seemingly, the Millennials lack confidence in the fact that a happily brought up child must have both parents. Perhaps, this is the reason why most millennial mothers are single relative to the Generation X mothers. According to Pew, cohabitation plays a critical role in this variance. The Millennials are also more reluctant to risk parenthood as compared to their counterpart Gen-Xers. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Essay Generally, the present generation largely varies from the one that existed before. Particularly, an analysis of the marriage as well as relationship patterns would clearly depict this notable variance between the two generations. The previous generation seemed more conservative concerning many issues. For instance, it is observable that a greater percentage valued marriage and kinship ties within their society. There was an evident urge to get married and bring up a decent family, with a considerate number of children. Considerably, a narrow percentage of this ancient generation also appreciated and practiced the divergent sexual and relationship behaviors that are presently notable. In the present generation, there are instances of cohabitation. People engage in non-committed relationships and prefer being childless. The importance of family upbringing I s never important and people prefer single life. Unlike the previous generation, people oppose marriage and there is a particular observable old marriage age in the few who appreciate the incident. Presently, the few who get married do this at a relatively advanced age relative to the practice observable in the previous generations. The current population has increasingly appreciated childless relationships, with a desire to adopt and bring up children out of wedlock. Surrogate motherhood and fatherhood have cropped up with the advancement of biological technology. Several reasons can be attributed to these notable disparities between the two generations. To begin with, the increasing globalization has highly influenced social networks, making liberalization more prominent with global societies. We will write a custom Essay on Millennials Say Marriage is Ideal but Parenthood is the Priority specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More People increasingly appreciate the publicly available pornographic material widely available in the media. The hard economic times has immensely impacted negatively in almost all sectors within the present society. Issues of unemployment are particularly contributive in the general society. Due to these, people have increasingly diagnosed the economic sense of marriage and parenting. They have appreciated single lifestyle with sporadic sexual partners and cohabitation. Increased globality has also enhanced the rates of international travels within populations. As a result there have been instances of intercultural diffusion and interchanges. Therefore, native or traditional practices pertinent to particular societies and communities have undergone significant erosion. People are urged to adopt more globalized and urbanized lifestyles. Technology has availed pornographic materials within the increasingly adaptable social networks. Hard economic times have led to the development of unique social habits and economic practices. For instance, the sex commercialization has immensely influenced people’s perceptions on the issues concerning marriage as well as sexual relationships. Additionally, there is an observably high rate of homosexuality notable within the present generation. Perhaps, this would elucidate why most people are more confined to practice single life parenting or adopting surrogate babies. Increasing job demands within competitive global organizations minimize the time individuals have for their families. Additionally, this also manipulates people’s attitudes towards creating time for the relationships and marriage. Employees are expected to work for longer hours and deliver extensive targets within longer durations. Because of increasing competiveness in the employment, workers are dedicated to meet inhumane job demands. This is coupled with the urge to afford a fair lifestyle in a highly expensive economy. Thus, the present generation is more determined to sacrifice their relationship and marriage life for the purposes of meeting job and economic demands. Thus, it is important to note the present dynamics that have influenced the lifestyle in the present generation. Not sure if you can write a paper on Millennials Say Marriage is Ideal but Parenthood is the Priority by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More

BLAW 3330 University of North Texas at Dallas Startup Companies Questions

BLAW 3330 University of North Texas at Dallas Startup Companies Questions.

