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Personal Narative

Personal Narative. Paper details Your first essay will discuss your personal story as a beginning writer. This kind of essay is known as a personal narrative. You will learn more about this kind of essay in Unit 3. For now, simply focus on writing a great essay about your experience as a writer and your plan for achieving success in this course. Download this worksheet to help you complete this assignment. I have attached and my areas for improvement are punctuation and grammar NOTE: Do not submit the worksheet; it is for guidance purposes only. In addition, refer to your writing list from the Discussion Board to help you write this essay. Write a 5-paragraph personal narrative essay that consists of the following: An opening or introductory paragraph Your writing strengths based on the rankings you provided in the Discussion Board assignment (i.e., the skills you ranked 1 and 2), as well as the successes you have enjoyed with writing The problems you have encountered in becoming a good writer, especially with regard to the lowest-ranking writing skills from your Discussion Board assignment (i.e., the skills you ranked 3). Your potential strategies for achieving success in the course Explain what actions you plan to take in this class to ensure that you strengthen your areas for improvement and what resources or tools you will take advantage of and why A concluding paragraph NOTE: For assistance with this assignment, please refer to the assigned readings listed under Unit 2 Learning Activities, as well as your intellipath® lessons. Please pay attention to the following as you write your essay: Grammar Punctuation Spelling Proofreading Assignment Criteria Proficient Descriptor Header Introduction • Uses effective strategies (anecdotes, interesting facts, etc.) to set the context of the essay and introduce the topic. /5 pts. Reflection on Writing Strengths • Reflection reveals an initial understanding of personal strengths as a writer • Supports self-assessment with reasonable examples. /10 pts. Reflection on Writing Weaknesses • Reflection reveals an initial understanding of skill deficiencies. • Illustrates self-assessment with reasonable supporting examples. /10 pts. Strategies for Success • Describes a minimum of two appropriate writing strategies (based on self-assessment and reflection) that will be used to be successful in the course • Provides a realistic action plan outlining the use of the two strategies to improve self-identified writing gaps • Lists relevant sources and resources that will be used to assist in improvement efforts • Provides rationale for the selected strategies /10 pts. Conclusion • Sums up the key points made in the essay • Wraps up the discussion and connects briefly back to main point in the introductory paragraph /5 pts. GrammarPersonal Narative
PEDIATRIC POSTER PRESENTATION on Epiglottitis Purpose: The purpose of this project is to highlight the topic, nursing interventions and teaching associated as well as the growth and development considerations for the disease process. Poster Criteria: Research a pediatric topic and highlight the key findings on a poster which will be presented The poster should include the following sections: • Poster Title • Student Names • Brief description of the pathophysiology of the disease process -this should be in a couple sentences, or one paragraph • Clinical manifestations of the disease process • Diagnostics/Labs • Priority Nursing Diagnosis • Interventions and teaching relating to the topic and priority nursing diagnosis • Growth and development considerations • References The poster should be creative and include visuals such as pictures, concept maps, etc. Please use a tri-fold stand-alone poster board.

