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Perspective of Classical Liberalism Discussion Questions

Perspective of Classical Liberalism Discussion Questions.

INITIAL RESPONSE: Summarize how the respective political economic school of thought perceives the issue (chosen from chapters cover by the discussion) and then consider current policies (not limited to the United States BUT you must be able to cite a source in all cases) that would fit within Lowi’s typology (distributive, regulatory, self-regulatory, and distributive). You will then discuss whether the policies/program you choose would either be supported by the respective perspective or not. List one policy for each category of Lowi’s typology although if you cannot think of a self-regulatory policy that is fine. Remember that the policies listed MUST be consistent with the political economic theory. For example, since the typology was developed using modern liberal policies for the most part you could include contemporary policies that classical liberals would be opposed, but you would need to clarify why.APA formatone page
Perspective of Classical Liberalism Discussion Questions

The assignment is to write a research proposal , the topic has to be “JUVENILES AND THE REENTRY SYSTEM”.

The assignment is to write a research proposal (between 4 and 5 pages).TIMES NEW ROMAN12PT1.5 SPACINGThe proposal will be divided into several main parts: (1) Title and Abstract – a half page (2) Introduction to the selected topic and the purpose statement – a half – 1 page; (2) Literature review – 1 – 1.5 pages (3) Research design and methodology, including research questions; worldview, research design (with a justification of the methodology) – 2 – 2.5 pages (4) Ethical considerations – up to a half page. The number of pages is approximate.
Title and Abstract – you can find information in Chapter 2, pages 25 – 41 and page 108
Introduction – Chapter 5, pages 107 – 119
Purpose statement – Chapter 6, pages 123 – 136
Literature Review – Chapter 2, pages 25 – 41. Include between 2 – 4 articles from scholarly journals ONLY. See the chapter for instructions how to conduct an online library search
Research design and methodology, Chapters 7, 8. 9 and 10. The worldview – Chapter 1, pages 5 -17. You need to include: research question/hypothesis, worldview, research design (qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods), research instrument (e.g. survey, experiment), all information about sample, how and what type of the data you would collect (variables in a quantitative study).
Ethical considerations – Chapter 4, Pages 92 – 100
Bibliography – between 2 and 4 articles, APA style.
The paper needs to follow APA style (the library has a number of APA style manuals).
The assignment is to write a research proposal , the topic has to be “JUVENILES AND THE REENTRY SYSTEM”

adolescent and suicide, health and medical assignment help.

As adolescents separate from their parents and gain a sense of control, sometimes they are unable to balance stresses. As a result, depression may occur, and, at times, suicide may be the outcome. Choose the topic of either adolescent depression or adolescent suicide. Discuss contributing factors and signs and symptoms that may be observed or assessed in these clients. Describe primary, secondary, and tertiary methods of health prevention for this topic. Research community and state resources and describe at least two of these for your chosen topic. What nursing interventions could you use to assist an adolescent you suspect is depressed beyond referring the adolescent to a state or community resource?
adolescent and suicide, health and medical assignment help

application developer for John Fogerty who owns Clearwater Industries, assignment help.

You work as an Android mobile application developer for John Fogerty who owns Clearwater Industries Incorporated (CII).  John knows many of the mobile applications developed at CII implement client-server technology.  For example, some mobile applications can store and retrieve data from a remote server that is part of a cloud service.  John is concerned about the security of data transmissions between the client (devices running his mobile applications) and the server.  He asks you to write a memo that provides an overview and solution to this security problem using HTTPS and SSL and how these technologies are implemented within an Android mobile application.

You shall write a well-written business memo to Mr. Fogerty that provides information about how to solve the client-server data transmission security problem.
The memo shall provide an overview of HTTPS and SSL  and how these technologies are implemented within an Android mobile application.
Any terms or acronyms that the reader may not know shall be explained in the memo before used.
The memo shall be 350 to 450 words.
Your memo shall included properly-cited research information from at least two sources.
Properly-used and cited diagrams that illustrate topics in your memo shall offset point deductions.

application developer for John Fogerty who owns Clearwater Industries, assignment help

Recruiting Drives in Law Enforcement Agencies Discussion

Recruiting Drives in Law Enforcement Agencies Discussion.

Discussion 1: What is your perception of law enforcement today? Explain.Discussion 2: Should law enforcement agencies have a mandatory policy regarding fitness? If so, what should be included in this policy? If not, explain.Discussion 3: SWAT – Students Working Against Tobacco is one example of a community program. Is this program beneficial or does funding need to be used in other areas, explain.Discussion 4: The below statement was said by Dr. George Thompson founder of Verbal Judo – below link. More powerful than mace, the night stick, or the gun, effective rhetoric is an officer’s most useful tool in the field. – Thompson 1982 (Links to an external site.) After reviewing the web site, do you agree or disagree with the above statement?ExplainDiscussion 5: Most law enforcement agencies have recruiting drives to establish cultural diversity within their organization. Explain how you would attack this recruitment. Discussion posts should be more than 150 words in length.
Recruiting Drives in Law Enforcement Agencies Discussion

Please write a comparison-contrast essay that focuses on ONE of the following topics.(Listed Below)

write my term paper Please write a comparison-contrast essay that focuses on ONE of the following topics.(Listed Below). I’m studying and need help with a English question to help me learn.