II.Bob and James have been friends since high school. They decide to start a business (B&J Property Management) to acquire residential structures, fix them up, and then sell or rent them.They used some of their retirement money to capitalize the business. Bob put up $100,000 and James put up $80,000 for a total of $180,000. However, both men agreed that each one would have equal authority to manage and operate the business. They acquired six properties for $30,000 each.Without any formal or informal written agreement, they purchased the properties in the name of B&J Property Management and operated as a business for nine months. They leased an office, bought office furniture, opened a bank account, and obtained printed stationery.James’ sister Lisa moved into one of the homes. Lisa had not paid her rent for the last six months. Bob initiated eviction proceedings by sending Lisa notice to vacate the premises within ten days, as required by the lease.James challenged Bob’s authority to file the eviction without his agreement. No court proceedings have yet occurred in the eviction.Although the relationship between Bob and James is strained, Bob and James decide that they should seek legal advice on how they should structure their business as well as other outstanding legal issues. They have concluded that they should either incorporate as a corporation or form a limited liability company.undefined1. Explain the common characteristics and differences between corporations and limited liability companies.2. Explain the advantages of corporations and the advantages of limited liability companies.3. What would you recommend to Bob and James to resolve their disagreement over whether to evict Lisa?(20 points)III. Abby and Paula entered into a valid contract under which Abby agreed to buy and Paula agreed to sell for $1.5 million, a printing press for Abby’s business. Abby made a $500,000 payment to Paula at the time of the sale and agreed to make the final payment of $1 million in six months.Just prior to the date the final payment was due, Abby sold her business, including the press, to Bert. As part of the sale, Bert agreed with Abby to pay Paula the $1 million due her. Abby represented in the purchase agreement between Abby and Bert that all of the business equipment was in working order, although she knew that the press never functioned as it was intended to. In fact, Abby had previously requested of Paula that she repair or replace the press, but Paula had refused to do so.After Bert bought the business, he discovered the problem with the press. He told Paula that he would not pay her the $1 million due until she repaired or replaced the press. Paula immediately filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Bert for the outstanding $1 million balance. Bert denies any obligation to pay Paula the $1 million on the basis that he had never entered into any contract with Paula.In addition, Bert asserts two other defenses: First, that the printing press is defective and unsuitable for its intended purpose. Second, that Abby materially misrepresented the condition of the press.(a)Under what theory or theories may Paula be successful in her breach of contract action against Bert?Discuss.(b)What is the likelihood that the additional defenses asserted by Bert will prevail? Discuss.(20 points)IV.Dale and two friends decide to supplement their incomes during college by buying two snow blowers and several shovels, which they use to clear snow for businesses and homeowners. The season ends profitably and they divide their earnings three ways. They decide to call themselves the “Three Grunts,” and post ads using that business name. The three friends continue their winter enterprise for four years, always sharing the costs and profits equally, but never with any written agreements.After leaving college, Dale’s two friends moved on to other careers. Dale, however, decides to stay committed to the “Three Grunts” business. He gains the concurrence of his two friends and properly forms a new business called “Three Grunts Limited Partnership.”The friends agree to a limited partnership agreement which provides that all of the original Three Grunts business assets will be owned by the new limited partnership. In exchange, Dale’s two friends will each hold a 10% limited partner interest. The agreement also provides that Dale may add additional limited partners, using a portion of his 80% general partner interest as consideration for the new limited partner investments.A year later, Dale invites Carl Grunt, an experienced snow plow driver, to join as a 5% limited partner. Carl is employed as General Manager for the business enterprise, with responsibility to hire and manage the contract labor.Dale desires to grow the business and sees a request for proposals for snow removal at a large community shopping mall.This is the biggest job ever tackled by Three Grunts, and to succeed, they need to buy bigger equipment.Dale presents the proposal to all of the partners at a partnership meeting.They all agree to contribute more capital if they get the job.Three Grunts Limited Partnership bids for and wins the job.Dale signs the final contract which states that the contract can be terminated without cause on 30 days’ notice.As General Manager, Carl visits New Auto alone and buys a new truck to be outfitted with a snowplow.As he picks out the truck, he states, “My employees are going to love the cherry color.”The truck is bought in the name of “Three Grunts Limited Partnership,” and the purchase agreement is signed by Carl as “Carl Grunt, General Manager.”The purchase is financed by New Auto, relying only upon financial information of Three Grunts Limited Partnership.Six months into performance of the Mall Contract, the Mall Owner lawfully terminates the contract.Three Grunts Limited Partnership stops making its truck payments.New Auto sues Carl individually and the Three Grunts Limited Partnership in state court to collect the balance due on the truck loan.(1)Describe the nature of the business relationship among Dale and the two friends while they were in college.(2)Discuss the basis of New Auto’s legal claims against Carl. (Do not discuss issues of apparent agency.)(20 points)V. Walter contacted his friend Buddy Wood, who was a salesman for the Dallas Bankston Nissan dealership, to discuss purchasing a pickup truck. Buddy represented to Walter that the value of the high-performing Nissan truck was $35,000.Walters test drove the pickup in question and agreed to purchase it. Wood prepared a Workup Sheet which showed the pickup to be a 2020 model. He also prepared an Odometer Statement and a Warranty Sheet, both of which showed the pickup to be a 2019 model. Walter purchased the pickup for $33,000 and took possession of the pickup. On his way out, he thanked Buddy for his excellent service.Several days later, Walter experienced mechanical difficulty with the pickup and returned it to Bankston, who repaired the problem at no cost. Walter subsequently experienced additional problems with the pickup.During this time, Walter’s credit union notified him that the truck was a 2019 model, not a 2020 model, and that it would not finance the truck.The actual value of the pickup as received was $28,000. Walter then demanded that Bankston take back the pickup.Bankston refused and Walter filed suit.(a)Assuming Walter will prevail in this lawsuit, calculate the damages for fraud using both the (1) benefit-of-the-bargain rule and (2) the out-of-pocket rule.Define the rules and then complete the calculation.(b) Would Walter prefer the benefit-of-the-bargain damages or the out-of-pocket damages?Explain.(20 points)
BLAW 3330 University of North Texas at Dallas Startup Companies Questions

