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PGCC Decoding Myasthenia Gravis an Neuromuscular Disease Case Study

PGCC Decoding Myasthenia Gravis an Neuromuscular Disease Case Study.

Please use both your pharmacology (Lehne)and adult health nursing (Lewis) textbooks for this—this will help you understand what myasthenia is and how to treat it.The Lewis text covers it on pages 1393-1395 and complements what our pharm textbook covers.References and in-text citations required.Points per question in parentheses at the end of each question. (11 total points available) J.B. is a 58-year-old retired postal worker who has been on the neurology unit for several days receiving plasmapheresis every other day for myasthenia gravis (MG).About a year ago, J.B. started experiencing difficulty chewing and swallowing, diplopia, and slurring of speech, at which time he was placed on physostigmine.Before this admission, he had been relatively stable.His medical history includes hypertension controlled with metoprolol (Lopressor) and glaucoma treated with timolol ophthalmic preparation.Recently, J.B. was diagnosed with a sinus infection and treated with ciprofloxacin (Cipro).On admission, J.B. was unable to bear any weight or take fluids through a straw.There have been periods of exacerbation and remission since admission. Vital signs include T 101.8 degrees, HR 108, RR 24, BP 170/68 Please answer the following questions:1) What is myasthenia gravis and what are the usual presenting symptoms (2 points)? 2) Knowing the usual presenting symptoms, what are the essential assessments for this patient with myasthenia gravis (2 points)? 3) J.B.’s wife is wondering what caused the worsening of J.B.’s symptoms at this time.What are the possible causes of the worsening of the patient’s symptoms?Again, the adult health textbook is a good resource for this question in particular) (1 point) 4)How is myasthenia gravis diagnosed (1 point)? 5)Explain how each of the following is used to treat myasthenia gravis (2 points–1 for each part). What is plasmapharesis and why is it being used in this patient? What is physostigmine and how does it work to treat myasthenia gravis?Why is it used and not the prototype neostigmine? 6)What emergency medication should be on hand for this patient and why (1 point)?(I am looking for an antidote to too much cholinesterase inhibitor—again, its in the book! 7)Explain the difference between myasthenic crisis and cholinergic crisis.How could the health care provider determine the difference (2 points)?******* The in-text citation and references should be from the text book.
PGCC Decoding Myasthenia Gravis an Neuromuscular Disease Case Study

San Diego Mesa College Kobe and Giana Bryant Mural Discussion

San Diego Mesa College Kobe and Giana Bryant Mural Discussion.

our Art Find is a hands-on assignment. You will record yourselves talking/discussing a piece of art either on location or via voice over. Your presentation is worth 100 points.Find The Art You Will DiscussMany museums are still closed. Find a public artwork that resides where all can see and is free to view and appreciate. Art from your travels is fine, too. Just be sure that the photo you took of something while traveling is no older than a year or two.Step 1: Find a piece of public art. The art can be two or three – dimensional.Step 2: Discuss what is so special about the piece to you. You must provide a visual analysis utilizing the Principles of Design and items from the Visual Toolbox. If the artwork is 3-dimension, discuss sculptural terminology. Use terminology that applies to the type of artwork you have chosen. If you are able to provide some information about the artist, do so. Don’t forget to tell me where the artwork is located. Also, be sure to include good shots of the artwork that you are discussing. Remember that this is not a grade school style book report. Avoid making this entirely about where the artist was born, who they married, the name of their dog or cat, etc. In addition, avoid plagiarizing art-historical information. If you are using anyone else’s words, YOU MUST CITE THE SOURCE. So in the case of this presentation, you must say “according to so and so, they said that this portrait’s colors represent the anguish the artist felt towards the relationship with the person depicted on the canvas.” Things look/sound suspicious when all of the sudden you become posh art historians. Cite your sources.Be creative! Have Fun!
San Diego Mesa College Kobe and Giana Bryant Mural Discussion

Adirondack Community College Information Technology and Systems in Healthcare Essay

online dissertation writing Adirondack Community College Information Technology and Systems in Healthcare Essay.