Pacific Oil Company Essay

Back in the days, petrochemical processes were determined by a detailed elaboration of prices known as formula prices, it comprised of several element. The first one being feed stock characteristics; feedstock supply varied in chemical composition. The difference in the feedstock considerably affected the procedures of refining and operating efficiency. A few chemical products were drawn from a chosen feedstock. Increased number of orders necessitated the mixing of combined feedstock together with distinct structural characteristic. Fuel cost was inclusive of price and quantity of energy that the manufacturing corporation expected in cracking, producing a particular steam and refining. Labor cost was part of employees’ salary, to operate the manufacturing with the objective of generating a fixed unit amount of a particular product. Value of petrochemical was determined by the commodity cost, as the demand and supply fluctuated in the market; this factor was again featured in the formula price. The computation of the price formula, as opposed to determining a market price had a list of advantages and disadvantages. It permitted the supplier to surpass expenses charged to buyer; this minimized the risks for the engaged parties, in the case of express fluctuation of prices throughout the period of the contract. When market demands went down, contract guaranteed a wide market to the supplier; however, the price for the product was to some extent unbeneficial in comparison to product cost. When it came to quantity, formula prices were typically computed, their major focus was given to quantity. Costs changed significantly, this was however dependent upon the efficiency of the production taking place. Payments were to be issued in dollars without deduction or discount, except only if noted. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Some of the challenges pacific oil faced in early 1985 with Reliant chemical company were quite a number. Pipelines routine inspection had been subcontracted to a company with quality equipment for monitoring things like leaks. It happened that leaks had been detected in late December prior the year; this extended the effect to early 1985. The executive of the company were out of reach for many days hence the problem could not be solved immediately until a certain period of time. There was a concern with the system of delivery, and the way meter reading was being conducted. Pacific oil built a line and was in charge of maintenance, installation of meters was done towards the outlet of the pipeline, and Reliant was giving metered total to Pacific. According to Zinnser some spot checking at the manufacturing facility indicated that they were not getting all that they were billed for. They later discovered that, the integrity of the meter or the meter reader wasn’t question but, felt that since the pipes had been in existent for years, there was a possibility they had develop leaks. The executive vice president became distressed over the turnout of events. Pacific headed for tremendous destruction. Realizing the techniques of challenging it would be to maintain strong negotiations, a review of the negotiations were done were done on Reliant contract. They also experienced delay when Hauptmann lost his mother; meetings were rescheduled as a result hence, there was a delay. The investigation of pipeline gave no evidence of a considerable discharge. It only traced minor leaks, which did not seem serious. It was impossible to identify the percentage of the product lost in the process. Emotion in negotiation is one of the styles used in the case. Emotions carries the capacity to contribute either positively or negatively in negotiation.contribute either positive or negative in a negotiation scenario. According to Fisher, and Shapiro (2005) negative emotion at times leads to intense or irrational behavior, resulting to escalation of conflict. We will write a custom Essay on Pacific Oil Company specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This is evident in the conversation that takes place between Kelsey and Fontaine as emotions flare an in turn leads to unhealthy and even unnecessary confrontation.Distributive negotiation is another style used; the term distributive basically means giving; or scattering things. Fisher, and Shapiro (2005) further states that there is a limitation in things being distributed; it entails individuals who have never before had an interactive relationship. And there isn’t a likelihood of doing so in the future. In this form we see each individual fighting to have their way; it is appropriate but, requires an extent of limit in order not to regard the other side as an enemy but a partner. According to Shell, R.G. (2006) integrative negotiation means joining several parts and making the whole, this implies some cooperation or teaming up to achieve a common goal. More often than not, trust is of a higher degree in shaping of the relationship. Both parties walking away feeling a sense of achievement, ideally the process has two phases. The process entails value concession, plus creative problem solving. This is the style that is mainly used by Guadin, Hauptmann, and Zinnser in their negotiations. Instead of Kelsey allowing emotions to flare, what he could have recommended to Fontaine were few and simple facts. The reality being that, a supply contract binds legally, it’s a document that only attempts to elaborate on strategies or ways the two companies can work together, and hence it is the foundation of an intricate long term relationship that exists between a seller and a buyer. He could have informed of the constant monitoring, discussion and evaluation required by representatives of the organizations. He could have further recommended that it is possible for the purchaser to meet the conditions of the negotiated contract. This is can be made possible since the purchaser can accept a fair price formula, without attempting to push the supplier to an artificial low price. He is trustworthy pursue an action plan, basing it on sound business ethics as agreed in the contract. Not sure if you can write a paper on Pacific Oil Company by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The purchaser cannot take advantage of aberrations in the spot market, they will have no choice but accept the reality of a formula price having been negotiated, and both parties agreeing to live up to the negotiated contract over the suggested period of time. Problems encountered in product quality, labor difficulties can result to challenges in manufacturing, unloading and loading, shipping and cleanliness of shipping tools. This can however be explored to mutual satisfaction. Furthermore, change in business projection of both parties can be shared hence; the complexity anticipated by the supplier in producing the products can be solved. On the other hand the difficulty encountered by buyer in consumption of the product can also lead to amicable solution for both parties. Finally, the ability to solve these problems necessitates mutual trust, open communication and honesty. And most importantly an approach that offers the best solution to both the parties. References Fisher,R. and Shapiro, D (2005) Beyond Reason: Using Emotions as You Negotiate.New York: Penguin Books. Shell, R.G. (2006). Bargaining for advantage. New York: Penguin Books.

article review

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FIND A ARTICLE related to the article provided
The articles should be substantial –meaning a major story (as opposed to one or two paragraphs). You may use more than one article if you find interesting information but the articles are shorter in length. Use the library’s electronic databases as well as the internet to find current and academically appropriate information. Along with reading the “starter” material mentioned in the introductory paragraph and the material in the textbook surrounding the topic, you should try to use such sources as the, the Business Week, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Financial Times (of London), or an equally significant business publication as your source for your article. You can access some of these sources through the library’s databases.
you can also use some reputable websites that have international business news like the following:
• (CNBC website section for world news)
• (British Broadcasting Corporation- BBC)
• (Gl obal business websitehosted by Michigan State University)
•A summary of the article, including how the article adds to the information in the textbook
•Your comments about what you learned, what you thought was surprising, what was most interesting, what was most valuable from the article, etC
You can also use a podcast or a video in place of an article, but in either of those cases it must be long enoughto be equivalent to an article (which is hard to do), otherwise it can be part of a combination of an article and a podcast/video on the topic. The podcast or video must also be within the last 5 years
•The written assignment should be at least 2 pages in length, with at least 1/2 page devoted to your
comments. The assignment should be double spaced.
•Use 1 inch margins
•Use a font no larger than Times Roman 12 pt. font.
article review

Asynchronous Discussion Essay

we will hold an online asynchronous discussion to complete our class time for the week. For this discussion, each student will view the video below and answer both of the questions posed (in your original response), and then respond with at least one additional comment in response to another participant (on a different day). Your original post should be at least 200 words and be completed by Friday, 09/24 at 11:59 pm, and your follow-up response (on a different day) should be at least 100 words and be completed by Sunday, 09/26 at 11:59 pm.

