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Pepperdine University Routine Activities Theory and Criminology Questions

Pepperdine University Routine Activities Theory and Criminology Questions.

I’m working on a criminal justice multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

1. What is Routine Activities Theory (RAT) and what are its key elements? Please outline in detail each element. 2. One major weakness of deterrence theory is that people are always rational and behave as such. (true or false)3. Briefly explain the impact of incapacitation on crime? According to the text, is it an effective deterrent? Be detailed in your answer. 4. Briefly outline 5 thinking errors in cognition of child abusers. 5. A 14-year-old is caught stealing shoes from Footlocker. When asked why they committed this offense, the youth mentioned they were unable to find employment due to age (the legal age for employment is 16 in their state). This scenario can be best explained using which theory:Group of answer choicesstrain theorygender-based theoriescode of the streetsboth d and c
Pepperdine University Routine Activities Theory and Criminology Questions

NYU Wk 2 Personal Leadership Opportunities addressing Cultural Differences Discussion.

I’m working on a health & medical discussion question and need support to help me understand better.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING WORD LIMIT REQUIREMENTS:Please note that each and every assignment has its own word limit.Think about potential leadership opportunities you could engage in or ways that you currently exhibit leadership, formally or informally, in various settings within your community. This could be within specific organizations or social groups with which you engage. As a member or potential leader of these organizations or groups, describe ways you have or may exhibit, acknowledge, address, and assess cultural differences. Include discussion of and specific examples that illustrate this. In replies to peers, provide additional strategies your peers could employ to address cultural differences in the leadership roles they have described.PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS IN PARAGRAPHS AND MAKE IT COHESIVE AND TRY TO INCORPORATE THE READINGS BELOWPLEASE add the links/sites below to the reference list if you use any of these readings and make sure everything is in proper APA format.…Read Chapters 22-24 in Public Health Leadership: Putting Principles Into Practice.URL: “Building a Culture of Health,” located on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation website. URL: Read “Section 1. Learning How to Be a Community Leader” of Chapter 14 of Leadership and Management, located on the Community Toolbox website. URL: “Section 10. Understanding Culture, Social Organization, and Leadership to Enhance Engagement” of Chapter 27 of Cultural Competence and Spirituality in Community Building, located on the Community Toolbox website.URL: “Taking Action,” located on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation website. URL: Utilize “2020 Topics and Objectives – Objectives A-Z,” located on the Healthy People 2020 website, to select a goal-related health issue for the topic assignment. URL: Review the Resources page of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation website. URL: MUST have at least three citations with the page numbers and three references in APA format and all questions clearly answered in paragraphs.(The List of References should not be older than 2017 and should not be included in the word count.) Include at least one scholarly reference and appropriate in-text citations and Address all points on the DQ. One point will be deducted for not addressing each item mentioned above. Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.It is important that you cover all the topics identified in the assignment. Covering the topic does not mean mentioning the topic BUT presenting an explanation from the context of ethics and the readings for this classI am a stickler for good organization in everything. I do not want to have to dig for your answers. For instance, if an assignment asks you to provide three examples of something, I suggest that you number them 1-3 so I can find them easily. I also expect that when you submit something as a narrative, you pay attention to how you organize your thoughts: use paragraphs with a topic sentence and supporting sentences; and change paragraphs whenever you introduce a new idea. Also, if there are multiple parts to an assignment, use sub-heads within the paper to organize them.To get maximum points you need to follow the requirements listed for this assignments 1) look at the word/page limits 2) review and follow APA rules 3) create subheadings to identify the key sections you are presenting and 4) Free from typographical and sentence construction errors.REMEMBER IN APA FORMAT JOURNAL TITLES AND VOLUME NUMBERS ARE ITALICIZED.References American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th Ed.). Washington, DC: Author
NYU Wk 2 Personal Leadership Opportunities addressing Cultural Differences Discussion

Please read and follow carefully all the instructions.

Must follow the attached paragraph plan. Cited in MLA format.The poetry of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman has been described as being emotionally opposite to each other. Dickinson’s poetry seems at times colder and more ciritical; whereas Whitman’s poetry conversely seems warm and expansive. First of all, do you agree? If so, then, develop for me a case that one of them or both are representative of American literature. Make your case and defend it.… Whitman – Song of myself… Dickson – There’s a certain slant of light… Dickson – After Great Pain a Formal Feeling Comes… Dickson – My Life had stood a loaded gunPlease use atleast one of the poems provided in the paper and the work citedExplain your answer in detail and use specific examples from the text. Remember: to cite and reference any sources that you may use, including the primary text itself. Use MLA formatting and standards.Notes from the professor on what he is looking for in the writing:–Use the words of the question in your response. –Use your mind, not your feelings. –If the question has a quotation, focus on it. –If the question does not a quotation, find an appropriate one and focus on it. –Always, always stay focused and stay textual. Finally, while I encourage you to use outside sources, I want you to document them properly. Do not just cut and paste material without proper attribution. Please use the MLA handbook as a guide.Also if you could pull one or two two quotes from the story itself and another one or two quotes from other sources. That would be fantastic!It’s 1 introduction paragraph, 3-5 body paragraphs, and 1 conclusion paragraph. Anywhere from 5-7 total paragraphs.
Please read and follow carefully all the instructions

