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Personal and Professional Development Ethics and the Law Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Contracting Confidentiality Dual Relationship Self-Care Conclusion Reference list Introduction A counselor may be simply defined as an adviser in whatever context. A counselor works in a diverse setting to provide support services such as counseling and rehabilitation. The profession is divided into many specialties; however, the ultimate goal is to offer support to the client. Most of these clients are usually facing personal, social, and behavioral challenges. Through interaction with the victim, the counselor can identify the problem and offer the appropriate support to help alleviate or solve the problem. However, the counselor cannot offer a comprehensive solution to a client but only provides the necessary support to help the client regain standard status and confidence. A certain code of conduct to govern the profession is required due to the intimate nature of the relationship between a counselor and the client. In reference to the above statement, “a good counselor is a counselor with a highly developed ethical sense”, I will critically discuss this statement to ascertain if it is true, possible and whether it is probable to live up to it. All aspects of an ethical nature cannot be comprehensively discussed in this essay. Therefore, I will concentrate on the following: Contracting, Confidentiality, Dual relationships, and finally, the ethical importance of self-care (avoiding Burnout Responsibility to the client). The paper will also discuss the legal, ethical and personal issues arising. Besides the code of practice, work station guidelines, and law, a good counselor is first guided by personal ethics. Ethics is a system or code of rules governing the conduct of an individual or community of people. In layman’s terms, it can be described as the moral authority to discern what is right and wrong. As a trainee counselor, I believe that for one to gain success in this profession, I must cultivate an ethical sense. This would mean conceptualizing the idea of observing ethics in all areas regarding this profession. Having the ethical sense goes beyond following set guidelines by professional or societal authorities. It entails having a strong desire to help those in need without focusing on achieving personal gratification but aiming to inspire respect, confidence, and trust among the clientele. To succeed as a counselor, I believe in pursuing the wellness of those I handle and thus would make it my own responsibility to seek both emotional and physical energy to ensure that I am always at my best in addressing the myriad challenges brought to my desk by the clients. My ethical sense should push me to treat the clients just in the same manner I would like to be treated when in a similar situation. I would also endeavor to treat the clients as they would want to be treated (Corey, Corey
History homework help. David R. and Ella M. Cole (ages 39 and 38, respectively) are husband and wife who live at 1820 Elk Avenue, Denver, CO 80202. David is a regional sales manager for Wren Industries, a national wholesaler of plumbing and heating supplies, and Ella is a part-time dental hygienist for a chain of dental clinics. ? David is classified by Wren as a statutory employee with compensation for 2013 (based on commissions) of $95,000. He is expected to maintain his own office and pay for all business expenses from this amount. Wren does not require him to render any accounting as to the use of these funds. It does not withhold Federal and state income taxes but does withhold and account for the payroll taxes incurred (e.g., Social Security and Medicare). David is covered by Wren?s noncontributory medical plan but has chosen not to participate in its ? 401(k) retirement plan. ? David?s employment-related expenses for 2013 are summarized below. Airfare ?????????????????????????? $8,800 Lodging ?????????????????????????. 5,000 Meals (during travel status) ?????????????????? 4,800 Entertainment ??????????????????????? 3,600 Ground transportation (e.g., limos, rental cars, and taxis) ?????? 800 Business gifts ??????????????????????? 900 Office supplies (includes postage, overnight delivery, and copying) ?? 