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There is actually more than one war that is being fought, Farquhar sat out this physical war so far but he has engaged in a war in his own mind, which led him to become an active participant as a civilian. He watched his way of life come to an end which was the catalyst for getting off the sidelines. Farquhar attempts to destroy a union position and is caught. His guilt was not proven in the story but the facts speak for themselves. e He now finds himself bound with his hands behind his back; rope securely around his neck standing on a railroad bridge. Now with only moments to live he generates an entirely different scene in his mind.

He imagines that it is possible for the rope to break and he is able to escape to a waiting river of rushing water and shortly the scenario that he was dreaming in his mind comes to life. As he is hung the rope breaks causing him to fall into the waiting, rushing river. Farquhar is in terrible pain. His neck is hurting and pains are radiating in his back. While all this is happening he is then shot at by the soldiers that just attempted to hang him. He swims just as fast as possible. His captors are now shooting at him. As he swims for his life he keeps a watchful eye on the troops that are shooting at him.

Farquhar uses the smoke release from the guns as his cue to dive back under water where he has been successful because the troops are shooting independently. He realizes that the officers in charge will soon have everyone shooting at the same time and that this will greatly increase the chances of him being shot and killed. This Southern Patriot is now in the ultimate fight of life and death on more than one front. Farquhar’s neck is injured from the rope recoil and there are pains coming from his back now because one soldier’s bullet has found its mark.

Additionally the river has become his greatest opponent. The river has become even more hostile and is treating the fleeing felon poorly. Farquhar finally manages to escape his hangman’s rope. He is successful at swimming in the aggressive river and has finally reached the bank only to discover another obstacle, an uncharted forest that he has never encountered before. Farquhar is somewhat surprised because this is supposed to be the part of the woods that he is familiar with. He is near his house, and confident that he can get off the railroad tracks and not be hung.

If he can safely swim the raging river and reach his secure home. A place that he was convinced would afford him a haven from the rope, the river, and the war. These woods are vast and almost impossible to pass though. There are not even any trails available, but the condemned man is determined to be reunited with his lovely wife and adoring children. After getting through woods he sees his beautiful home and opens his familiar gate only to be greeted by his wife as his life comes to an abrupt end. His escape and successful fight to stay alive ceased as the dream in his mind came to end.

His neck broke and his dream of freedom was interrupted by the reality of his neck snapping and death. The ultimate punishment has been carried out. His truth was a lie. He never was free; he was only able to distort a reality just long enough to fight against his enemy while on the railroad bridge waiting for his end to come. Truth is inescapable even when we imagine that it can be eluded, just as our envisioned realities are not always correct or accurate. Peyton now fought the only way that he could while waiting for the end to come on Owl Creek Bridge, with his mind. Unfortunately in this instance his mind couldn’t save his life.

European Union Law

European Union Law.


Discuss the tests which govern natural and legal persons access to the CJEU in order to seek judicial review of EU acts under article 263 TFEU under light of the courts case law 

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