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Diagnosis: Single Live Birth via Cesarean Section
Definition: An infant demoing one of the three groundss of life ( take a breathing. bosom action. motions of a voluntary musculus ) after complete birth. In some states a unrecorded birth is considered non to hold occurred if the baby dies during the 24 hours following bringing. Which of these two definitions is used has considerable consequence on assorted critical statistics concerned with the viability of the foetus at clip of bringing. Textbook Symptoms:

* Breathing
* Heart action
* Motions of voluntary musculus.
Patient Symptoms:
* Breathing
* Heart action
* Motions of voluntary musculus.

Diagnostic Tests/Labs:
* PKU- Results pending
* Test for PKU
* A inborn autosomal recessionary disease marked by failure to metabolise phenylalanine to tyrosine. * It consequences in terrible neurological shortages in babyhood if it is unrecognised or left untreated. PKU is present in approximately 3. 5 in 10. 000 neonates in the U. S. In this disease. phenylalanine and its byproducts accumulate in the organic structure. clairvoyance. in the nervous system. where they cause terrible mental deceleration ( IQ trial consequences frequently below 40 ) . ictus upsets. shudders. pace perturbations. coordination shortages. and psychotic or autistic behaviour. Eczema and an unnatural tegument olfactory property besides are characteristic. The effects of PKU can be prevented if it is recognized in the first hebdomads of life and a phenylalanine-restricted ( really low protein ) diet is maintained throughout babyhood. childhood. and immature maturity. * Biliscan- 3. 7 mg/dL

* Within normal scope
* 1-12 mg/dL
* Used To measure liver map.

Treatments: No interventions ordered
Nursing Care
0730: Quiet. lying on bed between mother’s legs with male parent at bed side. 0830: Alert. Pulse- 128 beats per minute. Temp-98. 1? A. Respirations-34. Sa02-99 % . Skin is warm. pink. and dry with turgor and capillary refill less than 3 seconds. Bilateral PERRL 3mm. Heart sounds normal and regular. Respirations even and unlabored. All lobes in lungs clear anteriorly. posteriorly. and bilaterally. Abdomen soft and non-distended. with bowel sounds present in all four quarter-circles. Radial and pedal pulsations 2+ . Hand clasps and leg strength strong and equal. Shows no marks of hurting. Puting in cot at mother’s bedside.

I went in to present myself to the household. The female parent was lying in bed with the patient and the male parent was at the bedside. Both were really quiet and distant. I helped the female parent feed her because the female parent said her chest were excessively sore. I bottle fed her so swaddled her tightly and laid her in her cot. About an hr subsequently. I came back and did my appraisal on her. Her male parent was gone. and her female parent was half asleep so I so changed he nappy and cleaned her up with a sponge bath. Before go forthing I swaddled her and put her dorsum in her cot. She went fast to kip. A twosome hours subsequently. her female parent asked for her to be taken out of the room so she could kip. I brought her to the nurse’s desk and rocked her. Everyone came up and cooed over her. She got a ton of attending. and people merely couldn’t get adequate of her. She started to acquire crabbed so I gave her another bottle. and she quieted down once more. I rocked her some more so she fell asleep in my weaponries. Another hr passed and I changed her nappy and laid her back down in her cot. Another half hr passed and her female parent was ready for her once more. After I came back from tiffin. it was clip for her to be discharged. I helped her female parent clean her up and frock her in a cunning outfit. I helped set her in her carseat and carried her down to their auto when it was clip to go forth.

Drugs: No drugs ordered

Psychological Effectss: Family is supportive and lovingness. She will adjust good with household.
Development ( Reflexes ) :
* Rooting Reflex- causes the infant’s caput to turn toward warm objects that touch the cheek. Present. * Sucking Reflex- causes the baby to suck on objects placed in the oral cavity. Present. * Protrusion ( Extrusion ) Reflex- causes nutrient placed on the front part of the lingua to be pushed out of the oral cavity. Present. * Step ( Dance ) Reflex- causes the baby to do stepping or dancing motions with the fee ; occurs when the baby is held unsloped in the air ; disappears at approximately 6 hebdomads of age. Present. * Grasp Reflex ( Palmer and Plantar ) – causes the baby to clinch or hold on the manus or pes ; occurs when force per unit area is applied at the base of the fingers or toes ; disappears at about 3 months of age in the manus ( Palmer ) and about 9 to 12 months in the pes ( plantar ) . Present.

* Moro Reflex- Causes the baby to widen weaponries outward with pollex and index in a c-shape and the other fingers extended ; occurs in response to sudden motion ; disappears by 6 months of age ; appraisal is made by symmetricalness and response clip. Present. * Startle Reflex- causes the baby to widen weaponries outward with custodies clenched ; occurs in response to loud noise ; disappears by six months of age. Present. * Tonic Neck Reflex- causes the baby to achieve the fencing place with the arm on the side the baby is confronting extended and the other arm flexed toward the caput ; occurs when the baby is laid back ; may non be present for a few hebdomads and disappears at about 7 months. Not present.

Prognosis: Good ; she presents no wellness jobs at this clip.
Rehabilitation: Patient learning on baby attention given to household at discharge. They will follow.


Patient’s Chart
Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary- F. A. Davis
Textbook of Basic Nursing- Caroline Bunker Rosdahl and Mary T. Kowalski
Mosby’s Manual of Diagnostic and Laboratory Tests- Kathleen Deska Pagana and Timothy J. Pagana

Diversity in the news.

Diversity in the news..

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