Peirce College Key Considerations of Any Investment Discussion

help writing Peirce College Key Considerations of Any Investment Discussion.

Considerations for Any InvestmentThe following are the four key considerations of any investment:Return of money-principle that was initially investedReturn on money-growth of money-rate of returnTax benefits-tax credits, government support, shelter income, and write-off expensesTiming of results on investment-is it a short- or long-term investmentWrite a 2 page (500-word) report discussing the following:The details of each key considerationWhy they are listed in descending orderProvide 2 examples-one from a corporate investment perspective and 1 from an individual perspective.APA format Not sure if this will help, but it was a part of the weekly llearning resources:
Peirce College Key Considerations of Any Investment Discussion


Negotiation. I’m stuck on a Management question and need an explanation.

Please Answer all below listed 9 Qs from attched slide

Consider our discussion of approaches to resolving disputes.
-Define the three alternative foundations for a negotiation and explain the differences between them.
-List four factors to be used in deciding which of the alternative foundations should be used and describe each one.
-Think about your personal experience in a salary or job interview negotiation. Apply the concepts of BATNA and Reservation Price to analyze the outcome of this negotiation.

Consider our discussion of various negotiation strategies and techniques in the negotiation at Melos.
-What four strategies were available to the Melians? Analyze how each of these could have been applied by the Melian ambassador.
-Critique the Melian negotiating strategy. Would you say that their failure resulted from a poor choice of foundation, a poor choice of strategy, or other factors?

Closing and implementing the deal are key to successful negotiations.
-Define three or more key factors to consider before closing a deal. Which of these factors do you consider most important? Why?
-Consider the position of Arwa’sboss in the salary negotiation. Analyze your options for closing the deal with Arwa. What techniques would you favor? What techniques would you want to avoid?

Negotiations occur in cultural contexts.
-Consider each of the basic negotiation strategies and analyze how Saudi culture (however you choose to define it) might create advantages or disadvantages for Saudis negotiating with American counterparts.
-What guidance about strategy would you give Saudis when they negotiate with Americans? Explain your recommendations.

