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Peer Group Relationships in Age Groups

Peer Group Relationships in Age Groups. In the media, peer groups are made out to be the ‘bad kids around the back gates at school’ they are publicised as those who make teenagers take up smoking, drugs and underage drinking – but is this reality or the media hand picking out the sections to make a story? During this dissertation, I will look at what age peer groups are most influential; when are they a negative influence and at what age people most depend on their peer group. I chose this topic as it is an area of interest and relates to my psychology studies, I want to pursue this further at university and it will give me a deeper understanding in psychology and my prior knowledge will give me an advantage. This topic covers both psychology and sociology which will give me an insight to a new area as well as Furthering Pre-Knowledge. I will use many different resources during this essay including the internet, books, journals and e-resources; I will keep a bibliography of all references as well as in text citations. So, what defines a peer group? Collins English Dictionary puts it nicely as a social group composed of individuals of approximately the same age, whereas The American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy adds a little extra by explaining it is a group of people who share certain social characteristics, such as age, class, occupation, or education, and interact on a level of equality. An individual may be a member of several peer groups, including friends, schoolmates, and co-workers. By looking into the effects of peer groups and their importance on different ages, I will be able to see whether all they are important for is making teenagers go down the wrong road, or whether their uses start at a much earlier age and are crucial to our development, new views show that a child’s early relationships have a large effect on later growth and development. During this dissertation I will look at both sides to determine the age when peer groups are at their most influential and fundamental toward people focussing on the differences between peer groups in young children and those in adolescence. Peer Age Relationships Some believe that peer groups are a great participating factor in building our cognitive development; others think it lures teenagers into a detrimental environment. Edwards (1992) said, ” the increasing use of preschools, organized playgroups, and child care arrangements has brought the age of access to peer relations down near the beginning of life” (p.197) whereas Erwin (1998) said, ” children’s earliest relationships are normally with the primary caregiver, usually the mother, and the rest of the immediate family”. Edwards believes that peer groups are fundamental from the very early stage of pre-school to gain the ability to succeed in life, whereas Erwin believes young peer relationships are only with immediate family and do not strengthen until adolescence. How are peer groups defined in both young childhood and adolescence? By establishing this, I can look deeper into the two age categories and delve into how peer groups affect children in these groups and the use of their peer group. Young Children Some theorists, such as Bowlby, Freud and Rutter suggest that early childhood is a sensitive period in life for social development; they also believe that certain types of peer experiences during this period can have an impact on the children’s later behaviour. Theorists such as Berndt, Hoyle and Bulowski theorize that one of the most influential factors that could have an effect on the stability of friendships is the initial quality of the friendship. Accordingly, friendships that have a positive, solid foundation will be more likely to withstand the test of time compared to friendships based on more negative attributes (e.g. mutual aggression, control) (Human behaviour, 2011). Young Children – Infants People usually think that infants are not old enough to understand peers and they show no preference to people, many parents believe this is their only chance to hand pick their child’s friends, but typically, infants orient toward peers by 2 months of age, make simple gestures by 3 to 4 months, and direct smiles and vocalizations to peers by 6 months, meaning that infants are aware of their peers and can distinguish and make decision, they are just more subtle at this age (Vincze, 1971). Among infants and toddlers, friendship has often been defined in terms of peer familiarity, consistency of interactions between the partners, and/or the mutual display of positive affect, sharing, and plays. For example, in research conducted by Howes (1983), dyads were considering friends if: at least 50% of their social initiations resulted in social interaction (mutual preference) one or more exchanges of positive affect occurred between partners (mutual enjoyment) One or more episodes of reciprocal or complementary play occurred between partners Howes found that 60% of toddler friends sustained their relationship over a period of months, and in 1992, Howes reported that toddlers’ friendships (particularly cross-gender friendships) often lasted well into the pre-school years. As said earlier, Erwin (1998) disagrees with this research and believes children’s earliest relationships are normally with the primary caregiver – usually the mother – and the rest of the immediate family. During the first two years of life, infants do not spontaneously seek out other children for interaction or for pleasure, even though six month old infants may look at and vocalize to other infants, they do not initiate reciprocal social play with each other (Human behaviour, 2011). Ross (1990) has shown that toddlers’ peer relationships are unique, in the sense that both partners tend to adjust their interactions they conduct with each other, and interact in ways that are different from the ways they treat other children (Young children’s peer relations and social competence, handbook of research on the education of young children, 2006). Young Children – Pre School Years VandellPeer Group Relationships in Age Groups
Adventure sports have seen a tremendous growth is the last six to seven years and the future looks very bright. The government is also doing its bit in order to promote adventure tourism in India. The Indian tourism industry has a lot of myriad players who want to latch on the opportunities that beckon in this field of the industry. But the industry and its players continue to be a house of disorder. This paper looks into the clear and present opportunity that lies ahead of the Indian Tourism Industry in the form of Adventure Travel, and analysis the various aspects that need to be kept in mind as the investors go out in search for the suitable customers to cash in on this multimillion dollar cheque. INTRODUCTION “A man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”, were the words of the famous French noble laureate Andre Gide and the increasing demand for the adventure sports indicates that people have entered the 21st century with renewed courage to find enjoyment in the thrills of the adventure filled outdoor activities. Thus, it can be seen like leisure tourism, adventure sports is becoming an integral determinant behind the tourism dynamics. As a subject for academic analysis, tourism can be said has reached a stage of relative maturity. A casual review of journals serving the subject area reveals a number that have been in existence for over 25 years (e.g., Tourism Management, Annals of Tourism Research), with the Journal of Travel Research publishing its 45th annual volume in 2007. Similarly, the range of journals reveals the diversity of issues considered (e.g., Tourism Geographies, Tourism Economics, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, and Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing). With the evident relative lack of research in the area of Adventure Sports Tourism, it would be sensible to turn to research in the area of promoting the various disciplines of adventure sports by integrating it with operations of tourism management. This research will look into the increasing demand for the adventure sports, breaking with the cultural and geographical conformism of conventional holidays and trips, and will analyse the potential for it to tap effectively. OBJECTIVE Research in the field of sports tourism has burgeoned over the last decade. In a study conducted by a renowned publication, unsurprisingly, the most studied activity was major event sports tourism like Olympics, World Cups, etc.