After reading the recommended text and watching the recommended film answer the following questions using text from the readings and film: *Name two things about climate change that you learned from the readings that you were previously unaware. *How do you think that pre-existing social inequalities will impact how climate change disrupts our lives? *What are the implications of climate change to criminology? *What does Chan mean by the climate change “paradox?” *Based on the readings, why do you think that the public and politicians have been so apathetic toward climate change? *How do you think criminologists should best engage with the harms of climate change? *Should criminology shift its focus from the “safety and security of the state“ to the “safety and security of the people“? Why or why not?

Multithreaded Environment Vs Event Driven Environment Information Technology Essay

Node.js is the total buzz at the moment, and provides platform for creating real-time, creating high performance, web applications easily. Node.js/Node provides server side Java Script environment. Node is based on “V8” engine which is Google’s runtime implementation. Both v8 and Node are almost implemented in C and C where main aim is to focus on performance and less memory consumption.V8 supports JavaScript in browser, especially Google Chrome whereas Node supports long running server process. Many modern environment like Apache rely on multithreading for supporting concurrent execution of the business logic; a Node process is not dependent on multithreading. Node is based on asynchronous I/O eventing model. Node server can be thought of as single threaded daemon process that implants java script engine for supporting customization. Java script is best fit as it provides support for call backs. History In 2010 Node had a turning point, and it’s shaping up to be as popular as Ruby on Rails among developers. Hardly few developers are working on this new technology which is shifting the way scalable web apps can be developed. Node.js, is being greeted as “the new Ruby on Rails” by some in the developer community. But it’s not a magic bullet, nor is it appropriate for all programming scenarios. The growth of Node.js is being sponsored by Joyent, an SF-based cloud software company. Ryan Dahl, who is creator of Node.js, is employee of this company. He is being continuously hosting events and creating tools for growing Node community. Recently, Then there’s the community. The Ruby community has been criticized for being exclusive and harsh. The Node community provides a welcome contrast and embodies the spirit of many other open-source communities. Need of Node Traditional Way of Doing Web I/O was wrong Figure 1 – Traditional way of Web I/O There was need of parallelism where web server can handle request in following way Figure 2- Parallelized Web I/O Why Choose Node? There is no single framework or right language which is applicable for all web applications. Node is based on event-driven programming. Event driven programming reduces actual amount of resources still you get a lot more out of those resources. The main advantage of Node is its accessibility. Facebook’s chat server is being powered by Erlang, which uses same model as node. Tornado, Concurrent server for Python which support Friend Feed also works on same basis but accessibility is main advantage of Node over Erlang and Tornado since it uses Java script and java script which is very well known by people. The node has changed the way I/O operations are done. Traditional languages and frameworks pre-allocates large amount of resources for each and every user. Thus communication between web server and database is most time-intensive portion. Node allocates web server resources on an on-demand basis thus leaving smaller footprints on web server side. The node does not allocate resources to things when they are waiting and thus provides efficiency. For e.g., suppose that application wants to talk with database, and it’s going to take 100ms for responding. Instead of assigning resources and waiting for that call to respond, Node uses callback technique. When the database responds it allocates the resources required to process. This improves performance, because server is allocated to resources only when they need it and not while waiting on databases. Event Driven Programming Applications which uses with multiple i/o sources has been using multithreaded programming techniques for long.The main advantage of multithreaded techniques is that it allows applications to handle activities concurrently leading to efficient execution. In case of web servers performing I/O operations parallel makes better use of available processors. Running threads in multicore system is very easy as each thread runs on separate core providing true parallelism. Single core system contains single processor that executes one thread, switches to other and executes it and so on. Switching takes place because completing I/O operation takes large number of processor cycles. Evan though many developers have taken advantage of multithreading programming environment most of them agree that it can sometime lead to problem that can be difficult separate and correct such as deadlock. Also multithreading environment is OS dependent as OS decided which thread should execute and for how much time thus loses developers control to some extent. The event driven programming provides best alternative for developers and makes development of efficient, scalable systems easy. The model makes application to rely on event notifications. An asynchronous I/O operation is key factor of event driven programming as it prevents application from getting locked until I/O operation finishes. Suppose that application want to write large amount data to socket. If the buffer gets filled application will have to wait until buffer space becomes available thus causing blocking I/O and preventing application from doing any other operations. If the socket writing is made no blocking , it send indication to application saying that further writing is currently not possible and application should try this after some time. Meanwhile application can perform other task. As application registers itself with event notification system it will receive notification once buffer space becomes available. Event driven Programming model can also become problematic in following cases Event notification is not applicable to all intercrosses communication approaches. For example, If two applications are communicating through shared memory or shared space, and shared space does not provide any handle for registering events. Certain programming languages do not provide full support for asynchronous I/O as different actions are required for different context. For example C does not provide Anonymous functions thus developers will have to provide function each event and event context. Multithreaded environment Vs. Event driven Environment Multithreaded environment can be compared with Event driven environment on the basis of Food Restaurant analogy. In thread-based model procedure would be getting