Dementia And Care For Elderly Health And Social Care Essay

Dementia the word itself says the meaning what dementia is? The condition in which deterioration of mental capacity to memorize the things, in other hand it means loss of memory, loss of function of certain part of brain. Dementia is a progressive brain dysfunction, which results in restriction of daily activities and in most cases leads in the long term to the need for care (Trevor, 1999) .Caroline (2001) defines dementia as an umbrella term used to explain different disease and disorders that affect the brain. Wood (1999) explained dementia as a syndrome of acquired loss of cognitive function, behavioural changes and loss of social function. In addition, Adams and Thorpe,(2003)states that the person with Alzheimer disease often has a temporary or permanent increase in the level of both physical and psychological disability with residual complication of poor care, such as weight loss, malnutrition reduced hygine,mobility or skin problem. I can say those complication plays great role to reduce the quality of life of individual. There is loss of short-term memory, disorientation in time and space, loss of ability to carry out complex daily living skills such as dressing or making a cup of tea, speech problems and deterioration in personality. Dementia is really a tough condition which interferes individual daily activities. The National Service Framework for older people(DOH,2001) standard 7 highlight that older people and mental health problems should have access to integrated mental health services, effective diagnosis, treatment and support for themselves and their careers. Simon and serge to (2001) there are behavioural changes in dementia which lead a relative to seek help from health care service. People with dementia have several behavioural difficulties changes, which are agitation, aggressive, discomfort from constipation, incontinence, sleep disturbance, communication difficulties and sexual inheriting. As I can say dementia can make life very complicated and unusual. Dementia seems major problem in UK.It is the terrible stigma of the individual who is sufferer. According to department of health UK 750,000 people in the UK with dementia and numbers are expected to double in the next thirty years which will be big problem in future ( 5 March at 3 pm). This is becoming very big issues in the country. if we go through statics’ of dementia most of elderly peoples are suffering from this condition over age of 65.To maintain dignity of the elderly and demented people government has planned and budget for those who is suffering. Government is spending lots of money and has committed to ensuring there is greater focus on accelerating the pace of improvement in dementia care ( 5 March at3:15 pm) through local delivery of quality outcomes and local accountability for achieving them. There are numbers of care homes for elderly among them many homes are dementia nursing homes. These are expensive and social care service has to pay money for them, increasing numbers of dementia obsiovsuly affect the system and economy status of the country because instead of using money in productive work, business and construction government is paying for dementia which is directly influences the country. Dementia takes the person out of work and it often takes family member out of work because they must care for the person (Bryden Christine). According to research it says the global cost of caring 35.6 million people worldwide with dementia is$604 billion, it is fast becoming one world’s biggest health challenges ( /condition and disease 7th march 2011) HEALTH, WELL-BEING AND QUALITY OF LIFE It is very complicated and hard to define health; there are hundreds of views from different author and different organizations. As we know all of us accept the definition of world health organization, health is a complete ,physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity which means health is in relationship with different factors like individual,physical,social,physicological,emotional,environmental and cultural it means health is not only absence of disease. Person may become ill with his/her mental and social status and his surroundings. (According to WHO) Health is very important factor in human life as we know the saying health is wealth. Same like health well-being is also the important factor of healthy and wealthy life. Actually well-being is being healthy, happiness, free from stress, mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. Health and well-being are the most important components of healthy life. These are the component which determines the quality of life. Along with health and well-being quality of life is very important which play big role in life of indivudal.Quality of life denotes how the individual is? His daily life activities, his or her well-being. This is the term which determines living condition,facilities,possibilities,security,satisfaction,income,employment,food,education,quality healthservices,hygine,welfare and support. It is different from everyone. The main thing determine quality of life is our ability to enjoy all that life has to offer for instances, the ability to walk, talk and feel all contributes to our all quality of life.