(40% of articles), with outdoor and adventure sports tourism (29%) and skiing and winter sports (15%) being the other two significant areas.1 This being a clear indication of the increasing demand for the adventure sports, the objective of this paper will be to study the feasibility of marketing, conducting and benefitting from such events specifically in India. This market study will broadly consist of two parts which will help the readers decide the readiness and the viability of the adventure sports market. Part-1 discusses the concepts and approaches that might inform an analysis of adventure sports in Indian market. And part-2 will conduct a critical evaluation and the determining factors of investing in this area of business. “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.”Overall, the reader should after considering a personal perspective should be able to determine the likely success of new product or service ideas. PART – 1 THE SERVICE Landscape and topography of India lends itself to variety of Adventure Sports activities. Not many people would agree, due to its unexplored avenues, that India is a place where one can indulge in numerous adventure activities, if not all. Definition of adventure is different for different person and best thing about adventure tourism in India is that it provides adventure sports ranging from soft adventure to active and extreme adventure. Soft adventures are ideal for family and kids and require very little or no skill and experience. Extreme adventure in India can be physically and mentally demanding and require good experience. The service which is being discussed here has two aspects to it one being the tourism in India and the other being the adventure sports. These two complement each other in the way that for a customer the need for one of the above may often lead to the demand for the other. For e.g. for someone visiting Manali, in the Northern part of India for a Holiday, a chance visit to the snow capped Rohtang Pass may encourage the trying of skiing which is promoted in the area. Thus it makes sense to look into both of these aspects individually to get a holistic view of the service being provided i.e. Adventure Travel. TOURISM Tourism for long has promised to be a sunrise industry for India. India is blessed with a vast range of practically everything that a successful tourism offer needs – from mountains to rivers to history to religion and culture. The economic and political case for investments is also politically attractive. Tourism promises an inflow of hard currency and at the same time also promotes goodwill. It creates demand for a variety of industries like transports, hotels, handicrafts, entertainment and so on. With improved tourism in India the overall quality of life is sure to improve over a period of time. And yet India seems to be remarkably lethargic in making money out of tourism. The situation is rather pitiable and the following statistics emphasise that fact: India’s share of global tourism market – 0.67% Number of tourists visiting India – 2.6 million against China’s – 37 million. In terms of tourism revenues as share of GDP India’s Rank is – 124th The spirit, cohesiveness, and vision that have spurred India to the top of the heap in diverse industries is lacking in this sector. The absence of integrated vision is compounded by a lack of initiative and tardiness in implementing policies. In a study conducted on Indian Tourism, it has been stated that, “while there exists an ability to invest there also exists an equal degree of unwillingness to break away from the beaten path and take risks.” The country is sitting on a virtual goldmine with a wealth of sights cultural exuberance, diversity of terrain and that special something that only India can deliver. Tourism has the potential to do something bigger than what IT has done for India. Priority should be given for development of tourist infrastructure in selected areas of tourist importance and for those products which are considered to be in demand in the existing and future markets so that limited resources are put to the best use ADVENTURE SPORTS IIndia, one of the most enchanting, incomparable and invigorating travel destinations all over the world, is a true treasure trove for the adventure enthusiasts. India has all the perfect ingredients that enchant its tourists with real fun and excitement. WATER The Himalayas offer you some of the toughest and most exciting river runs in the world. River sports in the rapids are the most popular, throughout the summers and can really get your adrenaline pumping. White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Snorkelling or Scuba Diving if there is a concept of water sport in Adventure you can find it in this country. TREKKING Source : World Tourism Organisation WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO?You can trek for one day or one month; backpack all your gear and wonder off in the wild or stroll comfortably with just a shoulder bag, water and camera whilst animals transport your camping gear, heavy baggage and logistic loads. You may set a challenging pace and go over difficult grades and high passes or just amble along, enjoying the wild nature, magnificent scenery, uncomplicated lives of people staying close to nature, stopping when you please, chatting with your companions, forging new relationships and hoarding a fund of fascinating memories to cherish. More extreme ways of trekking are Rock Climbing and Mountaineering. Rock Climbing as a sport it took off only about 15 years ago. Rock climbing uses a minimum of aids and the challenge is to find the toughest route and scale in the least possible time. The availability of good climbing rocks not too far from the city gets greater access and participation from professionals as well as from the amateurs alike. Mountaineering takes place at biggest adventure playground in the world -the Himalayas. Mountaineering is a serious activity undertaken with the primary goal of reaching a mountain’s summit. It requires a high degree of fitness and experience. Due to its high equipment costs and complexity, it is mostly taken up by foreign tourist coming to India. Himalaya promises every climber their share of adventure, which lures them to the mountains. AERO Experience Just like on the land, there are various adventure opportunities in the air too. Man has for times immemorial, longed to glide and soar like a bird in the sky. Parasailing and Paragliding are indeed, experiences which combine the wonder of smooth sailing in the air and the thrill of soaring high. Once in the air, you experience the ethereal serenity of the sport. It is an experience that is, surprisingly, thrilling as well as becalming. Other Activities Other extreme sports include the likes of skiing which is seasonal in nature and can be only carried out during the winters. Another very popular activity is bungee jumping which can be carried out even in the urban areas with the help of the required infrastructure. The potential MARKET AREAS Popular Destinations HIMACHAL PRADESH Himachal Pradesh is a complex mosaic of hills, lush green valleys and snow-covered peaks. The name itself originates from the ancient Sanskrit – hima (snow) and achal (that which cannot be moved). This land of fascination and mystery with its age-old culture kindles deep interest and commands respect. It is replete with dense forests, fast-flowing rivers, terraced fields, snow-covered mountains, small fairyland villages and friendly folk – all adding to its charm! Himachal Pradesh is also a treasure trove of ancient arts and crafts and rich traditions. PRO’s Established tourism Infrastructure like Hotels etc. Abundance of natural resources for conducting activities. Excellent govt. Support in setting up of new ventures. Trained Human resources available. CON’s Market filled with unstructured profit making activities. Overcrowding of popular tourist centres. Local resistance present will affect the business. Many areas inaccessible. GOA Goa is a paradise for water sports lovers and has always appealed beach enthusiast and water sports lovers. The long coastal stretches offer loads of opportunities to indulge in all sorts of water-sport activities and also to try on some new watery excitement. Surf the seas or float across the skies, the options of sport enjoyment is never ending in Goa. One can never get tired of scuba diving into the wreckage of the colonial ships. The para-gliding, para-sailing, acquatics sports, water-skiing and wind surfing will be completely thrilling. Source: Ministry of Tourism, GOI PRO’s 105km of coastline provides ample opportunity for implementing innovative ideas. As shown above, Goa has the largest turnover of tourists in India. Easy accessibility with good road and rail transport and fully functional Intl’ Airport. CON’s Lack of law and order. Poor transport facilities within Goa. Untrained hospitality staff. High costs due to black marketing. Untapped Destinations North-East Region The rich natural beauty, serenity and exotic flora and fauna of the area are invaluable resources for the development of ecotourism. The region is endowed with diverse tourist attractions and each State has its own distinct features. North East India presents some very outstanding and challenging adventure sports in India for the adventure enthusiasts coming from all over. PRO’s Untapped Market. Ideal Terrain for adventure sports. Readily available human resource which can be trained according to the needs. Government of India attaches great importance to the development of tourist infrastructure in the North Eastern region in view of its immense tourism potential. CON’s Lack of infrastructure. Climatic extremities are hard to overcome in some regions. Social unrest can be disturbing. ANDAMAN
Parker University Bipolar Disorder at the Workplace Paper.

