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Phenylketonuria: Metabolic Control and Treatment Essay (Critical Writing)

Table of Contents Introduction Main body Conclusion References Introduction Phenylketonuria (PKU) is a hereditary disease with an autosomal recessive type of inheritance. Phenylketonuria is caused by insufficient activity of the enzyme called phenylalanine hydroxylase. As a result, it leads to the gradual accumulation of amino acid phenylalanine and its derivatives, which have a toxic effect on the central nervous system of a patient. Phenotypic manifestations of the disorder are microcephaly, convulsions, allergic dermatitis, hypopigmentation of hair, skin, and iris. Without timely treatment, patients with the problem have severe mental degeneration, and the seriousness of the PKU depends on the type of mutation. In order to fully understand the hereditary nature of the disorder, it important to identify and describe the genes involved. The genes are autosomal recessive (AR), their location is 12q23.2, and the MIM number is 612349 in the locus PAH (“Phenylketonuria; PKU,” 2020). It is stated that transient phenylalanine titration treatment can have a detrimental effect on the control of the patients’ metabolism (Barbosa et al., 2018). Phenylketonuria is a genetic violation of the metabolism of amino acids and the reason is the lack of liver enzymes involved in the phenylalanine to tyrosine metabolism. Main body The early signs of phenylketonuria are vomiting, lethargy or hyperactivity, the smell of mold from urine and skin, and a delay in psychomotor development. Typical late symptoms include oligophrenia, physical developmental retardation, cramps, and eczematous skin changes. Screening of newborns for phenylketonuria is still in the maternity hospital. Subsequent diagnostics include molecular genetic testing, determination of blood phenylalanine concentration, urine biochemical analysis, and brain MRI. The treatment of phenylketonuria is to follow a special diet. Disruption of amino acid metabolism is accompanied by a violation of myelination of nerve fibers, a decrease in the formation of neurotransmitters, triggering pathogenetic mechanisms of mental retardation, and progressive dementia. Newborns with phenylketonuria do not have clinical signs of the disease. Typically, the manifestation of phenylketonuria in children occurs at an early age. With the inception of feeding, the breast milk proteins or their substitutes begin to enter the baby’s body, which leads to the development of the early, non-specific symptoms such as lethargy, anxiety, and hyperexcitability, regurgitation, muscle dystonia, convulsive syndrome. One of the early pathognomonic signs of phenylketonuria is vomiting, which can be mistakenly treated as a manifestation of pyloric stenosis. By the following period, the child’s lag in the development of psychomotor functions becomes noticeable. The child can become inactive, irresponsive, stops to recognize parents, and does not attempt to stand on his feet or sit down. A fundamental factor in the treatment of phenylketonuria is a diet that restricts the intake of protein in the body. Conclusion Conducting a mass screening for phenylketonuria in the neonatal period allows organizing early diet therapy and prevent severe cerebral damage, impaired liver function. With the early appointment of an elimination diet in classical phenylketonuria, the prognosis for the development of children is good. With late treatment, the prognosis for mental development is poor. Prevention of complications of phenylketonuria consists of mass screening of newborns, early prescribing, and long-term dietary compliance. In order to assess the risk of giving birth to a child with phenylketonuria, preliminary genetic counseling should be given to couples who already have a sick child, are in a consanguineous relationship, and have relatives with this disease. Women with phenylketonuria who are planning a pregnancy should follow a strict diet. References Barbosa, C. S., Almeida, M. F., Sousa, C., Rocha, S., Guimas, A., Ribeiro, R., … Rocha, J. C. (2018). Metabolic control in patients with phenylketonuria pre- and post-sapropterin loading test. Journal of Inborn Errors of Metabolism and Screening, 6, 1-6. Phenylketonuria; PKU. (2020). Web. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More
Table of Contents The Politics of Plastic Pollution The Economics of Plastic Pollution Overcoming Political and Economic Hurdles Conclusions References Plastic pollution is a serious environmental hazard that threatens the integrity of many ecosystems as well as the health and prosperity of both human and marine life. At the same time, there is very little progress being made in that department, with any ecologically-inclined initiatives being taken only on local and regional levels. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the political and economic barriers that hamper the efforts to reduce plastic pollution and discuss the ways in how they could be overcome. The Politics of Plastic Pollution Despite the damaging effects that plastic has on the environment, many companies and businesses are directly interested in maintaining the existing status quo (Dauvergne, 2018). Food and beverage companies are some of the biggest users of single-use plastic packages, such as bottles, glasses, and wrappings. Since plastic is cheap, it allows them to keep the overall price of the product competitively low, which would have been different had they used glass, metal, or paper for packaging. Although Coca-Cola recently signed the UK Plastics Pact to improve its public image, the company was known to lobby anti-environmental laws that prevented regulation on plastic use for decades on end (Dauvergne, 2018). The plastics industry is connected to the oil industry, which is one of the most influential political players in the world (Dauvergne, 2018). Thus, the coalition against the environment is powerful and well-represented in international politics. These companies are putting their short-term interest ahead of the environment. The Economics of Plastic Pollution Plastics are considered to be one of the cheapest packaging sources currently available on the market. It helps keep the products competitive by reducing the amount of money and material spent on individual packaging as much as possible. However, the incremental price of plastics is much higher than initially anticipated because of the damage it does to the environment. Nobody calculates the impact on marine life and human health when making spreadsheets for expenditures and revenues because the company does not have to directly bear the costs (Beaumont et al., 2019). At the same time, the damage dealt by plastics to the marine populations and the environment exceeds 2.5 trillion USD per year (Beaumont et al., 2019). Had the plastic-producing companies been responsible for these expenditures, plastic would have ceased being an economically viable solution. Overcoming Political and Economic Hurdles To solve the plastic problem, a series of complex solutions are required. Although nearly every plastic and oil-producing company announce its “commitment to the environment,” there is very little evidence to suggest their genuine concern and willingness to protect the environment at the price of losing revenue or competitive value. Therefore, a political solution would require action from all governments involved, which would be a force greater than the international plastic lobby. It could be used to enforce new universal rules regarding plastic production and disposal. Alternatively, the same body could use its power to place the collective burden of 2.5 trillion dollars a year on the companies responsible for it (Dauvergne, 2018). However, that solution is unlikely to work, as the world’s political map is currently fragmented, and the ability to enforce such decisions is limited. The other solution is to provide alternative means of packaging from biodegradable and replenishable materials (Ganesan, Shanmugam,