to the front of the line, placing order and then wait in the queue until the order is cooked and given. Thus cahier would remain idle until the order is processed. In peak hours to service more customers the best way is to get more cashiers. Fast food doesn’t work in this way. They use event-driven model in which they try to use same amount of cashiers effectively. Once the order is placed and it is sent off for processing customer will have to step aside after paying. Cashier can process next customer. In some restaurants pager is given which will flash or vibrate when order is ready for pick up. The key point is that you are not blocking the receiving of new orders. When your food is set, the cashier – or someone – will signal you by calling out your name, order number or triggering your pager. The event of your order being ready causes the person to perform some function/action. (In programming lingo, this would be thought of as a “callback function”.) You will then go up and get your food. Web servers “Traditional mode” has always been using thread based model. Whenever Apache or any other web server is started it starts receiving connections. After receiving connection server holds that connection until the transaction is completed or request for page is performed. If it takes some time to retrieve page from disk or to do database operations the web server will have to wait causing blocking on input/output operation called as blocking I/O. For scaling such applications additional server copies has to be added. To resolve the problem of blocking I/O, Node.js uses an event-driven model where the web server accepts the request, and then goes on to service the next web request. When the original request is completed, it gets back in the processing queue and when it reaches the front of the queue the results are sent back (or whatever the next action is). This model provides efficiency and scalability because at any point of time web server is not idle. It always accepts requests as it is not waiting for any I/O operations. Node Internals Node framework is composed of following components. V8 (Google) : Google’s superfast java script implementation. Libev : Event loop library. Libeio : Thread pool Library. Http Parser. Evcom : stream socket library on top of libdev. Udns : non-blocking DNS resolver. Figure 3: Node Architecture Programming Model In Node.Js The functions which are called explicitly, determines flow of program. This function registers corresponding handler callbacks. The http. CreateServer function, which is a wrapper around a low-level efficient HTTP protocol implementation, is passed a function as the only argu­ment. This function is invoked when­ever data for a new request is ready to be read. In another environment, a naïve implementation might ruin the effect of eventing by synchro­nously reading a file and sending it back. Node’s Explosive Growth Node is an emerging technology and has to become technological face for web services like Facebook and Twitter which are massively used by people across the geographies Unlike PHP or Ruby. It can be inferred from the figure obtained from github that Node in the beginning could not do very well. Both committers and number of commits to node took off making Node’s growth very unpredictable. Committers and commits to Node on github started rising in fall 2010. Figure 4: Explosive growth of Node Developers have just started conversations about node. The following graph illustrates Twitter conversations around node. This graph clearly shows that though there were few spikes around the node in 2010 the more consistent conversations are being done in 2011 Also when Github traffic is compared for Rails vs. node, Rails had 270,000 views over the past three months. Node has 325,000, and it’s only going up… it’s exploding. Figure 4: Github hits for Node There is definitely a bright future for Node for many reasons. Today everybody wants to create powerful applications like Facebook, Google instant search which are supporting millions of real time users on different devices ranging from laptop to mobiles. The applications certainly demands scalability and efficiency. If traditional frameworks used for developing such applications it would take lot of time also cost of hardware would be high. The Node provides scalable and fast model for development. Node Applications Node for real time voice Product Voxer is going to make audio sexy again. This is like walkie-talkie and provides group IM. Voxer has used basic principle of walkie-talkie and they have improved the use case lot. When user hits the button and begins talking Voxer sends message immediately to app user on other end. It provides two way communications. Both app users can receive chat requests through notifications so it’s up to users whether or not to join chat. Voxer also provides facility where users can re-listen messages in case they have missed any part of communication. It also facilitates group chat. “Basic requirement of Voxer is to keep voice live. Node is the best choice for Voxer since Node allows maintaining large number of connections by keeping very low latency”, says Igal Perelman who is the VP of product Voxer. Developing application with node was third iteration of development in first iteration they tried developing Voxer with C for performance reason but it was too complicated to develop. Next they tried with Python but Pythons virtual machine was very slow. In third version they tried using Node. Node provides best of two worlds since it provides higher level language Java script for development and at the same time provides high performance virtual machine as it is developed on the top of Google’s V8 Java Script engine. Node for developing Games “Node Knockout” hackathon winner built multiplayer version of scrabble and made company out of the project in one year. On the other hand “Rails Rumble”[Ruby-on-Rails-flavored hackathon] is being conducted for four to five years but has only one company out of it. There is no other technology which is as good as Node when it comes to developing real time applications. All the other technologies works in older framework whereas Node is designed keeping in mind real time systems so other technologies will take a long time to do same things. Node for Collaboration Mokingbird is tool for building wireframes rapidly. Mokingbird is being developed in Node.js and started making money. It is collaborative drawing tool and at the same time provides real time communication between clients and designers. Mockingbird was developed in very less span. They first tried developing Twisted and Tornado but node was the easiest way Conclusion Node.js is really an exciting technology which allows creating high performance real time systems easily. Since Node.Js uses java script it can be used it is very easy to use. By finding its benefits, and can used in many applications. Node.Js also supports many third party modules available for everything – including database connection layers, templating engines, mail clients, and even entire frameworks connecting all of these things together.