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Crazy in the WorkplaceShould everyone have a job?Hmmm… does the answer to this question change if the potential employee has a diagnosed psychological disorder? There are some who might suggests it depends on the type of diagnosed psychological disorder/disorders. Take a stance on this topic. This week’s readings and lectures explore some of the challenges with personalities, psychological disorders, and societal acceptance/rejection of individuals’ behaviors with psychological disorders. Identify a psychological disorder you would like to explore/research. Use your textbook, scholarly book/articles, the Internet, and personal experiences to determine if potential employees with the psychological disorder you selected should be allowed to work. The focus of this assignment is NOT concerned with what is socially acceptable, but rather if allowing an individual with the psychological disorder group selected benefits the workplace/organization more than hurts it. Your paper should:Clearly identify why employees with psychological disorders can be a challenge in the workplace.Clearly defines the psychological disorder you selected, behaviors associated with the disorder, and (commonly used) effective interventions that are typically used by psychologists/psychiatrists.Clearly identifies your stance on the selected psychological disorder as it relates to an employee having the disorder at the workplace.Your paper should be at least 2-3 pages long, not including cover page and reference page. So you should have at least 4-5 pages total. It should include at least three (3) scholarly references that are formatted correctly using APA format.To submit your assignment, click on the heading above to access the assignment dropbox. Click the icon below to view the grading criteria for this assignment.
Parker University Bipolar Disorder at the Workplace Paper

