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People had become extremely dependent on technology university essay help Creative Writing

People had become extremely dependent on technology. Nowadays, people have laptops, eBooks, etc. Life has come way easier than before because of all this new technology. People are just commonly fascinated in all that has been created in today’s world that makes the one task little bit easier by the push of a button. People cannot imagine their lives without technology. People start feeling anxious when hand phone and laptops are not with them. Dependent too much on technology has caused people to lose the ability to think for themselves.

Instead of having to figure out the answers, they just go on the internet and find the answer that way. Everyone does it because they like to take the easy way out. Besides, some people would not be able to study without some form of technology and they could not continue study for more than a minute without checking their smart phone and laptops. For instance, many people no longer memorize phone number because they cell phone have a contact list which make memorization unnecessary. If these people didn’t have their cell phone when emergency, they would not be able to contact the people they would need.

If they lost their cell phone and all of the contact, it’s very possible have no idea how to get in contact with anyone. Technology was invented to help people. But, instead people are using it as an excuse to be lazy. Nowadays, people are using the latest technology to make life just a little easier. The people take their cell phone added with high speed internet. So that they can deposit checks, make credit card payment and pay utilities bills by pressing some button on their smart phone. Due to the excessive use of texting and online chatting, people writing skill have plummeted.

Instead of writing letter to communicate with people far away, they can just send a quick text. Cell phone and similar devices are allowing access to websites that allow family and friends stay connected instead of visit them even though it is near or using their phone to make a call. Besides that, people also can buy groceries, clothing, electrical appliances from internet at home. So, they didn’t go out to buy the things. Many people said that technology on jobs is easy nowadays too. Society is pushed in learning new technology to keep their jobs.

Men and women that have been working for that certain career that now allows a machine or knowledge of a device to run it. For the new generation, they would not know what it is like to actually build with their hands and will be lost if the machine break out. Some industries had to have parts inspected and checked by hands. But now they have machine to do it. Technology is replacing life, and it is not a beneficial exchange. People also try not to depend on technology so much, therefore it’s encouraging positive thinking. Besides, the factories in encouraged not too depend on machinery so that people will not be unemployed.

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Argument Research ProjectInstructions
Complete and submit your Argument Research Project introduced in Module 6.
Write a minimum of 4 pages (not including title or reference page) on a specific issue to argue using either the Toulmin, Rogerian, or middle-ground approach.
Utilize a minimum of three credible sources. You should use sources to support your ideas or to use as examples of opposing viewpoints.
Use in-text citations and references appropriately (APA, 7th ed.).
Include an arguable claim that serves as your thesis statement and at least one counterargument/rebuttal.
Organize/structure your paper according to argument type. See Additional Resources below for more information.
Submit assignment for grading.
Additional Resources
Rogerian Argument suggested outline from the Purdue Online Writing Lab (Links to an external site.)
See Chapter 8 in the textbook The Purposeful Argument: A Practical Guide (3rd ed.) for help with mapping a Toulmin argument. The typical outline includes a claim, reasons, evidence, and counterargument/rebuttal.