(B.christine supported this paragraph) Health ,well-being and quality of life is combination of good quality of life but dementia is the condition which badly destroyed the good component of life, it is the heartbreaking condition and take out real quality of life of the person(B. Christine ;Dancing with dementia). People suffering from this disease they lost their dignity, their choices, their preferences and their exact experiences of life. This condition is the combination of much worse condition. There are no actual findings and diagnosis in blood test and no any abnormalities in cerebrospinal fluid. This is the structural changes, shrinkage and damage of brain cells which lead the functional changes and affect the functioning of brain, having dementia is destructive of psychological, emotional feelings, physical ability and social intimacy of individual(B.Christine;Dancing with dementia).As I can say dementia can make make life really hard and it can influences the health very badly. DEMENTIA, IMPACT ON HEALTH People having dementia start to forget their daily activities and their personal hygiene and face a daily struggle to cope. Their mind often gets blank when trying to recall which become more and more difficult as time goes by. Life becomes fragment and enormous pile of difficult task (B. Christine; Dancing with Dementia). Person cannot able to control themselves and we can see the changes in behaviour, speech and memory.Anxiety,stress and depression are main causes and rising level of anxiety is losing way and good track of the individual which is prominent in dementia even impaired in communication, speaking reading, writing all seems like it is scrambled.(B.Christine ;Dancing with dementia) What I have noticed while working in dementia unit with dementia people’s used to screaming,shouting,crying,worried about money, worried about their children, their job,husband,wife and home seems like they are missing their brain somewhere since so longer. The brain damage will affect differently according to the site of damage and nature of dead of cells and lobe of brain as well as environment and life history of the individual. Lord(2001) states that person with dementia have thinking processes that are already slowed, a treatment approach called orientation was developed to encourage interaction between staff and the person with dementia throughout the day, there is potential for this to encourage the development of a close relationship which staff come to know more about the unique person. In order for reality orientation to be effective, reorientation techniques have to be applied by all the carers who come in contact with the person. Sometimes it’s very hard for staff to become close and encourage person with dementia because of their aggression and agitation. According to Ballardetal,(2001) agitation is a state of extreme restlessness or irritability often characterized by pacing,hitting,yelling,or receptivness.This state can be produced by medications, physical discomfort,anxiety,fatigue,sleep loss,insecurity,sensory overload, sensory deprivation, or sensory distortion such as that produced by cataracts or titanus. Agitation also may result from impatience or irritability on the caregiver. These entire physical, emotional and psychological imbalances with old age and disability to do the daily activities and personal hygiene cause the poor leaving status and poor health. TYPES AND CAUSES OF DEMENTIA: According to Alzheimer`s society there are many different types of dementia although some more far common than others. They are often named according to the condition that has caused the dementia (,28th march 2011). Alzheimer`s disease.(55 percent) Vascular dementia.(20 percent) Dementia with Lewy bodies.(20 percent) Fronto-temporal dementia. Korsakoff`s syndrome. Creutzfeldt jakob disease HIV related cognitive impairment. ( 10 percent) Mild cognitive impairment. Rarer cause of dementia. Alzheimer`s disease is the most common cause of dementia, affecting around the 465,000 people in the UK.The term `Dementia` is used to describe the symptoms that occur when the brain is affected by specific disease and conditions( 28 march 2011,10:45 pm).In this condition, the chemistry and structure of the brain changes, leading to the death of brain cells( 28 march 2011 11;00 pm).Alzheimer`s disease attacks the hippocampus and then brings about a gradual shrinkage of the brain,fronto-temporal dementia targets the frontal lobes. This means that the area of our brain that deals with mood and behaviour begins to suffer from a loss of cells (S.david; Introducing Dementia, The essential facts and issues of care).symptoms are such that they are unlikely to be recognized illness to start with. Anger and aggression are often the hallmarks of the illness. They may see just as unreasonable behaviour and trigger off a crisis such as marriage breakdown, leaving the person which is really heartbreaking it will influences the life of that person mean negative impact on his/her life. Like Alzheimer` disease and fronto-temporal dementia there are more causes and the condition for dementia (B.jane; caring for some with dementia). A number of rare conditions can cause dementia. Pick`s disease particularly affects the front of the person`s brain, leading to loss of judgment and inhibitions.Lewy body dementia is an illness which is related to Parkinson`s disease and which can fallow a different course from Alzheimer’s disease, with many spells of confusion, hallucinations and rapid decline to death (S.David; Introducing Dementia).According to the survey people over the age of 70 are at greater risk and one in five people over of age 80 suffer from the dementia. In the UK there are 17,000 younger people with dementia.(that is, under the age of 65) (S.David;Introducing dementia) PREVALENCE (all ages) Calculation of the numbers of people with dementia is based on the prevalence rates as fallows; Age 40-65 1 in 1,000 65-70 1 in 50 70-80 1in 20 80 1 in 5 (gray and fenner 1993) The pattern after age of 90 is unclear. An extrapolation of the prevalence table would indicate that by the age of 100 everybody would suffer from dementia. We know, however, that this is not the case, as there are many people over 100 with no sign of dementia (S.david; Introducing dementia). The total numbers in the UK are estimated at between 450,000 and 500,000 with a possible rise to over 650,000 in the first quarter of the 21st century (Bosanquet et al 1998).Even higher figures were quoted by the Alzheimer`s society in its evidence to the Royal Commission on long-term care in 1998, namely 720,491 now and 894,000 by the year 2021(S.David; Introducing dementia).As I can say after studied of dementia and its causes the major risks factor which can lead to dementia is old age, with the prevalence rate doubling every five years after the age of 65. 