Project Change, Risk and Opportunity Management of Southern and Northern Bank Merger

Project Change, Risk and Opportunity Management of Southern and Northern Bank Merger. Introduction Mergers became common among the industry. Southern bank accepted Northern banks supply of merger. As this merger is within the favor of each the bank expanding their business space to boost the performance by decrease one thing unhealthy the cons of individual firm through the strength of the merging companies and to fight against the merger of their major competitors. The merger of the Northern and Southern bank was formally declared. In additional process of the merger various factors were to be thought of and a correct success arranges of reaching goals was to be developed. This report describes the combination decide to be completed for the merger and therefore the effects of the key selections for the merger taken on the business of the bank. Internal likewise as the external folks that have an interest in an exceedingly project of business were approached for the look of the merger and their result in the general planning is additionally mentioned within the report. Merger Strategy Merger of exceptional organizations that have the identical denatures, however different methods have been a complex technique. Each selection wishes to be exact and calculated because the merger of banks flat helping floor have advantages as well as bad consequences of effects and the result can also be a failure if the approach in not associated with a plan to attain an intention. While lots of nations communicate and speak with each different and prison or regulation primarily based outcomes are the quoted factors stimulating mergers. The manner of accomplishing the goals of the merger ought to help in price reduction, growing more efficient film by introducing a variety of merchandise getting worried with special styles of matters via merger can make extra money and decrease the overall fee of the bank via a reduction in preferred capital, precious issue rationally (Simon H. Kwan, n.d.). Related to a plan to attain an aim suit is a key element to figure out the achievement of the merger a key element to figure out the achievement of the merger (YenerAltunbaş, 2008). Management approaches of doing matters should be placed into use in which the feasible elements are surrounding conditions, technologies, group’s structure and size, fulfillment plans of achieving desired to finish and way of life (Ajibolade, 2013). The achievement ways of achieving dreams need for recognition at the reduction in cost to get admission to the banking services in other regions. For the very last integration plan the key stakeholders (i.e. inner and outside those who are inquisitive about an enterprise of the banks had been communicated. The primary plan becomes mentioned with the those who are interested in an undertaking and reviews approximately what must be done approximately situation considering their place become obtained. Before everything through SWOAT evaluating the strengths and weakness of each the bank had been recognized. Strength of Northern bank  Reliable Operations  Desirable Management Procedure  Guidelines Of Credit Underwriting  Skilled Employees At Head Quarters  Appropriate Loaning Procedure  Updated It Systems Weakness of Northern bank  Lack in marketing and advertising  Customer offering are not on top of things  Less skilled personnel in branches Strengths of Southern bank  Good in marketing and advertising  Quality customer services  Good locations and facilities  Highly skilled managers at Headquarters  High skill level employees at headquarter as well as at branches Weakness of Southern bank  Lack in good quality daily operations  Procedure of accounting and auditing are not proper  Lack in loan approval policy  Outdated it system Key Decisions Mergers are a few other preferences to reduce the horrible, typical performance with the aid of the strengths of the merging employer (TheodosiosDimopoulos, 2017). Primarily based totally on the strengths and weak point of every the financial institution and evaluating them with every exceptional the nine key choices associated with an aggregate of diverse topics together that work as one unit have been taken and a plan have become drafted. Decision on which the integration plan was dependent on were The percentage of managers laid off The percentage of employees laid off Human resources practices Branch networks Product portfolios Process of loan approval IT systems Bank name Period of implementation The choices were taken in case of saving the general value of merger and cash profits. Taking the branches first there were three options which might be maintaining all of the branches, deliver a purpose for something meaning it’s both banks have branches in some town the exception can be saved or to shut the southern branches on the town having company’s branches. A main financial savings in fee can be achieved by way of shutting the needless branches so rationalizing branches have been the nice decision in order that the first-rate branches maintain. The layoffs percentages of the managers and employee have been equal for the banks