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PHIL 110 Okanagan College The Power of Critical Thinking Discussion

PHIL 110 Okanagan College The Power of Critical Thinking Discussion.

Each answer must be no longer than 10 sentences. You won’t receive marks after the
first 10 sentences so be precise!

Answers must be in your own words and must be completed on your own.

Please type your answers using 12 point font and one inch margins.
1. Which of the following are statements? Which are not?
a) Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?
b) We got some work to do now.
c) Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your name.
d) Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
e) In west Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground was where I spent most of my
2. Is the following passage an argument? (Clearly state if it is or is not an argument!) If it is an
argument, specify both the conclusion and the premises. (Please write out the premises and
conclusion and clearly label them). If it’s not an argument, explain why it is not an argument.
Without forests, Sasquatches cannot survive. They spend more than 95 percent of their
time among the trees, which, along with berries, insects, and small animals, provide more
than 99 percent of their food. Their only habitat is formed by the dense woodland forests
of British Columbia and Ontario.
3. What is a valid argument? What kinds of arguments can be valid arguments? What is a sound
argument? Can a valid argument be unsound, and if so, when is it unsound?
4. Is the following argument valid or invalid? (Clearly state!) What is the argument form?
(Name it and give the generalized form). Explain why the argument is valid or invalid. (Explain
why the conclusion follows from the premises or why the conclusion does not follow from the
If I study hard, attend lecture and tutorial, and do my homework, then I will pass
PHIL 110. I did pass PHIL 110. So I studied hard, attended lecture and tutorial,
and did my homework.

Philosophy 110-001
Summer 2020
5. What argument form is the following? Is the argument form always valid, invalid, or
sometimes valid? Explain why it is valid, invalid, or sometimes valid.
Either Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister of Canada or Donald Trump is President
of the United States. If Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister of Canada, then the
future is bright and hopeful. If Donald Trump is President of the United States,
then the end of the world is near. So, either the future is bright and hopeful or the
end of the world is near.
PHIL 110 Okanagan College The Power of Critical Thinking Discussion

The following paper seeks to identify the human resource management department of the British Air ways. It shows the key HR activities of the British airways with reference to the two models of human resource. Moreover, it also evaluates and analyses the various HR planning and development programs implemented by the British airways. Finally the paper concludes by highlighting how the human resource is indicated and monitored. The report based on a case study and the majority of the information is taken from the case study. SUMMARY In 19th century British Airways is the world’s largest international airline and one of the most successful organizations in the airline business. British Airways (BA) was created by the merger between BOAC and BEA in 1974. BA was not always been quite much successful. The company was going in loss and BA had serious difficulties retaining customers in a competitive international airline industry. In 1980 BA recorded significant losses and there was not much profit to meet the running expenses of the organization. As a matter of fact British Airways delayered their bureaucratic management staffs that were mostly Air force retired officers and replaced them by managers having experience in the service industry. For the achievement of success BA launched many programmes to come out of the organisation’s loss which changes the culture and environment of the company. These programmes were successful and many customers were attracted towards the airline, which resulted British Airways one of the world’s leading airline. HRM ACTIVITIES Although the British airways are seen to have implemented numerous strategies to allow human resource development the following are the three key areas where development is most significantly seen. Training and development Reward management Performance appraisal TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT British Airways has decided a significant investment in training and development that would improve the organization image of “Helpfulness”. On the basis of research BA found out that customer are satisfied and dissatisfied with friendly and unfriendly, caring and uncaring behavior of staff. As a result of these research findings, BA faced the task of designing and facilitating a training programme that would enable a total change in values and attitudes across the organization, particularly for staff that were exposed to customer contact. BA arranges several training and development programme for both new and old staff. These programme made much change in the behavior of the staff and due to which many customers were attracted towards this airline. British Airline recruited more staff, provide training to the new and developed the old staff for their excellent customer service. it can be clearly identifies that implementing these training programs prove to be highly essential for the organization to attain this objective of increasing the goodwill that the British airways had from the side of the customers. These programs also prove important to improve the revenue and sought to reduce the overall cost that the organization had. (Dessler, 2008) However, at the same time it is also important to note the fact that the success that British airline was not only and solely due to an increasing employee training but there were several other factors which were also important and contributed to the increasing revenue levels. One of the factors included improved legal and government conditions along with technological changes.BA has encouraged individual learning by providing wide employee access to two major learning programs. The first program is based upon principles of open learning; it can finally lead to an MBA and provides a number of progressive stages and qualifications. The completion of each stage gives access to the next qualification. The MBA awarded by the University of Bath. The second program ‘Top Flight’ provides a series of ‘Academies’ which are a number of development steps, designed to allow an individual to progress to an executive position. REWARD MANAGEMENT British Airline was motivating people with good remuneration package and rewards. They moving towards individually determined remuneration as well as both intrinsic and extrinsic benefits. They were giving standardized pay and also individual performance pay. The main proportion of salaried staff earnings is based upon pay rates which are governed by a job evaluation grading system. There is also a company -wide performance related bonus scheme paid to all employees and there have been offers of free and discounted shares. BA has also introduced an opportunity for all employees to purchase tax free shares through a trust using their company performance bonus. BA pays standardized salary as well as individual performance pay. They know that if employees are satisfied they will give the best effort for the company success; employees are start thinking that they are the part of company. So, it is clear that through the training
Mount Royal University People of Irish Italian and Puerto Rican Heritage Discussion.