30 April at 11 pm) According to the research and studied researcher find out the possible causes of dementia, Dementia is linked to old age The family link Environmental factors Head injury According to the research people over age of 80 suffer from dementia which is the prove of old age, it is become more common because people are living longer.(S.david;introducing dementia).The risk to some people is a genetic one. People with Down`s syndrome are very likely to develop Alzheimer`s disease. In Down`s syndrome there is an extra copy of chromosome 21, which also carries one of the genes which, if faulty, leads to Alzheimer`s disease in small number of families. (S.david; introducing dementia).American research in 1989 suggested that 6 percent of people with Down`s syndrome in their 30s have Alzheimer`s disease, with the figure rising to 75 percent for those over the age of 55(Holland 1993).Previous head injury may increase the risk of developing dementia (B.jane; caring for someone with dementia).There are many factors which can cause dementia but scientist have thought that one of the environmental factor aluminium can be important cause of dementia, and there was a rapid clear-out of aluminium pans in some households. Although there is evidence of aluminium deposits in the brains of people who have died of Alzheimer`s disease (S.david; Introducing dementia).Likewise scientists have thought that mercury is another chemical which has been targeted, especially in connection with amalgam filling dentistry. Other chemical may poison both brain and body (S.davis; introducing dementia). According to the research and survey shows elderly peoples are prone to dementia Beta amyloid is gradually deposited in the brain as people get older. So its presence does not by itself indicate that a person will develop dementia (S.david: introducing dementia). Old age and low immune system, older persons are secondary to intrinsic problems such as orthostatic hypotension, arrhythmias, Parkinson`s disease, neuropathies, epilepsy, and medication the patient may taking, which can cause risk of fall. Falls commonly occur in older person but patient with dementia are even at greater risks (NICE 2004). Problems associated with falling include loss of mobility, psychological difficulties, hypothermia, pressure related injury, soft tissue damage. According to Chemnitz (1991) since patients with dementia can take medication antipsychotic, antidepressants, sedative/hypnotics, vasodilators, and diuretics are particularly associated with increased risk of falls, they should be used in the smallest doses that will achieve the desired effects. There should be proper training regarding medication review, modification and withdrawal for the nurses. As I can say dementia is common in elderly which can causes many complication in their life with great impact on their health. CONCLUSION The main conclusion of this assignment is that evidence that elderly people over age of 85 has more chances of dementia and has direct effect on health of the person. About 50% of cases of dementia have concurrent physical health problems. The burden of care produced by a physically sick patient is greater than that of fit one. Statistical analyses of the relation between old age and dementia is very close because the major risks factor which can lead dementia is old age, with the prevalence rate doubling every five years after the age of 65.Dementia and old age and its influences on health has greater link. Person may not be diagnosed they are suffering from dementia and that could be early stage, if they are living on their own. Especially they are at risks of having inadequate diet. It can cause malnutrition and reduced appetite of the individual.AS person grow older they may face significant life changes that can put individual at risks of depression, illness and disability, low immune system, weakness of bone and muscle, pain and loneliness. Depression is main factor which can lead dementia in elderly. There appears to be enough evidence, from different studies and research growing age, depression and dementia share many similar symptoms including memory problems, sluggish speech and movement and low motivation. As we know older person has more risks of dementia, dementia linked with physical discomfort, pain, anxiety, loss of mobility stiffness and poor balance which prone to falls. Most studies have proved that person with dementia or elderly person who are unable to leave their bed may develop pressure sores as I can say this is the prove of poor health. As growing age weakness of muscle as I have mention before, if the person with dementia does become incontinent it will be the worse and it really harm the dignity of the individual. There are strong association between old age, dementia and the poor health condition of the person. Older person can’t look after themselves properly because of physical disability; Poor health and improper hygiene cause the infections like chest infection, skin infections and localized infection.Physical, phsycological, emotional imbalance lead greater difference in life of individual. Likewise poor diet and depression improper housing can cause poor quality of life and can badly affect the health of individual. Throw rugs are dangerous to elderly people, especially dementia patient. Loose rugs are hazardous because the patient may catch his foot underneath the edge, trip and fall, possibly suffering a broken hip. ,