1,500 ? The entertainment involved business meals for purchasing agents, store owners, and building contractors. The business gifts consisted of $50 gift certificates to a national restaurant. These were sent by David during the Christmas holidays to 18 of his major customers. ? In addition, David drove his 2011 Ford Expedition 11,000 miles for business and 3,000 for personal use during 2013. He purchased the Expedition on August 15, 2010, and has always used the automatic (standard) mileage method for tax purposes. Parking and tolls relating to business use total $340 in 2013. ? When the Coles purchased their present residence in April 2010, they devoted 450 of the 3,000 square feet of living space to an office for David. The property cost $440,000 ($40,000 of which is attributable to the land) and has since appreciated in value. Expenses relating to the residence in 2013 (except for mortgage interest and property taxes; see below) are as follows: Insurance ????????????????????? $2,600 Repairs and maintenance ??????????????? 900 Utilities ?????????????????????? 4,700 Painting office area; area rugs and plants (in the office) ???. 1,800 ? In terms of depreciation, the Coles use the MACRS percentage tables applicable to 39-year nonresidential real property. As to depreciable property (e.g., office furniture), David tries to avoid capitalization and uses whatever method provides the fastest write-off for tax purposes. ? Ella works part-time as a substitute for whichever hygienist is ill or on vacation or when one of the clinics is particularly busy (e.g., prior to the beginning of the school year). Besides her transportation, she must provide and maintain her own uniforms. Her expenses for 2013 appear below. Uniforms ????????????????????? $690 State and city occupational licenses ??????????.. 380 Professional journals and membership dues in the American Dental Hygiene Association ?????????????. 340 Correspondence study course (taken online) dealing with teeth whitening procedures ???????????????.. 420 ? Ella?s salary for the year is $42,000, and her Form W?2 for the year shows income tax withholdings of $4,000 (Federal) and $1,000 (state) and the proper amount of Social Security and Medicare taxes. Because Ella is a part-time employee, she is not included in her employer?s medical or retirement plans. ? Besides the items already mentioned, the Coles had the following receipts during 2013. For several years, the Coles?s household has included David?s divorced mother, Sarah, who has been claimed as their dependent. In late November 2013, Sarah unexpectedly died of coronary arrest in her sleep. Unknown to Ella and David, Sarah had a life insurance policy and a savings account (with David as the designated beneficiary of each). In 2012, the Coles purchased two ATVs for $14,000. After several near mishaps, they decided that the sport was too dangerous. In 2013, they sold the ATVs to their neighbor. ? Additional expenditures for 2013 include: In 2013, the Coles made quarterly estimated tax payments of $1,400 (Federal) and $500 (state) for a total of $5,600 (Federal) and $2,000 (state). Part 1?Tax Computation Using the appropriate forms and schedules, compute the Coles?s Federal income tax for 2013. Disregard the alternative minimum tax (AMT) and various education credits. Education credits were discussed in Chapter 10, and the AMT is discussed in Chapter 17. Relevant Social Security numbers are: David Cole ??????????? 123-45-6788 Ella Cole ???????????.. 123-45-6787 Sarah Cole ??????????.. 123-45-6799 The Coles do not want to contribute to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund. Also, they want any overpayment of tax refunded to them and not applied toward next year?s tax liability. Suggested software: H&R BLOCK Tax Software. Part 2?Follow-Up Advice Ella has always wanted to pursue a career in nursing. To this end, she has earned a substantial number of college credits on a part-time basis. With Sarah no longer requiring home care, Ella believes that she can now complete her degree by attending college on a full-time basis. David would like to know how Ella?s plans will affect their income tax position. Specifically, he wants to know: ? How much Federal income tax they will save if Ella quits her job. ? Any tax benefits that might be available from the cost of the education. Write a letter to David addressing these concerns. Note: In making your projections, assume that David?s salary and expenses remain the same. Also disregard any consideration of the educational tax credits (i.e., American Opportunity and lifetime learning).History homework help
EDR 8203 Northcentral University Ethical Research Approach Discussion.