Whether we make a “pros” and “cons” list about a major life event or try to decide which brand of peanut butter we’re going to buy, we constantly compare and contrast ideas and items in our lives. When we compare, we examine the similarities between things; when we contrast, we examine the differences between things.
What, exactly, is a comparison-contrast essay composed of? What do you need to think about when doing one? Well, there are several things to think about.

First, you need to decide on a purpose. Why are you making a comparison and/or contrast? It isn’t enough to just compare and contrast two or more things. You have to do that with some point in mind. For example, you might want to showthat two things are more similar (or different) than previously thought, or you might want to definetwo shades of an emotion or condition (such as happiness versus ecstasy); or you might want to dramatize the effectsof drinking one glass of red wine at dinner, for good health, versus drinking a case of red wine at dinner, with the ill effects of such an action; or you might want to persuadereaders that stricter divorce laws are needed by comparing the laws of several different states. Regardless of the purpose, you must compare and contrast with a purpose in mind. That purpose is one of the things that directs your essay. The other thing that directs your essay is your audience – for whom are you writing? What special knowledge do they have or lack? What special language do they use (jargon)?

Second, you need to make sure that the two (or more) things you’re comparing or contrasting are at least somewhat similar. You can, for example, compare a Ford and a Volvo because they’re both cars. You could not compare a car with a lawnmower (with the possible exception of an old Volkswagen). So, they need to have some related parts.

Third, you need to stay focused on your purpose. That is, you may want to inform (to present information as objectively as possible); to evaluate (as in pros and cons, with the goal of making some sort of judgment); to persuade (readers to take some action based upon your presentation of similarities or differences): to clear up misconceptions (by revealing previously hidden or misunderstood similarities or differences): or to draw an analogy between two seemingly unrelated subjects (such as a singles bar and a day at the zoo).

Fourth, you need to come up with a strong thesis. Now, a thesis always states the subject under discussion and the author’s perspective, treatment of the subject, or point of view. In a comparison-contrast essay, a thesis must do a few more things. It should name the subjects being compared and contrasted; it should indicate whether the focus is on the similarities, the differences, or both; and it should state the main point of comparison or contrast.

Fifth, you need to select the points to be discussed. Consider your audience when doing this. Be aware of what your readers know, what they don’t know, and what you can predict about their reactions. This should influence your choices of what to include. Of course, all of your points should support your thesis.

Sixth, organize your discussion. For a comparison-contrast essay, there are basically two ways to organize your material. They are:

The one-side-at-a-time (sometimes called the “block”) method, which is organized like this:


Subject “A” – point 1

– point 2
– point 3, etc.
2. Subject “B” – point 1
– point 2
– point 3, etc.


Note that the points discussed are the same and in the same order. That makes for an easy comparison. This type of organization is best used for shorter, simpler essays.
Then there’s the point-by-point method, which is best used for longer, more complicated essays. It is organized like this:


Point 1 – subject “A” then subject “B”

2. Point 2 – subject “A” then subject “B”
3. Point 3 – subject “A” then subject “B”, etc.


Lastly, be aware of language, as always. In order to make sure that the reader understands the comparisons and contrasts that you’re making, you need to make sure that you’re clear. Part of what makes this essay clear is good use of transitions, such as “also,” “in the same way,” “on the other hand,” or “likewise.”

The Assignment:
Please write a comparison-contrast essay that focuses on ONE of the following topics. Each of these will require a bit of research, so please plan to use and cite at least two sources.

Scientific versus religious ethical views on genetic engineering of humans
Various methods of determining, studying, and cataloging genetic ancestry
Different marriage structures and customs around the world
Different formal (and perhaps informal) caste or class systems around the world
Various energy sources being used or developed
Different military, paramilitary, or mercenary organizations within the USA
Various forms of space travel (focusing on propulsion) used or developed

Your essay should, as usual, conform to the following format.

