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My favorite album would eave to be there 1984 album Ride the Lightning though because out of all of there albums I can sing every song on Ride the Lightning by heart.

Metallic may have disappointed some of there fans by going biblical with there self titled album, better known as The Black Album, but they only got better for me. Love all Of there music, even there less then loved Cola album with Lou Metallic may also get a bad reputation from what happened with there Bassist, Jason Nested.Jason replaced there late Bassist Clifford Lee Burton, ho passed in a tour bus accident. Jason had decided that along with being the bassist of Metallic that he would also have a side project. But James, Lars, and Kirk said its us or them and Jason chose them. Lars still gets crap for “Kicking Jason out” but simply put, Jason left. I respect both of there decision as well because it makes them who they are today.

I remember when I was really little, was in my One’s Oldsmobile with my Dad and we were listening to Metallic.I was 3 or 4 at the time but man I couldn’t keep myself from rocking out! My dad thought I was the coolest thing ever and it made me so happy that I got attached to Metallic and many other bands since then. Being with my dad and listening to Metallic is James Hatfield yet, or haven’t met Lars and Kirk, still feel like they are part of me and who I am. They mean so much to me but they don’t even know it. But there’s where I am kind of wrong. James, Lars, Kirk, and late Suicidal Tendencies Bassist Robert Trujillo, All Love there fans very very much, even if they don’t know us.They know that we go out of our ways to dedicate even a moment of time in our day to listen to one of there songs, or go buy an album or go see a show.

They appreciate us and that’s why they perform still. All in all Metallic may not be your favorite band but they sure as hell are mine. They mean so much to me in so many different ways that one essay, not even a whole encyclopedia, could tell you or any other person how much they’ve done for me! I hope that maybe after reading this you might go out of your way to listen to one Of there songs. The Unforgiving or One could change your life, the same way they changed mine.

Conflict Communication Strategies

Conflict Communication Strategies.

 Background Information Messages we create include both verbal and nonverbal elements. Often these messages create conflict because they might be incongruent, ineffective, and even unsupportive. This discussion will encourage you to explore the healthiest methods for responding to conflict. Instructions 1. Read Chapter 6 in Communication in the Real World: An Introduction to Communication Studies, with particular attention to conflict. Use the link below to access the book 2. Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following prompts: a. Describe a conflict you experienced in the past. Which strategies did you use to solve it? Be sure to apply the theories in the textbook (Chapter 6.2) to your situation. b. What specific strategies for managing conflict from the readings were relevant or useful to you? Explain. c. How would you advise a friend to respond in a cultural setting?

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