as in keeping with the agreement. It turned into deliberate to lay off 20% of managers and employees in shape, up every pair of items in the order. This decision becomes taken as there may be a reduction in branches and this would additionally filter the skilled professionals and possibilities for newly personals will broaden who can be given earlier schooling for working at the merged surrounding situations. But there was a preventing force by using the folks that inquisitive about an assignment and Elaine Murphy, HR director of Southern bank strongly argues towards this selection as she desired a maximum of her staff to be kept. Considering the practices of human valuable supply the primary selection became to offer reasons for practices as the Northern practice was expensive via presenting automobiles above 12 grades and to low interest rates for personnel. However, with after the detail discussion and critiques with the person that interested by a task, it was sooner or later changed with the Northern’s practices. The product file collections of both banks alternate. Both firms have some exact even as some lacking documents series so it turned into decided to rationally the product portfolio and the best of the both could be diagnosed and supplied at the mixed enterprise devices. A selection of the mortgage approval procedure become to update Southern’s manner with the Northern’s because it was very hard to hold each the process and feature two procedures of a mixed shape. This has additionally stored the general cost to make a new one. Upon getting instances of reactions, responses or data from the people who are interested by a task the plan of keeping became modified to preserving and lay out a brand new method. Because the IT structures of Southern financial institutions have been now not upgraded it was willing to replace it with Northern or to rationalize both the gadget to bring collectively as one in a single format. However, this changed into going to value so the selections was fixed to rationalize the IT systems. The call of the bank has wonderful social impact. The people who are inquisitive about a challenge of Southern desired to preserve their bank call. However, there could be no new merchandising of the successful merger of both the banks. So, it turned into determined to offer a new name to the merging commercial enterprise as a NS financial institution. This selection become luxurious as it demanded new signs and labeling, however some fees are very critical and important to be spent for higher business increase. The overall time for the pulling into the usage of these choices changed in five months due to the fact doing it in less time was high-priced and training packages had been additionally being controlled and achieved for the workforce to get less complicated with the new system. But taking greater time also reduced the money income. Cultural Differences The difference in subculture performed a large role in taking choices. According to (Kenneth R.Ahern, 2015) if the merging firms have a varied cultural distinction that reduces the wasting very little at the same time as working or generating of a hit merger. It becomes required for the terms of both the corporations to coordinate after the merger to personal synergies gains. Arguing to this (Page, 2007) states that the probabilities of a success merger will increase if the firms have huge many unique styles of human beings in way of life as this creates new and interesting thoughts and new trouble fixing method. Fig. 1 Research Model (Florian Bauer, 2016) To feature to the possible energy invention of latest materials, moving from one area to any other expertise is required (H. Bresman, 2010), and mixing and interacting the finishing useful things facilitates in a hit invention of recent things (D.R. King, 2003). Gadgets that proof of each tremendous and poor results of subculture are given via basing on without a doubt seeing matters research (D. Datta, 1995).(Grotenhuis, 2001) States that to manage and cause human beings of various races, cultures, nationalities to work and live together which separate cultures is a core problem. Lifestyle is a sensitive concept which has a silent influence over people and it is very hard to measure it in a way that’s close to the fact. Due to this the personals of the merging farmstead to disregard the difficulty which has greater outcomes in destiny to keep away from this (Dixon, 2005) indicates more than two however now not a variety of steps. 1) To make subculture a prime a part of the alternate management 2) Discover the key man or woman who ‘owns’ regulations and behaviors that occur in large business and report them to pinnacle control, time table the problem in everyday organization that promotes conferences. 3) Insist to take subculture as real and measurable and it shouldn’t be rejected while thinks are unclear. 4) To reflect on consideration on the strengths of both the companies and not simplest the weak point. Various consequences are acquired through the based totally on absolutely seeing matters, studies at the influence of MProject Change, Risk and Opportunity Management of Southern and Northern Bank Merger