Creating a Stock Journal

order essay cheap Creating a Stock Journal.

Indicate the companies you are investing in: Select three (3) US companies that are publicly traded. Please use your knowledge and experience and pick, as many stocks as you’d like. Lastly, make sure you are practicing good diversification. Jim Cramer, Money Manger, on CNBC, plays a game at the end of his show called “Am I Diversified.” Check out a short clip to get a sense of industry diversification at of Information: There are many ways to find such companies and the stock prices, including the New York Stock Exchange at, Google Finance at, NASDAQ at, and Indicate the amount you are investing in each company: Decide how you will divide $25,000 across the three (3) companies; e.g. $10,000 in Company 1, $10,000 in Company 2, and $5,000 in Company 3. You decide the amount you are investing in each company. You do not have to provide any analysis to justify your decisions. You must only provide some reason for picking that company. For example, you might invest in Ford because that company gets a lot of your money and you hear that Ford is doing well, and will continue to do well.Indicate the number of shares you are buying, and the price of the shares you are buying for each company: Once you decide the companies and the amount for each company, determine how many shares you can buy. If Company 1 is selling for $42.16, then you may buy $10,000/ $42.16, or 237.19 shares. But you cannot buy a part of a share, so you decide to buy either 237 or 238. In this example you buy 237 shares, at $42.16 per share, investing $9,991.92. You won’t be able to buy exactly $10,000, or $5,000, or $25,000, but it will be relatively close.
Creating a Stock Journal

Troy University Green Therapy Healthline Article Discussion

Troy University Green Therapy Healthline Article Discussion.

I’m working on a psychology multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Activity 3: Green Therapy Healthline Article1. Read through the article from The Healthline website that discusses nature’s effect on children who have ADHD and green therapy. Write down three main points from the article below.3. The article discusses that children who live in rural or suburban areas have a relative easy time getting outdoors and into green spaces, however children in urban areas tend to have a more difficult time accomplishing this. What can city officials do in order to make more green space available in their cities? What can people who live in cities do to participate in more green activities? Please list 2 ideas for each (city officials and individual person) below.4. The article discusses that more research is needed in order to show how nature may impact children in the classroom. Write down a brief research study that could be done within a school system in order to test if nature has an impact on school related issues (ex: attention in the classroom, school achievement, behavior in the classroom etc.).
Troy University Green Therapy Healthline Article Discussion

Columbia Southern Mental Illness Community Heath Intervention Program

Columbia Southern Mental Illness Community Heath Intervention Program.

Imagine you are a director of community health for your local health department. You have been tasked with creating a six-week intervention program. Choose between one of the following community health issues: diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, water pollution. Using a racial or ethnic minority group as your target population, create 10 objectives for a six-week intervention program that will combat the issue. Be sure to consider the following questions: What is the health issue? Why is it a community health issue? Which racial/ethnic minority group did you choose? Explain how your intervention program will address the cultural and language characteristics of your chosen group. What is your plan for delivering appropriate health education and care to this group? What are the 10 objectives of the program? Please be sure your goals are SMART (View pages 202-204 in the textbook for details of SMART acronym). Your APA-formatted paper should be at least two pages (not include the title or reference page). Please use the textbook, one online resource, and at least one resource from the CSU Online Library for reference. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. The librarians’ contact information can be located on the right side of the CSU Online Library page in the student portal should you need assistance
Columbia Southern Mental Illness Community Heath Intervention Program