4 or more pages in length, plus a Works Cited page
A Works Cited page
Use of at least two sources beyond our novel
A reference, a connection, to our novel Friday
MLA format, please

Please write a comparison-contrast essay that focuses on ONE of the following topics.(Listed Below)

Correspondence and Advertisements Crafting Essay

Communication Communication entails the transfer of information from the sender to the receiver. The research focuses on the diverse ways information is filtered or expounded as it moves towards the receiver. The research further focuses on the different factors that distort the original message crafted by the sender. The crafting of communication must consider the environmental factors in crafting correspondence or advertisements. Scene In McDonalds fast food Chain during statistics class snack break, three classmates are munching hamburgers. The conversation goes: Characters Person Sex Age Position Character Friend 1 M 22 Student Class genius, classmate of Friend 2

Natural Disasters and Risks in the United Arab Emirates Report

Introduction It is imperative to mention that impact of natural disasters has been increasing over the years, and many scholars have focused on the research of this subject matter. They can be described as events that are suddenly caused by nature, lead to losses of lives, and affect the infrastructure. It is believed that the UAE is located in a relatively safe region when it comes to natural disasters because of the stable climate. However, some of the core aspects are frequently overlooked, and several issues that are currently present should be discussed. Some of the incidents were not expected, and the governments have devoted enormous attention to preventive measures to guarantee the safety and well-being of the population. It would be reasonable to review the literature on this subject matter to get a better understanding of possible risks and how they are managed. Discussion Preventive Measures It is necessary to understand that the number of natural disasters is increasing because of an increase in the population, and a rise in building density. The number of people in urban areas is much higher, and it makes them exposed to such incidents. The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology is responsible for monitoring such events and issuing warnings. The issue that the UAE has to deal with at the moment is that the population is incredibly diverse, and it can complicate the communication (Al Hmoudi and Aziz 131). Therefore, it would be reasonable to establish a particular system that is based on codes to ensure that any individual can warn others about possible dangers. It can be hard to define relationships between pieces of information because of differences in terrain. It is imperative to conduct regular training to ensure that the population is aware of how the latest technologies may be utilized for reporting, and how to identify particular natural disasters. Al Hmoudi and Aziz suggest that natural hazards in the UAE should be separated into four groups (131). Landslides Scholars have analyzed available data, and they suggest that the Emirate of Fujairah is affected the most. One of the most significant aspects that should not be overlooked is that the number of such activities in 2011 has been disproportional, and close to forty-nine percent of events happened during that year. One may argue that their magnitude is not significant, but an increase in frequency is quite problematic and should be acknowledged. Therefore, scientists suggest that the need to develop particular hazard maps should not be overlooked. Moreover, it is suggested that it is paramount to focus on such factors as historical events, fault lines, and slope, and they are given the most weight. Such events take place in the mountains, and this aspect increases the risk of possible complications. Plate boundaries are quite problematic in the Emirate of Fujairah, and crustal faults are also crucial (Yagoub 8). A researcher states that the fault fracture has been caused by a particular collision. One of the tectonic plates still conflicts with CIM, and the area close to the Oman thrust is not stable. Therefore, citizens should be aware of the dangers associated with mountain regions Yagoub suggests that intensity is not problematic in this case, but an increase in frequency should be taken into account (13). It would be appropriate to limit mining in such situations because the health and well-being of citizens are at risk. Hazard maps should be analyzed during the process of building, and it is important to focus on safety and stability. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A landslide that occurred in 2006 is worth mentioning because it has affected one of the highways that were recently opened. The damage was so significant that it had to be closed for nearly six months (Dhanhani, Duncan, and Chester 72). The way such disasters affect the economy should be noted. A lot of resources are invested in repairs, and vehicles have to use other pathways that are less efficient. Drought The impact of the drought is frequently overlooked, and many individuals do not consider it to be a significant threat. However, complications that can be introduced may be severe, and it would be hard to reverse some of the damage. It can be described as a period associated with small levels of precipitation in a particular region caused by various factors. It is necessary to understand that the way it affects the ecosystem is enormous most of the time, and it would be reasonable to take appropriate measures to prevent some of the consequences. The fact that the country is located in four climate zones should be highlighted because the rain distribution varies. However, one of the studies has shown that drought patterns have been quite similar in all regions. The analysis of such data allows using water resources more efficiently, and it would help to avoid risks in case of disaster (Sherif et al. 1318). Tropical Cyclones The population of the UAE had to deal with several storms over the last few years. Such disasters can be characterized as organized systems of powerful thunderstorms that have a particular circulation. Names are given to the ones that reach high levels of intensity. A severe storm was noted on the surface of the Indian Ocean in 2007. It is a cyclone that should be discussed because it is widely-known and has been mentioned in the media quite often. It is believed to be the most impactful storm in the Arabian Sea. It is necessary to mention that its impact on the UAE has been relatively small compared to the damage it has caused