HRM 660 Ashford University Week 3 Implementing Holacracy PPT.

Prior to beginning this interactive assignment, read the Beware the Next Big Thing, Banishing the Bosses Brings out Zappos’ Hidden Entrepreneurs (Links to an external site.), Why Pain is Inevitable for Zappos and Holacracy (Links to an external site.), and What’s Causing Zappos to ‘Hemorrage’ Talent (Links to an external site.) articles.In Week Two, you took on the role of an internal consultant and made a recommendation to the executive board to implement holacracy. It is now six months later and the new organizational system (holocracy) is faced with challenges while trying to implement the change. As the internal consultant, you are now tasked with brainstorming with a change intervention team to devise a possible solution. The problem is that the employee turnover rate is high and people are having a hard time adjusting to the new organizational structure.For this interactive assignment, you will create a 7- to 10-PowerPoint slide presentation that addresses the following:Describe the challenges the organization faces due to the implementation of holacracy.Conduct a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis.Address each of the SWOT elements on a separate slide.Develop a rudimentary intervention strategy based on the outcomes of the SWOT analysis.A references slide with a minimum of two scholarly and/or credible sources.Attach the PowerPoint presentation to your initial post. Create an email to the executive board that addresses the intervention strategy. Provide a detailed explanation of why SWOT was necessary to address the challenges of implementing holacracy.Your initial post should be a minimum of 250 words.
HRM 660 Ashford University Week 3 Implementing Holacracy PPT

UCM Two Sides of the Same Coin A Dolls House Character Analysis

UCM Two Sides of the Same Coin A Dolls House Character Analysis.

