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PHA 1500 Rasmussen College Coronary Artery Disease Draft Paper

PHA 1500 Rasmussen College Coronary Artery Disease Draft Paper.

G150/PHA1500 Section 11 Structure and Function of the Human Body Module 4
Coronary artery disease is a common type of heart disease and the leading cause of death among both men and women in the United States
One of your aging relatives is sedentary and smokes cigarettes. Out of concern for his health, you decide to research more about this disease.

Research this disease. 
Draft 2 pages address the following:

Explain how coronary artery disease develops in the human body.
Describe the ways that your relative can prevent the onset of this disease.
Explain what treatment options exist if steps to prevent the disease fail.
 Formatted using the APA guidelines.

PHA 1500 Rasmussen College Coronary Artery Disease Draft Paper

Tecnológico de Monterrey Wk 2 Industry SWOT Matrix Discussion.

I’m working on a business question and need guidance to help me understand better.

For this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:Complete the SWOT Matrix [DOCX] to highlight the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company (as approved by the instructor) you described in the Week 1 discussion.Your selected company may be a startup company of your choosing or it may be based on the snack food company scenario provided to you.Include four items in each category.As you complete each quadrant of the SWOT Matrix, consider these questions:Strengths.What are your selected company’s likely strengths?Is your product or service in a growing industry and does it lack an entrenched competitor?Are you in a niche market with great potential?What strengths do you and other team members bring to the company?Weaknesses.What are your chosen company’s likely weaknesses?How entrenched is the competition in your industry segment?Is your management team inexperienced?How challenging will it be to produce the product or offer the service and maintain quality?Opportunities.What are your company’s opportunities?Does your segment have more demand than supply?Have larger corporations stopped serving smaller or niche markets that you could enter?Is a new market emerging because of demographics, immigration, changing tastes, et cetera?Threats.What are your company’s threats?Does a clear market leader exist that will be hard and expensive to displace?Are downward-pricing pressures in the segment making profit margins slim?Are there few or no barriers to entry for new competitors?Post at least one substantive comment to another student’s post.NOTESTextbook Chapter 9, “Strategic Position & Risk Assessment,” pages 143–162, provides additional detail about this topic.You will revise this week’s discussion post as part of your on the Week 3 assignment, Company Description and SWOT Matrix.Important notes:1. Complete the SWOT matrix in Word and then copy from there and paste it in the discussion window.2. DO NOT attach the Word document to the discussion window.3. Include your company name and a brief description of what business you are in, as well as the product(s) and service(s) you offer for sale. Provide this information in your response for this week to remind everyone about your business (no more than 3-4 sentences). Save this description to include in all your weekly discussion responses in this class.
Tecnológico de Monterrey Wk 2 Industry SWOT Matrix Discussion

BUS 241 Northern Virginia College Linked Activity Applications and Proceeds Discussion.

Directions: Answer both scenarios below.1. If you are the Head of the H.R. Department of a company with 100 employees, how would you respond in the following scenarios?Scenario 1Prepare a list of questions you might ask a prospective job applicant so that they do not violate federal laws. Prepare both a list of general questions and questions you would use in a ” behavior-based” interview. Answer whether you can engage in pre-employment tests, background checks, polygraphs, and credit reports. List any applicable federal laws on these topics. Scenario 2You want to fire an employee who is a female, 43 years old, one of two black employees and who is gay. You seek the advice of your personnel department. What might they say is the appropriate manner to approach this employment situation? 3. Save your work in word document or RTF file and submit your answer.
BUS 241 Northern Virginia College Linked Activity Applications and Proceeds Discussion

Planning Commission Meeting In the Community of Victorville California Paper.