in Oman, but the extent is still significant. The region did not have to deal with similar issues before, and it was hard to predict. The history has shown that the storms that are formed in the Arabian Sea are not that forceful, and they do not spread to the peninsula. Close to twenty thousand people lost their homes. Other buildings were also severely damaged and required repair. Necessary measures to reduce its impact were not taken. Power failures were especially problematic because it was hard to establish communication, and thousands of people required evacuation. The amounts of lost funds also have to be considered, and the impact on IT communications was irreversible. Both residents and tourists were shocked by the situation, and the floods have caused panic. Vehicles had to be abandoned, and it has complicated the evacuation. It was possible to identify that professionals were not aware of their tasks and responsibilities, and they did not understand how the problem may be resolved efficiently (Dhanhani, Duncan, and Chester 73). Therefore, policymakers have acknowledged the need to develop particular techniques that would help to address such issues. It was a rather small storm when it formed, but it has reached rapid speeds rather quickly. An unusual rainfall and waves have led to tremendous damages. Kalba and Fujairah were affected the most, and it has caused fatalities until they moved to Iran. We will write a custom Report on Natural Disasters and Risks in the United Arab Emirates specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The fisheries industry was also affected, and it was hard to recover for most businesses because of the red tide. Its duration was rather long, and the damage was long-lasting. It is possible to state that the necessary resources were not available, and it was nearly impossible to provide help and support to individuals that had to suffer. One of the studies has shown that the situation was quite unusual, and similar cyclones should not be expected anytime soon. Also, it is not reasonable to blame the climate changes in this case because they are not significant. However, changes to the ecology should be taken into account (Ahmed et al. 190). Hydrological floods Such disasters may be quite problematic because they are not that frequent and can be hard to predict. The issue is that that heavy rainfalls are quite common, and a discharge leads to flooding. A situation that occurred in Al Qurayyah in 1995 is worthy of a discussion. The town is located close to the sea coast, and the population is relatively small. Three days of heavy rain were quite problematic, and dams were not capable of holding the pressure because they were old. Furthermore, the damage caused by the flood was tremendous and close to ninety percent of the area was affected. Roads, houses, and property were affected, and the government had to invest in the reconstruction. Moreover, it was necessary to evacuate the population of villages because of all the mud (Dhanhani, Duncan, and Chester 71). Valuable assets were lost, and it had a lasting impact on the lives of the families. The floods that the country had to deal with in March 2016 were severe. Many areas were underwater, and such a situation was quite dangerous for many citizens because they were not prepared. The sea level may rise in the future, and it could cause numerous problems. Therefore, it is suggested that such changes would be gradual, and associated complications would not be statistically significant. It can be quite problematic for the infrastructure, but scholars believe that human lives would not be at risk most of the time, and other issues should be prioritized (Gibson et al. 205). Severe rains in such regions as Dubai and Abu Dhabi also should be highlighted. It is quite evident that professionals were not prepared for this disaster. Citizens were not aware of what course of actions should be taken, and had to be warned of activities that should be avoided. Schools had to be closed in the region, and the flooding was enormous. Moreover, many flights had to be delayed. The situation is incredibly problematic for the UAE because the economy of the country is dependent on tourists at the moment. Understandably, such events are rather rare, but it may become a critical issue if their frequency increases. Changes in the climate are dangerous for the region because it was previously viewed as one of the safest, but some of these disasters are quite harsh. Conclusion In conclusion, it is possible to state that several risks are currently present in the region, and possible consequences should not be overlooked. It is necessary to understand that the governments have devoted enormous attention to this problem, and have recognized the importance of forecasting. The central problem is that it may be impossible to predict some of the disasters. Therefore, it would be beneficial to devote much more attention to the training of personnel that would be capable of rescuing and helping people affected. It is necessary to consider the experience of other countries in this area to develop approaches that are efficient and justified from the economic perspective. It is hard to argue with the fact that such events have an impact on the lives of many individuals. However, possible risks do not stop the families, and they are moving to the areas that may be viewed as not safe. The impact of landslides has not been significant so far, but they should be regarded as a critical threat because their magnitude is worrying in some situations. Risks related to a tsunami are also present, and should not be considered, but it is believed that it can only occur in the case of a high magnitude earthquake. It is hard to make such predictions, and it would be beneficial to consider all the possibilities. Not sure if you can write a paper on Natural Disasters and Risks in the United Arab Emirates by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Overall, some of the complications that citizens of the UAE had to deal with could have been prevented. It is possible to limit the damage if the population is educated on this topic, and a lot of attention is devoted to the development of particular guidelines and preventive measures. Works Cited Ahmed, Saif A., Mohammad bin Jarsh, Saoud Al-Abdooli, Mohamed K. Al-Raidhi, and Abdulla Galadari. “Forecasting Tropical Storms in the Eastern Region of the United Arab Emirates: Lessons Learnt from Gonu.” Causes, Impacts and Solutions to Global Warming. Ed. Ibrahim Dincer, Can O. Colpan, and Fethi Kadioglu. Berlin, DE: Springer Science

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