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ICT industry Enabling Global Competitiveness and Driving Innovation with Equitable Growth A DV I S O RY Foreword from CII The Indian ICT Industry has witnessed excellent growth in the past two decades. Capitalizing on its advantages of talent pool, lower cost of operation and the innovative remote delivery model, India has established itself as a global leader in the ICT sector. Today, India is clearly acknowledged as the global services hub.

However, the industry today is facing many challenges in terms of rising costs, availability of quality talent pool, security and IP protection and infrastructure concerns. This coupled with changing customer expectations and emergence of other low cost locations is further deepening the threat to the Indian ICT industry. To sustain the growth and achieve global leadership, the Indian ICT industry needs to move from being a low cost service provider to a high end solution provider. The industry needs to provide innovative solutions of higher value to the global customers.

This innovation need not necessarily be in Products but could be in Services, Processes and even Business models. Innovation will lead to exponential growth and help the industry break out of the linear business growth. The success of such innovation will be far reaching and help us achieve global leadership quickly. For this, we need to create a culture or innovation and an ecosystem to nurture and encourage entrepreneurs. The Government, Industry, Institutes, Investors and other stakeholders need to come together to create such an ecosystem.

“The Culture Industry: “The Schema of Mass Culture.”

“The Culture Industry: “The Schema of Mass Culture.”.

ASSIGNMENT 1. Critical response Write a 3 page critical response paper that summarizes mass culture theory and the Frankfurt school and incorporates your initial reaction to these. Where, in your daily life, do you see aspects of mass culture theory playing out? How does your newly acquired understanding of mass culture theory color your perception of the arts and industry? Be sure to reference the assigned materials and to provide in-text citations for any facts or quotes you use. please refer to these 2 you tube videos ( SOCIOLOGY-Theodor Adorno The school life) and (WHAT IS MASS CULTURE THEORY by Lance Eaton). Paper guidelines: 3 pages double spaced 12 pt font NO cover page! ASSIGNMENT 2. Critical Response TEXT “The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception” by Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer. This chapter lays out Adorno and Horkeheimers’ central theses, and in the process establishes the term “culture industry” as a way of encapsulating the totality of mass culture and its effects upon society. What does Adorno mean when he says: “Under [the culture industry] it is a fact that “tyranny leaves the body free and directs its attack on the soul”? As you formulate your response to this question, be sure to: a) summarize what you believe are the main and supporting arguments Adorno makes in “Enlightenment as Mass Deception” b) provide examples from the current day that illustrate and support any of the arguments of Adorno that you decide to highlight. Please refer to this you tube video for additional resources ( Examples of Mass Culture Theory by Lance Eaton. Paper guidelines: minimum 5 pages (not including works cited/references page) works cited or references page APA) double spaced 12 pt font NO cover page! ASSIGNMENT 3. Critical Response TEXT “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” by Walter Benjamin. .In this paper I want you to briefly summarize Walter Benjamin’s main argument and discuss what he believes are the negative ramifications of mass produced art. Do you agree or disagree with Benjamin? Explain, and use examples to support your opinion. Additional Resources: a)More on Walter Benjamin: b)Adorno’s “Culture Industry Reconsidered” in which the theorist replaces the term “mass culture” with “culture industry. c)Excerpt from excellent BBC series called “Ways of Seeing.” In this video, the presenter, John Berger, calls upon the ideas of Walter Benjamin to form his own argument about what occurs when the paintings of the Old Masters (Botticelli, DaVinci, Breughel, etc) are mass reproduced. Video: John Berger, Ways of Seeing, Episode 1 1972: Benjamin’s theories Paper guidelines: minimum 4 pages (not including works cited/references page) works cited or references page ( APA) double spaced 12 pt font NO cover page! ASSIGNMENT 4. Critical Response TEXT “The Culture Industry: “The Schema of Mass Culture.” Write a critical response paper on any aspect of “The Schema of Mass Culture.” Be sure to refer to the text, provide your own analysis of the content you decide to discuss, and use both textual and contemporary examples to bolster your argument. Paper guidelines: minimum 4 pages (not including works cited/references page) works cited or references page ( APA) double spaced 12 pt font NO cover page!

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