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Millie is a 79-year-old African American female who resides at an assisted living facility.  She is widowed with one son who lives nearby.  Her medical diagnoses include congestive heart failure, hyperlipidemia, depression, atrial fibrillation, and hypertension.  Additional past medical history includes gestational diabetes (40 years ago), chickenpox as a child, and atelectasis (post-op in the past).  She worked as a secretary for the local police department but has been retired for 15 years.  She ambulates independently with a walker and standby assist and requires minimum assist during bathing.  For the past two weeks, she complains of feeling short of breath and is unable to tolerate ambulating to the dining room and around the facility.  She enjoys attending group activities at the facility but has not joined the morning exercise group for the past week.  She has a recent weight gain of 2.5 kg.   Orders include: Ambulate with walker and 1 standby assistDaily weightsNAS diet1.5L fluid restriction/24 hoursFurosemide 20 mg PO dailyWarfarin 2 mg PO dailySimvastatin 20 mg PO dailySertraline 100mg PO dailyMetoprolol 75 mg PO BIDDo not resuscitate5 labs or diagnostic that will be ordered for the patient Note normal valuesExpected abnormal valuesWhat does this signify for the patient Choose five labs or diagnostic tests that might be ordered for your case study client.  Note normal results, expected abnormal values, and what that would signify for your client. Rubric for Part 1 (Due Week 5): 10 Points TopicPoints Medication summary is complete

Russian Anthrax Accident 1979

Russian Anthrax Accident 1979.

 Paper 1- Demon in the Freezer related Summary Write a 2-3 page research paper on one of the topics below. Include in text citations and references may be in either APA or MLA format. You should not use quotes, but if you do, they should be very short and not more than two. If you have another topic you like related to something brought up in the Demon in the Freezer book, let me know. You can pick a different topic as well.

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Job Term Negotiation

PHARMACOLOGY WEEK 5 Job Term Negotiation.


Please follow plan 1 marking guidelines and complete to a high standard. Please read the Alex Reclutamento role to complete assignment. Please read General Guidance for Negotiation Plan 1 (Job Terms). There are 2 sections to this assignment – worksheet and explanation section. Worksheet section – these questions need to be answered well. Please note and use the following comments for your Plan 1 Worksheet: • State your role upfront (Lee or Alex) on the worksheet. Also state why you are here (fundamental interest/s) at the start, and what issues may be involved in meeting these interests (bargaining mix). Then list what your goals are. Prioritise all these. • List your intangible interests and goals (personal and/or organisational) too. • Where there are two or more interests and goals, prioritise them clearly. You may “weight” them – for example out of 10 – to help planning and decision making.

• Define your bargaining mix. Having more issues, improves your potential outcomes for your more valued goals. • To save space, display your bargaining mix as part of your concession plan (as in the vertical column of issues in the concession plan shown in Week 4 lectures). However, you must clearly state that that is where you are displaying your bargaining mix if you are not going to list it separately. • Use your goal/s, to set your objectives (target/s), and then your opening offer. • Clearly state your BATNA and whether it is strong, intermediate or weak (relative to the offer you are negotiating). Use it to set your resistance point. • Your BATNA should reflect a plausibly firm option

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Guttmacher Alan Birthcontrol

Guttmacher Alan Birthcontrol.

Guttmacher Alan Birthcontrol

pose to inform.

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Debate: Pro Jan Narveson

Debate: Pro Jan Narveson.

You will write detailed important points for the debate (the perspective is pro Jan Narveson, counter Savechild ). And also use other sources to prepare the content

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correctional sentencing practices

correctional sentencing practices.

 You are federal judge who has been chosen by the Vera Institute of Justice to analyze European corrections and sentencing policies and practices with the purpose of recommending changes to the U.S. Sentencing Commission to address America’s problem of mass incarceration. You will use the Vera Institute of Justice report “Sentencing in Germany and Netherlands,” and Michael Moore’s 8 ½ minute documentary on Bastoy Island off the coast of Norway (go to YouTube and type in the search bar: Michael Moore Goes to Norway & Visits a Prison of the Future) to write a five-page paper that compares and contrasts the corrections and sentencing practices of the United States, Germany, Norway, and the Netherlands. Based on outcome measures such as violent crime rates, incarceration and recidivism rates, what recommendations would you make to the U.S. Sentencing Commission to address the problem of mass incarceration in America? Format of Paper: Paragraphs 1-2 (less than a page): Introduce yourself as a US judge and state why you are writing your proposal/ recommendations and the materials you have used to arrive at your conclusions. Include a thesis statement. Paragraphs 3-7 (2 pages): Compare 3-4 major differences between US corrections and sentencing practices and those in Germany, Netherlands, and Norway using your references and the documentary. Paragraphs 7-11 (2 pages): Describe the violent crime rates, incarceration and recidivism rates in the US versus Germany, the Netherlands, and Norway. In the final paragraphs, give your recommendations to the US Sentencing Commission about how to address the problem of mass incarceration in America.

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