Success of Socrates’ Defense Essay

Socrates was charged by Melitus, Anytus and Lycon others of impiety and corrupting the youth of Athens. The affidavit signed by Meletus made two charges against Socrates: refusing to recognize gods recognized by the state and instead introducing alien gods and corrupting the youth. He had to defend himself against those charges in the People’s Court. His defense is contained in Plato’s Apology. In the Apology Socrates first acknowledges that his accusers are persuasive but he is not guilty of the charges they level against him. Socrates denies the charge of corrupting the youth by teaching his subversive doctrines by saying that he has nothing to do with physical speculation. He challenges the accusers to seek the views of those who have heard him speak and their neighbors as far as the charges are concerned. He points out that he teaches and receives remuneration, Ceos, Hippias, Gorgias, Elis and Prodicus who teach and charge young men like him attract no accusations. The defense against this charge cannot be said to be successful. Fist, he does not appear to be apologetic and to the contrary confirms the general opinion held by majority of his jury that he thinks he is the wisest. He informs the jury that he has been searching for a wise man ever since his friend Chaerophon visited the oracle of Delphi which revealed that there is no wiser man than he is. He details how, after receiving the oracle he traversed Athens in search of a wiser man but did not come across any. He says that he discovered that rhetoricians like Lycon, poets like Meletus, craftsmen like Anytus and politicians are not wise; the less esteemed are wiser instead. He tells the jury that after meeting people who are extremely proud yet they do not know much about themselves, he has surely confirmed that he is the wisest since he knows that he knows very little. This flies in the face of his defense as it annoys them since it implies that they are more foolish. To the jury, instead of the accused exonerating himself, he goes ahead to affirm the charges and makes it worse by offering them as examples. As if to add salt to an injury, when asked about his penalty, he suggests that he should be honored like Athenian Olympic heroes by giving him free meals until he denies. This is more likely to annoy the jury as they may consider it arrogance on the part of the accused. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The fact that Socrates begs the jury not to interrupt him three times in the Apology shows that they have developed some anger and are probably unwilling to listen to his endless philosophizing while displaying utter disrespect for them. The level of irritation that his words visit on the jury seals his fate. What is important for him is not an acquittal but his philosophical convictions. I don’t think that he could have apologized at all. Even when faced with the prospect of dying, Socrates, in his element, does not consider a lesser punishment. He informs his audience that he is not afraid of dying which can only embolden them further in their resolve to punish him. He actually looks forward to the chance death will grant him to meet with Paramedes, Ajax and other heroes who according to him, suffered death through unjust judgments. By stating that their deaths were unjust, he prejudices his chances of an acquittal Nevertheless, there are instances where he almost convinces the jury. The first instance is when he cross-examines Meletus. He gets Meletus to almost contradict himself by agreeing that the good do their neighbors good and the bad do their neighbors bad. He wonders how a man who knows that he would be corrupted by him (Socrates) would accept to be corrupted intentionally. He argues that he could only have done it unintentionally and since the law has no cognizance of an unintentional offence, he did nothing wrong. On the charge of impiety, he asks Meletus to clarify whether he teaches others to acknowledge some gods, and therefore does not believe in gods (is an atheist) or simply that his gods are different from the ones whish the state recognizes. When Meletus answers saying that he means Socrates is a complete atheist, Socrates refutes that by exposing the contradictory nature of Meletus’ argument: that Socrates is a complete atheist yet he believes in some gods. In addition, he asks Meletus whether it would be possible for someone to believe in horsemanship and not horses or in flute playing and not flute players. In the same vein, he argues that it would be impossible for a man to believe in spiritual and divine outfit yet fail to recognize what he calls spirits and demigods. In his final submission on the issue, Socrates points out that even if he believes in demigods, they are sons of gods. Even if they would not be legitimate sons of the gods, the fact that they are offspring of gods implies that their parents, who are gods, exist. Such arguments seem to have placed Meletus in a corner and were it not for the anger his earlier comments attracted earlier, probably the jury would have followed his line of reasoning and acquitted him since he is able to make his accusers contradict themselves. Also, the inability of the youth whom he was said to have corrupted to step forward could have worked for him but it seems to have been ignored. In my view, majority of the jury had already reached their verdict even as he challenged the youth who might have received bad advice to step forward and be seen. We will write a custom Essay on Success of Socrates’ Defense specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More He suggests that in the event that the youth he spoke to earlier are absent, their fathers, brothers or kinsmen may testify and say what their family suffered at his hands. At this point he calls upon those that he can see in court including Crito, his son Critobulus, Lysanias, Antiphon, Nicostratus, Paralus and Plato. In addition, he argues that he could have paraded his three sons in order to elicit sympathy but he does not alleging that he feels that it is discreditable to the state. This could be taken as a proof that he regards the state highly; the same state that he is accused of disrespecting. In conclusion, it can be said that though he puts up a spirited defense based on logic, he ends up annoying his audience by implying that none of them is wiser than he and by displaying no fear of death: their mode of punishment. The fact that the jury finds him guilty on a relatively close vote of 280 to220 indicates that Socrates’ defense, though not successful, is quite convincing.