For this child development assignment you will attend/watch a city council, planning commission, or school board meeting in the community of Victorville California, and report on the following: Note: must be in your community of Victorville California !Research the agenda items being discussed prior to attending or watching. Choose to go to a meeting or viewing in television/internet/youtube, in which some issues are of concern to you, the child, the family, and the community. Include evidence of research (the process you took to conduct and gather the information)For this assignment you will need the book Berns, R. M. (2016). Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization, and Support. United States: Thomson/Wadsworth publishing. I don’t have the book please include intext citations, apa style and references.Assignment below Please include the following in the assignment:I.Background Information and process and procedureGive background informationExplain the process you took to research the meetingDescribe the atmosphere of the room and the environmentExplain why you choose the particular meeting/issue/concernList the council/commission/board members and their occupations;Describe how the issue you chose was handled (background information, debate, decision, etc.).Did you agree or disagree with the vote? Explain why.Describe how the topic discussed related to the Ecological Model of Human Development (Microsystem, Mesosystem, Exosystem, Macrosystem).Discuss your general impression of how the meeting was conducted.Explain how you would handle the situation?Attach/Scan an agenda to your report. (the back of your paper)Note: Be sure to integrate and support your discussion with specific and appropriate materials from the textbook. Berns, R. M. (2016). Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization, and Support. United States: Thomson/Wadsworth publishing. I don’t have the book please include intext citations,apa style and references.II.Analysis:From your meeting information, please:Describe the socialization of the child focusing on the interrelationship of family, school, and community.Identify the educational, political, and socioeconomic impacts on children and families.Describe strategies that empower families and encourage family involvement in children’s development.Concluding ThoughtsWrite a brief paragraph in which you discussDiscuss at least 4 significant concepts learned from the assignment.Provide an explanation as to how information learned will be used for future growth.If you follow the following format then, you will do just fine.
Planning Commission Meeting In the Community of Victorville California Paper

Write introduction and conclusion

Write introduction and conclusion. I need an explanation for this Business question to help me study.

According to the Starbucks’ financial analysis paper, write 1 page introduction and 1 page conclusion.
Introduction: Provide a concise, professional introduction explaining the purpose of your analysis to your executive.
Conclusion: Provide a concise, professional conclusion to your executive detailing the findings of your analysis. What can you learn from Starbucks’ financial statements and performance about determining the overall health of companies? Include general suggestions for financial improvements.
Write introduction and conclusion

Its a case study basically a Q&A

custom writing service Its a case study basically a Q&A.

Sofia Martinez is a 19-year-old sophomore majoring in pre-medicine at the University of Arizona. In the past few weeks leading up to final exams, Allison has felt unusually tired despite receiving an adequate amount of sleep at night. She also has had frequent headaches, and has experienced times when her heart “felt like it was missing a beat.” She has noticed lightheadness and blurred vision at times. Friends sometimes comment that she looks “pale and tired”. Yesterday at lunch, Sofia fainted while waiting in line in the cafeteria. Initially, she attributed this episode to being unusually tired and hungry, but later in the day she fainted again while waiting to mail a package at the Post Office. Both times she collapsed to the floor but recovered spontaneously.When Sofia informed her mother about what had happened that day, her mother immediately scheduled an appointment for Sofia to see the family physician. 1. List the common causes of fainting as pertains to Sofia’s situation and a short explanation of each.
Its a case study basically a Q&A

Novo Nordisk Management Essay

Novo Nordisk Management Essay. Novo Nordisk is one of the few firms in the world, which is recognized for its sustainable management practices. The firm’s operations in the industry are influenced by value-based management approaches. The firm has effective corporate governance policies, which influence the way it relates with its customers and other stakeholders. It has instituted integrated reporting systems, which make it easy for the public to assess its operations. This allows external auditing of the firm’s systems to determine whether they satisfy sustainable management practices, which the firm aspires to achieve. The firm has a solid reputation in the industry because it was the first business firm in Denmark to release a corporate environmental report. This has strengthened the firm’s credibility in the industry (EcclesNovo Nordisk Management Essay

Discuss a New Testament Bible Passage In Accordance to a Selected Theme

Discuss a New Testament Bible Passage In Accordance to a Selected Theme. I’m working on a Writing question and need guidance to help me study.

The final paper will take one New Testament passage (no less than 10 verses) and put it in conversation with one particular theme. You may choose your theme from one of these topics: the nature of Jesus Christ, the importance of the resurrection, race and ethnicity, the shape and content of justice, or the function of the church in the world. Final papers should (1) interpret the passage based on the literary and historical contexts, (2) argue a thesis based on the interpretation of the selected passages, and (3) make direct mention or connection to an OT passage or NT outside of the selected genre in which you are studying. This thesis should be underlined, indicating for the reader the thesis which is being argued. Each final paper should be 6 full pages, double spaced, Times New Roman or Helvetica, 12pt font. Style should be in either MLA or APA. It is required that you consult at least 3 academic commentaries, sources, or articles for the research and writing of this final paper.
Discuss a New Testament Bible Passage In Accordance to a Selected Theme