In your final assignment, you will continue to improve your problem statement based on your professor’s feedback, depict components of the nature of your study, and develop the strategies you will use to select and ethically treat your study participants. All of the work you have completed will culminate in this Signature Assignment for the course. The work you complete here will serve as a foundation for future courses and, ultimately, your research prospectus, dissertation, or capstone project. Review previously assigned resources as necessary to prepare for the Signature Assignment.For your Signature Assignment, you will:
Improve your problem statement, purpose sentence, purpose statement, and rationale for your method and research approach according to the previous feedback you received from your professor.
Provide a complete rationale for how and why the method and design you chose were the best choices for your study and how they align with your problem and purpose sentence.
Support the data collection procedure and measurement strategies.
Ensure your selection and description of variables/constructs you will gather.
Discuss how the variables/constructs will be measured and how they will be evaluated to ensure validity/reliability (quantitative) or trustworthiness (qualitative) as well as how they contribute to the internal alignment of the overall research design.
Develop the strategies you will use to select and ethically treat your study participants:

How will you choose them (number and sampling method)?
What type of participants (e.g., teachers, administrators, students, parents, other) or combinations of participants are needed to support your study?
How will you ethically treat the participants?

Length: 6-10 pages (does not include the title and reference pages)References: 8-12 scholarly resources
EDR 8203 Northcentral University Ethical Research Approach Discussion

Before addressing the debate, the historical significance of social theory must be addressed as there is a long history regarding issues of objectivity, and value free research. Prior to World War Two, social research was dominated by the paradigm of positivism. Philosophers such as Comte (1798-1857) strongly affirmed that methods applied to the natural sciences such as physics should be applied to the study of social behaviour (Benton

CJA475 University of Phoenix Strategic Plan Presentation

CJA475 University of Phoenix Strategic Plan Presentation.

As the task force responsible for the strategic plan, you must formally present the plan to the organization at the next department or agency-wide meeting.Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation in which you present the fully developed strategic plan to the organization.Include the following:Detailed speaker notes on each slideAn introductionMission statement with detailed rationaleVision statement with detailed rationaleOverview of objectives for the strategic planSpecific goals for 6-month, 1-year, and 2-year timelinesProcess for
determining goal successTime frames for status checks at each intervalStrategies for giving and receiving feedbackMethods for data collection and analysisConclusionFormat your strategic plan presentation according to APA guidelines.Note: ONLY COMPLETE THE BOLDED BULLET POINTS WITH A TOTAL OF 3-4 SLIDES
CJA475 University of Phoenix Strategic Plan Presentation

GU Public Values An Inventory Administration and Society Journal Article Analysis

essay help online free GU Public Values An Inventory Administration and Society Journal Article Analysis.

Discussion Question: Read the following article:Beck Jorgenson, T. and Barry Bozeman (2007) Public Values: An Inventory. Administration and Society 2007; 39; 354 (EBSCO host-Business Source premier)Please respond to the following questions:What are the major values that influence policy-making? Please explain your answer.Respond to two peers by stating whether you agree or disagree. Then, support your statement with evidence and/or examples.Your comments should be at least 200 words and reference the weekly instructional materials and assigned readings to support your discussion. Remember to cite your sources using APA style. By Sunday at 11:59 p.m., respond to any two peers. Your response to each peer should be at least 150 words.
GU Public Values An Inventory Administration and Society Journal Article Analysis

STA 3215 Rasmussen College Confidence Intervals Report

STA 3215 Rasmussen College Confidence Intervals Report.

Competency Given a real-life application, develop a confidence interval for a population parameter and its interpretation. Instructions A major client of your company is interested in the salary distributions of jobs in the state of Minnesota that range from $30,000 to $200,000 per year. As a Business Analyst, your boss asks you to research and analyze the salary distributions. You are given a spreadsheet below that contains the following information: A listing of the jobs by titleThe salary (in dollars) for each job You have previously explained some of the basic statistics to your client already, and he really liked your work. Now he wants you to analyze the confidence intervals. Background information on the Data The data set in the spreadsheet consists of 364 records that you will be analyzing from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The data set contains a listing of several jobs titles with yearly salaries ranging from approximately $30,000 to $200,000 for the state of Minnesota. What to Submit Your boss wants you to submit the spreadsheet with the completed calculations, answers, and analysis.
STA 3215 Rasmussen College Confidence Intervals Report

San Diego State University Domestic Violence Cases Discussion

San Diego State University Domestic Violence Cases Discussion.

Domestic Violence Cases (POST)7171 unread replies.7171 replies.Another specialized court that exist in many jurisdictions include domestic violence courts. These courts concentrate on the safety of the victim, the prosecution of abusers, and the rehabilitation of those convicted of DV related crimes. They can be very effective.Watch the video in the following link and read about this hearing.…If you can’t see the video in the above link, watch it here: Florida judge berates domestic abuse victim, sentences sobbing woman to jail (Links to an external site.)Some things to consider and write about:Why might a domestic violence victim not want to show up for court, even if she is being abused and going to court to testify would protect her life? What can prosecutors do to help encourage victims to come to court? What happens when a victim isn’t available to testify? Do you agree with what the judge did in this case? Why or why not?How do domestic violence courts help to reduce recidivism?
San Diego State University Domestic Violence Cases Discussion