DramaThis essay will make an argument for how to view two characters (of your choice) from A Doll’s House as “two sides of the same coin.” This “coin” can be what motivates them, what they fear, what they don’t understand about themselves—this is not about demographic markers (so looking at how Torvald and Rank are both men is not enough—a successful essay would make some argument about their understanding of their societal roles as men and how this informs their attitudes and actions). All essays must:Be a minimum of 1000 wordsHave a clear, arguable thesisDevelop paragraphs with arguable points Use textual evidence, cited (paraphrases AND quotes)Use MLA formatInclude last name/page numbers Have an original, compelling title
UCM Two Sides of the Same Coin A Dolls House Character Analysis

Concord University Python Dictionary Structure Project Lab Report

essay help online free Concord University Python Dictionary Structure Project Lab Report.

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Assignment #10This assignment uses a great deal of text. We will focus on the Python dictionary structure which you worked on in module 10. We will use data based on an online copyright free version of Roget’s thesaurus on Gutenberg: – you can download a copy of the thesauraus here: python_asg10_Roget_Thesaurus.txtPart 0You have been hired by a small software company to create a “thesaurus” program that replaces words with their synonyms. The company has set you up with a sample thesaurus stored in a Python dictionary object. Here’s the code that represents the thesaurus:# define our simple thesaurus
thesaurus = {
“happy”: “glad”,
“sad” : “bleak”
}The dictionary contains two keys – “happy” and “sad”. Each of these keys holds a single synonym for that key.Write a program that asks the user for a phrase. Then compare the words in that phrase to the keys in the thesaurus. If the key can be found you should replace the original word with the synonym for that word. Words that are changed in this way should be printed in UPPERCASE letters. Make sure to remove all punctuation from your initial phrase so that you can find all possible matches. Here’s a sample running of your program:Enter a phrase: Happy Birthday! exclaimed the sad, sad kitten
GLAD birthday exclaimed the BLEAK BLEAK kittenPart 1Your company realizes that they probably need more than one synonym for each word, so they updated your thesaurus accordingly:# define our simple thesaurus
thesaurus = {
“happy”:[“glad”, “blissful”, “ecstatic”, “at ease”],
“sad” :[“bleak”, “blue”, “depressed”]
}The dictionary contains two keys – “happy” and “sad”. Each of these keys holds a list that contains synonyms of that key.Write a program that asks the user for a phrase. Then compare the words in that phrase to the keys in the thesaurus. If the key can be found you should replace the original word with a random synonym for that word. Words that are changed in this way should be printed in UPPERCASE letters. Here’s a sample running of your program:Enter a phrase: Happy Birthday! exclaimed the sad, sad kitten
ECSTATIC birthday exclaimed the DEPRESSED BLEAK kittenPart 2The company quickly realized that the simple two-word thesaurus was far too small. In order to address this shortcoming they have provided you with a very large text file that contains over 30,000 words (the file is included in the downloadable data files above – the filename for the thesaurus is “python_asg10_Roget_Thesaurus.txt”).word1,synonym1,synonym2,…,synonymN-1,synonymN
word3,synonym1,synonym2,…,synonymN-1,synonymNEvery word occupies its own line followed by a comma-separated list of synonyms. Every word can have a potentially unlimited # of synonyms. Your task for this part is to open this file and parse it into a Python dictionary object so that it functions just like the simple thesaurus from the previous part. Here’s a sample running of your program:Total words in thesaurus: 33054

Enter a phrase: happy birthday said the sad kitten
CONTENT ANNUAL HOLIDAY PRONOUNCED the DOLOROUS CHESHIRE CATHint: For each word you will need to create a new list that contains all the synonyms for that word. You can then store this list in the dictionary using the word as the key.Part 3Your program is a hit! In fact, some famous recording artists have come to you to help them re-write some of their most popular songs so that they aren’t so “repetitive”. Your first customer is Mr. Justin Bieber, who’s hit song “Baby” needs a little bit of work:The lyrics to this song is stored in a text file named “bieber_baby.txt” which you can download here: bieber_baby.txtJustin doesn’t want you to change ALL of his lyrics – just a few here and there to add some variety. Begin by asking the user for a “chance” value – this value dictates the % chance that a given word will be substituted with one in the thesaurus. Finally, open the file and swap out words using the “chance” value supplied (i.e. the word is “happy” and the chance is 0.5 – this word is in the thesauraus, so there is a 50% chance that we would swap it with a random word from the thesaurus and a 50% chance that we will leave it as-is). Words that are swapped should be printed in all UPPERCASE letters. Here’s a sample running of your program (note that you can simply remove all puntuation from the source file for this program):Total words in thesaurus: 33054