01.17 Publishing Your Narrative Forces of Nature

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Publishing Your Narrative Assignment

Paste your highlighted narrative in this space. Provide a key so your instructor can tell which color highlighter you used for each category.

Use the highlighting tool in your word processor to highlight at least five examples of vivid detail in your narrative.
Use a different color to highlight at least five interesting verbs used in your writing.
Use a third color to highlight your use of temporal words or transitions.

Reflection 1: Name the two people who reviewed your draft and discuss in a minimum of five sentences how their feedback helped you improve your writing.

Reflection 2: Compare your first draft and your final draft side-by-side. Discuss in at least five sentences the changes you made and why your final draft is an improvement over your first draft.

01.17 Publishing Your Narrative Forces of Nature

Relationship between Young Parents and Children

Relationship between Young Parents and Children. Home, is a place where we can relax and be our self. We do not need to pretend. While, by having a good relationship between family members is good for the development of children. It is an important role for a family. An important study found that children of working parents did better when: Mothers were warm and responsive with children Child care was stable and of high quality Children spent fewer hours in child care Faughn.P (2006, jun 1). Working parents with young children: What’s Important? Message posted to between Young Parents and Children

Rape in American Slavery System During the Antebellum

Introduction The first African slaves arrived in Virginia, North America in 1619. As the plantations of the antebellum south flourished, the African slave trade gained momentum. (Slavery in the ante-bellum South). Between the 16 and 19th centuries, America had an estimated 12 million African slaves (Slavery in the United States). Enslavement of the African Americans formally commenced in the 1630s and 1640s. By 1740, colonial America had a fully developed slavery system in place, granting slave owners an absolute and tyrannical life-and-death authority over their slaves or ‘chattels’ and their children. (Slavery in the United States) Stripped of any identity or rights, enslaved black slaves were considered legal non-persons, except in the event of a crime committed (Slavery in the ante-bellum South). Documents and research on the slave era in the antebellum south are awash with horror stories of the brutal and inhuman treatment of slaves, particularly women. ( David Brion Davis and Eugene Genovese,- Slavery in the United States-Treatment). Considered ‘properties’ by their masters, enslaved black women endured continual physical and emotional abuse, sexual violations, torture, and sometimes even death. (Susanne Scholz ) This research paper takes up the issue of how rape in the American slavery system during the antebellum south affected the African American society, and attempts to answer the following questions: 1. How sexual violence affected slave family life and their behavior? By the 1800s, slavery had percolated down mainly to the antebellum south (Africans in America). Whilst a majority of these slaves were designated as ‘field servants’ performing duties outside the house, a smaller percentage, particularly women were employed as domestics or ‘house servants’, mammies and surrogate mothers. Owners generally enforced their status as ‘property owners’ by callous methods (Africans in America). Many first person accounts (Harriet A Jacobs) and other data available, underscore the rampant sexual exploitation of African women slaves. In the absence of any safeguards, with laws granting owners sweeping powers over their slaves, these women in bondage were habitually ravished, harassed, sexually stalked and used as long term concubines not only by their masters, but by the owners’ families and friends as well. Slave men, for their part, were rendered powerless to challenge or intervene, as to do so would mean sure death or sale to distant plantations (Africans in America). Progeny or ‘mulattos’ resulting from such rapes were also considered slaves, unless freed by the owner. (Historian Eugene Genovese -Slavery in the United States). “As masters applied their stamp to the domestic life of the slave quarter, slaves struggled to maintain the integrity of their families. Slaveholders had no legal obligation to respect the sanctity of the slave’s marriage bed, and slave women- married or single – had no formal protection against their owners’ sexual advances. …Without legal protection and subject to the master’s whim, the slave family was always at risk.”(slavery in the united states – treatment