People of Irish Heritage. People of Italian Heritage. People of Puerto Rican Heritage. Read content chapter 33 and 34 in Davis Plus Online Website. Once done answer the following questions; 1. Discuss the organization and the family role in every one of the heritages mentioned about and how they affect (positively or negatively) the delivery of health care. 2. Identify sociocultural variables within the Irish, Italian and Puerto Rican heritage and mention some examples. You must use at least 3 evidence-based references (excluding the class textbook) Reference should not be older than 5 years. A minimum of 700 words (not counting the first and reference page are required). APA format. Please Free of Plagiarism
Mount Royal University People of Irish Italian and Puerto Rican Heritage Discussion

Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Federal Income Tax for Year 2019 Worksheet.

Prepare the Federal Income Tax for Year 2019 Information for Tax Year 2019 Taxpayer Names:Neal and Carolyn Cassady 29 Russell Street San Francisco, CA 94109 Filing Status: Married Filing Jointly Dependents: Cathy – Daughter, 20 years old – full time student at the University of Santa Clara Jami – Daughter, 17 years old John – Son, 15 years old Other A friend Jack Kerouac (age 49) lived with the Cassady’s for the entire year 2018. He did not pay any rent to the Cassady’s. He earned $32,000 in Taxable Income from royalties received from a book that he authored. Social Security Numbers: Neal (age 49) – 186-64-0027 Carolyn (age 49) – 154-10-6643 Cathy – 207-30-7807 Jami – 207-40-8081 John – 207-40-6625 Wages: Neal – Wages from Southern Pacific Railroad – $82,540 Federal Income Tax Withheld on Neal’s Form W2 – $7,776 State & Local Income Taxes Withheld on Neal’s Form W2 – $3,205 Occupation – Brakeman Sole Proprietor Carolyn – (See information for Schedule C below) Occupation – Self Employed Interest Income: Bank of Santa Fe – $557 Dividend Income: Apple Inc. – $1,530 (Non-Qualified Dividend) Trieste Coffee Company – $360 (Non-Qualified Dividend) Schedule C information Proprietor – Carolyn Cassady, Uses her own Social Security Number Office Address: Home Office – 29 Russell Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 Principal Business: Author Business Name – “The First Third Company” Accounting Method: – Cash Basis Materially Participated in Business – “Yes” Business Started in 2012 Proprietor made no payments that would require filing Form 1099 Gross Receipts (Royalties on Sales of Books): $58,234 Business Expenses: Advertising – $302 Auto Expenses 4,305 business miles driven in 2019 (assume that Carolyn is using the mileage method) Liability Insurance: $3,810 Legal Fees: $800 Credit Card Interest: $317 Office Expenses: $6,005 Travel Expenses: Business trip 4 days Roundtrip Airfare to New York City from San Francisco $870 Hotel 4 nights ($280 per night) Uber – Airport/Hotel $70 Meals & Entertainment (business related) – $670 Business Entertainment – $195 Other Expenses Annual Dues to the Vesuvio Cafe (Exclusive Dinner Club) in San Francisco: $200 Membership to City Lights Bookstore’s Writer’s Guild (A professional Organization) $80 Internet Charges: $2,315 Cell Phone Charges: $1,245 Home Office Expenses: Carolyn uses the Simplified Method Total Square footage of home – 2,300 feet Business Office Square footage -250 feet Personal Expenses: Child Support paid to Neal’s first wife LuAnne Henderson – $13,200 Divorce on 11/15/14. LuAnne’s Social Security number is 147-69-8829 Real Estate Taxes – $8,210 Medical Expenses: Prescription Drugs – $605 Health Care Premiums paid by Neal – $7,210 Non-Prescription Drugs Advil – $35 Foot Cream for Athlete’s Foot – $9 Benadryl for Allergic Reaction for Bee Stings – $15 Insulin – $350 Heating Pad for back injury – $18 Doctors Bills – $1,660 Eyeglasses – $250 Orthodontist Fee for Braces for Jami – $1,600 (received bill in 2019 but not paid until 2020) Family Membership to Health Fitness Club – $1,050 Physical Therapy for Carolyn for injured knee (Prescribed by Doctor) $370 Mortgage Interest – $16,115 Personal Credit Card Interest – $427 Interest on Personal Auto Loan – $1,660 Charitable Contributions: American Cancer Society – $350 United Way – $60 Church of Saints Peter & Paul – $520 Rental Property 242 Marine Way Stinson Beach, CA 94970 Rented 365 days (no personal use) Single Family Residence Rental Income $36,000 Rental Expenses Auto Expenses $420 Cleaning & Maintenance $1,770 Commissions $1,440 Insurance $2,050 Mortgage Interest $15,176 Real Estate Taxes $4,350 Utilities $2,124 Depreciation $13,710 Estimated Tax Payment paid by Carolyn in 2019- $2,800 Required: Prepare the Federal Tax Return for Neal and Carolyn Cassady for the Tax Year Ended December 31, 2019 Forms needed to prepare the Tax Return: Form 1040 Schedule A Schedule B Schedule C Schedule E Schedule SE Schedule 1
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Federal Income Tax for Year 2019 Worksheet