Enter a % chance to change a word: 0.5

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Concord University Python Dictionary Structure Project Lab Report

Bullard High School Continuous Suspense Throughout August Heat Essay

Bullard High School Continuous Suspense Throughout August Heat Essay.

write a literary analysis essay that answers this question: how does W.F. Harvey create suspense in “August Heat”? include information from the sources properly cited and that you present your ideas in a logical way. <DIRECTIONS. i uploaded all the pictures of the directions of this assignment, my essay is due in the morning but the picture with the squares is due by 11:59 i would like to have the squares be done by 11:30 youre welcome to take your time longer up to 1-2 i need it finished.she gave us a sample MLA citation sheet that needs to be followed in this essay but from the story i uploaded any questions feel free to send a message. no need for very big words since she wants this to sound like our own writing.
Bullard High School Continuous Suspense Throughout August Heat Essay

Strategic Plan Technology Department Presentation

Strategic Plan Technology Department Presentation.

CompetencyIn this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:Develop a departmental strategic plan that aligns to an organization’s strategic objectivesScenarioYou work for Hoorah Corporation, which produces autonomous electric cars. It has committed to both internal and external stakeholders that the first autonomous electric car will come off the assembly line by the end of the next 24 months. Your department is to design and deliver a working prototype of the key component of electric cars, a microchip, or as they say in your industry, the “brains” of the autonomous car.As the key member of the technology department, you have been directed to align your departmental strategic goals to the organizational goals. The projected timeline is that mass production of the cars will begin in 24 months and that your microchip will be completed in 18 months. You are tasked with presenting your plan to Hoorah Corporation’s board of directors in three months, bearing in mind the organizational goal of a 24-month time frame for the first cars coming off the production line.Your specific task is to create a presentation to highlight key elements of your departmental strategic plan. Include speaker notes that detail your thinking, so the board of directors can clearly see why they should believe and trust in your presented plan.DirectionsIn your presentation, the board of directors would like to see your departmental strategic goals and how they align to organizational goals, as well as the tactical steps you will take to achieve those goals. In addition, they want to see that you’ve amended your initial concept based on the findings from your completed conceptual gap analysis.To orient the board of directors to your plan, explain the purpose of your departmental strategic goals. In your explanation, consider the following:What is the reason the department exists?How would you articulate the intent of your department’s strategic plan?What are your department’s core capabilities?How does your department create value for the organization?Create your goals and align them to the organization’s goals: Decide which two or three of the organization’s goals relate best to your department. Then create one or more goals that align to that organizational goal. You do not need to include all organization goals, and one organizational goal may have more than one departmental goal aligned with it.For example, if one organizational goal is to reach 25% market share, what goal in your departmental strategic plan relates to that organization goal?In addition, if an organizational goal is to make the competition irrelevant, what goal in your departmental strategic plan relates to that organization goal?Explain what tactical action steps you will take to align to the organizational strategic plan. As you create these steps, consider the following:What specific actions does your department need to complete in order to achieve organizational goals?What steps would you need to take in order to ensure the deliverables are on time?What does the organization expect of your department in order to reach the organizational goals?Develop how you will measure goal attainment for each of your departmental strategic goals.How will you know if your tactical action steps will achieve what you expect?What is the best method or metric to hold your department accountable to its strategic goals?Perform a conceptual gap analysis to identify the opportunities and needs of the department with regard to the departmental strategic goals. There is no need to create a graph. As you perform this analysis, consider the following:Look at the departmental plan and organizational goals:What is missing in order for the department to meet its obligations?What are some roadblocks that may keep you from reaching your plan?What to SubmitEvery project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:Departmental Strategic PlanYour presentation should clearly outline the departmental strategic plan for Hoorah’s technology department. Please include 15–25 slides with speaker notes. Reference List For each source that you cite, you need to include the author’s name, the publication year, the title of the source, and the location of the source in a References section at the end of your work. Cite all sources appropriately.Supporting MaterialsThe following resource(s) may help support your work on the project:Hoorah Strategic Organizational Goals- see attached!This document gives the information about the organizational goals and the technology department.Presentation Shell- see attached of template!This slide deck will help you with completing the critical elements, linking your plan directly to the organizational plan, and professional formatting. This is simply a suggested organizational guide, and does not imply any required elements beyond this Project Guidelines document.
Strategic Plan Technology Department Presentation