The purpose of this assignment is to identify emerging technologies and explain the role of information technology and systems within business enterprises. Conduct research related to business in your field of study (medical field)and identify three emerging technologies that could be applied in some way within the business. In a word document, create a chart that summarizes the following information. When creating the chart, be sure to include a title and proper labels on rows and columns to ensure that readers can understand the information being presented.1.Name of each emerging technology2.Description of the role of the technology within the business organization.3.Description of how the technology could change business operations.4.Description of how the technology could change the way employees work.5.Description of how the technology could change customer interaction or the customer experience.6.Description of how the technology could help business organizations gain competitive advantage.7.Description of how the technology could help the organization meet goals more quickly or efficiently.8.Documentation of resources used to learn about each technology.On a separate word document answer Using the “Tech Trends Report 2019,” study resource and your own experience, consider current technology that you use as part of your job or that is used within your field of study. Articulate ways it could be changed, upgraded, or improved by emerging technologies, such as those presented in the study materials, to help you do your job/future job more efficiently or effectively.
Adirondack Community College Information Technology and Systems in Healthcare Essay

Andreas Gursky’s “The Rhine II” Photography Essay

People may have different attitudes towards photography as some see it as a form of art while others focus on the natural and even scientific precision of the technique. Artists also tend to support one of these views to this or that extent. For instance, Andreas Gursky uses photography to reveal the image of a certain object in as much detail as possible. The photographer places the primary emphasis on naturalism and the modern look. His approach is nothing new as such renowned figures in the world of art as Charles Baudelaire and Peter Henry Emerson also claimed that art is and should be the tool to capture the natural complexity of the world through the lenses of contemporaneity. Andreas Gursky created The Rhine II in 1999 that is actually a version of his earlier work. In The Rhine II, the photographer attempts to deliver “an accurate image of a modern river” and invites viewers to see the river enclosed in the deep-colored stripes of grass, concrete, and the clouded sky (see Figure 1). Ironically, in order to produce a picture as naturally as possible, the artist used digital tools as he had to remove a building. Gursky’s vision is rather remarkable as he manages to provide a natural image that is perceived as something abstract and expressionist at the same time. The focus on texture is what helps the artist to create such an impression and draw a picture of a modern river. Likewise, Charles Baudelaire praised naturalism and modernity in art. In his manifesto and his works published in the middle of the 20th century, he emphasized that it is essential to “understand the most recent, most modern expression of beauty.” Interestingly the art critic and poet believed that all forms of art had an element of “the absolute and the particular.” In this respect, the impact of Gursky’s work can be easily understood since it is detailed and it creates a mood. The reference to modernity in Gursky’s and Baudelaire’s works is remarkable as they both wanted to put modern or new worldviews to the fore. Importantly, they also concentrated on feelings rather than the exact form. Figure 1. Gursky, The Rhine II, 1999. Emerson had quite a specific opinion regarding naturalism and the role it should play in photography. On the one hand, he denied the need to recreate natural images, but he also used people’s perception peculiarities, which made his photographs seem very naturalistic. He managed to create works that seemed to be accurate representations of the images people have in their minds (see Figure 2). The artist tried to use the advances in psychology and photography to deliver pictures that evoked feelings and created specific atmospheres. Similar to Gursky and Baudelaire, Emerson praised modernity without any nostalgia concerning past formal conventions. Figure 2. Emerson, The Fetters of Winter, 1895. On balance, it is necessary to note that photography evolved in the form of art that speaks to people’s emotions. Gursky’s The Rhine II is a detailed depiction of a landscape with its specific texture and mood. The photographer captures the modern look of the river and makes viewers feel rather than see it. Such approaches and perspectives have been employed since the 19th century as artists have tried to explore the way reality can affect people’s feelings. The photography in question creates a very specific mood as it makes people feel the way the hectic modern world can be in harmony with the changeable serenity of nature.

Interviewing a Professional Nurse o Interview a nurse professional with years of experience.

Interviewing a Professional Nurse o Interview a nurse professional with years of experience.. I’m working on a Science question and need guidance to help me study.

Topic: Interviewing a Professional Nurse o Interview a nurse professional with years of experience.
Provide examples for:

Patient-care oAdaptability
Time management
Communication style

Motivation and core values
3-5 pages(excluding titlepage and reference page) APA stylepaper with atleast
3 references within 5 years.
The term paper could be done in groups up to 7 students or individually. Every student of the group must upload the file into this link to obtain a grade

Interviewing a Professional Nurse o Interview a nurse professional with years of experience.

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