FNU Small Pizzerias Decision Is to Increase Profitability Questions

FNU Small Pizzerias Decision Is to Increase Profitability Questions.

BOOK:Macroeconomics : A Contemporary Introduction 11thNAME____________________ DATE_________________Chapter One:The owner of a small pizzeria is deciding whether to increase the radius of delivery area by one mile. What considerations must be taken into account if such a decision is to increase profitability?AnswerChapter TwoYou can spend spring break either working at home for $125 per day for five days or go to a Caribbean resort for the week. If you stay home, your personal expenses will total about $120. If you go to the resort, the airfare, hotel, food and miscellaneous will total about $1,200. What is your opportunity cost of going to the resort?AnswerChapter ThreeWhy does international trade occur? What does it mean to run a deficit in the merchandize trade balance?AnswerChapter FourDetermine whether each of the following statements is true, false, or uncertain. Then briefly explain each answer.In equilibrium, all sellers can find buyers.In equilibrium, there is not pressure on the market to consume more than is being sold.At prices above equilibrium, the quantity exchanged exceeds the quantity demanded.At prices below equilibrium, the quantity exchanged is equal to the quantity supplied.AnswerChapter 5Define leading and lagging economic indications and give an example of both.AnswerChapter 8Explain how technological changes can cause unemployment in some areas? How it can create employment opportunities in other areas? Give an example.AnswerChapter 9What is the spending multiplier? Give an example of how it works?AnswerChapter 10 Explain how expected prices levels and short run aggregate supply relates to expansion and recessionary gaps.AnswerChapter 11Describe at least two automatic stabilizers and explain how they work.Answer
FNU Small Pizzerias Decision Is to Increase Profitability Questions

Argosy University Cultures and Oral Traditions of a Family Questions

custom essay Argosy University Cultures and Oral Traditions of a Family Questions.

part one When children are adopted, they are sometimes taken from one cultural group and transplanted to another. In some cases, the adoptive families ignore or overlook the former culture. In other cases, families learn about the former culture and teach children the best that they can.Using the Internet, South University Online Library, and other sources, conduct research on the topic of adoption and how it relates to culture, particularly with respect to parents who adopt children from dissimilar cultural groups.In your response, address the following:The process of enculturation starts early and is often learned incidentally. Let’s say that an adoptive family adopts a child from a drastically different cultural group. If the family makes an effort, would it be able to teach the child about the culture of his or her biological family? Using some of the terminology from the course, elaborate your answer. Include the challenges that parents might face as they try to teach the child about a culture that is foreign to them.Would the educational process be more difficult for cultures that have an oral tradition? What about all of the customs and practices that are taught through demonstration and imitation?Consider what happens as the child grows up and interacts with others in the society. Does the age of adoption or physical appearance (e.g., the child has skin color and hair that is different from his adoptive family) play a role in whether the adoptive family should make an effort to teach the child about his or her former culture? Explain your answer.SWB is based on how the quality of a person’s life is and how satisfied a person is with his or her life. When determining a person’s level of well-being, a person factors in things such as moods, emotion, general satisfaction, and specific satisfaction into his or her mental equation. Studies show that SWB is positively related to health, and healthy people tend to report that they are happier than unhealthy people as they do not live with pain or serious physical limitations. To some extent, SWB is also tied to wealth. However, there are other variables that are important to SWB.In your response, address the following:Research SWB and wealth. Do wealthier people report greater SWB than the people who are not wealthy? Discuss the relationship between SWB and wealth—consider the spectrum of socioeconomic levels from those who cannot meet their basic needs to those who have an abundance of material possessions. Is the relationship between SWB and wealth positive and linear, or does it become less linear as people become extremely wealthy? In the context of this course, discuss whether there are cultural differences in SWB that do not seem to be simply related to wealth.Happiness is one way to measure SWB. Search the South University Online Library and the Internet to find scholarly research articles on happiness and well-being. Discuss your findings. Some studies indicate that there is another variable that is important for maintaining a high level of SWB. State the variable and discuss whether there is some universal aspect to this finding. (Does the outstanding variable stay relatively consistent across cultures?)Some societies have a relatively even wealth distribution. Discuss how the societal wealth distribution impacts the SWB of a cultural group.part two Depression, anxiety, somatic symptoms, and high rates of comorbidity are significantly related to interconnected and co-occurrent risk factors, such as gender-based roles, stressors, and negative life experiences and events (World Health Organization, n.d.). In this discussion, review the research on treatment differences in genders.In your discussion, address the following:How does gender play a critical determinant in mental health and mental illness?Disorders such as depression, anxiety, and somatic complaints predominately occur in women, affecting approximately one in three people in the community and constitute serious public health problems (World Health Organization, n.d.). Why do you think this occurs, and what are the implications for the family and society?Why are men more likely (more than three times) to be diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder than women? Provide a brief explanation supported with research.Why should we be careful not to gender-type mental disorders?NO MINIMUM JUST COVER QUESTION IN DETAIL WITH REFERENCE
Argosy University Cultures and Oral Traditions of a Family Questions

Security Architecture and Design Paper.

Security Architecture and Design Paper.. Can you help me understand this Writing question?

Briefly respond to all the following questions. Make sure to explain and back up your responses with facts and examples. This assignment MUST be in APA format and have to include at least two references. Remember, do not just type your answers. This assignment MUST be completed in APA style format. Next, break your content into paragraphs. You should not have just one block of text. Minimum of 600 words
1. When should the architect begin the analysis?
2. What are the activities the architect must execute?
3. What is the set of knowledge domains applied to the analysis?
4. What are the tips and tricks that make security architecture risk assessment easier?
Security Architecture and Design Paper.

Rasmussen College Patients Gastrointestinal System Sickness Issue Essay

Rasmussen College Patients Gastrointestinal System Sickness Issue Essay.

You will perform a history of an abdominal problem that your instructor has provided you or one that you have experienced and perform an assessment of the gastrointestinal system. You will document your subjective and objective findings, identify actual or potential risks, and submit this in a Word document to the drop box provided.Remember to be objective when you document; do not make judgments. For example, if the person has a palpably enlarged liver, do not write “the liver is enlarged probably because they drink too much.” Avoid stating that something is normal but instead state WHY you think it is normal. For example, if you think that the abdomen looks “normal” – which is subjective – then document that the “abdomen is flat, skin color consistent with rest of body, no lesions, scars, bulges, or pulsations noted.”Prioritize appropriate assessment techniques for the gastrointestinal, breasts, and genitourinary systems. Instructions:Content: Use of three sections: Format:Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)Resources:Sullivan, D. D. (2012). Guide to clinical documentation. [E-Book]. Retrieved from >Smith, L. S. (2001, September). Documentation do’s and don’ts. Nursing, 31(9), 30. Retrieved from
Rasmussen College Patients Gastrointestinal System Sickness Issue Essay